Truly international is to recognized our talent globally.

When we polish our self to become better, with our talent, be it any type of work, with our mind, body & emotions, we reach to new heights with our work. When our work is appreciated globally, it shows the commitment & dedication, we have towards our work.

When we have an honest intent to serve the world, we rise each day at our work, and make all the necessary changes to make our day the most productive day of our life. This happens each day, so we grow, we glow, and we blossom like a flower, in the god’s garden.

When we think to be global, the way, we look at everything in our life, change. We look at everything with bigger & better perspective. To be a truly international, in one’s life time is a huge deal. In the process, we change many people’s life, and affect the world positively.

If we can develop the mind, who wishes to contribute to the existence, the strength & the power of the mind increase. The flow of giving is easier than to receive. The mind always loves to give, and doesn’t feel any pressure, than the nature keeps its own account, of how to pay it back, to the source.

To become international requires day in day out dedicated practice with a focused mind. When only one thing captures our mind, all the time, than the life seems to show some result in the outside world. It takes at-least 10 years to become an overnight success.

The game of life starts from inside. When we think to create something outside, the preparation of it has to be started inside.

When we start thinking global, we drop all the fear, and the past experience, & all the wastes from our life. To be truly international, we should think global. Every thought we pick to act, should take our purpose forward.

We can only be truly international with our talent, if it nourishes our heart. There are very few souls, who have accomplished this task.

True dedication & commitment comes to life, when we love what we do, & our heart expands with every step I take towards the goal.

It’s been said that path is more important than goal, but without goal there is no path. If the goal is out of love, the path itself becomes loveful at each step.

When we think huge, & strive towards it to bring it the reality of life, our body, mind & emotions expand. The real difference we make with our growth, is not in the outside world, but in the inside world. Life always happens with the inside out, so it’s an obligation on every one’s part to excel in life, & to bring the best out of themselves, out of their abilities.

Just to think global, needs a real courage. Not everyone have the mind to grasp the thought of that stature. But it’s possible. The man who is not afraid to transform his life, & ready to hit the rock bottom, & then rise again to give his best to the life, is a deserved candidate, for all the accolades of the world.

It’s always healthier to grow from inside out, rather than outside in. when we live from inside out, we rely more on the inside world, rather than the outside world, where we have a more chance to get lost, or to deceive from life.

Anybody can become anything on this earth. We all have been given equal opportunity, & equal power to excel & to become better with our life. But it’s only possible, if we make it a real purpose of our life.

“It’s impossible to figure out the right path, unless you step on the wrong ones.”

The sages who attained enlightenment, tries all the method from japa, tapa, seva, sadhana, bhav, yoga, pranayama, dhyana, dharna, to reach to the ultimate. They never give up, until they realized their higher state. Every man has his folly, but the greatest folly of all, is not to have one.

Even to achieve the state of enlightenment, we need a little touch of madness, & the courage to try all the methods possible to take us to those heights.

Life always has more to offer us, but before that, we need to have the equal capacity to receive. If we want something, and the mind is not capable enough to hold, than there are fair chances, we may lose it, in the near future. So, the person should always be ready to pay the price, before it asks something from life.

Everyone fails, and the only who try something new, certainly fails, as the mind doesn’t understand something, at first go. So if we prepare, before we act, than there are lesser chances for us to fail. Practice is the right word, to avoid failure, the more we practice with our talent, the more our mind gets used to the things.

Imagination plays a big role, in pushing our limits, & imagination is possible, if the person knows how to observe silence, & dive deep within himself.

Sometimes it feels that why should I go for, so big, & why should I strive in life, & why not live life out of contentment, with whatever I have?

If that is the satisfactory answer to your soul, we should not strive in life, & should be contented, with what we have, but the real contentment only comes, when the person gives everything to life, & then sits & observes his life, at that time, real contentment flows through his life.

We can always choose an option, to be where we are in our life, & allow our life to follow the course of the nature.

But we all have a deep desire to know god, and his creation. When anybody tries to walk in the direction of enlightenment, he has to go through all the hardships of life, & has to face all the troubles, before he achieves the highest state of enlightenment.

So, if asking for god is not the easy path, & doesn’t allow us to settle at the level of contentment, but on the contrary, push our self, to go deep within us, so some truth, can be revealed about the creation.

Life becomes alive, when our thoughts touch the sky. The whole life is all about thoughts. The way we think, creates our life.

The life on the existence flows from the other world. It offers us, what we ask from it. Sometimes, we don’t think big, because we are scared to make any extra efforts, required, to achieve our dreams. But if we understand the law of nature, we can recognize that, the bigger we climb in our life, the better we receive the support from the existence, if we follow our heart.

The life happens at the level of heart. The heart knows the language of universe, & can serve us, when we needed.

It’s not possible to transcend the boundaries of mind with out the help of the supreme. But the supreme can only comes at our aid, if we are dedicated enough to bring the huge change in our life.

When we strive to make the outer world beautiful, our inner world flourishes.

A person cannot become successful in everything in his life, but if we all focus on one thing, & commit our self to that thing, & be the best with it, we can certainly do more good, far from, what we can ever imagine in our life. We can never imagine how one person can be useful to the other fellow ones, through his work.

So one should never back out from his responsibility, as we don’t know, how our work could have affected positively, to someone, who was in much need of it.

Nobody knows truly how he can serve his world, as we all have our own interpretations of this world. The best way to live our life is to follow our heart. The god speaks us from our heart. When we all follow our heart, & make our self happy, than all the heart rejoices on this earth, & those who are left out, can be served.

A person can truly excel in his life, when the love flows through his heart, with what he does. When the love flows, the time stops, & we move into the abyss, to create the miracle on this earth.

Someone said to me, ‘If fifty percent of the experts in Hollywood said you had no talent and should give up, what you would do?’ My answer was then and still is, ‘If a hundred percent told me that, all one hundred percent would be wrong.’ -Marilyn Monroe

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