The Life’s Only Purpose is to have Different Experiences


Your every expression comes out of your experiences of life. The very purpose of life is to savor both the inside as well as outside experiences of life. If your heart craves with the outside desire’s, you look for the different experiences outside, while if the longing of the heart, desire’s to experience something beyond yourself, the same attention is directed inside.

Everything of the world is transitory except the experiences of life. When you desire anything with your life, what you are looking for? You are only looking for an experience. Once you have an experience, you like to move forward with that desire, how so beautiful it may seem.

No part of this world can hold you back and you go on moving with life, experiencing life in different forms. All the experiences of life initiate from the subtle world and later transmitted to the physical world.

When you have enough experience of the physical world, you look for the source of life, or more meaning in life, which can only be found when you search inside.

You can evaluate and analyze your life, and see what you expect from life, throughout the day. Each mind is conditioned in different ways. See where your mind directs you, throughout the day.

The mind is so much lost in the desire’s, that it  gets hard for it to even think about the experience. The mind is simply absorbed in his thought process, and miss to savor the experiences of life.

Life is beautiful not only inside, but also outside. All the experiences of life are beautiful, provided you look for the beauty in it. Life seems hard, only when you don’t bother to understand it, and simply go on repeating the same process of life.

If you simply bring your awareness, to your day-to-day life, you begin to drop the things, that no longer serve the purpose for your life, and only keep the things that take your life forward.

Anything you come across throughout the day is merely an experience of life, but when you are lost in the chaos of your mind, it’s not possible to observe and experience life, in its true colors.

“All the experiences of life come to take you forward with life. It’s not that pain and suffering are bad, but when you remain aware in those moments, you can make most out of, even those moments of your life.”

All the expressions of life are part of your experience. If you would like to improve upon your expressions or add more love, joy, bliss and wisdom to your expression, you need to have those live experiences into your life.

Consciously or unconsciously you choose your life. Your each experience of your life is your choice, and for some reason, if you are put into a different experience, that you think, you need to have in those moments, then your response to the experience of the moment, becomes your choice.

Anyway, you see life, it comes to the choice of yours. Either you choose your experience, or you choose the response to an experience.

The failure with life, is only because of the lack of enough experiences, with different aspects of life. You know what you want out of life. When you know what you want with your life, the other thing you need is enough experience of it.

Experience makes the things clear to you, be it your personal or professional life. The relationship too works, when you try to spend more and more time with the person, and try to know him better.

When you are up for an experience, you are lesser with the judgement and more open to learning and understand life. It is only when you already know about something, it creates a chaos into your life.

Life is all about experience, that means about learning and openness. You should always remain open to the process of learning. Life is there to teach you, every moment.

Every experience adds something to your life, if you are open for an experience, and not there to simply repeat the process.

Simply observe your daily life, and see how it serves you to take you ahead. Are you excited, about each hour of your life, or life seems like a big puzzle to you, that can never be solved?

Life is certainly a mystery, that can never be solved, but always be lived and savored deeply from your being.

Daily life asks for a little awareness. The body, mind, and heart are so equipped to repeat the same process of life, and thus before the situation, event or experience arise, you are ready for the response to it.

You don’t allow the life to happen, but with your reaction or response from the past, you simply repeat the same circle, that takes you to the same place.

You grow and evolve with acceptance, and acceptance happens with inner wisdom. You cannot accept something unless it becomes the part of your understanding, and to understand something, you have to really get into its experience.

“Life carries all the solutions at the moment, if you simply learn to walk with life, not moving forward, or remaining backward, but simply walking side by side with life.”

The life’s purpose is served out of the different experience. Life is never short of an experience. It’s only you, who gets tired with different experiences of life.

If your life doesn’t hold any meaning that means, you have simply stuck with the ever-flowing energy inside. The life’s energy is constantly flowing inside of you. This energy allows you to experience life, but when the same energy gets stuck inside, the life in the outside world, seem to get stuck.

You have to unfold yourself from inside or let loose yourself from the inside, to have a free flow of experiences, in the outside world. By going on repeating the same thing, day in and day out without any variation may lead you nowhere. You get more and more stuck inside.

If you think or feel that it’s not possible for you to rise above the different situations of your life, it’s high time, for you to change the experiences of life. Try to break the patterns, of your life, and move out into the situation that can give you, absolutely different feel, that you have never experienced in your life.

The daily life’s pattern needs to be broken to let lose the inner flow of energy, that attracts the different form of impressions and experiences into your life.

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