Life is a process of Evolution


You grow and evolve with experience. The process of evolution is to have the better understanding about life. Go through all the different experience’s of life, and if you feel something is useful, learn from it, grow with it, and then drop it to move on with your life.

Never cling on the experiences of the past, as the same experience can become an obstacle for you to experience, the new experiences, in your life.

We all have heard about “Charles Darwin’s theory, The process of Evolution”, where the humans evolve at the level of the brain, heart and body and making the right choice, with the mate, at the time of reproduction. 

The process of life does evolve and gets better, but the process doesn’t happen in the external reality but within humans. On top of that, it’s not the body, heart and brain that evolves, but you have the awareness field in you, that expands for you to experience life better. When the awareness field expands in you, it’s true that the brain, heart, and body to gets adjust itself, according to the awareness field, but the real thing happens inside, beneath the brain, heart, and body.

When you begin to study yourself from inside, you realize that brain, heart, and body are only the physical reality and there is something more inside, that acts through the brain, heart, and body to experience life. All your imagination, thoughts, feelings and emotions forms into that awareness field and not into your physical body.

Both the awareness field and the physical structure of the body works together to experience life, but in your deep spiritual experience, the awareness field can separate itself from the physical body and the true realization of life does happens in those moments.

Patanjali has described in great length, in his sutras, about the process of evolution, from the point of view of the soul, where soul reach at the highest level, after going through 1st to 7th stages of life. Patanjali has given step by step description for enlightenment.

How the Man looks at Himself.

The man that identifies with the mind sees himself as the brain, heart and body and everything that he senses within the body.The soul realized person describe the same human body structure differently as he has experienced himself beyond the basic structure of the mind and experienced the source of life that allows the process of brain, heart, body and mind to take place.

With the realization of the soul, we get to know about life, and  it’s process of evolution. At the level of mind, we remain too engrossed into the external reality and never try to reason the process of life that takes place within. When you try to understand yourself thoroughly, from your inflow and outflow of breath to the sensation, and from your feelings and emotions to your thoughts and imagination, slowly your understanding not only grow about yourself and how you perceive the world but it becomes easier for you to understand the external reality of life.

A new born baby cannot attain Enlightenment, or realized his soul unless he goes through the process of transcendence. We all follows the process of evolution. It’s just that we are unaware of the process, that works through us.

Life After Enlightenment.

The Enlightened being realized his soul, where he can reside beyond his mind, body and emotions and see all the activities, inside his body. At the level of soul, the moment of the thoughts get reduce significantly, and the person can look at the different movements of his mind.

The life doesn’t end at the state of enlightenment. All the actions, after enlightenment, serves in life, as either it serves in developing understanding towards life, or it serve’s others in imparting the same understanding, so that their life can become better. The enlightened being rises high with his every action.

The relationship between the master and the disciple is just like a father and son. Father wants to give all his understanding and wealth to his son, but son can only take, what he is capable of, and can handle out of his understanding.

Even if the master, choose to give everything, to his disciple, he will only understand, out of his capacity, and not anything more than that. The most important lesson, any disciple can understand is the path that can lead him to the state of realization. Once the path is understood, he can walk away till the end, and search the truth for himself. All the necessary power and wisdom lies within each soul, and the only work required of every individual is to work on themselves.

Life is happening all the Time, Before & After Enlightenment.

Life is a process of evolution, and we can only grow and get better with life if we work on our mind, body and emotions.

Five ways to Grow and Evolve with Life.

The first thing we can start is to work on our physical body or choose to do any form of physical exercise, with a clear intention to grow and get better with life.

The second thing we can start is to connect with our breath, by learning pranayama, from the certified teacher.

We only miss on life, when our attention is in the outside world, or on others, but the time we choose to connect with our breath, our focus remains inside, and this serves us with our internal growth.

The third thing we can start is to learn the meditation technique to reduce the flow of thoughts, and grow with the practice. Meditation is sitting in silence, and calming the senses, and allowing the breath and emotions and the thoughts to flow in a rhythm and to rise above it.

In silence, we create better awareness towards life.

Life happens at the level of mind. Mind creates thoughts for the actions. People’s quality of actions is defined, out of their level of awareness. The awareness field is the space where the process of thoughts and images takes place. When the person sits in silence or meditate, the flow of the thoughts gets reduce, over the time, in the awareness field and the flow of the images and thoughts gets easily visible.

The fourth one is the knowledge of the realized soul. The realized master out of the experience can share the do’s and dont’s, to get closer to the truth of life. The person can also attain knowledge through books or audio or videos.

The fifth and the last one is the devotion towards god. The devotion towards god helps us to  clean the astral body, i.e. the emotional debris. When we clean all our negative emotions, through prayers or chanting mantra, slowly the energy of the subtle body purifies and thus we receive the clear vision of wisdom and understanding to perceive life.

Every success comes with the process of evolution.

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