Live Life Inside Out

Life is happening inside out. We imagine things inside, thoughts forms out of the imagination, emotions follows and soon it turns into an action. The action becomes an experience and the circle of life follows.

The energy and power to manifest things of the desire come from inside. When we lack the energy inside, we struggle outside. If the inner energy is flowing in a right direction and the mind is clear with the goals, we can achieve anything with life.

Living life inside out is to manifest the life of the dreams and desire’s, out of imagination. Imagination is a powerful quality of the mind, that leads to thoughts and emotions and turns into an action, to manifest things on earth. 

Living life out of imagination is a wonderful way to experiment with life. Imagination has no limit and can be directed into the desired direction. Whatever we see around us, is part of the imagination of someone, on a smaller or larger scale.

Life happens with experience, and experience comes out of an experiment. The people who have done something different already has the confirmation from their heart and mind. They didn’t work against something, but they followed their heart and expressed their inner calling.

The game changers are not here to upset the world, but to live their heart’s out, and to live a life of their dream’s.

Nobody can manifest anything on this earth, going against the law of the existence. Rather than follow the idea to do something that the world appreciates, focus more on following the intuition of the heart and expanding your imagination so that at least you can have the support of your inner world.

Mind creates Life on Earth.

It always takes time for the image and thoughts of the mind to turn into a reality. In last two hundred years, United States have done enormous progress. Everything in the U.S. soil has been developed over the last two century. Dubai has done the same amount of work in last twenty-five years.

The U.S. had a vision, of what kind of life, they were looking for, and over the time they have shown the real progress to the world. Dubai is again an emerging country.

When we widen the horizon of the mind, we see the clear picture of our life, and then it’s easy to take an action towards it. The open mind and loving heart allow the smooth with life.

Observe your Inner World.

All the experience we accumulate, out of our personal or professional life gets registered in the mind. This forms the inner world. If one is interested to know his past or future, can check his action in the present moment.

Every situation and experiences of life create some emotions within us. When we develop a habit of observing the inner world, we connect with our self on an emotional level.

Normally, when we come across the situation or experience in life, rather paying attention to what’s happening inside, we get caught up in the outside situation and simply react without understanding. We don’t have enough control over ourselves. When we observe life closely, we remain more aware of the situation and circumstances of life and choose our response accordingly.

Awareness is life. When we understand that, life is happening inside, it’s necessary to take steps to connect with the inner world.

Before we connect to the inner world, we need to observe the movement happening inside. When we observe we develop awareness in the moment. This awareness keeps us more alert to the coming situations of life, and we remain more prepared to face the situations beforehand.

Plan and Imagine Day & Life in Advance.

With the planning in advance, we set the energy in motion, to clear out all the negative air from the path, and create the smooth ride. When we plan, we prepare the mind and emotions for the coming situations. We all know about the planning and scheduling in life and the importance of imagination into our world, but very few practices it to take the advantage of it.

It’s very obvious to blame the situations and circumstances in life, but how many of us truly stand for themselves, and take control of their lives?

When we live by fate or chance, we miss the opportunity to participate in the process of evolution. As we grow with the understanding about ourselves, the life on the existence also reveals itself to us.

Physical Exercise and Meditation serves well to connect Inside.

We are so engrossed in the outside world, that it’s difficult to make the direct connection inside. We need different techniques to slow down our inner process so that we can understand how the things are moving both inside and the outside world.

Physical exercise accelerate the process of the inner world, and once we are done with the exercise and the breath and thinking slows down, we create space inside to read the inner world. It’s easier to observe the inner activities, after the physical exercise.

With Meditation, we put control over the senses, as senses put the pressure on the nervous system to increase the pulse rate, and to force us to act in a haphazard way. With meditation, breathing slows down, which in turn reduce the speed of the thoughts, and help us to observe our thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes, words don’t give the true picture of the inner world, and everyone has to experience the inner life on their own. Sometimes we are too engrossed with the outside life, that we forget to connect with the source, from where the life is coming from.

Experiment in life adds variety to the experience. The similar experiences of life don’t add interest or knowledge to life. It’s only the variety of experience out of experiments, helps us to provide the different response to the situations.

When we live inside out, we enrich life both in the outside and inside world. Inside we observe, evaluate and gather experience, while outside we learn from the experiences of life to express ourselves better. Thus, we grow both in the inside and the outside world.

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