How Spiritual Energy can be Utilized to make your Life Better?


Spiritual energy is just a name, to differentiate with other forms of energy. Spiritual energy is the one, which helps you to get your daily life going.

Whatever you think, feel or act depends on upon the inner flow of energy. Everything comes out of energy. Anything that you experience in the outside world appears to be like, because of the perception that you create, from your inner energy, and sometimes outside situation, events, experience or place too carry the energy of its own.

Every space on this earth carries energy, and that energy is created by the people, those who live in that environment. You can sense the energy everywhere.

There are places you like to visit, and there are people, whom you like to meet, while others you simply run away from. The only reason is the release of their energy.

Whatever takes place within your mind, be it the imagination, idea, thoughts, depends on upon your inner energy level. You attract the situations, people, events and experiences in your life, with the energy that you carry inside of you, all the time.

Your personal and professional life defines your energy. Even the profession you choose depends on upon your inner energy level.

You want to change your life and you want your life to get better and without understanding, you do all the things possible, that comes from outside, but still, you don’t find any difference in your life. The reason is, even if you make some change outside, definitely you will see the result in your life, for some time, but if you don’t continuously upgrade your outside change, again your life will get back to the same place, from where you have started.

You don’t have to bother about outside people, situation, events and different experiences of your life. You don’t have to be bothered about your personal and professional life. You don’t have to be bothered by your thoughts, feelings, and actions, because the real life, that is taking place, is much deep within you, at the level of energy.

Everyone can read the energy in one way or the other. All your daily situations, experience, and interactions with different people carry one or the other form of energy.

You can simply observe, by looking at the situation, either you wish to go, into the situation or meet that person today, or you would like to postpone that event for some time.

Life is like a free flowing water and spiritual energy that is part of you is just like flowing water. If by being with a person, or into the situation, or into a place, if you don’t feel light from inside, then it’s the time, for you to move away from that space for some time.

From dawn to dusk, you experience different forms of energy. Some energy goes with you, and certain energy you simply want to avoid. If you can read all those energies, throughout the day, and begin to make choice, to stay with, only right energy, then you can certainly lift your life, to bring more positive energy into your life.

Life transcends with the right energy. If you look at your day, you only have the people and situations into your life, according to the energy you carry within you. Just look at your life, and see how many situations and people and experience that you don’t want to be in, and still, you go on participating in it, out of one or the other obligation.

It’s just because, you are not bothered with the inner energy that gets spoiled, by being into that situation or with those circles around you.

It’s not that you leave everything, but you can be more conscious about life. No situation, people or event of your life, should be above you. Nothing is more urgent than your inner flow of energy.

The source of true happiness and understanding towards life is a free flow of your inner energy. When the inner energy flows freely within you, you stay above everything, that you experience outside.

Nothing can touch you, of the outside world; on the contrary, you hold the power to spread more positive energy into your circle.

Your ideas, imagination, thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, actions everything carries energy. If you think, it’s because of the outside circumstances; you are thrown back to the failure then you have failed to understand the natural principles of life.

“Success or anything you desire with life becomes the part of you when the energy from within and the outside energy match at the same frequency.”

The spiritual energy gets spoiled at different levels. if your outside situations, people or the space you are in, doesn’t carry the energy, that creates more uplifting thoughts, feelings and emotions within you, then you have to leave that space, for a time-being, you feel down, and come back only when you hold right perspective towards that situation.

Never develop a negative belief, which life is all about pain and suffering, and sorrow and stress. It just the belief developed by the majority of people. If you carry such perspective towards life, nobody will come to your aid, but you. You have to bring that shift to your life, and change your perspective towards life.

You have to look for space outside, where you can have right and uplifting perspective towards life. Once you are charged up, you can move into your daily life, and you will see that your daily situations, people, and the environment around you, resonate with the energy that you carry within you, in the moment.

Once you understand this process, expand the process into your life, and you will open the gate within you, that will give you an access to experience the highest wisdom and bliss, within you.

Once you begin to understand the outside energy, it will be easier for you to understand and connect with the inner flow of energy.

“Once you understand the inner energy, you will be less dependent on the outside life, to make choice and decisions, and you will choose your life, more often with the inner energy, as a guiding force.”

If anything that will go with the inner flow of energy, you will go with it, and if anything that will not go, with the inner flow of energy, you will simply drop those things from your life.

Life doesn’t end with the daily obligations of life, and it certainly doesn’t end with the mind. Mind too is an instrument for you, to make a good use of it, and rise above it, to experience life, at the energy level.

You can connect with the inner pull of energy, that is certainly behind the functions of mind, heart and body and anything is possible with that energy.

You not only have the purest form of energy, but you also have part of God within you, that can be experienced, only by experiencing the spiritual energy within.

Don’t sell your life for short and look for something within you, which can give you an experience, of bigger than your own identity. The purpose of life is fulfilled, not only by fulfilling your daily obligations of life but by exploring something, that is much bigger and greater than you.

You have a part of god within you, and you die without realizing him. Then what for, you have lived your life, or what purpose you have served with life?

Dreams and desires of life seem beautiful until it becomes a reality of you, but once you experience them, or even have a little glimpse of them, all its beauty sheds away.

The true beauty of life lies in experiencing the ultimate. If you have experienced the ultimate within you, you have experienced everything and if you haven’t experienced him, and you are still running after something else, other than him then certainly you are taking yourself far away from him.

The true nature of life can never be understood other than him, and unless you understand the true nature of life, and be with him, you can never reach the end of a path, with life.

The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1932

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