Drop the Clouds of the Mind.


You imagine things, dream, desire, form thoughts, and chase them, irrespective of your physical body, heart and mind is ready for it. You fall again and again, because you go against the nature.

The thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires are the clouds, created out of the experiences from the past, and when we choose to experience the same again, in our life, we create the same desire through our imagination and thinking and bring it, to our action, to repeat the same experience, back and forth with our life.

Life is fresh in the moment. Either you chase the clouds of your mind, i.e. your daily schedule, dreams, desires, or the daily needs of life, or you can bring the attention of the mind to yourself, and drop all the clouds of the mind, all at once.

See, how you initiate your daily life.

You create the daily schedule, or plans to accomplish your dreams and desire’s. Now when the clouds of scheduling and planning is ready, you force the body, heart and mind to follow the strict regiment, so that you can achieve and attain something with your life.

You can attain or accomplish more, by being one with the natural process of life, rather walking on the clouds of the mind. The thoughts and imagination of the mind, is to bring you to yourself.

“The moment holds the intelligence, that can satisfy all the needs of yours, and fulfill all the obligations of life, if you know, how to attune with the existence, and not to get carried away by the clouds of the mind.”

The clouds of the mind simply repeats from the past. When your life is based on the clouds of the mind, you go through all the pain and suffering, and all the stress and tension becomes part of your life.

People need to rest and relax, because they use themselves too much in catching up with their daily schedule, thoughts or imagination, which at the end of the day, leave them empty and hollow from inside. Even if you achieve something, that too, remains in the clouds of the mind. It’s impossible to attune your physical body to your imagination. One day you have to give up. It’s an unnecessary struggle.

You can experiment these with your life.

Write down the schedule and follow it till the end. Now, when you write down the schedule, the mind always pick something from the past, because it don’t know anything about the future. Your schedule arrives from the past.

When you prepare the schedule, the bridge has been created by the mind, from the past, to live in the present moment. These are the clouds of the mind. Now you walk on the cloud, you accumulate experience and impressions along the way, which is, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. You live present moment, out of the past, and imagine to have better future from the past. You may also create the better life, from the past, but you always remain either in the past or the future, but never experience life in the moment.

There can be a different approach towards life. Rather imagining things from the past, and creating thoughts for the future, you can bring your mind to yourself. There has to be something, where you can put your mind to, otherwise there is nothing bigger deceiver than your own mind. It can be your physical body, breathe, sensation, or anything that can put your mind, to this moment.

Once your mind is stuck in the present moment, you can read the thoughts, that goes on, onto your unconscious mind. You can also see the impressions that you gather in the moment.

When you are already carried away by your mind, your mind assume something else, situation demands something else, and the truth remains something else.

You are part of an existence. With mind, you simply follow the clouds, but when you bring your mind to you, you drop the clouds, and simply become one with the existence, and allow the life to happen.

Your perspective to view life, gets completely change. You become one with life. You become part of everything. With mind, you cannot see beyond your individuality, as mind is part of the individuality, but when you bring your mind to yourself, you attune your mind, with the natural principles of life.

The mind only knows how to imagine things, dream or form desire for oneself. Mind cannot go beyond oneself, unless directed in a right direction. When the mind is directed within, you don’t follow the mind, but you live the moment. You do all the things possible, that suffice the moment.

If the need be arise, to use the mind, you make the best use of it, but don’t create any impression or experience out of the moment. When you are absolutely present in the moment, the energy flows in abundance from you to the moment.

The most energy of an individual is utilized in dreaming things and chasing them. When you keep mind to yourself, you give everything i.e. present in the moment. You don’t necessarily create things by dreaming or following schedule, and whatever you create too, remains the things of the mind, unless you learn the lesson out of it, that takes you inward.

The mind is a wanderer, and shows you thousand and one ways for life, in the moment. The daily schedule of life, is to keep your mind in control, and create a path for it. As you move on the path, you realize that, the path is not an end, but the path is created for the mind, so that once the mind is attuned on the path, it can be directed in the direction of oneself.

Even the daily schedule of life is no more than a hallucination and its only use, is to bring ones mind to himself. Only when the attention of the mind, is on oneself, the schedule is dropped, and the truth of life can be experienced.

The confusion with life, is only with the mind. When the attention of the mind, is directed to oneself, there is no confusion to life, but all the complexities of life, begin to resolve by itself.

“You only get lost in doing. When you remain standstill in the moment, life begin to unfold by itself.”

The source of life is not the mind, but there is more to be known, for oneself other than the mind. If you are always lost in chasing the desires of the mind, it’s never possible to realize one’s true authentic nature and the truth behind life.

Life comes out of the moment and not by following the schedule of the mind. You can go on repeating the schedule of the mind, by weeks after weeks and months after months, simply repeating the same circle of life, or you drop everything and rise above the repetitive circle of life.

You are the existence and part of the cosmos of the universe. When you drop your mind, knowingly or unknowingly you become one with the existence. The moment is everything. No part of the future can be certain, only your presence in the moment is certain.

The process of life begins with the vibrations and ends with the vibrations. You too cannot work on the thoughts, imagination or your daily schedule, without the inner flow of energy. When you realize that, there is a process through which, you can directly connect with the flow of energy, i.e. the source of mind, heart and body, than you will not be bothered about the mind, but your concern remain to be present, more with the inner flow of energy.

The roots are always more powerful than its branches. The energy that flows inside, is the roots of the mind, heart and body. Once you connect with the inner flow of energy, you can direct the functions of mind, heart and body as & when required in the moment.

The life without mind is possible, when you readily choose to drop the mind, and stay open to experience the life itself. The life is possible without mind, when you connect with the source of it. The source of the mind, heart and body, directly connects you, with the life, i.e. happening in the moment.

You can only go wrong, with the individual mind. When you stay with life, i.e. happening in the moment, you never go wrong with it, rather you correct the life, i.e. happening around.

Life comes out of natural process, and no thing to an individual, or to collective lives happen without any cause. The effect always carry its cause and cause resides in each individual. The effect that you see in your life, in the form of situation, events and experience, the cause of it, lies in you.

By walking on the clouds of the mind, you have created the cause in the past, out of which you experience its effect in the present moment. If you again create the cause, out of the same mind, you will see its effect in the future, but you will never be able to rise above the cycle of cause and effect. The only way to rise above the cause and effect of the clouded mind, is to drop the mind, and begin to experience life, in a moment. in that way, you are neither part of the cause, nor you look for any effect, rather you experience plain life in the moment.

This may not happen in a day, but slowly as you begin to connect with yourself, rather than the thoughts and images of the mind, you move into the gaps, and start experiencing life, without the interference of the mind. You become one with the existential life, i.e. ever present on earth.

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