If Spirituality is Science, then Meditation is an Experiment


Life is an experiment, whereby you don’t receive anything unless you are willing to experiment with life. Either it’s the external world or internal world. Spirituality is an inner science, while the meditation is a technique to know the inner world.

With the mind, the life is perceived in a way, where sooner or later we are bound to deceive by life. It’s just not possible to understand life with the outside attention. More and more you move into life, more and more confusion it creates in your mind.

Meditation allows you to experience life beyond mind. You need to know how to experiment with life. In meditation, there is a little danger. While the external science is to experiment on the outside object or subject, on the path of spirituality, you experiment over yourself.

If the experiment makes you burn, it’s not the outside object that burns, but you burn in an experiment. But, when it comes to life, you don’t have a choice. When out of the experiment, you experience the burning, then that burning too can serve you to move forward with life.

Meditation opens an absolutely unknown door for you. The door you can never even imagine exists in you. The door that connects you with the source of life.

The source of life is not the physical or subtle aspects of life, but you have the burning life energy in you that keeps you alive. That life energy is the source of life. Although life energy is not an end of an experience, as life energy too has its source.

The spiritual path is not only to realize the internal truth but with the internal truth, even the existential truth becomes clear to you. You understand the very purpose of life.

The purpose of life is not that we think with the mind, but the very purpose of life is the life that is happening every moment. The purpose of life is happening every moment, and it doesn’t even stop for the moment. It serves the moment and keeps moving forward.

With the mind, you need a pause to understand life, but the time you try to understand life, life moves way forward.

The actual process of life has nothing to do with your thinking. The mind always understands the happening of events of life later. The life in the form of situations, or events happens in the moment, and the mind understands it later.

The mind tries to evaluate and contemplate, and try to create future possibilities out of the past events, but then life brings something new, and the mind again has to deviate from his plans. This game of life with the mind continues forever unless you experience life beyond the mind.

The life beyond the mind just happens in the moment. The spiritual path is all about realizing the moment. The experiment with the meditation is to experience the present moment awareness so that you at least have a glimpse of it.

With the mind, you always imagine the present moment but you never have a first-hand experience of it. The more you try to get in the moment, the more your mind will create chaos for you.

The mind cannot slip in the present moment unless it understands the natural phenomenon of life. The life needs to be absolutely clear to the mind out of the experience. Unless the mind knows the truth, it keeps on wandering in the past or the future.

The absolute trust is needed with life. The present moment is the most trustworthy thing in the world, still, nobody trusts the present moment. Each mind is deeply attached to its past or the future but has no interest in the present moment.

The life has its own way to function, and it doesn’t put you out of the responsibilities, but more and more the life becomes clear to you, more and more you understand how life does everything with effortless ease.

With the natural flow of life, life just happens. No task of the moment remains undone, and life flows with its own pace.

The experiment in meditation gives you an insight of the inner mechanism of the body, mind, spirit and soul. To understand the mind, you need to direct your attention inward. It’s not possible to keep your mind inward for a long time, unless you are determined to know the truth of life.

The mind is habituated with the external reality, and thus it seems impossible to change the ways of the mind. You have to convince your own mind. You have to figure out ways, to keep your mind inward.

You need to understand the inner mechanism of life, and that is possible only with the inward attention. You need to know, how do you experience the sensation. You need to know the inflow and outflow of breath.

You need to remain aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You need to remain aware of, everything that goes around you in your external world.

The more you practice to put your mind at the moment, the deeper truth of life will be revealed to you.

With life, effort is not required but the attention is required.

You need to learn to hold your attention for the moment. You have to hang your attention on the inflow and outflow of breath. Sometimes you have to hang your attention on the sensations that you are experiencing at the moment.

Life is a process of observance. You simply observe life, and slowly your power to observe life moves deeper. To observe is again an act of attention. You observe life without indulging yourself in it. You allow the things to unfold on its own.

The whole life can be lost in illusions. You can experiment this for yourself. How many times you have thought something in the past, and in the present moment, the things have unfolded in a different way?

If you cannot notice your past, you can experiment yourself today. Think something for the future, and create a clear plan on the paper, how the things have to be, and you will find when the future will come, things will unfold in the absolutely different way.

You think something else, and life unfolds in absolutely different ways. What does this suggest?

This suggests that you don’t think in accordance with life. Your thinking always differs from the existential flow of life. Meditation allows you to get in touch with the process of life. The process where you can easily drop your thinking and try to become one with the process of life.

You live more rather than o think more. Living in the moment, allows you to serve the need of the moment, but thinking does nothing.

You experience life with the perspective. Where does the perspective come to the mind?

Out of your experiences. Now your experiences already happen in the past, and the same experiences form your perspective in the moment.

What does this mean?

This means that you observe life, not with that which is happening in the moment, but the life of the past, that you carry in your mind.

Now, unless you know the mechanism of your mind and figure out the ways to rise above your mind, you can never experience the true reality of life.

You will always live with the experiences and impressions of the past and even run for the future, after the same experiences, that you have lived in the past. After all, your future is nothing more than the extended version of your past. The mind will trick you all the time, till you don’t understand the intrinsic nature of your mind.

Science is curiosity. Science means to explore. Now, you know the truth exists inside of you, and all you have to do is explore. You also have the method, i.e. meditation.

In meditation, you don’t have to do anything but sit, and simply observe everything that is going outside. Once you can observe everything that is going around you, slowly you can observe the movement of your breath. If you can observe the movement of your breath, you can close your eyes, and see how deep your breath moves inside your body.

Try to figure out the source of your breath. See from where the breath comes to the nostrils and moves back to its source. Figure out the roots of the breath.

Now this needs a curious mind. You really need to be with yourself to know the truth. The spiritual path doesn’t mean you have to travel the long path, but the spiritual path is the inward journey, where you realize the source of life for you.

Life comes down to one thing. Are you willing to know the truth, and till what extent you can strive for the truth?

Your truth has nothing to do with the second person, either in the external world or internal world. You at your core is the truth of life. The external world, the physical body, the sensation, the breath, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and imaginations of the mind, the life energy are the mechanism that allows you to experience the external world, but at your core, you are the absolute truth.

Now, when I say you are the absolute truth, your mind can again relax, as now he knows, he is the absolute truth, and he doesn’t have to do anything from his end. Remember it’s the same mind that will figure out the truth for you, but for that, you have to be willing to experiment with your life.


  1. Meditation is a state of mind where we really understand the presence of God.Its direct interaction with God and really helps you to open your heart.

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