What is External Reality and What is Internal Reality?


The external reality is with which we all are familiar with. With the senses, it’s easier to understand the external reality. Whatever exists in the external world comes into the external reality.

You see the sun, moon, stars, air, sky, earth, ocean, and different natural elements of life, that are already placed in the universe. You see the physical manifestation of life creates by humans. It’s all are part of the external reality.

When it comes to your life, you see people, you experience situations and events in your life.

When it comes to internal reality, you have dreams, desires want, needs, pleasures, thoughts, feelings, emotions, breath, sensation, imagination, subtle impressions of the external reality. It all comes into the internal reality.

You perceive the external reality, with the mind. The senses are an instrument for you to perceive life. When you perceive the external reality, you perceive it with your mind.

You don’t see the natural elements with its original form, but you see it, with your inner perception associated with it.

When you see the physical manifestation of life, you see your own dreams and desires into it. You don’t see the house or car, but you see your dream car or your dream house into the physical manifestation of life.

When you experience the situation, people or events in your life, you perceive them out of your experiences of the past, but you don’t perceive them in its natural form.

When you perceive the present situation, people or events of life in its natural form, you can see the past, present, and future of the situation, people or events. You can see that anything that appears in the present moment, always comes out of the past.

Without the past, no situation or event can appear in the moment. Unless you can see the past, present, and future of the situation or event of your life, it’s difficult to decide either you have to drop out of the situation or you have to associate with it, little longer.

When you perceive the external reality, you perceive it, from the glasses of the inner reality. Your external reality is only the reflection of your inner reality. The external reality exists, but you don’t perceive it in its natural form, but you only see what your individual perception, allows you to see.

When your mind is absolutely engaged in the external reality, you create your life out of all your experiences in the external reality. Your outside experiences create your internal reality, which in turn results in your future reality.

If your mind is only engaged in the external reality, your life remains far from the existential truth of life.

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom

What is the existential truth?

The existential truth is, your external reality forms your inner reality. Your inner reality again turns into your outside experience, as your choice and decisions depend on your inner reality. If you only live with the external reality, you never realize, what kind of experiences and impressions you have accumulated inside.

You may think that all the choice and decisions are part of your conscious choice, but you will never be aware that your inner reality, was formed out of your external reality and whatsoever choice and decisions you made were only from the inner reality, that was available to you, which was formed out of your external reality.

What happens when you connect with the internal reality?

The life can be lived in two ways. One way is to remain engaged in the external reality, without knowing the actual truth behind it.

The other way to live life is to connect with your inner world and allow the life to unfold in the external world.

When you connect with the inner world, you become the observer of life. When your attention is outside, your mind keeps on picking different desires, and those desires get registered in your mind. No sooner, those desires become your thought process and become your outside reality of life.

When you connect with the inner world, you become aware of the moment. You stay aware of the passing external reality and at the same time, you also stay aware of, all the thoughts and imagination that cross your mind in the moment.

You don’t allow yourself to get engaged with all the external situations, events or experience of life, neither you follow every desire that comes up in your inner world, but you become cautious with every choice and decisions of your life.

You pick things only that are necessary. You serve life by serving the moment. When you connect with the inner world, slowly you realize that most of the things from the external world gets drop from your life.

As you have fewer engagements in the external world, your awareness gets better of the inner world. Slowly your inner world becomes absolutely clear to you. Staying connected with the inner world, you can read your thought process in different situations, events, and experiences of your life.

You become observer not only of the external world, but you also observe your inner world.

When you can observe both your internal and external world simultaneously, you notice that no part of life that happens to you, is out of luck, chance or fate, but everything comes out of a definite process, that goes in you.

Life follows a definite process through you. Your external reality creates the whole subtle world inside of you. Later your choices and decisions out of the subtle world create your external reality, and this forms a circle. This is a karmic circle in which every person’s life revolves.

When you can perceive the karmic circle of outside in, and inside out, slowly you begin to detach yourself from both the external and internal reality.

The inner reality is just floated on the surface of the mind, but the mind in its purest form is simply an observer of both the external and internal life.

The purest state of mind is defined as an observer, consciousness, awareness, higher intelligence, cosmic mind and much more.

Until the time, you live with the outward attention, the inner world doesn’t exist for you. The only reality that exists for you, is the external reality.

The time you connect yourself from inside, you come across internal as well as external reality. Slowly with the time, when you stay aware of both your internal and external reality and see the circle formed by it, you separate yourself from both the external and internal reality and begin to experience life as an observer.

Both the external and internal reality remains for an observer, but as a detached observer, the external and internal reality appears in its true form.

Life seems deceptive only if the mind remains engaged in the external and internal reality and cannot see life as an observer.

The life doesn’t end with the observer of the mind, but you have the life energy or spirit or subtle thread, that works with the mind and body. when you become an observer of life, slowly you allow the life energy to unlock inside.

When the life energy is unlocked inside, the movement of the life energy can be easily noticed in the mirror of the mind.

The life energy too is not the ultimate experience of life, but you have something more to realize, beyond the life energy.

The source of life too exists inside. The mind and the life energy has its source. The mind and life energy is a different body that enters the body to experience life. The physical body is an instrument for the life energy and the mind to experience life.

At the ultimate experience of life, both the life energy and the mind gets detached from the body and merge into the source. At the highest experience, neither the mind remains nor the life energy.

All the experiences get noted by the observer of the mind, but when the mind too gets merged in the source, that’s the ultimate experience experienced by the mind.

This sacred space is the source of life. From this sacred space, the process of life that works inside our body and the process that allows the life to happen in the universe is revealed to us.

Once the process of life is realized by the mind, after that every act of the mind comes out of the process. All the pain and suffering and stress with life are only out of ignorance, towards the natural process of life.

When your interest only remains in the external world, you simply separate yourself from the whole truth. The whole process of life is to take you inward.

The Whole Truth: The Core of The Ultimate Understanding

All your pain and suffering and stress are to connect you from within. With the life’s joy and happiness, you don’t connect from within, but you get more engaged in the external world.

It’s only the pain and sorrow and mental agony that connects you from inside. All your pain and suffering is nothing but the sensation.

You are not familiar with your inner sensations. The life’s process is designed in such a way that you connect with your sensation. All your experiences of life are limited to your sensations. You cannot experience life beyond the sensations.

The best way to live and understand life is with the inward journey. The external life can very much remain the same, and you move towards your inner world.

You don’t have to do much, but you have to stay present with everything that goes in your external world. Rather becoming the active participant in the external reality, you have to remain passive in the external world.

This doesn’t mean you don’t do things that are important or that serves your daily purpose of life. This only means that you become more conscious of your choice and decisions in the external world.

You make sure not to get engaged with every situation, events, people or experience of life, but you only choose that is essential for life.

Slowly with the time, you will develop clarity about your external world. This clarity about the external world will connect you with your inner world. When you have lesser things to engage in the external reality, you will have more time, to study or observe your inner world.

Once you become an observer of your internal world, then it will be easier for you to read the process of both the internal and external life and become one with it.

The ultimate purpose of life is to realize the source of life in you. All your life energy should be utilized to seek the truth. On the path of the truth, all other purposes of life get served.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my page and following!

    This is a wonderful piece. I believe that the division between our internal world and external world is fiat. It all goes together. We are part of One.

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