How to Overcome Financial Problems in Life?


When it comes to finance, there are two things that need to be kept in mind, i.e. income and expense. Income is the flow of money that is actively or passively coming to you, while the expense is the flow of money is that going out.

You have to be absolutely clear with both the side of income and expense column. Your income and expense column is what keeps your life moving. You just cannot avoid it, because it’s an integral part of the outside life and your inner life too. (more…)

How to Realize Life beyond the Mind in you?


Life initiates with the source in you. From the source comes the spirit or the soul. Along with the spirit enters the mind in the body. The spirit serves the functions of the body to produce the necessary life energy so that life can be experienced.

So, it’s the source, spirit, mind, life energy, and body. If you realize the spirit in the body, you realize life beyond the surface reality of your mind.  (more…)

Life Experiences beyond Ceiling

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Just as the above statement suggests, I want to conclude out of personal experience that life exists beyond the limited perception of our mind. Our individual mind cannot see the whole view, but every individual is capable of experiencing life as a whole, within him.

When it comes to life, the biggest query arises, and i.e. what is Life? (more…)

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth ( Book Preview )

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth 1image.jpg

Today’s blog will be the preview of the book, “The Reflection of Ultimate Truth”. I will take you through the journey of making of a book, and what you can expect from the book.

As the title suggests, ” The reflection of Ultimate Truth”. The experience of ultimate truth is an individual experience, and you can only have the reflection of it, from outside. To experience for yourself, you have to move inward.

You see the reflection of the moon, in the river. When you see the reflection of the moon in a river, you can experience the moon in the sky.

In a similar way, when you can have the reflection of truth, from outside, at least you can move in the direction, where you can experience the truth for yourself. (more…)

Life is Beautiful, When it happens


Life is beautiful when it happens and not when you make it happen. The joy flows when you see life happening on its own. Doership kills the beauty of life. Action happens but actor remains absent. You do all the actions, but doer remains absent.

Everything happens the way it should be, but you don’t carry any idea into your mind. It’s the idea that separates you from life.

In the process of making, you want everything with life your way. You are not satisfied with the things as they are, and thus, you do all the things, to make the things go your way. That is not life. (more…)

You Only have Life, all around You



You experience life, in proportion to the life, that exists inside of you. Life is energy. Life is movement. Learn to differentiate between living and dead thing. Your car you drive, the house you live in, is not alive, but the people, you are surrounded with, are as much alive, as you are alive from inside.

Your inner flow of energy creates the perception of your life. Life flows within you, all the time, in the form of energy. If you stay connected with the inner flowing energy, it becomes easier to experience life outside.

Look at your left hand. It carries life. Can you feel life in it? (more…)

Life Lesson’s.


Life is happening inside.

Only with the realization of soul life is clear to you.

Soul is an observer beyond mind, and can look within and outside with absolute clarity.

You realize the spirit, that is the subtle thread, that expands and contrast into the body.

Brain, heart and body is an instrument for the spirit and soul.

Brain is a high-tech instrument, but for the spirit, its just the instrument, of which it make the best use of, for its needs.

There are certain obligations towards life, that needs to be fulfilled, but get fulfilled, with the realization of soul, without real effort.

With the realization of soul, you become one with the natural principles of life. You somehow, know the making of life, both inside and outside. Soul confirms itself as a part of the creator, and its the experience of every realized being.

The realization of soul is a process and you go through the process of life, within the space and time, and create a schedule that serves all the daily obligations of life. Slowly as your understanding grows with life, you float above the daily schedule of life, and daily obligations of life, gets fulfilled by itself, out of natural way.

You have to understand that there is time for everything and you should not run after life, but you should work in developing your understanding and allow the life to unfold in its own way.

Once you prepare the right space, inside of you, life present itself.

The existence with its five elements does exists and its not the hallucination of the mind. Its very much real and the experience of it, differs for every individual, out of its perception. You see the reality of nature, once you perceive life, beyond the senses of your mind.

