Make the Circle of Life, Eternal.


The life is a circle. Everyday circle repeats itself. Nothing new happens on this earth. Things repeat itself over and over. You can make the same circle of life eternal, with your understanding. The earth too follows the circle, but the earth is eternal. In twenty-four hour, life completes the circle. You repeat the same process of life each day.

The more you understand the repetitive patterns of life, the more you rise above it. The repetitive circle of life, too is eternal. If the mind understands the repetitive process of life, it connects with the natural process of life.

When you understand the patterns of life, you don’t sit and mourn with life, or carry the stress or pain, but with understanding, simply complete the circle of life, experiencing all the bliss and ecstasy around.

The understanding serves you to rise above the repetitive process of life. You still take part in it, but you leave the attachment behind. You simply play your role with best of your understanding, and give everything, what the moment asks from you.

In a day, life follows a upside down pattern. It doesn’t behave in the same way all the time. If you simply observe life, you notice that in twenty-four hour circle, life has different shades which repeat itself in the circle. When you know the process, you don’t stay rigid with life, but you simply learn to flow with it.

The patterns of life are divided with time. The morning remains for a certain period, and then noon takes over, evening remains for sometime and then night follows. The same law applies to your internal world, where you go through the similar process of upside down. The energy stays high in the morning, comes down at the noon time, and again rise high in the evening.

The natural process of life can be learnt, by observing once daily life. The body, mind and heart should be connected with the natural process of life, so that it gets tuned with it, and develop better understanding towards life.

The eternal life comes with the realization of higher self. With the self-realization, the body, mind and heart still follows the natural circle of life, but you with your understanding stay detached with it. The process of life has to be completed. You cannot get away with life without understanding your mind.

To get yourself free from the process of life, you have to live and understand life and with understanding, you let the process of life, happens through you and you rise above it. The mind is the place, where the circle of life takes place. You have to create a mind-map, for the mind to follow. Once the mind follows the mind-map, you become more aware with life.

The life’s wisdom is hidden in different, situations, events and experiences of life, if you care to observe and analyze it, at your leisure time. When you start understanding the similar patterns of life, that goes on repeating itself, you move inside to realize the deeper truth.

The source of every species on earth lies within itself. The human’s are more developed to find its source, and to realize it for themselves. The outside life comes from inside, and the one’s who have forgotten to look into themselves, the life directs them, through different situations or experience of life.

The process of life happens everyday. You need to know, what you are looking in life and then keep walking in to that direction. Remember all the path you think you create outside, is actually gets created into your mind. Don’t hurry up with the process of life, or else you miss the lesson of the moment and go on repeating the same circle of life.

The life evolves with the body, mind and heart. Everything you experience outside, forms an impressions in your inner world and the same impressions attracts the similar situations and events. Life happens moment by moment.

With life you don’t have to hurry, but simply walk with life. You cannot achieve more than what you give in the present moment, and if your attention is in the future or past, you miss to give what’s required in the moment.

This moment of life is suffice to bring you what you want in life. The life on the existence takes care of everyone.

“When your intention is to give every moment to life, while following your path, life too remains more than kind to you, on the journey of life.”

You can never be less, when you are one with life. All the fear and insecurity of life is when you think yourself separate from life. Not all the moments of life are same. Sometimes life brings you too much joy and sometimes, life asks you to pass through the path of pain and suffering. But this different stage of life, affects you when you get stuck in the moment. The process of life is ever-flowing. Never think to stop at any moment and keep flowing with life. You will never get affected by different emotional waves, but it will pass through you, without you being affected by it.

“The life is ever-growing and ever evolving. When you connect with the natural laws of life, the first thing you do, is you connect with the daily life.”

The natural process of life, teaches you how to get better with life with your body, mind and heart. Every effort of life, out of natural process brings fulfillment in life.

” You only look for the outcome, when you are not satisfied with your efforts. Once the efforts of life starts satisfying you, you remain more contented with your action and less be bothered about the outcome.”

The bliss and wisdom of life can never be in the outcome and always be in the action. Life is well understood, when your effort lies in understanding your deeper self. You cannot understand life better than the way you perceive life, and the perception towards life, can be improved by working on oneself.

You have to figure out the way to bring the joy, out of everyday process, and only than you can touch the deeper meaning of life. When your life is joyful in the moment, not out of some reason, not because that the life happens the way you want, but simply with the acceptance of life, than you take steps towards the transcendence of yourself.

You have to figure out the security, love, goal, purpose and higher meaning in your day-to-day life. Don’t try to find life, anywhere in the future, but try to look around in the every-day life, or seek life inside.

The eternal life is not something that remains after death. After death, even the entire world vouch for you, it doesn’t hold any meaning, when you have already passed. The eternal life holds its meaning, when you live this moment as eternity.

The eternal life happens when you become absolutely free from inside. You still participate in your day-to-day life, to complete the circle but your inner state remains into his own bliss. You serve your daily life with highest wisdom, and bring more balance into your surrounding environment and with the people around.

The life is ever-present on this earth. It is present before your arrival and it will remain once you depart. In this few moments, if you can know your real identity and connect yourself with eternity, than you can live every moment of life, as eternal.

With life, your own idea seems too small to understand life. So the best way to approach life, is with the attitude of learning and with more openness towards life. With the time, different aspects of life is included in the daily coarse of life. All this elements if attended wisely, can add to the better awareness with life.

With the right approach all the situations, events and experience of life can serve you to expand your body, mind and heart, and so every moment get into the situation, with the idea of growth and with the betterment of life.

Life is easy, fun and joyful with lots of learning. Life fulfills all the needs, if you learn to walk with life, till the end, and the end happens, as the day ends, as the life begins in the morning, it too ends at the end of the day. When you can just walk with life, till the end, life certainly takes you on a higher path, where you begin your fresh journey with life.

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