Patience is the Highest Wisdom.

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Everyone has heard about, patience as a virtue. A quality. When it comes to life, and dealing with different situations and events of life, patience is the highest wisdom. You may not have the intelligence, you may not have the education, and if you don’t have the required skills, but if you have patience, all the other qualities or virtues, simply follow.

Patience is the highest wisdom with life. Wisdom means to know, and you cannot know something unless you really understand it, and understanding happens, when you give your time to it.

Patience with all the different aspects of life, allows the life to unfold, in its natural form. Patience doesn’t mean having a laid back attitude, but even in that moment, you remain alert and aware but doesn’t force the events. To hold patience is to allow the situation and events to unfold naturally. No force, pull or push is required. You simply remain awake in the moment.

The nature of the mind is to jump on things. It doesn’t matter, either you are doing good or bad, what’s important, is that are you allowing the things to happen, or you want to push the things forward. When you do something wrong, you are never in control, and when you push the things forward to do the right thing, you only boost your ego, rather understand the fine nuances, of the happening of things.

Patience in the moment takes you higher than all the good and bad deeds of life, and you fulfill the need of the moment, in the most natural way.

All the hard work and effort with life gets lost in doing and undoing things, that means you create an error and then rectify it, but never try to understand the happening of things. Say for e.g., statesVolkswagen emission scandal in UStates. You create an error and then rectify it. You can spend your entire life, doing the same.

To err is human, but the error should always be a fresh one. The error that you have never committed before. To repeat an error and go on rectifying it, is not an intelligence, but an act of foolishness.

“The sage never try to take control of life, but allow it to happen on its own. The sage exists to support life, but not to force his way, on life.

Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will

All the life’s situation and events hold out of many probabilities, and patience allows us to see the natural direction of life, and follow the direction. The sage is a sage because he understands that life is bigger than him. The sage lives beyond mind, while the mind can never accept or consider anything above him.

Science is a mind, while spirituality is beyond mind. To understand something beyond mind, you have to wait. You can only force something, i.e. in your control, but when you observe life, you realize that most part of life, is beyond control, and it requires little sense to understand that, it’s better to allow the life to happen, rather use force.

It’s not that force allows the things to happen, because even if you force, still you have limited control. After a point of time, you have to give up. You can force yourself to act, but you can never control the result of your action, as it can come either way.

The life never shows up, according to your mind, as other minds too are involved with the mind. Life considers the need of each and everyone, and the one who desire’s life, from its core, his needs gets preference with life.

It’s very important to stay aware and awake with life. When you are aware, you can change the direction of the situations and events of life. When you are awake, you don’t use force, but you utilize the energy of existence. When anything comes to you, be it the situation or event, it already carries its own energy at the moment. If you can read the energy, you can direct it, in a right direction.

“First thing you have to understand that the energy of life or existence is greater than you, and your role with different situations, events and experiences of life, is to observe the flow of the moment, and be one with it.”

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Patience is part of existence. You create anything out of life, not only out of action but when you relax and allow the things to happen. The day is a time for action, and night time when you sleep is part of patience. When you wait and allow the things to settle down and relax. Life is not only about actions but also to rest. At times, you have to hold back with life and allow the things to take place, in its own way.

When you show patience, you connect with life. The things happen, by being one with life. With life, when the confusion arises, the patience in the moment, allows the solution to appear on the surface. The patience is the key to the success in the outside world, and the patience is also a doorway to enlightenment.

The meditation technique, asks for the highest possible patience, that you will ever show in life. You sit with your eyes closed, for nothing. Normally the mind is tuned, to have something for every action. But meditation is strange. You look for something, that can only be savored, in the form of experience, but cannot be expressed in words.

We are in the face of life, where the life is more about experiencing different situations and events. The life is not where you have to physically toll around, at your workplace, but you simply experience different situations and events and you have to handle them. The better you learn how to handle the situations of your daily life, the more success you get with your life.

The patience with life, allows you to look into the deeper aspects of situations and events of your life and helps you to understand the patterns, of the situations and events.

The quality of patience is such that, it connects you with the core. Deep down inside, all the solutions of life, already exist. When you connect with the core, all the solutions, are readily available at the moment.

Healing Anger: The Power of Patience from a Buddhist Perspective

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