Eternal Life needs a Purpose

Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Mohammed Ali, Jayz, Bono, Osho, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, & many more. These are not just names from different field, or they don’t represent their field, but these are the people, whose lives are for purpose.

Everyone is born to do something, so once we get on with life, we are bound to do, what we are here for, but what gives the great souls, to strive so hard in their life, & make them to stand out from the rest?

Mohammed Ali was not just a boxer; he had a purpose to fulfil. He was standing, something bigger than himself. He was standing for his people, & that helped him to strive harder in life.

Jay-z, Bono, they don’t just make music, but what push them forward in life is the purpose. Mahatma Gandhi & mother Teresa is the fine example of purposeful life in their respective field.

We can choose anything to work for , out of our choice, but what feels our heart, & helps us to strive more & more, each day, is the purpose, behind, what we do & why we do it.

We can be a cricketer, basketball player, footballer, or a chess champion, but if it’s not backed by the pure emotions, of the heart, & filled with something, bigger than the game, & our self, we will not have the real motivation, to strive harder for life.

Even ordinary things, can be made extra-ordinary, & the extra-ordinary things can be made ordinary. There are many souls who filled with the purpose, made the ordinary life, extra ordinary, & many people, who seems to be at the top, looks like, they live life, without having any meaning to it.

Amitabh Bachchan is a fine example, of bollywood industry, which carries a fire in his belly to strive each day, even at the age of 71 years. Real dedication towards life comes with a purpose.

When we have a bigger reason to live, then we strive to make impossible, possible.

The purposeful life, always have a big stride. The purposeful life, have a different walk, it talks differently, it thinks differently, it behaves differently. The purposeful life contains the universe within.

Nobody comes on this earth, with a purpose. But, as we all choose something to express our creative talent, we also have a heart that beat for something higher than our self.

Osho was more interested, in people being enlightened, so he was ready to break all the boundaries, of a human mind, & give them the world, that is full of love, joy & freedom.

A purpose creates passion in life. A purpose allows the person, to look beyond the realm of life & death.

A purposeful life becomes eternal. When a person has a purpose, he is not caught up with the mundane activities of life, but all his thoughts, revolve around his purpose, & the striving to create something that stays for eternal, seems possible.

Life doesn’t happen by chance to people, but it’s a matter of choice, people make for themselves. We all are born to serve the purpose. When we are ready to strive hard with our life, we can learn to live beyond our physical, emotional & intellectual needs, & the existence, serves us, by the higher thoughts, to make it a reality of this world.

People who transcend the limits of their body & mind, doesn’t comes from other planets, but the one’s, who are ready to strive with their life, & want to give meaning to their life, so, at the end, when the time comes to leave the earth, they feel fully satisfied with the contribution to the life. There is no age limit, for, what we can do with our life.

The head of Brahmakumari Organization (Brahma Baba) started the institution at the age of 60 years, to establish the peace & unity in the world, with the process of knowledge & Raj yoga Meditation. Today, the organization has more than 9000 centers across the world.

This is the first organization, across the world to provide the MEDITATION CENTER, for free of cost, where anybody, can walk in & learn the Raj-Yoga meditation, along with the ancient wisdom of deities.

When a person sets to live with a purpose, a divinity sets in, to take the person on a higher realm, & he starts living from the state, where it’s difficult for the ordinary mind, to contemplate, how & what allows the great things to come alive with an ordinary people, just merely with a purpose.

Life is all about experience, & the better understanding about purposeful life, can only be understood, if we try to live, for, something higher than our self. Life on the earth gets elevated with a purpose. A higher level of thoughts sets in, in an ordinary life, & nothing remains ordinary & everything turns out to be an extra ordinary.

Many times we wonder, where all these purpose sets in, in peoples life does. Every body is born ordinary. But when we choose to strive for some extra ordinary feast, the purpose sets in, from God, itself, to create the better world.

God always use his son’s hands to deliver his message, & it’s not necessary, has to be an extra ordinary human being, or a person with special abilities, but the one, who is ready to surrender, in the devotion, of the lord.

There is a limit for the human mind, & beyond that, if we push our self, something from the higher divinity takes control, & start working through us.

Love is the only force that can allow us to transcend, all the boundaries of our mind & body. When we choose love over everything, & transcend our small world, in which, we live in, slowly, the bigger purpose, takes hold of our life, & then the real miracle, starts to happen on this earth.

Only when we surrender, we can rise above our self. With mind full of personal thoughts, doesn’t create necessary space to allow the divinity to flow through us. If we free ourselves from our own idea of life, we can see the bigger picture, & higher world, & can allow something higher than us, to come to the existence, through us.

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