Whatever you create in a physical form, you make the use of five elements from the nature. Your perception with the mind depends on the outside experience and impressions, and later your constant thinking over those experiences and impressions, becomes your reality.

Your physical reality is the consequence of, not only of your actions, but also your thoughts, feelings and energy you give into your actions.

There is a higher world of energy and vibrations within you, beyond your usual activities of the brain, heart and body.

Each day, you have something to offer to the world, and so do it your way possible.

Trust life, and believe in the smooth flow of life. That which is natural, has its own way to unfold.

Life doesn’t ends with enlightenment, but you get the nature’s perspective to view life.

Not all the answers are known to the enlightened one’s, and there are still hidden truths, that nobody can know, with the mind, spirit or soul, and thus, its OK, not to know, all the answers of life, and allow few things to remain, as mystery to life.

All the problems and solutions of life, exists in you, and its you. If you have a problem in your life or something appears to be a problem to you, than you are that problem, and so the solution should also be, you.

Do I have to Stand Up for Myself?


At the highest experience with life, there is nothing fair and unfair, right and wrong, truth or false, but everything that happens, in different situations, events and experiences of life, and the way you face them, and the way you respond to them, create a path for you, to reach to that ultimate experience.

You can choose the safest path, with no conflict and accept, whatever happens to you, during the process, or you take a stand for yourself, that goes right with your perspective, after thorough examination and looking into the situation with proper understanding.

You have to make a choice for yourself. If you choose the safest path, it’s not that you don’t pay the price for it, and let me tell you, price is more than, when you take a stand for something, and defend it till the end.

Taking life choices and decisions with your absolute consciousness, is what matters. You choose any path, but you should be absolutely clear to yourself, what you have asked from life.

If you take a stand, you have to be prepared to pay the price, in terms of money, time, energy and anything that requires defending your stand point.

If you simply accept everything, simply to please everyone, than it doesn’t mean, it comes without price, for it too, have the price.

You have to choose, what goes well with your nature, and more importantly whatever you stand for, make sure, it doesn’t take you on an ego trip. You cannot support anything or stand up for yourself, if it’s only to serve your ego.

To stand up, for or against anything means to view life, from the neutral point of view, and then stand for something that you feel absolutely appropriate, into a given situation, without any bias.

As I have already mentioned before, that the ultimate experience of life or the ultimate truth of life, has nothing to do, either you stand for or against something, but it only serve your personal identity, to make you stronger for the future.

Every moment and every situation of our life is equally important to shape and mold our life, in a way that prepares us, for the ultimate experience.

Any choice or decision that makes you stronger is good, and any choice and decision that makes you weaker from inside, is not good. You can view life, from the neutral stand point, and make your personal choice or decision accordingly.

The most important thing is, whatever you choose with your life, have the courage to stand by it and your choice and decision should never be out of fear.

When I write down this blog, I am absolutely aware that, each individual grow and evolve with life, and our perspective do change towards life, as we grow and evolve with life, but still there are certain things that remains constant during the entire process of evolution.

No matter what stand you take with your life, you have to be clear within you, why did you chose something, and for some reason, if your choice or decision, may ask you to pay a certain price, you remain absolutely prepare to pay the price for it.

Your thoughts may change own certain issues with time, and it’s natural when you grow and evolve with the process of life. The thing is, even in the midst of all the change, there are certain aspects of life, that always remains constant, and once you are clear with what is constant and what change with the nature of life, it becomes easier for you, to hold yourself, even in the midst of the most difficult situations of life.

The success on the path is not with its result, but how you live on the path. Many people believe that life can be free from problems, if they become enlightened, but this is not the truth. You still face the same situation, events and experiences with your life.

What’s important is how you face them with your highest understanding, and change the problem, into the best experience of your life.

