How to Meditate : for Beginners

The technique of meditation is to silence the mind. To let the attention moves inward. Meditation is to develop the focus both inward and outward. Meditation is to heighten the level of awareness. To get clarity with life. When you sit silently, with the eyes closed, naturally your attention shifts inward.

When you move inward, you don’t have anything to focus upon, so you put your attention on the breath for support.

Your breath slowly reaches to the belly, & move out. The process of inside and outside movement of breath continues. Watch the movement of your breathe. Don’t try to change the rhythm of your breath. Simply observe the breath. Detach yourself from the breath. Simply observe. Just like the breath, is passing through somebody else’s body.

The movement of the breath will change. Sometimes it will be slow, & sometime, it will be faster. Be with it. No need to worry. Even your breath cease to exist, you still exist. So no need to worry. Simply remain relax and observe your breath.

The attention from the breath will be missed several times, and the mind will take you into different imagination. Allow yourself to flow with the imagination. Notice the imagination, along with your breathe, & your attention will again be diverted to your breathe. Don’t force yourself to come back to the breath. If you can observe your mind and breath simultaneously. No effort is required in observation. Surrender yourself. Accept whatever happens inside.

Initially the count of your breathe per minute will be more but as you stay longer, the breathe count will reduce per minute.

The important thing in meditation is to observe. No matter what happens inside, you don’t lose your attention from the breath. Your role is, to remain attentive of the breath.

The time your attention slips, mind will take you on a ride, but if you remain attentive in the moment, you can come back to the breath.

Meditation is the play of breathe. The longer you be with the game, the better you understand the game.

Slowly if you practice to observe your breath for few days, emotions will pour in, into your meditation. You will feel that you have never felt before. All your past feelings and emotions, will come to the surface. Understand your emotions. To observe your breath is an internal journey. To rise above the emotions is part of the journey.

If you stay longer with the breath, slowly your breath will connect you to the sensation. The same practice will serve you to be with your breath, even in the middle of the day. Your attention will remain inward, throughout the day. Worldly task will seem like a free flow, if your attention is present in the moment.

Meditation grows with practice.

To observe in meditation improves with practice. It’s an internal game for enlightenment. Each individual has to play its game. In the inward game, all can be the winner. It all depends on an individual, how he practices his game and attains mastery over it. With the practice, you improve each day.

As you grow with the game, deeper truth is revealed to you. Don’t get carried away by the truth, unless you experience the ultimate. The game of meditation, you play alone.

You have a subtle world inside of you. You have blueprints of all the experiences and impressions of the external world, inside of you. Everything is revealed to you, in meditation. Don’t lose focus and be into the game. It’s a game of life, that’s worth playing. Once the subtle world, begins to get clear to you, even the outside reality begins to reveal its truth to you.

The life on existence has its laws, and our lives surrounded by these laws. For anything you wish to manifest with life, you have to follow the laws.

Life is understood by experience and not by the knowledge. Knowledge certainly prepares us, for the experience, but you get stuck to the knowledge, you never reach to the destination. Knowledge is a path to the destination, which is experience. The importance of knowledge is important, till you have an experience of it. Once you have an experience, all the knowledge, simply drops out of life.

When you move inward, you always have more to experience. Each day new mystery of life is revealed to you. Every situation holds its purpose of life. To get to the truth of life, & to realize our higher self, meditation is the shortest and quickest method. The self-realization is possible, with meditation.

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