Develop One to One Relationship with Everyone, in your Circle.


In One to one relationship, you drop all the worldly relations with the person, and develop a friendliness around the relationship. In friendliness, you don’t have a preconceived notion about the relationship, but you are simply open to whatever comes into the relationship and allow it flourish in its own way.

An individual has a limited circle, no matter where he lives, and whatever profession he is into. Your role is to develop one to  one relationship within your circle, without any bias to anyone. There is no one special and no one is less important, and wherever the need arise, you fulfill the need of that particular relationship.

When you create a relationship thinking the relations in mind, you carry an acquired beliefs into that relationship. This beliefs doesn’t allow you to see that particular relationship, beyond those beliefs.

Say for e.g., your relationship with your parents. Parents are always taken for granted and never treated like an individual person. Parents are always viewed out of borrowed beliefs, that has been acquired over the time, and never seen beyond that. The same rule applies to your professional relationship, where you always carry a biased attitude.

The personal life is not seen separate from the professional life, to get the clarity, but simply because of the biased attitude we carry towards our professional life.

When you develop a relationship keeping the relations in mind, you can never do justice to the person in relationship, and whatever he or she offers, is more likely to be taken for granted, carrying no intention to return.

Every individual has been born with his or her individuality and later the part of relations enter into people’s life, from outside. No relationship can be taken for granted and every relation should be treated with utmost respect and all the offerings should be accepted with utmost respect, with an intention to return back, at an appropriate time.

One to one relationships within the circle develops, when you take care of every relations separately, without mingling one unto another. The reason its important to view each relationship separately is, because life out of its universal law, doesn’t consider the personal relations, and treat each individual separately.

When the person dies, life doesn’t bother to think about the relations or how much suffering it leads to the loved one’s, but it acts out of its nature. When the role of a person gets over, he has to leave out of the natural law.

Till the time, our loved one’s with us, it’s important for us, to make the most out of our relations, so that we don’t repent the same, in the future.

The relationships should be developed between individuals, out of their nature and not out of the enforced relations, that each one receives from outside. The enforced relations are short lived, while the honest and authentic relationship between two individuals stays life long.

This doesn’t mean that the personal relations between two individuals are not important, but that the personal relations should never overshadow the relationship between two person on an individual level.

When you grow and develop with one to one relationship with every person in your circle, you don’t take any part of relationship for granted.

Its hard to carry the same perspective towards every person we encounter in our life. Unless we see the needs of other person with the same needs of ours, and see the other person carrying the same mind, heart and body the way we do, we cannot develop one to one relationship with them.

With life to understand the different aspect of life, it’s very important to understand yourself. Every individual with the mind, heart and body has been made just like one another, and simply differ at the surface with the individual perspective towards life.

May be at the surface, the things may not look like the same, but when you touch your deeper reality, you experience the same for others. People are no different, when it comes to their inner formation, and the way the natural process of life takes place through each one of us.

We all have our own way of thinking, and our own perspective to look at life, through our own belief system, that we have developed over the time, but the time we connect with our inner self, and discover our true authentic self, we realize that, at the deeper level, the same process of life flows through each one of us.

The one who looks within, understand his or her own process of life and gets one with it, while the one who looks for the solution outside, wanders outside in ignorance.

Life is a gift, if you know how to make one out of it. When you understand others, there are chances that people will understand you and for some reasons if they cannot, still more likely they will support you and admire you, for your true authentic life.

You have a choice to accelerate the process of evolution, by working on your mind, heart and body on a daily basis. Your understanding towards life depends upon the process of your evolution.

There is no mystery of how one person, it’s easier to get everything in life, and on the other side, the other person suffers miserably, even for the basic needs of life.

The biggest mishap of life, is that everyone thinks, that they know everything and they shut the door to learn and understand about themselves and others.

You may think that you know your loved one’s, your children, your wife, your parents, but the truth is, unless you understand yourself, you cannot understand anyone outside of you.

“The life begins with you and more and more you understand yourself, you receive the clarity to understand everyone around your circle. It’s in the basic scheme of nature and no one can deny this truth of life.”

Mind and heart are the two things, that allow you to experience life. Mind is to understand the objective and subjective reality of life, while the heart is to take care of your relationships.

“You have the mind, and you can make good use of it, to create, innovate, imagine, plan, schedule, evaluate or analyze different aspects of life, but you cannot use your mind when it comes to people. With people, you have to come down to your heart.”

The karma of life takes place within you, and whatever you sow you reap. The physical reality of life just acts as a symbol, while the subtle reality that you carry inside of you, in the form of energy, thoughts and emotions brings the physical reality alive.

When you see the person driving the car, the car doesn’t speak or greet, but the person who drives inside the car does. The car is the creation, and the human is the creator, and just that when you act in the physical world, the action is the creation and the creator of the actions, is within you.

The action should not be misunderstood as creation. Action comes out of the subtle reality, and the real action happens in the subtle world and the body acts as an instrument to bring the subtle reality alive.

The fundamental of life has to be clear with the person and if its not, than all its efforts has to be in understanding the fundamentals of life, rather dragging with life, without understanding and simply going through different experiences of life. The only way to come closer to the fundamentals of life is by understanding oneself.

Life is an everyday process and each day life offers some understanding and happiness to you, provided you are aware enough, to notice the daily situations and experiences of life. You don’t have to look beyond yourself, to understand life, and this understanding may come in terms, that you may define as a failure or setback.

Every single person carries all the wisdom and bliss within and the time he initiates the process to explore himself, each day he comes closer to the process of truth, that rests in the person, all the time.

The intention towards life creates life. If you hold an intention to understand life, the mind connects you with yourself, to understand different aspects of life.

“The science and spirituality too is a game of mind. As with science, you try to understand the objective reality of life, through experiments and get the conclusion out of it, while with spirituality, you experiment with yourself, to realize the inner truth of life.”

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