The life is Happening Here and Now


If you are busy with the past or say creating your future, then you are far away from experiencing life. Every individual considers him so smart, that he thinks that, everything in his life, that is happening, is because of him.

When you spend some time with yourself and look into some crucial moments of your life, you will realize that life happens to you, and you only choose to participate in it, either willingly or unwillingly. Your willingness or unwillingness is your choice.

If you are lost in your past, and consider it, the most beautiful face of your life, than one day, the present moment you are living just now, will also become the past, and than this moment will also become beautiful in comparison of the misery, you will be experiencing in the future. Everyone considers themselves miserable in the present moment.

The present moment always remains scary in comparison of past, because past has already been lived and now, there is no way for the past to scare you, while future is still scary, because again it gives you an idea of unknown.

People consider past to be beautiful in comparison of the present, because they don’t know, how to savor the beauty of the present moment.

If you go through the life, of great souls, you will understand that, for them life is never, in the past or the future, but for them, life is always happening in this moment, and they do every possible thing, to retain their happiness, in this moment, rather to expect it in the future or go back to their past.

You might have had beautiful memories of the past, or you may have gone through tough times, the only relevance it should have, at this moment, is the life lessons out of it. If you have learnt the needed lessons, out of the experience, it becomes easier to drop the experience from life. You took the essence, now you don’t have to burden yourself, from the history of the past.

“You only remember the past or think of the future, when you don’t have much to do, in the present moment. The present moment holds the energy of life.”

Either you can use this moment to either fill yourself up with the positive energy, or you can use the moment to express the best to the world. Both the ways, serve you to grow and evolve with life.

You only get, what you give to life. If you give your best to the world, you plant the seed of receiving the best from the world, and more you move on the path of expressing your best to the world, the more life will serve you with the best situations, people, and experiences of this world.

No sage can tell you the exact future. The energy and vibrations of a person does create a certain life patterns, out of which anybody can judge, how the future will be like, otherwise, future is known to nobody on the existence.

All the life’s situation, experience and events of life comes out of different probabilities. At the subtle level behind every situations, events and experience of life, lies certain energy and vibrations. Each individual attracts the similar situation, people, events and experiences in his life, out of the energy and vibrations, he sends out in the universe.

All the thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions carries the energy and vibrations of a person. The energy and vibrations with your thinking, feeling and action you have radiated in the past, is what has created your present life, and what you are radiating in the present moment, will become your life of the future.

You cannot change the energy and vibrations, you have radiated in the past, but you always have the choice to respond to the situations, people and events in this moment, so that you can create the life, that you desire for the future. The present moment provides you the opportunity to correct your past and create the better future.

No matter what you have created in the past, the present moment has the power to heal the past and the opportunity to create the better future.

Life is flowing inside out. If you have the nature to give. You live inside out. You flow from within. If your attention remains into the outside world, you always wanted to grab the larger piece with life, which you don’t receive, but you certainly create a hell for yourself.

When you flow from inside out, life flows in abundance. There is no limitation. You never get tired of giving. It’s only when you want something, from someone, you have to use your mind. In giving no effort is required. Life simply flows.

Always move from inside out, so that you can experience more of the present moment. When your attention is outside, you look for the future, when your attention remains to present your best to the world, the mind automatically shifts to the present moment.

Imagination is good to create and innovate with life, but you should not get lost in imagination. With inside out, you always stay in control. You can always close the over-flowing tap, if its flowing from inside, but when the mind is trapped outside, you don’t know, where to put the full stop. The problem arise, only when the outside desire’s over-power the mind, and you couldn’t find the way to connect with yourself.

The life is a beautiful experience every moment. Every situation, event or experience of life, can teach us, some beautiful lessons of life, provided we remain open for it.

When you live your daily life, ask yourself, can you see life without you. Have you ever had a direct experience of life?

Imagine yourself walking down the street of your city or the city you are familiar with, and then imagine yourself, walking into the city, that you are visiting for the first time, and everyone is unknown to you.

When your identity is unknown to the world, or if you are not familiar with the world you are into, you remain more open to life. You try to understand things. The individual personality is lost in the unknown city, situation’s, or unknown path.

“The individual personality or ego comes into existence, when the world is familiar to you. On the unknown path, the individual personality too gets lost with the ego. This is the reason, people are afraid to take unknown path or the road less traveled.”

On the unknown path, you have to lose yourself. You have to forget yourself, and you have to remain more aware and awake in the moment. You never know, where the next direction will lead to. On the unknown path, you cannot relax yourself, but you have to be more attentive and alert every moment. You cannot get lost in the past or think of the future, because on the unknown path, you very well know, that life can change in a split of a second.

As soon as your attention gets a shift, the life can move upside down. The mind, heart, and body remain alerted. You listen to your heart more on the unknown path.

Have you tried for yourself. When you meet the person for the first time, you don’t go by your mind, but you listen to your heart. You try to get some emotional connection, and for some reason, if you cannot connect emotionally, you try to get away from the person. On the unknown path, you always look for the vibe.

The heart is life. Feelings, emotions, intuition in the moment is life. With the feelings or emotions, the best judgment you can make.

There are situations or events of life, where your thoughts, feelings, and emotions depend on upon the outside situation. Such thinking and feeling will always deceive you in the moment or create an illusion of life.

“The truth of life, is not what you think, feel or what has been said to you by others. Truth of life, is what has happened, or what is happening in the moment.”

Thoughts or feelings can give you the idea about the response or reaction, but does that mean the life will happen the similar way. All the situation, events and experiences of your life, comes out of many probabilities, and thus the best way to live life, is to stay present in the moment, and always respond to life with the best of the ability.

Conscious thinking and feeling happen, when you are aware of your thoughts and emotions, and you consciously choose them, after understanding the situation of the present moment, and act according to the need of the moment.

On the unknown path, or unfamiliar situation, the mind doesn’t have the time to think. You have to respond. The response in immediate. When you are caught up in fire, what you do, you respond. You don’t think or feel, but you act.

The life in the present moment is all about a response in the present moment. See, whats needed in this moment, and you respond. No reference from the past or to the future. Whatever is appropriate in this moment, you do.

It’s a response, no reaction. Too much thinking brings dullness to life. Response brings activeness in life. You remain alerted. You don’t allow your mind, heart, and body to remain lose. It’s like a soldier taking his rounds on the border, always alert and awake. He cannot relax. He may have to respond any moment. The enemy can come on him at any moment.

This is how, you experience life in the present moment. The life is always present here and now. If you stay with the truth, it becomes easier to stay with the present moment. If you live truth, you don’t think. You speak up, what exists. Thinking comes in when you want to manipulate. When you are not sure.

The dreams and desire’s with life, asks for the struggle, because you are constantly away from the present moment. You are never at this moment, but all your actions depends upon, considering your future. You already have the goal in mind. Dreams and desire’s are goals or destination, where you have to reach. You have to change the path, considering the goal or destination. The goal or destination decides your life’s path.

The dreams and desire’s of life, makes you move, but when you live in the present moment, the only purpose remains for you, is to remain awake at the moment. You are more concerned with the response. You are not bothered to see, beyond the next step. Once the next step is clear, you receive the next step, and life moves on. This way you not only fulfill all the dreams and desire’s, but you also understand the very nature of life, and savor the beauty of life, each and every moment.

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