Experience the Language of the Heart


Many times you may wonder that god has left you alone, in this huge existence?

God has placed a heart in everyone so that he can serve every person to fulfill his desire and accomplish his purpose on earth.

The point is how many of us, are connected to our feelings and emotions to receive the guidance on the path?

People want to be liberated, but they don’t want to listen to their heart. The way to the liberation is from inside. A great trust is needed on life and existence. It’s your doubt on yourself, that doesn’t allow you to  trust life. Life works in duality. There are always two options available, higher and lower. Trust is a higher option, while doubt is the lower one. Trusting life you take your life higher, while to distrust you need nothing.

Thinking wrong about life, situation or people around you can never serve you in any way in life, rather you develop the negative perception in your mind about the world. Negative perception about one thing spreads over on every aspect of life, while the same applies to the positive ones.

If you are more responsive towards life, you are less bothered what happened in the past, and want to give your best response in the moment.

You have to have an expanded vision for life, like a sky in which everything is accepted and nothing is rejected. You may have a goal or purpose with life, but they are just the means to reach the other shore, but not an end in itself. Life an open process.

“If you are about to reveal the Truth, leave Elegance to the Tailor.” – Albert Einstein.

When you have knowledge about everything, you fall short of life at every step because your knowledge comes out of past experience. Life is changing every moment, and your knowledge has no relevance in the moment.

Curiosity helps you to look at the situations from the deeper perspective and this way you can evaluate the situations and life in a better way.

Emotions act as a knowing.


Where do the knowing gets develop?

Knowing is a part of emotions. When you feel bad about something, you can never create good out of it.

The fear of life and feeling bad about the situation is two different thing. You may not act out of fear, that’s a completely different thing, and you choose not to act because you don’t feel good inside, is different. People consider cowardliness, as an act of not feeling good.

Feelings and emotions lie in a higher world, while fear & insecurity in a lower world. You have to break the lower realm, to rise into the higher realm.

In the inner process, the mind forms images and thoughts get created out of it. The same thoughts form emotions. If the images of your mind are not good, that means your thoughts are moving in a negative direction, and the result in your life will show the same. When you feel good, any action you take brings the fruitful result.

If the emotions are good, that will reflect in your actions. If you don’t feel good in the moment, that means you are disconnected with your inner world. Your actions should be aligned with your thoughts and emotions, only then you produce the desired result.

Emotions serve you, as a sign of what’s going on in your mind. If you feel good, that means the mind is thinking positive thoughts out of positive images in the mind.

Heart serves you to avoid the trap of the World.
When you look at the existence, you have everything that attracts you towards life. You want to make everything, as part of you. When you miss the inner joy of life, you try to fill yourself with the joy of the outside world, be it the material object or relationships with people.

When you connect with the heart, you avoid the trap of the world, and only ask what is really needed, and fulfill the purpose of life, with what is available to you. You don’t get lost in the huge world, but you make heart as your center for any decision of your life.

Heart serves you in every moment of life. Don’t make a decision with a complex mind. If you have a doubt, take time for yourself. Be less dependent on others, & follow your own instinct.

You never receive the best solution, other than your heart, as he knows the journey of your life.

When you are in doubt or fear or insecurity towards life, understand that your attention is outside and not to your center, i.e. heart. When your attention comes back to the heart, right choice and right decisions follow. Listen to your heart, and develop the path where you can completely rely on yourself, and not on the outside world.

Following the Intuition makes you Self-Sufficient.


Each person on this earth is self-sufficient in the moment if he knows how to connect inside. The inner world is the doorway to life. The heart is always at your service, to offer you the best solution every moment. When you follow your intuition, you become self-sufficient.

Every person desire is to develop his individuality. When you express your thoughts, views, idea’s or display your talent or skill, you grow with your individuality. The recognition at the workplace is to look for the boost in individuality. If you receive the praise, you feel good about yourself.

From the childhood, every person through different situations and environment forms his world inside. He is not aware about this world, but his every response to the outside world comes from that world.

You only ask for help or look for the solution from others, if those people exist in your mind. If you drop everyone from your mind, you don’t have anyone outside to look for the solution, as you have dropped them from inside. Now you stand alone in your inner world, and you do what you think best for the moment.

Your beliefs and the past experience of life, do make your world. You may consider yourself alone, but everyone carries the world within, and this works as a boundary for them, which they themselves cannot break.

Say for e.g., Imagine the way you respond to every person in your personal and professional life. You have a different response for everyone. It’s not that you are unique, it’s just that you have already carry an impression of everyone in your mind, and your response is an imitation, from your inner world.

When you stand alone in your mind, you perceive every living being as individuals, and you respect each one’s individuality as you respect your own, not because of any obligation, but that’s how you feel about yourself. You can only give to others, what you are and what you have.

Your feelings and emotions can take you to the deeper reality of the inner world and this deeper inner reality can help you to see the outer reality with better awareness.

Connect with the heart, to connect with life on earth. Connection with the heart helps you to connect with yourself.

When you live in the outside world, you don’t live outside but you live the life from the world that you carry inside. When you connect with the heart, your response comes from your inner world. This inner world, helps you to move towards your individuality, where you are more expressive towards life.

When you follow your heart, slowly you move towards the deeper inner world of calm, peace and silence.

Many times you visit the temple or places where you feel peaceful or silence. The silence or peace doesn’t exist outside, but the world of your mind doesn’t exist in that moment of time.

Try to Experiment with yourself. Go with your entire family at the peaceful place and go at the same place alone, if the opportunity arises. You will feel different peace at different times.

With your family, there will always be a reminder of your inner world, but when you are alone nobody reminds you, of your inner world.

In the inner existence, everything happens in a subtle way, while the outer reality holds the physical form. Your real self is even beyond the inner existence, and the purpose of life is to recognize that self and get liberated from both the inner as well as outside world.

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