Energy & Vibrations

You have Spirit (Life Energy) in the Body


Spirit is the pure potentiality. Spirit is the life energy. Spirit is the source of the functions of mind, brain, heart, and body. It’s important to mention mind and brain as different because many consider mind and brain as the same thing.

Why it’s important to know the spirit in the body?

Your understanding of life lies with the images of the mind. Some consider thoughts to be the source of life, but that’s not the actual truth. Whatever happens in your life, the spirit is behind it.

All your imagination, thinking, feelings and actions depend on the spirit. Your intelligence too depends on the spirit. (more…)

Inner flow of Life Energy Changes with the Cosmic Patterns of Creation


Cosmos of the universe follows patterns. The patterns are formed with the energy. It’s only the living beings of this earth, that carries the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, while the rest of the cosmos, simply works with energy.

All the creation, operation, manifestation and rejuvenation take place in the form of energy. The flowing of energy is the source of every part of life. Once you understand the patterns of flowing energy, you align yourself with it, to flow with life.

The entire struggle, pain, stress, traumas and suffering with life, is moving against the patterns of life. You have the power to choose, and you have the will to utilize your energy, in your desired direction. (more…)

Understand the flow of Cosmic Energy Inside and become One with it


The energy flows within you, in its purest form. It is transparent. It doesn’t have any color of its own. You with your experiences and impressions, and thoughts and imagination, and with the feelings and emotions, utilize your inner flowing energy to manifest life.

If you understand the inner flowing energy, you become more careful, with what kind of thoughts, you add to your energy, or what kind of feelings and emotions, you add to it.

Every day brings along with it, certain obligations towards life. Few things go your way, and with others, you have to work out, simply out of obligations. No matter, what the outside situation appear to be, if you add negative thoughts or emotions to your action, you simply spoil the inner flow of energy inside. (more…)

It’s the Energy that creates Life, and not the Mind


The whole world is struggling with the thoughts and imagination of the mind and it’s an eternal struggle. Till you live at the level of your mind and considers the mind, to be the creator of your life, the struggle remains with life.

You just can never come over, of your mind, because the mind is just an instrument and unless you understand the back-end process, you remain stuck in the mind.

Thoughts and imagination is a by-product of the inner flowing energy. Your perception naturally comes out of the by-product, but if you consider by-product as everything, there are fair chances for you, to get caught up, in the illusions of your mind. (more…)

How to Experience Life, beyond the Paradoxical State of Mind?


To begin with, it’s not the mind, which is the source of life, but the inner flowing energy. So, you may perceive life, with the perspective of your mind, but the perspective with the mind, is only possible, when you have the necessary energy, to hold that perspective in the moment.

The paradox is something; we all are familiar with, i.e. contrast or opposite. The mind is a paradox. It can slip on either side of life. It can stand for or against anything. If you are too much attached to yourself, if anything that goes against your beliefs, your mind stands against it, and if the situation seems favourable to your belief, your mind stands for it.

With life, if you take a stand, either for or against anything, your action comes out of the paradoxical mind. Let’s see how? (more…)

Your Perception depends on the Inner Life Energy

Plato and Logos - 10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World.jpg

Life begins with impressions. Impressions that you form, through your senses, about different experiences of life. All the life’s experiences and impressions, you create on this very earth.

You don’t carry the life’s experiences and impressions from heaven, but everything that you hold inside, in the form of thoughts and images, feelings and emotions; you accumulate, over the period of time, on this earth. (more…)

Your Inner Flowing Energy is the Source of Creation


You have a source of life within you. The inner flowing energy is part of that source. You have the brain, heart, and body to create anything, you desire out of life, with your inner flowing energy.

Now it’s up to you, what you do with your inner flowing energy?

Any activity, at the level of the brain, heart, and body is possible, because of the inner flowing energy. Inner flowing energy is also called the spiritual energy, or the source of life. (more…)

How the Perception of Life, Evolves within the Mind?


Everyone wants to know the truth of life, but how can we really get to the truth? Is there a definite way, or we have to go through trial and error method, to reach to that ultimate experience.

We experience life with the mind, and so in the first place, what we have, that gives us the clarity about life, is our mind and the experience of reality, in which we are, in the present moment.

You only have your mind, and the outside reality, to understand life. Before you experience the ultimate truth, you go through the process of evolution with your perception. (more…)

How Spiritual Energy can be Utilized to make your Life Better?


Spiritual energy is just a name, to differentiate with other forms of energy. Spiritual energy is the one, which helps you to get your daily life going.

Whatever you think, feel or act depends on upon the inner flow of energy. Everything comes out of energy. Anything that you experience in the outside world appears to be like, because of the perception that you create, from your inner energy, and sometimes outside situation, events, experience or place too carry the energy of its own.

Every space on this earth carries energy, and that energy is created by the people, those who live in that environment. You can sense the energy everywhere. (more…)

Empower Your Body, Heart, & Mind with Higher Vibrations


To Observe, to see, to pay attention, to concentrate, to focus, to remain aware in the moment allows you to create higher vibrations through the mind, within the body. This can be understood, if you are willing to sit with yourself, and experiment with your life.

Others can share their experiments and experiences of life, that can serve you to empower yourself, but unless you experiment it, by yourself and make it a personal experience of your life, you cannot see the next step, by yourself.

You don’t need anything of this world to empower yourself. The human’s have been made self-sufficient to fulfill all the physical, and metaphysical needs of life. All the truth of life and existence lies in you, provided you create the necessary desire within you, to know it. (more…)