How to Stop Introspecting and Start Observing Life?


No matter what happens to you in your life, there is only one person responsible and i.e. you.

To realize the truth of the above statement, you don’t need introspection rather you need to learn how to observe life.

What is the difference between introspection and observing life? (more…)

How to Experience Life beyond Mind?


The experience of life beyond the mind is possible. The meditation and physical exercise are tools that can serve you to experience life, beyond the mind.

Although it’s possible to experience life beyond mind, it’s the road less traveled. It’s the path, only taken by the souls, who believe in possibilities and not afraid to jump into it.

There are different experiences of life that are possible, but the point is, are you ready to strive for it? (more…)

Why Goals are Important in Life?


Seeing has to be the Goal of life.

Following the daily schedule has to be the goal of life.

To grow and improve upon the daily schedule has to be the goal of life.

With life, what matters is the daily path and the goals. The mind needs both path and goal to move forward in life. Everyone goes through the process of life, but nobody understands, where do the paths or goals come into life. (more…)

Give yourself Some time to Adjust to the Moment


Life is in the moment, and we have heard these, millions of time, but to experience the truth of it, you have to give yourself some time to connect to the moment.

It takes time for your mind and spirit to get adjusted to the moment. Look at your daily schedule of life. Have you ever bothered to slow down, and tried to connect with the energy and vibrations of the moment?

Life is all about connection. Once you connect with the natural flow of life, you don’t need anything else to take you forward, but the natural flow of life is enough to take you to the other shore. (more…)

Daily Habits to Follow, to Realize the Source


On the spiritual path, all the teachings revolve around dos and don’ts, and more often, there are don’ts. Still, when it comes to physical reality, you cannot completely negate it and move forward on your spiritual journey. You certainly need to create a balance between both the physical as well as spiritual world.

The realization of source or God is possible in everyone’s life, and certainly the path of life change with it, and for the better. The point is what are the things that need to be followed on a daily basis that can bring you closer to the source? (more…)

How Karma-Philosophy or Cause and effect actually works?


Life doesn’t work at the level of mind, and thus whatever philosophy or beliefs we create at the level of mind, stands untrue. Life works at the level of spirit or life energy.

Now, before we move further to understand the process of karma or cause and effect, it’s important to understand the role of life energy in the body. (more…)

Waking up Early connects you with the Natural ways of Life


The circle of life is not only happening outside, but the similar circle also takes a round inside. When you see the circle of day and night, you can notice the circle of life. There are big circles and there are small circles of life.

The circle of day and night rotates in a 24-hour circle, while the seasonal rotation takes place in a year. Similarly, there are different natural circles of life that keep the life going. One such circle of life also takes place within every living being. This circle keeps the life going within every living being. (more…)

Seeing the Moon at Night can make you Enlightened


Seeing the moon at night, for the longest period of time, can make you enlightened. Now, here the key is not the moon, but the key is seeing, for the longest period of time. Enlightenment or awakening is a process, where the mind becomes steady in the moment, and the process of spirit takes a reverse cycle. (more…)

How to Improve your Focus in Life?


The biggest obstacles with the focus are the choices and options in life. For everything you do, you have multiple choices. Wherever you wish to reach in your life, you have multiple paths. These multiple paths appears to be appealing, but these different paths, itself becomes the hindrance in life.

The problem is not with the choices, but the problem is with our mind. The mind gets puzzled with too many choices. Unless you give one thing to the mind, the mind doesn’t know how to move forward. (more…)

How to beat Procrastination in Life?


Procrastination is about delaying things. You know it’s important, but you have the tendency to delay it for the future as if something is going to change in the future.

Procrastination happens by two ways, either its conscious procrastination or unconscious procrastination. (more…)