Simple Understanding brings Bliss to Life


Bliss is a real joy of life. You cannot find such happiness anywhere outside, other than yourself. You are the creator of outside life, and the creator can only get satisfied when he creates, and not that the creation itself satisfies him.

The creation only satisfies the person, when the understanding of the person, gets below than his creation.

When you choose to find the joy, in the material aspect of life, you forget you are the creator of the outside world, and your happiness doesn’t depend on the creation, but it solely comes out of you.

The illusion can quench your thirst for some time, but illusory happiness flies into the sky like a bubble, when you come near it. It’s just like the reflection of water in a desert when you see from the distance, but when you come nearby, you find nothing.

Yes, you can make use of the material world for the comfort, but the feeling of joy and happiness comes from inside. The primary source of happiness is you, and that should be clear to your mind.

If you hold onto the good things for long, even good things lose its meaning. The real bliss and joy can only come from inside. The bliss is only possible with the understanding towards life.

“The understanding is not to know everything about life, but simply developing trust from within, for the present moment.”

You have all you need for this life, at the moment. This simple understanding can lead you towards the blissful path. No matter what the situation you are in now, or it might seem like, you will never come out of the trouble, but the truth is, life only moves forward for the better.

This truth, should be realized by an individual and unless you believe it to be true, you will not get aligned yourself, with the life, that is ever-going and ever-growing.

When you create a desire or savor the dream, you choose to pay the price for it. The price can be in the form of pain or suffering. But this you choose willfully. When you make a choice with life, you can turn any pain and suffering into bliss.

No situation or problem of your life is bigger than your understanding.

” The chaos of life, is not you find somewhere outside, but your own thoughts from the past works as a dirt on the mirror shield, of your mind.”

The mind is capable of the no-mind state. The no-mind state is not simply an emptiness of the mind, but the emptiness that fills you up with love, bliss, and wisdom. You cannot experience bliss, or fall in love with life, unless you understand life, from within.

Understanding is the key to life. You have to figure out the way, that can serve you to develop better understanding towards life.

I can share two well-tried methods since the ancient times, that served the sages in the past, for the better understanding towards life. It acts as a cleansing process for the body and mind and serves to develop better perception towards life.

The perception is the light that comes from inside, that allows you to perceive the outside world. The quality of light always remains the same, but experience and impressions from the past make the quality of light dim, to have a clear perception of life.

The physical exercise and meditation serve you to remove the past impressions from the body and mind, and allows the inner light to create a better perception of life.

These are not the only two methods, but each individual can develop his or her own method, to develop their understanding towards life, as everything comes from within.

Any form of physical exercise acts as a cleansing process for the entire body, while the meditation serves you to calm your mind and put it in order. The life begins and ends with the mind. You put the outside life in order, by arranging and rearranging yourself, into your own mind. The planning and scheduling with life have nothing to do with the outside life, but you simply set the instructions in the form of mind-map, for the mind to follow.

With life, you don’t have to borrow anything from outside. The life’s wisdom and bliss already exist in you. All you have to do is to remove the obstacles that don’t allow you to experience your real self. No problem of life is bigger than you. You carry the solution, all the time within you.

“If you see life with the same perspective for too long, that means you have stopped to grow and evolve with life.”

Your perspective towards life should get better each day, and this can happen, if you have taken an initiative to work on yourself, and thus in accordance, improve your perspective towards life.

Life comes out of you. Your mind creates life. The complications with life never exist outside. All the complication remains in the minds of people. If you simply try to resolve yourself from inside, your mind itself will create a straight path, to achieve anything you desire with life.

“The simple understanding of life is that life happens inside out, and not outside in. All the creativity, invention, discovery or any solution of life can only come from inside.”

The life is blissful, in every moment. To experience the bliss you have to go through the process of understanding. Either you believe it or not, you have accumulated lots of dirt from outside, over the period of time. Unless you clear yourself with the body, heart, and mind, the wisdom and bliss will not flow from inside.

Wisdom and bliss are not the game of the mind, but there is a higher space within you, that allows you to experience the bliss and wisdom.

“From outside you only receive information. When you act upon the information and experience it in your life, and learn & understand out of the experience, you create the life’s lesson out of it. Only then the outside information becomes your understanding in a true sense.”

The real understanding of outside life can only come out of the experience. You have to experiment with life, to understand life at different levels. Once you figure out the way, your experiments get frequent, on the path, to grow and develop a better understanding of life.

Life is happening inside out, and if you are not connected with the inner world, it’s easier for you to get lost, in the physical reality of life.

The experience with life is mystical not due to the need-based experience of life or because of different dreams and desire’s, but life in you also consist the higher expression of the divine being. You also have the potential, to experience the divine within you.

The problem is not a real problem with life, but the lack of courage to look into the things. The real problem is a lack of faith in oneself. When you believe in yourself, and show courage to look into the problems, you can find all the solutions of life. It’s your own fear and lack of trust in yourself, allows the things to appear bigger than its actual form.

The mind has enough power to solve any query of life, if you can hold your mind, onto the things for the longer period. If you wish to run away from the things, you cannot expect the mind to support you with the solutions of life.

The mind needs direction, and either you direct the mind, or get directed by the mind, in the direction of vague desires.

When you live with the understanding, your simple presence in the moment, allows you to embrace everything on the path, with all the wisdom and bliss, while life without understanding, simply creates fear to run away from life. When you want the things to happen your way, resentment, sadness, grudge and dissatisfaction towards others sets in.

The life always serves the purpose of the moment, if you align yourself with life. You are the life, and you don’t have to seek anything else, somewhere outside of you, when it comes to life. If you simply remain present in the moment, you not only take care of your worldly life but along with it, you experience the bliss, in the moment.

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  1. Understanding should be the only discipline you should follow. Once you understand, there is no need for any knowledge you have to remember. You can throw the burden to remember things by understanding them.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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