How and Why to Search for God?





Daily schedule and all the actions and its consequence, doesn’t suffice the purpose of life. If you have everything that’s needed for life, and still you feel your life is incomplete, it’s only because you need something beyond all the cause and effect of life.

All your actions are about cause and effect. Sometimes you adjust your actions, for the consequence, that you are looking for, from the action, or sometimes life’s situation itself, force you to take certain actions, that force you to face certain consequences with life.

The realization of God or truth with life is beyond all your personal, professional and spiritual obligations of life.

The name God is an idea of a mind, and is created for the better explanation, about the creator to the mind. When you create the theory in a story form, it gets easier for the mind to understand. The search of God is necessary, because life cannot be fulfilled unless you realize the absolute truth within yourself.

With all the success and accomplishments with life, something always remains missing. All the other experiences of life, seems like a peanut, against the experience and realization of absolute truth.

Whatever you see in the name of God, in the outside world, is just a projection of God, in Temple, Church, Mosque or any other religious or spiritual place around the world. The one, who has experienced God, within himself, has portrayed his image outside, so that others can understand, and connect with God.

The one who has experienced the ultimate truth within themselves, developed their own way to express the absolute truth of life. Buddha called it Nothingness, Krishna called it ParamAtma, Muhammad called it Light, Jesus Christ called him father of all the spirit.

Each had their experience and the unique way to express the experience of god. With God, you have to prepare yourself to deny everything that you believe in terms of God. God is a highest experience within you. You cannot find god in different situations, events and outside experience of life.

God is not your physical body, breathe or sensation, although God resides in the body, it’s not the part of the body, and leaves the body at the time of its death. God is not your feelings and emotions. God is not your thoughts, ideas, beliefs or imagination of the mind. When you realize, what it’s not, you begin your search in a right direction, by dropping all that, which it’s not.

The experience of God stands alone, without any thought, images, feelings, emotions, sensation. God doesn’t need your mind, heart and body, and can stand separate, absolutely detached from your body, heart and mind.

With the mind, when you begin the search, you don’t add anything, but you begin to drop all the waste that you have, with the outside life, along with the impressions and experiences of the body, heart and mind.

More you drop from within; more you come closer to the experience. As you come closer to the experience, you begin to receive clarity with life. Within each individual all the wisdom and bliss of life resides, provided he search, and look for the experience within himself. With God, or with the ultimate truth of life, the only thing that stops you is your own attachment with life.

We all are attached with life, at different levels. Some are attached with their so called desires, some are attached at emotional level, and some are attached at mental level, while some simply go on living life, out of their ignorance.

When you are really looking for god, you realize what brings you closer and what separates you from the ultimate experience. The search is needed. Once you begin the journey, the unwanted things begin to fall apart.

You only go on repeating the same process of life, until your mind understands the truth of life. Once the truth is realized, you understand the process, and simply rise above it, allowing the process to take place, on its own.

The process of life, with the daily life, simply goes on repeating itself. Sometimes you rise high, and sometimes you go down. Sometimes you feel good, and sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes, you create something new, and sometimes you repeat the past.

If you enjoy the repetitive process of life, than there is no need for you to look beyond it, but if these life, leads you nowhere, than there is a space within you, that takes you higher from your repetitive process of life.

You can never be absolutely satisfied, unless you experience God within yourself. The life-cycle is a continuous process, and each day new situation, event and experiences keep on arising one after another.

Only when you realize, something constant in the midst of constantly changing nature of life within you, only than you can truly satisfy with life.

Realization of god doesn’t separates you from life, but fills you up with all the wisdom and bliss from within. When you have your inner bliss, you don’t look for love and happiness outside rather you tend to give more to everything and everyone who comes in contact with you.

When you have an access to the natural principles of life, you carry solution for all the problems of life, serving all the situations and events of life, with the highest wisdom.

The path to God and the realization of God is fulfillment in itself. Remember with life, it’s not the consequences of the action that satisfy you the most than the action itself.

If the life’s itself creates fulfillment, no need arise for you to look beyond yourself with life. The entire cosmos takes place within you. You are complete. The only thing is needed, is to make your mind understand the truth of life.

If your life’s path and the consequences on the path, doesn’t bring the true joy to your life, it’s time to look beyond. Nothing will change with life, unless you stand for the change within.

Life is a continuous process both within and outside. One thing will lead to another and the process goes on and on and on. You have a limited time on earth and always make a definite choice, with what you really want out of life.

If your present life brings all you need from life, than its better to follow the same path, but if you think, you don’t have, what you really need to satisfy your spirit, than you have to look for the ultimate, that can give you the ultimate experience of life.


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