Experience is Primary, Expression is Secondary.


Experience is primary, while the expression is secondary. The world is full of expression. People carry different experiences inside, and express themselves outside. Either you hold sexual desire’s, little pleasures, fear or insecurity with life, love towards your near and dear one’s, or a wonderful idea, everything that you see, as a part of your experience, is that you hold inside.

To each experience of your daily life, you serve with your expression, out of the experience you carry inside. The experience with life comes with understanding, learning, observing, analyzing, evaluating and contemplating different situation and events of life. The expression to life, is your accumulated experience.

To present yourself outside, you need expression, be it your personal or professional life. If you have enough experience inside, you can very well express yourself outside, but when your experience is not qualitative, it reflects with your poor show in expression. Expression is not limited to the art or talent, but it includes everything that comes out of you, in the form of thoughts, idea’s, feelings & emotions, or actions.

No matter what you do with your life, and what kind of relationship you share with the people or wherever you are placed on the existence, you can shift your attention on the inner experience, to present your best of the expression outside.

The way you perceive life, your very perception comes out of the experiences you hold from the past. This very perception turns into a choice, decision or action and becomes your life.

If your attention is on the outside life or to improve your world, the best way to go about it, is to improve the quality of your inner experience, so that you can have a better perspective, about your imperfect world, and you can take it towards the perfection.

The life is perfect every moment. Only you have to take your perfection to the level, where you can perceive the perfection, out of your day-to-day life.

With life everything moves in a natural order, and the person only receives what he carries inside of himself. The person who is dazzles with confidence, will never get knock down by silly things, and even if he comes across such situation, he always holds the power, to overcome any situation of his life, without complaining, on the other hand, the person who don’t feel good about himself, even the little situation of life, is enough to create chaos into his life.

“Its hard to handle the personal and professional relationships, not because there is imperfection in the outside world, but the people carry their inner imperfection into the personal and professional life, & not only that, they look for the solution outside, for the chaos they hold inside.”

This is the only reason, whereby people never  get in-terms with others, when the situation slips out of hand. People are lesser interested in finding the solutions, rather choose to simply move out of the situation. All the problem of life have a solution within you, if you care to look for it.

If you prepare yourself to look for the solution, for all of your problems inside, in no time, you develop a self-dependent personality, that not only serves his own growth, but also serve everyone, who falls into his circle.

Anything that you experience outside or express outside, is accumulated inside, and comes from inside. Life’s experience is stored inside, while the life’s expression comes from inside.

If you simply move inside, and work on each of your expression, you will not only grow with your outer expression, but simultaneously become richer with the inner experiences of life. When you choose to give your best with your expressions, you become more inclined to nourish yourself with the inner experiences of life.

Before you come out with the expression, see what you carry inside, because you cannot give anything to the world, other than what you carry inside.

“If you don’t like what you see outside, the problem is not in your outside world, but simply in your perception. Improve your perception, to see the perfection, in your imperfect world.”

These are no plain words, but practical truth of life. The life is all about experience and expression. With every situation, every event, you experience something and when you make a choice or take decisions, you express, what you have learned or gained out of experience.

Don’t be hurry to Express yourself. Accumulate enough Experiences of life, and it will become your Expression. Your natural way of living.

If you seek anything in life, accumulate as much experience as you can inside. Don’t worry about the expression. Your expression will flow, out of your experience. If you are filled with the experience, expression is natural.

People struggle with their professional or personal life, because they try to express  themselves, without holding any experience of it inside. Unless you have enough experience with life, it will not reflect in your expression.

The experience with life comes when you are open to life, when you are open to learning and when you are ready to explore all the different aspects of life. You have to leave all the inner and outside knowledge behind, and simply jump into life, for the real experience.

Say for e.g., today, you have a situation to deal with, and you already carry a certain idea about the situation. When you already have an idea, about what’s going to take place, than you can never have fresh experience from the situation or provide the best expression to the situation.

People carry an idea for wisdom and bliss too. They think that wisdom and bliss are the only experiences entitled for the sages, and the life teachings can never directly come to them.

“Truth is, you don’t have to go anywhere, to learn the lessons of life, but your daily situation and events of life, is where you find the wisdom of Bhagavad-Gita, Quran or Bible or any other religious or spiritual books.”

The expression not only includes what you have to say, but what intention you carry, at the back of the mind, what emotions you carry in the moment, and with what energy you deliver your expression to the world.

The people who lives in mind, will connect with your expression at the level of mind, the one who understands heart, will have emotional bonding and the one’s who doesn’t understand mind and heart, will feel your energy and will resonate with your expression.

Make your experience primary. See what you carry inside, before it turn out to be your expression. If your inner experiences of life is in order, your every expression, will bring natural order to outside life.

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  1. This makes me reminds the concept of responsibility. We experience some situations and we can consciously choose what we can do to just response that situation without remembering the past. 🙂

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