Lessons for Life

There is some strong connection between our Body & Mind that can lead us to enlightenment, & can give all the answers of life. So, to sharpen the level of awareness towards life, I run.

When I sit in silence, I can see my past, present & future, & I can create whatever I want out of my life. I can understand everything that happens to me in my life, & something i don’t understand in a particular moment, I receive the answer, next day, when i sit in silence.

When i don’t understand any part of my life, i try to figure out the answers in books. Whenever i read, i feel i am looking my life into that book, & if something i need to change, or i need to improve, or i need to learn, I get from those books. Knowledge has become very important part of my life.

When I run, and sit in silence, & gain knowledge, it’s difficult to contemplate, what part of it, stays with me, & which knowledge washed off, out of my mind. I have figured out the way, in writing. When i write down my life, i can look into my mind, & can see what & how he thinks. On the basis of that, i can check, what i need to add & which things needs to be left out, of my life. So writing has become very important part of my life.

When i try to do, lot many things, i have to calculate the time for everything, otherwise it’s not possible to accumulate each & everything in the curriculum of the day. I make sure, i utilize every moment of the day, to do some useful activity that can bring best out of me. I believe, from the deep core of my heart, that our life depends upon a single day.

We stay on this earth, for the longer time; if we manage to create a purpose, for our self, to stay on this earth. We value time.

When i add up everything, & make it a part of my life, i need a strong purpose to go through all of these. So, i have created a purpose in my life, so that i can go long way, & even if i am gone, my purpose of life, serves other people’s purpose on this earth. The purpose is needed to carry on with life.
Just having purpose, doesn’t lead me further in life, because to fulfil the purpose, i need a strong motivation to fill myself, each day, so that i can give my best to life, & stay on the purpose for the rest of my life. I motivate myself, morning, evening & night, so that whenever i crumble, i can support myself, & lift myself up again, to walk on the purpose. So, every day motivation is a great boost to stay on the game.

Having said about the purpose and motivation, doesn’t allow the things to happen. I have to be clear in my head, about how to go with the strategies & plans, in my life. When i have my set of plans for the day, i set the energy in motion, to allow the things to happen, before; i act on my action plans. This comes to the importance of strategies & plans in my life.

When my plans are ready and the energy has been set in motion, no strategies or plans can takes on its own, until i take an action on them, and for action, i need real passion, so that i can execute the plan as effectively, as i was able to plan & strategize my day. I have to carry the passion for, what i do, so that i can carry on with my action plan, till the last moment, & if the need be arise, i can push myself further to get the things in order. I carry my passion, on my sleeve.

Having said all these, about motivation, & purpose & passion, what even after all these, i still act the way others act, or i do the things the way others do. I should have the guts to stand out different, even if i do the same things, what others do. I am unique, and even i may do what others do, and i may run the way others run, & i write what others write, but with the deep belief in myself, helps me to stand for, what i do, & how i do, things in my life. I am not afraid to stand out, & do what i feel right & what i think, is good for everyone. I love to be me.

When your work becomes the play, then you can have the playful life, all the time. To play with whatever i do, is very important with me. I am supposed to just have to enjoy, everything i do. If i run, i enjoy, if i meditate, my heart blossom, when i plan, i give all the power to the day.

Life is fun, & we have to learn to create fun out of anything & everything, we do.


After doing all these, if i am not useful to others, or if i can’t give a helping hand to my fellow being on this earth, than it doesn’t seems like a fair play. When i do well, i feel good. I do few things, to make my heart feel good. I try to be in service, of the people, who need me, & who rely on me. I try, & i try all the time. So, to give a helpful hand to others fills our heart, with joy.


Last thing, i love to share with you all, is stretch a little, till the last breathe of your life. Always, n Always n Always try to be better than yesterday, & the previous moment, of our life. So stretch a little More.

 It may be possible, that i may not understand the whole life, in a day, but i know one thing very well, that nobody understood life, in one day, & everyone has to work hard, to create the life of their own. When i understand that, everyone has to go through his fair share of struggle, & each one goes through the pain & suffering in his life, then all i do, is, i simply follow, what the best of the best sages, did to understand life.

Be open to life, & never reject anything, before you understand it completely. Not even death. You never know, after death, you may land up in Heaven.

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