The Natural Process of Life


The natural process of life is where your thoughts, emotions, and energy flow in order to the natural process of life. Each person has its own needs and wants for life. When you adjust your life’s path considering the needs and wants of life, and Fulfill your outside needs by creating the path, following your inner world, you come closer to the natural process of life.

Everyone have a certain obligation towards life, but with the inner growth, you take the action on the path, closer to the natural process of life. Either you take daily actions out of understanding, or evaluate the action, once you act, both will serve into the learning and understanding of life. You can choose your own way.

But when you try to understand life, and get into the action, mind you, life will act completely opposite to your understanding.

If you simply hold your needs of life or dreams and desires, day by day, month by month, year by year, you will never come closer to the natural process of life, unless you really understand, what you want out of life .

Any man who walk this earth be it, Buddha or Krishna, Christ or Muhammad has to create their own path for life, by walking through different experiences of life, and further experimenting and exploring life. There is no tailor-made path available for anyone on this earth.

Every person has its own way to go around with life. When your focus and attention is simply in the outside world, you miss the lesson’s of life, as life is happening inside out. You may get the experience or impressions of life outside, but the understanding can only and only develop inside.

Life is bigger than your dreams and desires, and anything you achieve on the life’s path is not an end to life, but simply a milestone. If your eyes remain on the milestone, sooner or later, you will achieve the milestone, but you will miss the real lesson’s of life, that was waiting for you, on the way.

The dreams and desires are simply to drag you on the path of life, as you will not move an inch, if you don’t have a desire to fulfill, into your heart. When you begin to move towards your dreams or desires, life comes in to teach you a lesson.

To create a broader perspective towards life, try to perceive life beyond yourself, and rather getting stuck with the dreams and desires, try to hold an open view for life.

When your idea for life is, beyond your personal self, all the milestone on the path, be it the needs or wants, or dreams and desires get fulfilled, without asking. It’s the nature of life to give more without asking, provided you stick to the path.

The life that you create with your mind, is simply with the single pointed perception you hold towards life. The mind is filled with the experiences and impressions from the past, and whatever you have accumulated over the time, turns into your dreams and desire’s, for you to re-create them with your life.

To look into the natural process of life, you should honestly evaluate and analyze all your needs, wants dreams and desires of life. This will give you a fair idea, about where you really use the energy of life, and what exactly you are looking for life.

You cannot get into the natural process of life, where life is effortless and you live eternity every moment when you hold any type of baggage either into your body, mind or heart. You have to be absolutely empty from within, to experience the natural process of life.

With the natural process, all your daily actions of life are beautifully aligned to fulfill your different needs and desires and your role remains to follow the life and allow the life to happen to you.

With the choice with your situation and events, you come closer to the natural process. When you choose your situations and events of life, you bring awareness to it, and you also take responsibility for your actions and learn the real lessons out of it.

“It takes a day to understand the entire life. But when we lack enough awareness to look into our daily life and pick the necessary lesson’s and understanding out of it, we simply repeat the process of life.”

When you bring awareness to your daily life, correction with your daily action starts to happen. You only pick the things, that serves you with your life, and rest of the things you leave behind, be it the situation or people. More you enter, deep into your daily course of life, the more you leave the waste behind.

The manifestation of outside life and the mind, heart, and body works together. You create the world, with the thoughts, emotions, and energy of the body. But when the senses, are fixed in the outside world, you tend to lose connection with yourself.

Remember when your focus is in the outside world, you are away from yourself. Your interest is outside and not what’s going on within you.

Your life is not coming out of you, but you are simply accumulating inside, your experience of the outside world, and spoiling your clear perception towards life .

“You can only realize the truth or come to the truth when you start to live inside out. When your senses are directed outside, you can never live an authentic life. Your truth is pulsating inside, and for which, you have been specifically designed to live for.”

If anything that doesn’t belong to your heart, is a borrowed action or borrowed life. Needs and desire’s of life are separate. Basic needs of life come from within, while desire you accumulate from different impressions and experiences of life from outside.

We are at the stage of evolution, where we have accumulated so many impressions and experiences from outside life, that it’s hard to figure out the real needs of life, and have lost our self, in different desire’s, that we have accumulated from the outside world.

The desires are good for the expansion in life, if it makes our life better or improve the outside life, and comes out of awareness. But when we are not aware of the necessary needs or desire’s of life, and simply spend our day and life, fulfilling different desire’s or accumulating new one’s, we call for the chaos in life.

Our present day resembles our past and the future. When we start to make the correction with the present life and start to create action’s out of understanding, slowly we come closer to our real authentic self and with the natural process of life.

Our authentic nature can never be different from the natural process of life. The more you are away from yourself, the more you live into the illusions.

Every day, even you know that how many different things you think about or feel for, but not everything gets manifested in your life. The only thing that gets manifested, are the one’s, on which you act upon. The rest are the illusions of your mind.

“The reality of life is only one’s, on which you act and rest is simply the illusions from the past or the future.”

The life we understand at the level of mind is a limited perception we hold about life, and to break that perception, it’s necessary to bring the awareness to your daily life and take actions more out of understanding and not out of fear or simply fulfilling the needs and desires of life.

The life is a continuous process and doesn’t end with one milestone. When you get one with the natural process of life, your joy and happiness don’t remain limited to the creation or the outcome or the result of life, but you simply dance every moment with life.

With the natural process, you don’t have to bother about the action or the outcome, all you have to do is to follow the natural process of life each day, and life happen’s by itself.

This natural process of life comes with the experiment and exploring your daily life. You simply experiment and explore, all the different aspects of daily life and the experience and the life lesson simply come to you.

Life is fun when you learn something new each day and leave the old behind. Don’t be too concerned with the old life, rather simply focused yourself on building the new one and old will ultimately slip away.

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