Attention on Breath is the Way to Pure Consciousness


Attention on breathe is the way to pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the source of life, and the highest human state, that the human can ever experience in his life. There is no experience beyond pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the space, where you experience bliss.

When the world is perceived through pure consciousness, wisdom flows. The life wisdom is to know the natural process of life, both within and outside. The time you recognize the inner function of life, the natural process of existence too, gets revealed. At the higher state, you realize that everything in the universe, follows the same process of life.

The functions of mind, heart and body is possible through the vital force, that remains locked in the human body, at the base of the spine. The process of in and out of breath, takes place through vital force. The quality of mind, heart and body decides by the quality of breath.

If the process of breath is regular and smooth, you experience abundant flow of energy from within, and feel rejuvenated all the time. If the flow of breath is regular and constant, you carry more oxygen inside, and remove the inner toxicants outside, on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, majority of people are unaware about their process of the breath and it remains imbalance in them. The balance of mind, heart and body can be measured, by the inflow and outflow of breath. The level of stress and emotional imbalance, is due to lack of oxygen and accumulation of toxic waste inside.

“Take two minutes for yourself. Watch the movement of your breath. The natural process of breath takes 3 seconds to inhale, and 2 seconds to exhale. It’s a natural cycle of breathe. ”

When the mind is not  directed in a specific direction, it shifts either in the past or dive into the future, but never remains steady in the present moment. When your attention is on the breath, you give something to your mind to stick to, and this helps the mind to develop its focus and concentration.

You can continue with your daily task, by directing the mind on your breath. The attention from the breath will shift many times, but if you still remember to pull it back to your breath, no sooner you will attain the proper balance with the process of breath, and with it to your mind, heart and body.

When you initiate the day, you know what to expect from the day, and you keep yourself on the task. At the same time, if you direct your mind on breathe, you develop better focus on the task ( mind you, your mind can focus in two direction simultaneously and very efficiently), and you also remain fresh and rejuvenated, with the proper and continuous flow of breathe.

You lose energy by thinking all the time and by spending it on the work on hand. Directing the mind on breathe, serve you to save energy through lesser thought process, and with the proper flow of breathe, you continuously create energy from within.

The magic of attention on breathe is that, the mind continuously remain in the present moment and you create and innovate more with the present state of mind, rather simply repeat the circle of life.

The breath is part of the inner vital force, and the focus and attention of mind is the source through which you learn, understand, comprehend and analyze life.

When your attention grows with the breath, you become more aware about the sensation of your body. The breathe from the vital force, passes through the entire body, to complete the circle of inhalation and exhalation.

“When the mind follows the breath, it’s directed inside, and through sensation you experience different parts of your body, that you may never had realized before, with the attention of the mind, outside.”

The attention on the breath allows you to move inward. In the inner world you realize different space, where you experience different fears and insecurities towards life. You feel different desires, cravings and different pleasures of life. As you rise higher from within, you experience different feelings and emotions, and your own thought process of the mind.

“To know the functions of the mind, heart and body, you have to shift your attention inside, by following your breath and sensation. It’s not possible by studying the theories. Its the key for the self-realization.”

The attention of the mind, allows you to understand every pattern of the mind. The attention of the mind can look beyond the mind and capture the experiences for itself.

The attention on the breath, not only serve you to understand the functions of body, heart and mind, but also connects you with the source of breathe as well as the source of mind, heart and body, i.e. vital force.

When the attention and the breath becomes one, there is nothing remain for the mind to follow, and in the mean time, the attention smoothly shifts to the base of the spine, to experience the source of life, i.e. vital force.

When the vital force gets unlocked, it purifies the inner system and rise higher to the space of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the state of pure bliss. The experience of bliss is like a vibration in the body, and the experience of vital force, is like an energy flowing upward clearing every cells of the body.

Once you come back from the experience of pure consciousness, the vital force gets back to its original place and the process of breathe becomes normal. But from now onwards, you don’t perceive life through the same senses, but the new dimension is added to your awareness, that allows you to perceive life, out of its natural order.

You can look into the nature of things, people and situation. Your personal identity with the body, heart and mind shifts to pure consciousness. You no longer use force, or will-power to manifest things with life, but simply align yourself with the natural process of life, to allow the life to take place.

With the pure consciousness, all that can be known for the human is known. All the illusions of the mind gets dropped and your life become’s one with the natural process of life.

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