Experiment Non-Action with Life


There are too many thoughts, ideas, imagination, dreams, desire’s hovers in everyone’s mind. It’s not only the bad or negative one’s but positive too. When you are inclined to act on each of your thoughts, you create chaos with your life.

Life is all about experiment. All the experiences in your life depend on your choice and decisions. Either you can experiment with your life, or you can repeat the same cycle every day, and go on looking for meaning into your life.

You create meaning with life, by experimenting with it and trying different ways to understand different aspects of life. Life is much more beautiful when you figure out different ways to live life.

To experiment non-action is to observe your different thought patterns, dreams, desire’s, feelings, emotions, sensation and when the time comes to act, to simply observe them. When you observe your mind, heart, and sensation and follow life, rather acting on each of your thoughts, you flow with life.

Non-action allows you to create effortless life. With non-action, it doesn’t mean you don’t act, but you don’t force yourself to do things, but you allow the things to happen.

Everyone has their daily schedule, and meanwhile, each one gets different cravings throughout the day, to get many things done, at the same time. Non-action allows the life to choose the things for you.

There are many things, that takes place or get fixed up by itself, but still many times, we spend energy thinking, feeling or sometimes acting on things, that may take place by itself. Few things need time to get settled on its own, but the mind, heart, and body are trained to act on everything. It likes to take everything in his hand, and when it doesn’t understand, it creates the chaos out of it.

When you are born, the life was already in a continuous mode, and the time you leave, life will still continue. Your role is to give best to what life presents to you, per your understanding.

As too many cooks spoil the food, in a similar way working on too many thoughts, or multiple tasks at the same time, ruin the task.

Non-action allows you to stabilize and settle with life. You act, but your thoughts, emotions, and energy only remain focused on work in hand, and not what’s going to happen in the future or the next moment.

The mind and heart control the body through sensation. If the thought or feeling appears into the mind or heart, and you are not aware at the moment, the body will act, without your notice, or sometimes, the things happen in such a way, that you to participate in the act, without your notice.

As an individual personality, you are absolutely detached from your mind, heart, and body. You can observe your mind, heart, and body separately. You experience your body, you feel your feelings and emotions through sensation, and you notice different thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires of your mind.

You are separate from all of these. This means you have a choice, to either take part with your mind, heart, and body or you can allow the temporary sensation to pass away when the urge arrives to act. Non-action helps you to work with your mind, heart, and body, as a detached observer.

If you are not your body, heart, and mind, or sensation, then who are you?

You are the seer. Anything that can be seen, sensed, feel, think, imagine cannot be you because it is transient. You are the one, within the body that cannot be changed.

You are the source of life, in you. Non-action allows you to unveil different layers within the body, and give you better and broader perspective towards life. The beauty and oneness with life can be seen, when you unveil all the layers within and experience the seer. Once you come across the seer, there is nothing remain for you to experience beyond.

The seer is an end in itself. You realize the seer and become one with it. The spirit is an individual personality, while the soul is the seer. The spirit and soul meet for the first time when you realize the seer. The highest experiment with life for any human is that of the seer. When you realize the seer, the only obligation remains for you, is to be one with the seer.

The spirit is the river, and the seer is the ocean. The only contrast between the river and the spirit is, that the river flows low, while the spirit flies high.

The position of the seer is on the forehead, so the life’s energy should flow vertically inside, to realize the seer.

You cannot realize the seer, outside the body, and thus the attention of the mind should be fixed inside, and slowly you begin to climb the ladder inside, to come closer to the realization of the seer.

The realization of the seer is not enough, but the highest purpose of life is to become one with the seer. Sometimes, the ocean is recognized from miles away, but still, the river has to clear, all the distance, before it gets one with the ocean.

To realize the seer is a momentary experience, but to become one with it, is a job of a lifetime. The spiritual path is the longest path.

Once the seer is recognized, within the body, all the effort of life, lies in becoming one with it. No other purpose remains for the person, and all the hidden secrets or mysteries of life is unveiled on the path.

The path between river and ocean has a beauty of its own, and everyone who comes to the river gets satisfied, once the river is on the path, towards the ocean.

This is the only reason, goal and purpose are important aspects of human’s life, as when you are on your goal or have a purposeful life, you are more inclined to serve each one who comes across the path, and this gives you further encouragement, to move forward on your path.

The general tendency of a human asks you to run with life, but you cannot accomplish your every thought, or fulfill each of your desire’s. How beautiful it seems, if life brings to you, what is already meant for you, and you work effortlessly on it, to make it a part of your life.

Non-action asks for limitless patience, and absolute control over the mind, heart, and sensation. Remember mind, heart, sensation and body move in motion. It’s a vicious circle, that needs to be broken.

You begin the process of non-action either with the mind, heart, sensation or with the action.

If you are familiar with your mind, you can begin with the mind. With non-action, you don’t necessarily act on your every thought. You observe your thoughts and simply allow it to pass. If it’s important for the moment you act. If the thoughts are not important for the moment, but it needs to be done, later in a day, then you simply allow it to let go and wait for the right time to act.

If you feel something, you don’t simply jump on your emotions but wait for the feelings or emotions to grow within. If it’s the momentary feeling or emotions, it passes, but if it still exists to serve the purpose, then you express it, with the complete sense of surrender.

If you try to connect to your sensation, notice the sensation at different times of the day, and don’t give it, as soon as it arises. Observe it, till the end. You only observe the sensation’s, when you  cannot connect with the thoughts, feelings or emotions. Observing the sensation too allows you to understand different situations and events of your life. If breath and sensation too seem difficult for you to connect, you can try to connect with your daily repetitive actions.

Follow your daily actions, and note down the daily movements. More and more you follow your repetitive action, more and more it gets reduced with time, and more energy you have throughout the day, to accomplish the other tasks of life. Life is not limited to the personal and professional world, but there is much more to unveil with life. These can be possible, if you bother to look beyond your personal self and try to observe life, as a whole.

Experimenting non-action with your life, you initiate the process to connect with the whole. Once the process is initiated, the destination is soon to be realized.


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