Work is part of the Process of Life.



One thing people want to get rid of, is work. Everyone wants to get retired, or make quick money, so that they can enjoy and have fun, but nobody is really interested in the process of life. The real essence of life is hidden in your work. The very process of work itself, awakens you from inside.

Work is part of the process of life, of which you cannot get away with. There is no way to escape from work. You may escape from one type of work, but the other type is always waiting, to catch hold of you.

When you work, you impart your inner energy to the work. Life doesn’t begins with work, but deep inside of you, you carry the energy of the existence, that’s needed, to release into the existence.

You just cannot live your life by doing nothing. Something needs to be done with life. Our idea of life, is limited to ourselves, and thus we don’t receive motivation from inside, to move forward with life. When your work doesn’t limit you only for the personal glory, you always remain motivated to work.

Work is a part of the process of life, and nobody can escape from the process. Whatever energy you carry with life, you have to impart that energy to the existence in one or the other form. When you don’t work, energy still remains within you and it gets released in one way or the other. Energy that forms within the body, is always in a purest form, but when it passes through the brain, heart and body, it begins to convert itself, into thoughts, ideas, imaginations, feelings, emotions and actions. If you don’t make use of the energy, it simply circulates within you, and turns into a contaminated water.

When the water is stored at one place for the longtime, it gets contaminated. The same happens, with the person who runs away from work, efforts, or actions of life.

Work is a tool, not only to satisfy your needs of life or fulfill your dreams and desires, but also, to release your purest form of energy, in the outside world through different expressions.

You have the power to create anything with life, through your thoughts, ideas and imagination. The inner energy serves you to manifest your subtle thoughts into a physical reality.

Whatever you give to life, you attract the same back to life. The work becomes the curse for many, because people consider work, not as a source of giving themselves to life, but what they can receive, in exchange of their giving. Life knows what to give and how to give, as life is a process of cause and effect, but when you put yourself to work, and constantly think about the result, you don’t do justice to your work.

When you work, you release the energy in one definite direction, through the mind, heart and body.

Work itself is a natural process of life, and  a wonderful tool to experience the bliss. Work is fulfillment in itself. Even you don’t receive anything for work, still it nourishes you from inside.

If you can observe your work, in your free time, you can learn the valuable lessons from it. All the wisdom and bliss of life, is associated with your daily life, and you don’t have to move anywhere else, to learn the wisdom of life, but observe your own life.

Create the sacredness out of everything you do, and you will experience the most blissful life, with your daily schedule. Work adds beauty to your life and to you, provided its been done with the right intention.

To create is part of the process of life. Work is part of the process, and if you avoid the process, you call for the suffering. The one who works, suffer less. Its only one, who does nothing, gets into the conflict or create more problems for himself.

Work helps you to create positive attitude towards life. When you work, you not only serve yourself, but you serve the existence, and when you serve the existence, the existence becomes more than willing to serve you back.

There are two ways to execute action, in any given condition. Either for the consequence of the action, or simply for the purpose of act itself.

More often work is considered, keeping the result in mind. The idea of result before the action, doesn’t allow you to enjoy the process of life. You don’t create beauty out of life, with the result, but its always and always the work and its process, that makes life beautiful.

Its always the journey that adds beauty to life, and not the destination. Howsoever beautiful the destination might be, if the journey is not good, it spoils the beauty of the destination.

Anything that is part of the natural process, adds bliss and wisdom to life, and work is part of the natural process.


Work in itself is not important, but while going through the process, what we create out of ourselves, is more important. The life in the universe is made up of five elements. All the different composition of these five elements creates life on earth. Whatever you create with life, you only have these five elements to work your way out.

When it comes to life, nothing is a waste and every lesson of life, serves at a right time. While going through the process, we may not realize these fact, as its only when the lesson comes into a test, and we apply into our life, we realize its importance into our life.

With life, everything can fail, but never the process of life. With work, you can never fail with life. The process of life connects you with yourself and with the natural order of the universe.

When you understand the making of things into your life, you understand the making of the universe. You create the order with life for your well-being, while universe creates natural order, for the sustenance of all, the lives on these earth.

You too are the creator of life, in your own way. Life is destroyed with the mind. Work allows you to put your mind straight. When mind gets out of control, life gets out of control, but when your mind remains in control, life remains in control.

When your mind learns to walk on a straight path, you can make multiple choice and decisions with life. Even the most complex task can be handle and solved by the controlled mind.

Work is an engagement for the mind and when the mind is engaged, it begins to expand. You see and imagine things, that you have never experienced before. Anything you create with life, asks for continuous effort, and when you work, by becoming one with the process of life, even work doesn’t seem like work, and you create bliss, out of every act of your life.

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