Let’s Shift our Perception, towards Life for the Better


The perception is our current state of understanding with life. The way we perceive life and the idea we carry for every different aspect of our life. We have a choice, to improve our perception towards life.

Before you improve upon your current state of perception or get better with the perception, it’s necessary to understand the current state of life. Once you understand different aspects of your current state, you move towards in developing the better perception towards life.

The life evolves with the mind. The mind has to go through the process of evolution before it develops the necessary understanding with life. The process of  life is to grow and evolve with the different experiences of life. Everything in life serves you to get better with the understanding.

Life begins with the logical mind. The process of evolution simply means the possibility. The more you make the choices with life and takes stronger and bolder decisions, the more you develop the capacity inside, to understand life.

“To be curious or to inquire, is part of the logical mind. The child is always curious to know about everything. Even the smallest thing in life, amaze the child. The life pulsates in the child.”

The same life pulsates in you, but you inquire life with fear, and insecurity. You have your own ideas, beliefs, and past experiences of life, that doesn’t allow you to create the right state of mind when you raise the query.

Even you think and ask questions to life, but it’s only out of fear and scarcity, but not with the eagerness to know, not with the fulfillment, or to grow, but simply to fill the basic needs of life.

“There are two ways to inquire about life to get to the solution, either you ask out of fear & insecurity and close all the door for yourself, or ask out of curiosity and all the doors with different possibilities of life, gets open for you.”

The life doesn’t end with the query, but it begins with the right query. Once you learn to ask the right query with life, you open the door of imagination, and can directly connect with life.

The nature of the logical mind is to raise the query, and the time you don’t have the answer, you feel fear and insecurity with life. The response to the logical mind comes from the intuitive or imaginative mind. It takes time for the response to arrive, if you are not connected with the intuitive mind, and in between, with the unnecessary thinking, you create hell for yourself.

Look back at life, and see the unresolved query of your life. There is nothing in life that remains unresolved, if you give proper time, to the things to shape up.

Life responds to your every query if you learn how to hold onto life. There is no need to hurry. Even if you think, your world is going to collapse in the moment, even in those moments, you have to learn to hold patience. The world never collapses, but you learn the art of patience.

The life is a continuous process of the existence, and it never ends with one problem of life. There is a higher law that governs the life, and as you grow and evolve, you come closer to the understanding of the natural laws of life.

The logical mind needs a path, that confirms one step after another in the future. The planning and scheduling are the paths, that allows you to direct the mind, to a step by step method into the future.

It’s not necessarily, that life takes place, the way you have planned and scheduled at the moment, but it certainly saves you from the unnecessary thought process of the logical mind.

The planning and scheduling allow you to be more present in the moment so that you can have an access to the intuitive part of the mind. With the intuitive or imaginative mind, the new world of imagination opens for you.

The imaginative or intuitive mind directly connects you with your unconscious mind, where all the past experiences and impressions of life, gets stored. Everything in life is interconnected and when you connect with the imaginative mind, you too connect with everything that exists in the life outside.

“When your perception shifts from rational mind to the intuition, the response for the rational query, from the intuitive mind becomes quicker. When you have an access to the imaginative mind, you have an access to ever-expanding nature of life.”

The imaginative mind includes the experiences and impressions that you have accumulated from the past and the life that’s yet to come in the future.

“The imaginative mind have the power to give, anything that you dream or desire for life. To fulfill the dreams and desire’s, the imaginative mind holds the capacity to create the path of life inside, and once you connect with it, you simply follow the inner path, that leads you to the destination.”

Apart from the rational or imaginative mind, you also have a personal identity “I” that allows you to attach to all the rational thoughts & query and different dreams & desires of life.

The accomplishments of the dreams and desire’s of life is not an end to life. You have further access to life, beyond your attachments, if you choose to detach yourself with the accomplishments of life.

The personal identity “I” keeps you limited with the body, heart, and mind if you remain attached to it. The detachment with the experiences of life, allows you to initiate the process to rise higher than your personal identification.

Once you get detached with all the experiences and impressions of life, both from inside as well as outside world, you experience the no-mind state, where no thought or images remain, and you simply experience pure emptiness within the mind.

If you practice enough, and hold onto this state, you can access to the higher dimension of life, i.e. pure energy (kundalini energy) , which is the source of life.

The life is not limited to the mind, heart, and body, but you also have the source of life within. The breath that holds life with the mind, heart and body, comes from the inner source of life.

With the higher dimension, you leave the interference of the mind behind, to experience life with its natural process. You get access to the situation, people or experiences of life, with its past, present and future in this very moment.

Say for e.g., when you see the child, adult or an old man, you see them, out of your own experience. You don’t care to see them, with what process they are going through, but you are more interested, in your perspective about them.

But when you observe life, with the higher dimension, you see the natural process that takes place in the child, adult or an old man. You see their current stage of evolution and also can look into their past, present and future.

When you awaken the inner energy, you touch the limitless possibilities of life. You connect with the natural process of life. With the inner energy, you don’t live with the thoughts and imagination of the mind, but you simply align your steps with the natural process of life and allow the life to accomplish things by its own.

There is also the higher state, beyond the pure energy which is the empty space of higher vibrations. The source of kundalini energy lies in the empty space of the higher vibrational state.

All the sages strive for this experience, with their life and make all the efforts, to be one with it. This state gives you the highest human experience, of bliss. No other experience of life can never be satisfying, once you realize the higher state of nothingness, described by Buddha.

One comment

  1. Being doubt is the intelligence. Pure intelligence. Most questions will help us grow up and become mature. Be innocent to grow up. Be pure like the child and you will live your life.

    Remember, growing is the sign of life. 🙂

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