Create your own Schedule for Life

Life seems clear, if we have a schedule for life. It’s not like our daily schedule, but the schedule, that considers all the aspects of life. Life is all about relationships, expressing our talents, and growth in both of our physical and spiritual world.

When we live each day, and follow our schedule, we certainly grow with our life. If our daily schedule includes all the different areas of our life be it taking care of our physical as well as mental health, our relationships, professional life, or spiritual growth, than we are heading in a right direction, but for some reason, if we are missing any of these, than its the time, to evaluate our path.

“Always make a little shift every day, & soon you will have a completely new life, without noticing the change.”

We are scared to make big changes with our life, or walk a new path, but we can always welcome small change. Don’t underestimate small change; it will change your life, without you being get notice of it.

If we grow on a daily basis, taking care of all the aspects of our life, then we will never have any regrets in our life, & over the period of time, we will grow & evolve, & will be able to fulfil all the responsibilities, in the physical world, & our real obligation towards the spiritual world.

Our schedule of life is a ladder to grow both in the physical as well as spiritual world.

Physical world includes mainly the activities in the outside world, our personal relationships, taking care of our physical body, nourishing our expression or talent, fulfilling responsibility of the outside world.

Spiritual world, on the other hand, is about our inner journey, that we take towards the realization of our soul & then ultimately towards the God.

When a person learns to have a balance, between his inner & outer world, he attains all the peace, love, happiness, joy in the inner world, & when he comes out in the physical world, he expresses himself, with what, he has attained in the inside world.

This helps him to flourish in the outside world. Both the world, is equally important in their respective place, & should be balanced with proper knowledge & understanding towards life.

Life is all about knowledge & awareness. When we learn & understand things, we start getting more & more aware towards that thing, & that part of our life expands.

If we put all our attention, in gaining knowledge & understanding life, then slowly we can understand all the aspects of life, out of our experience, & our awareness towards life, gets increased, over the period of time.

When we grow at the level of awareness, our experiences gets deeper with life, & then it becomes easier to flow on the path of life.

“The schedule of life comes with real knowledge & understanding of life. With this, our awareness grows towards the activities we do, each day.”

When we focus on our actions, our actions get better with each passing day, & after practicing the schedule that serves us in our growth, we develop a schedule, that will serves us for the life.

Life is all about our daily schedule. If we grow each day with our schedule, we develop a power with our schedule.

Developing a schedule creates a path in our mind, & once we are clear with our path, we can solve all the mysteries of life, that comes on our path.

We make lesser mistakes, if we stay on the path, & better awareness & alertness, towards life gets develop, with the long term commitment to the path.

A person, who has developed an attitude to grow & evolve each day, find something useful in everything, & will never consider anything waste, in life.

Life is always happening inside us. Outside world is happening on a larger scale, to what’s happening inside all of us.

Outside world is a collective thoughts and emotions of our inside world.

It’s difficult to read, our own thoughts & emotions, so we can understand, how difficult it will be to judge or evaluate, what’s going on in somebody else’s mind.

Our mind holds lots of impressions, & beliefs & thoughts; we have carried away from our past. It’s difficult to contemplate other person, so the best way to look at life, is to focus all the attention on our self.

When we work on our self, we create the similar world around us.

Say, for e.g. one person in a society, makes an effort to be good with everyone person he meets, & try to help the other person, as much as possible, from his end.

Now, if he meets the person, who doesn’t behave well with everyone, & always carry a fighting attitude towards the world. But when this person, meets the person who has a helpful nature, will try to behave as much good as possible.

So, the person who was good with the world was able to bring little goodness, into the person, who is not so good with the world.

Ultimately, he has attracted only goodness in his life, because he has worked hard towards it, to bring the goodness to everyone, he comes in contact with.

No matter what the world thinks, & no matter where the world moves, if we are on our path, nobody can budge us away from our path, & despite of all the hatred & anger in the world, we will only attract goodness, in our life.

This is the law of life, that is hard to understand, & demands huge change from inside. But, if somebody learns this path, & goes all the way, Enlightenment is possible for that person, & he will surely create wonder on this earth, with his life.

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