The Observer Effect in life.


With the mind, to understand the act of an observer is to, observe one’s breath or sensation. With mind to observe one’s breath and sensation is possible, but with the observer, you can observe the movement of spiritual energy or the spirit in the body.

The spirit is the one, that makes the use of the body, heart and mind to experience life. With the mind, it’s not possible to understand the spirit within the body, because mind is the one, which is being used by the spirit. The spirit can know the mind, heart and body, but the spirit can only be experienced within, if you can transcend your identity beyond the identity of mind.

Within the body, or say at the back of the mind lies an observer, that can look into the process of mind. Mind means the thought process, images of the mind and various activities that goes into the mind. The feelings and emotions can also be observed with the observer.

Observer can observes the movement of the spirit in the body, and how different process takes place within the body. Observer transcends the movement of spirit and makes it one like him.

The hardest job of the world is to observe the self. With the mind, the process begins with the breath, and sensation and later moves to the feelings, emotions and further the attention of the mind moves in itself. The attention comes from the mind, but when you bring the attention of the mind, back to itself, you enter into the no-mind state.

“Attention of the mind comes from a pure empty space, below which forms the images, thoughts and different functions of the mind, and when you move back to the place of attention, you rise above all the functions of the mind, and become one with the attention.”

You identify yourself with the point of attention. Your identity in the moment, depends upon, the point of your attention. If you are within the body, and wherever your point of attention falls, you begin to identify with it. If your attention falls, in the stomach and you feel fear, you identify yourself with fear and it falls at the level of heart, and you feel different feelings and emotions, you identify yourself with it.

Moving forward, when you move to the mind, you identify yourself with all the thoughts, and images of the mind, unless you rise above it, to the point from where the attention comes from.

When you reach to the no-mind state, from where the attention comes from and you have nothing to identify with, you simply remain present into the nothingness of the mind.

Remember your identity and the sensation always follows your point of attention. You can experiment with yourself in this moment. Put your attention on the breath and you will feel the sensation coming in and moving out within the body. You cannot see the breath, but you can only experience through sensation, and you also identify with the breath, as my breathe. Its happening to me.

You can experiment with many other things, by putting your attention, and you will notice that, you will experience the sensation and you will identify with it, in one or the other way.

The sensation cannot travel outside the body, and thus, wherever you put your attention of the mind, you will experience the sensation in that part of the body. If you think about your feet in your mind, you will begin to experience the sensation into your feet. Attention, sensation and your personal identity remains together all the time.

Even if you dream yourself somewhere in the future, you are not present in the body, but while your attention is in the future, you will feel the sensation in this moment, according to the future image, in the body and you will also identify yourself with the future of your imagination.

“Attention, sensation and identification with the point of attention always stays together in the moment. Your present identity is nothing but the attention you hold in this moment, and you are already feeling it in the body, in the form of sensation and your identity always remains with the point of your attention.”

In the no-mind state, your attention, identity and sensation comes together at one point. When you can hold your attention in the no-mind state, slowly you will begin to experience the sensation at the bottom of the backbone of your body.

The sensation is experienced by you, and you know that you have attention, that you can shift time to time or with the unconscious mind, it shifts by itself time to time, as per the different experiences and impressions of a person.

At the same time, if I ask you to get hold your personal identity, into the body, you will never be able to come across the personal identity, or ego within the body. Its the only illusion that makes you to believe many other illusions that you experience with life and with your own mind.

When you realize the spiritual energy or spirit within the body, you relate yourself with the spirit and the time you realize the observer and it become possible for you to observe life, through an observer, you relate yourself with an observer.

You are just the piece of body, heart, mind, spirit and soul, and your personal identity with any of those is an illusion. With an observer, actually no identity remains, as you become part of the whole. The illusion of the personal identity remains only at the level of spirit, because there you experience the sensation, as the spirit is attached with the body, and unless the spirit becomes one with an observer or you drop your identification with the spirit, you cannot completely drop the illusion of the personal identity.

Once the observer is experienced in the body, all the attention of the mind, remains with an observer, until the experience of life shifts from the attention of the mind to an observer, and you simply begin to view life, directly from the eyes of an observer.

Once you begin to live life with an observer, than you don’t need the mind to perceive life, but you straight away look into life, from an observer. The body, heart and mind along with the spirit and sensation remains in control of you, and the life becomes one with the natural principles of life.

The life from the eyes of an observer is a direct view without an interference of the mind. The past and future and the personal identity only remains at the level of spirit, mind, heart and body. The observer simply remains present in the moment, by being one with the existence.

The mind is worried for the future and likes to achieve everything and accumulate all, he can out of ignorance, while the observer knows the past, present and future and thus remain fully present in the moment.

Observer is present within all of us. Unless you absolutely identify yourself with an observer inside of you, your identity revolves around the body, heart and mind and even with the spirit. Only by identifying yourself with an observer and by being one with it, and living and experiencing life with an observer, in true sense you rise on the path of spirituality, and you become one with life.

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