Awareness & Consciousness

How to Create a Healthy LifeStyle by Conscious Living?

Dhyana (Practice Enlightenment Meditation)

Lifestyle is your way of living.

Healthy Lifestyle is to live everyday life, where you get better with your health and feel good about the self and the life as a whole with each passing day.

Conscious living is to bring your attention to your every activity of the day. (more…)

100 Steps to Awareness


Are you confused with the word awareness or consciousness, and very desperately wanted to experience it for yourself?

Let me tell you, the most confusing things with life are words. Not only the words that you read outside, but also the words or thinking that goes inside your head. (more…)

How Individual Perspective differs from Consciousness?


[Photo Courtesy: Nick Kenrick]

Individual perspective is the perspective of an individual person. Consciousness is the state of mind without any perspective. Consciousness is to directly look into life. Consciousness is to look into others perspective.

When you see life on earth, there are almost 1000 crore individual perspectives living and breathing and making life possible. Well, life is only possible because of all our perspectives. (more…)

What is Awareness Field and How to Become Aware of it?


Can you sense your breath? Inflow or outflow of your breath? If you can sense that, that means you are aware of your breath. You are different, the subject or object you are aware of is different, and the space in you, where you become aware of the subject or object is different, which is called the awareness field.

Now, when you sense the inflow or outflow of breathing, where you sense it? Within or outside the body? Within, right.Anything that you experience with life, you experience within your awareness field, inside your body. All the external experiences of life, that seems external experience within. (more…)

Everything Serves, with Little Awareness in the Present Moment


Awareness is your perception towards the situation, people, events or experience that you carry in the present moment. If you stay little aware in the moment, your perception expands in the moment.

The clarity with life comes with the expanded perception. Clarity with different aspects of life, allows you to see through things. You see the possibilities and opportunities in the moment, which may not be possible to see otherwise, without the expanded perception.

Rather than to jump on the things, be clear within, what you are up to, and this will allow you to avoid many pitfalls of life. With life, it’s not the act that is important, but the perception that you carry while doing that particular act. (more…)

Create Life out of Pure Consciousness


Pure consciousness is life within you beyond mind. You, as a mind, come out pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is part of God within you.

The nature of mind is to think thoughts, create ideas, imagination, evaluate, divide, analyze and so on, while the nature of consciousness is pure nothingness. It’s a mirror. Life reflects itself in pure consciousness. Pure consciousness, is an experience, out of which, you come to life, and get back to it, in the end. (more…)

How Soul-Consciousness is Important with your Daily Living?



The perception of your mind restricts the reality, to your perception. Mind perceives things, out of its experience, and sooner or later changes its perception with time.

Soul is another name of pure consciousness. Mind understands things in numbers and not as a whole. Mind likes to bifurcates, divide; make everything small, so that everything gets into its perception.

Pure consciousness is an experiential state. Pure consciousness is a pure empty space. Pure consciousness is a whole. The function of mind is limited, to serve the personal identity. Soul-consciousness together is used, so that mind can understand and can relate with it. (more…)

Running Leads to the State of Wakefulness


Your mind is created out of what you perceive outside, but you hold the power to drop everything that you have acquired, and realize the truth inside, and create your own reality out of it. When you live that reality, you live with wakeful state of mind.

Wakeful state of mind, is where your identity shifts from participating in the active form of life, to a seer. You don’t carry any identity of yours, into your mind, nor any idea about life, that is happening outside, but you become the seer of life, and participate in the dance of life.

Running leads to the state of wakefulness. Running takes you inward. Running removes all the blockages of the body, heart and mind, and gives you a glimpse of the present moment. After a good hour of running, you experience wakefulness.

You see life, without any interference of the mind. You and life becomes one in the state of wakefulness. Once you get a glimpse of wakefulness, your role remains to carry on, the state of wakefulness, for the whole day.

For the mind, life is limited and can be measured in time, but in the state of wakefulness, you connect with life, that is eternal. Each moment of life is eternal, but you never experience present moment. (more…)

How to Experience God-Consciousness?


Life begins with the daily situations of life. Your life revolves around what you experience with your day to day life.

What you see and experience in the physical form, is your physical reality, in which certain physical things are the humans creation and rest of them are Gods creation or natures creation.

Sky, Earth, Mountains, Sea, animals are god’s creation, and cars, buses, houses, buildings are the human creation.

We don’t have any control over Gods creation and thus, we can simply enjoy his creation and utilize it, for our utility purpose. Man-made creation is in our hands, and we can create, innovate, modify, adjust and readjust with the creation, according to our dreams and desires. All the physical creation too needs the material from the god’s creation to create or form its things.

Subtle world is the world of thoughts, idea, imagination, feelings, and emotions. The subtle world at the level of mind is formed, when the mind gets in touch with the nature, i.e. physical reality. (more…)

Stay Awake to have Wisdom, and Blissful Experience.


Life is all about experience. You know life, only through experience. Each one has a limited time with life, be it forty, fifty, or sixty years. The life is lived in this limited time, and not only that, in this limited time, you have to figure out your existential truth.

When you are born, you come out of your Mother’s womb, but it doesn’t give any clue about the source of life. The child’s birth, doesn’t give the source of life, and there is no way to find it. Life is much more than your physical appearance. You certainly experience life through body, but experience happens through sensation.

Breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imagination are the subtle aspect of life, that allows you to experience life.

You can know the existential truth of life, if you stay awake at the time of death, although, than it become too late, to know the truth, as you already leave the body. The beauty of life can be experienced, if you know the existential truth of life, when you are alive. (more…)