How Personal Identity develops in ones own Mind?


Personal identity is an image that you carry for yourself into your mind all the time, not only of your appearance, but it includes the belief system, that has been developed over the time, along with the individual nature or behavior in different situation, as well as the past experiences and impressions, that contributes the major proportion, in developing who you are in the present moment.

The process of self-realization begins, with the identification of an individual personality created by the experiences and impressions of the mind over the time.

We all are deeply attached with everything that belongs to us, including our body, thoughts, feelings, emotions that we can experience through sensation, along with the ideas, imaginations, dreams, desire’s and so forth.

Before we get clarity about who we are, we need to observe each and every moment, of ours, into different situations and events of life. Every person is busy in judging, analyzing others lives, and in the process miss to realize who is, and what kind of personality, he has created for himself.

Life is nothing but the accumulation of everything outside, be it physical body or subtle ideas, thoughts, imaginations, feelings, emotions, or different desires.

The accumulation of physical body is, out of natural multiplication of cells, while fulfilling the basic needs of the body, while the subtle world of thoughts and emotions multiplies by different experiences and impressions of life.

Remember the way, physical cells of the body holds the nature of multiplication, in a similar way, the subtle thoughts, emotions, ideas or imagination do multiply inside, and turns into a physical manifestation. It all depends upon, how longer you can hold onto the thoughts, ideas or your imaginations.

The initial process with the brain or mind starts only with an image. Further the process of brain knows, how to expand and explore a single image and create a life out of it.

When you begin to look at your personal identity, you wont find much into it, because there is nothing like personal identity, exists in the mind, and because you are too much attached to your physical body, and you don’t know the other dimension, that you hold inside, you consider physical appearance as one of your present identity. The subtle ideas, thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions, you all are familiar with, doesn’t last long or it changes frequently. Still, when you don’t know the true identity of yours, you relate with the physical as well as subtle world of yours.

Whenever you describe your personal identity, it comes out in the form of physical body or subtle world of thoughts and emotions. The brain only creates personal identity of what he sees in the physical form or what , is registered in the form of experiences and impressions.

The personal identity is only developed when your mind is capable of creating some physical image, and with the experiences it adds certain attributes to your personality.

When the personal identity is enough, to give you the bliss and wisdom of life, or you can have all the solution of life, with it, than there is no point in discussing about it, as it holds the absolute truth, and there is no way to look beyond it, but this is not true.

Your life and your existence lies beyond your personal identity of your mind, and its very important to know the truth for the people, who are sick of their own personal identity, and wants to get rid of it.

When you don’t like any part of you, that means you don’t like the choices and decisions of your past, that compelled you to go through certain experiences and impressions, which have been added to your personality. It happens to everyone, as each one goes through the phase, and make certain choices and decisions with his life, that doesn’t go well with him.

What’s important to know here, is your personal identity is not limited to what you experience in your brain or mind, but you exists, even if you choose to drop your personal identity, in this moment, including your body, mind and heart from your brain.

Remember your personal identity is not something that exists outside, and if you think that you hold your image in-front of your family and friends, than  I must tell you, that it takes a single situation to make or break your image.

The life exists beyond mind and beyond your personal identity that you have acquired over the time, and life is possible, if you drop the accumulated personality from your mind, and begin to life, afresh from this moment.

Its not necessary to simply repeat the process of life, by repeating your future from the past, but you always have an opportunity to start fresh, with what you really want to experience, and bring it, into your life.

“The process of life initiates not with the brain or mind, but there is a back-end process that takes place beneath it, in the form of energy and vibrations.”

When you realize yourself beyond the personal identity of your mind by dropping it completely, you relate yourself not with the thoughts, emotions or physical appearance, but you see the flow of subtle thread that move across the body, brain and heart, to allow the function of life to take place.

When the subtle thread enters into the brain, all the experiences and impressions from the past gets alive that includes your personal identity, and when you simply experience the subtle thread within the body, you don’t see any personal identity, but all you see, is the simple process of life, that goes within you.

The subtle thread carries the sensation that allows the spirit within the body to experience life through senses, body, brain and heart. The physical body grows and multiplies because of the expansion and contraction of the subtle thread of the spirit, into the body.

The mind only knows, how to experience life outside, but when you direct your mind inward, it shows you the true reality, of what actually exists inside, and how you create illusory world out of it, and not only you have illusory thoughts, but you also take actions out of illusory thinking and expect definite result.

Life follows a process and the process can be known, by living inside out. The subtle thread is part of the spirit, and the inner experience doesn’t ends with the spirit. The spirit too has its journey ahead to travel higher into the world of vibrations within the body.

Once the mind is thoroughly known, it serves you as a lift, to take the spirit higher into the world of  vibrations.

The spirit can become one with the empty space of higher vibrations, losing absolute individual identity of its own. Till the spirit remains in the body, the individual identity remains. Only into the space of higher vibrations, the individual identity is completely sheds away, and what remains for you to experience, is pure bliss.

Its the sensation that allows you to experience life. Even in the space of higher vibrations, the spirit experience the bliss because of sensation. All the spiritual or life’s experience is possible because of sensation. The subtle thread along with the sensation ties around the physical body and thus, the spirit experience life through brain, heart and body.

“Life can be experienced inward and there is no end to it, but if you choose to stay with the personal identity of your mind, you can never look beyond yourself, while the truth of life, is only available to those, who are ready to drop themselves forever, to be with life.”



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