Wisdom is to Know, What is Possible and What is Not, in this Moment.


Your daily life is all about different situations. With each situation you have your expectation, because one situation leads to another. The thing that needs to observe into different situation, is that, not a single situation, that appears to you, or you think to get into, is in your hands.

The way life’s situation will unfold is not in your hand, but the only thing is, in your hand, is what you can do, in this moment. The effort you choose to put with life, is in your hand, and whatever comes out of it, is not, in your hands.

Life considers all the different aspects of life, and think universal, while the brain or mind has limited access to life, and only develops perception, that satisfies his personal need or the need of the people around him.

Life thinks eternal and thus, anything that comes to you, or any situation you are put into, comes out of the natural process of life. Its not possible to think the way the life thinks, unless you become one with life, and thus, the best option to live your daily life, is to focus on the things, that is possible in the moment.

No matter how badly, you need something with life, the life follows its own process. In reality when you take time to observe life, you realize that your needs or your ideas with life comes out of fear.

Only the individual mind can think that the life has to happen his way. The mind that experience eternity, only look for the natural process with everything, and doesn’t indulge his personal interest with everything.

The natural process of Life is neutral for everyone, and for the human mind, its not possible to think neutral.

When you are into the situation, you don’t think about the situation, considering the perspective of everyone, who are involved into the situation, but your perspective remains limited to yourself.

There is nothing bad in holding one’s own perspective, but if your perspective, doesn’t match the natural process of life, life will not happen in the way, you hold into your mind, and that is a problem.

The people who holds wisdom are not the ones, who possess, all the knowledge of the world, but the ones, who are aware, about the natural process of life, and knows the difference between what is possible and what is not, in any given situation or at any moment of life.

Even the highest wisdom doesn’t give you the liberty to break the natural process of life, but you simply align yourself with the natural process of life.

With life, you don’t prepare yourself to stand against life, but all your efforts lies in understanding the process of life, so that you don’t have to resist with the situations, people and different events of life, but you simply put your each foot forward, aligning with the natural process of life.

You don’t have control on everything, except the task in hand. On top of that, you don’t have any control, on the response of life. Now if your mind gets lost on the things, on which you have no control, you call for the pain and suffering with life. The cause of pain and suffering is expecting something different than what actually exists. Life follows its own process, and your role with life is to focus on the things that’s possible in the moment, and develop the life lessons out of it.

With life each one holds its own unique path. No individual is created in the same way, and each one is different from another.

Your daily life’s situation is different than any other person, and only with your own understanding, you can respond to your daily life’s situation, and develop necessary understanding out of it.

Its true that you cannot learn everything on your own, and thus you need a signpost on the path, in the form of teacher, guru or master, but remember, that you have to cover your path, on your own, and you cannot cling to any of your sign-post, how so relevant or important the sign-post seems like, in the moment.

With life, anything that you get from outside is a sign-post and on top of that, anything that is happening outside of you, you have no control over it.

In the end, what remains with life, is your path and you, and when you reach to your goal, you have to drop everything including yourself, to experience the ultimate.

When you gain knowledge or wisdom from others, all you have, is the words, in the form of information. You may receive information from an enlightened being, but that information cannot serve the purpose in your life’s situation, unless its a part of your life process. You can take the necessary learning, that can serve you, in your life’s situation, but you have to turn the learning into an experience of your own.


Wisdom with life teaches you to focus on what is possible and what is not. With understanding, you only keep your mind on things, that is possible for you, in terms of efforts, and even with the efforts, you make sure to act in a way, considering all the different aspects of life, that is available to your understanding.

Don’t chase any part of life, either personal or professional, but stay committed to your life’s path, and do what is possible in the moment. Life sooner or later will turn out the way, you want, but you cannot sit and wait in the moment, expecting the life to turn out, the way you have expected in your mind.

Life on the existence doesn’t serve the mind, but it serves the process of life. You have to understand the process of life, which can be known, by observing oneself.

Mind is an instrument that too, plays its role, just like the stomach, heart and different parts of the body. Its just that very few people try to understand the functions of the brain, not only at the physical level, but subtle level too.

When you understand the functions of the brain or mind, you don’t get driven by the mind and its senses, but you drive the mind in the direction, of your choices. When you understand your own mind, you rise above it to the state of wisdom.

With wisdom, you get the clarity of life. Life seems hard, when you pull in the opposite direction, than the reality. If you learn to flow with the natural flow of life, life becomes effortless.

No individual is limited to his mind, but holds the capability to rise above his ordinary life. There are only part of illusions, and ignorance towards life, that creates mess out of life.

Life always moves in synchronization. With the individual mind, you only want to see for yourself, but life considers the need of every individual on this existence.

Wisdom with life, connects you with life itself, whereby, you begin to see life, as a whole. You serve your daily situation, considering the need of everyone around you. You don’t live in the parameters of your mind, but you see life into eternity.

We all carry perspective towards life, that allows us to look into eternity. Till the time, you follow your mind, body and senses, you don’t have an access to the higher perspective, but if you learn to hold yourself in the moment, and allow your thinking, ideas, dreams, desires to settle down, you can see through your daily situation from higher perspective.

You see the connection between everything that exists on the existence and how beautifully everything is synchronized in small and a large scale.

With life, focus your mind, onto things that is possible in the moment, and try to make yourself understand about the things that is not possible in your hand, and stop giving any thoughts, feelings or energy to it. These will help you to understand different aspects of life better and in no time, you will create life, that will remain closer to the natural process of life.

Life is happening inside of you, and when you bother to look inside, you receive all the answers of your life. To get to the wisdom of life, you have to stay open with your mind to experiment with every aspect of life and learn the necessary lessons out of it.

“There are no secrets to life, that has been kept hidden from you. All it requires is, your willingness to create a necessary desire to look into it.”

One comment

  1. All the words in this blog feels so true. Thank you for sharing the sign posts.

    I am in great suffering at the moment. But still I could not able to drop those items that is giving me pain and suffering. I have given a lot of value to them. I am still holding on to it even if i can not do anything for it. It is giving uneasy heavy feeling. Path is not clear to me or i know the path but my mind wants to trick me to deviate from the path. A lots of confusions.

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