We are All One, but How?


We all have heard this several times, that we all are one, but never realized, how?.

If something doesn’t comes from inside, we cannot feel in real sense. Sometimes its hard to keep up with our closed one’s, so to savor the idea to embrace someone who is completely unknown to us, seems far-fetched thing. Still we have many examples, in-real life, of the people who have accepted and embraced the world as it is, and served the humanity, with an open heart.

Yes we are all one, from our very roots but for that we have to connect with our-self and realize our true self, so that we can portray it outside. Unless we completely understand our-self, we cannot understand the concept of unity among us all.

It’s all about how you perceive yourself into the existence, and what kind of personal identity you carry into your mind. Some people view themselves as what they appear physically, and thus they cannot perceive their life more than themselves. Their understanding related to life, remains up to their personal needs, and they cannot see the world beyond their own physical existence.

Some people are more connected to their mind and heart and they carry an image of themselves, not with the physical appearance but they relate themselves with their thoughts and emotions.

The physical body is part of the physical world, while the thoughts and emotions are part of the subtle world. The physical reality too exists, into the existence, because of the subtle world.

There are people, who developed deeper understanding towards life, and they rise to the level of individuality. When you recognize yourself as a strong individual, than you see everyone else as an individual personality. You see others, out of your own personality.

There is another state, where you transcends your individual personality and recognize the higher self within you, which is beyond the gratification of the personal self, and when you become one with it, you become one with everything that you see on the existence.

With the realization of the higher self, which is beyond the individual personality “I”, you cannot keep yourself separate from others. Its the strong identification with your own personality of your mind, keeps you away from looking at the world as one.

“Everyone holds a glimpse of his higher self in his mind, and thus whenever you come across the better version of other person, you see a glimpse of it in yourself. When you see the kind-hear-ted person, you see the kindness of your heart, and when you see the person in his full glory, you too relate yourself with him.”

This happens because, part of you can relate with everything, as you hold little of everything in your personality. Every one holds his perfect state in his mind. Few have realized for themselves, while others are in the process to realize.

See when the labor meets the president of the country. He doesn’t behave in his usual way, but he shows the best of his personality. When you come across the best of the person, you show the best of you, as you already have within you, but you haven’t made it your permanent personality.

Its not possible for the average man, to perceive the world as one, as his understanding doesn’t allow him, to see the things beyond his mind. His perception is limited to his own image of the mind, and he has to go through the process, to transcend his personal identity, before he come to the realization of oneness of the world.

The perfection with life is more of the internal process and the outside situation, experiences and events of life serves you, to reach to that final stage of perfection. Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Lao Tzu are the fine example’s of it.

All the different situations,events and experience’s of life nurture’s your inner personality and bring you closer to your higher self.

Not everyone believes in god, which is fair, as you should not believe in something, unless it comes out of your own experience. For some, it’s easier to put faith on people than god, as the person can be more reliable in the moment than god, and this is true.

To trust god, you have to go through the long process. Only than the trust develops. How to trust something, which is not visible. At-least the person is visible. This is a natural tendency of the mind. Thus enlightened masters, or guru are more appreciated, as they are easy to trust. The master’s are considered to be a common ground between god and human, as in appearance wise they are human’s, but they too have an access to the other world.

We all are One, is true, and this can be understood, if you can understand the inner mechanism of your body, mind, heart, spirit and the soul.

Let say God is “Grand-Father” or Supreme Soul. We all have a soul in our body, to which you can consider as “Father”. Soul is part of the supreme soul. Soul is a fixed identity, within you, that can be realized, but no way can be proved in the physical world.

Nothing can be proved of the subtle world. You cannot show your feelings or thoughts. You can feel it for yourself, but you cannot show how you feel or think in the moment. No machine can track the subtle part of life. Anything which is not physical, cannot be proved in the physical world, so all the debate over it, is useless.

The spirit is the “son”, that gives you your personal identification. The spirit is made up of the mind and heart, and is so attached to the body, that it so creates an image into your mind, that you are the body, and not the spirit.

Grandfather is the supreme soul, Father is your soul, and spirit is the son. The spirit includes the “I” or Ego, mind and heart.

“The personal identity is developed with different experiences and impressions of the mind, and with each impressions and experience, you create feelings and emotions. The spirit is attached to the physical body through the sensation, and thus the personal identity or “I” relate itself with the body.”

The process of evolution, allows you to grow your personal identity and slowly you transcend your identity from the body consciousness to the subtle consciousness and later to the soul.

We all are separate from each other, from our minds or spirit. With the realization of the soul, we all are the same. All the fathers are equal and we all have one grandfather, that is god or supreme soul. All the son or spirit is different from each other, and that creates the variety on earth.

There are many ways, to accelerate the process of evolution, by working on your body, mind and heart. You can figure out your own way, to nourish your inner system, and with it, you improve your perception towards life.

“The process of evolution can only be measured by an individual, as all the changes happens inside. By how well you improve your perception towards the world shows your present stage of evolution.”

When your perception improves on a continuous basis, to view the situation, people and experiences of life, it shows you are evolving with life.

The life grows and evolve within you, and when the people or groups evolved collectively, life improves and get better on earth. Nothing comes in the physical realm, if it’s not part of the subtle reality.

The people those who relate themselves, with the physical appearance, should try to connect more with their thoughts and emotions. They should give more preference to what they think or feel, and not simply follow the outside world.

“When you connect more and more on the subtle level, which is your mind and heart, you create space within, for your individual personality, to grow and expand.”

When you live more from inside, slowly your life’s choices and decisions is more from the heart & mind and less from what you see outside.

Create your own path, by moving inside and slowly grow and expand with life. The more you live from inside, the more you connect yourself with the natural process of life. The only purpose of life, is to go through the experience of life, in a way where you grow and expand from inside, to realize your higher self and be one with the existence.


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