The only difference between the perspective of a mind and an enlightened being is, that the enlightened being, view life’s situation, events, people as an experience, and handle each moment of his life, with his highest understanding.

On top of that, for love and happiness, he doesn’t look out of himself, but simply move inward, while the mind views every situation or event of life, as a problem and trying to get rid of the situation, with the solution, considering the situation of his past. Mind looks even for a little happiness outward, and thus creates more miseries for himself.

“Everyone holds their perspective towards life, holding some or the other idea about life. If that idea itself is false, your perspective towards life, will not take you far away, with any aspect of life. Unless your idea is closer to the truth, you only live in an illusion.”

The best example of it, is wealth. Majority of the world’s population consider wealth to be the ultimate fulfilment for happiness, and yet the ones those who have accomplished it, have denied these truth of life.

Still, people make choice or decisions keeping wealth in their mind, and thus sooner or later, there illusion gets shed away by the reality of life, as reality has nothing to do with how much wealth you possess, and stand absolutely alone within its principles.

Wealth is not the bad thing, but there has to be an absolute clarity with what leads to what? You need to know the consequences of your action, and only than you can write your own fate of life, in a true sense.

The truth and its principles exists both inside as well as outside and the one who creates his life, closer to the truth, experience bliss, wisdom and all the prosperity of life.

“The truth or reality or the principles of life, has nothing to do, with what we believe or what the majority of the world follows. The truth stands for itself, and comes as a winner all the time.”

It’s not that truth doesn’t mold or bend itself with different situation. Yes it does, but truth never leaves the shadow of itself. It always knows that life has many shadows, but truth has to get back to himself, after passing through all the different shadows of life.

Never be afraid to stand for yourself, and to defend your truth, till the end. Remember in any game, including the game of life, it’s not the stronger or healthier wins, but it’s always the one, who refuse to give up, and who is ready to stand till the end, comes out as a winner.

Excerpt from The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

“Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if you feel you should not follow it, you must not stay with it under any conditions. To have such clarity you must lead a disciplined life. Only then will you know that any path is only a path and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you to do. But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. I warn you. Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary.

This question is one that only a very old man asks. Does this path have a heart? All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. They are paths going through the bush, or into the bush. In my own life I could say I have traversed long long paths, but I am not anywhere. Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn’t. One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.

Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart? If the answer is no, you will know it, and then you must choose another path. The trouble is nobody asks the question; and when a man finally realizes that he has taken a path without a heart, the path is ready to kill him. At that point very few men can stop to deliberate, and leave the path. A path without a heart is never enjoyable. You have to work hard even to take it. On the other hand, a path with heart is easy; it does not make you work at liking it.” ― Carlos Castaneda 

What is Life-Cycle, and how to Break the Life-Cycle?


Life cycle is a daily process of life. Each day you have different situations and events to experience, which leads to future events and the life cycle goes on and on and on.

With the mind and senses, life is experienced outside in the form of situation, events and experiences of life, but its subtle impressions gets created and formed inside. To break the life-cycle, is to have an experience of your subtle life that exists inside, and rise and move to the source of it.

When you realize the source of life-cycle within you, the process of life-cycle still continues, but you become a spectator of it. You participate, but as a spectator. When you can realize the life-cycle within you, and understand the process of it, you can consciously choose to enter and exit the life-cycle. To move out of the life-cycle consciously, is what defined as a moksha or liberation in the eastern religion.

There is no life, other than this world, and you understand the process of life on the existence, once you understand the process of life, that goes within you.

“Self-realization is a state, where you rise above your life-cycle and get back into it, out of choice.”

Life seems complex, when it’s out of order. Mess or chaos, is part of the mind. At the state of self-realization, you put your mind in order, and everything around you, begins to fall in place.

The highest experience of life is to experience the source of life within. With the experience of source of life, you rise above the life-cycle. You come back to life, but now you become one with the process of life. The mind gets clarity about the process of life, after the self-realization.

At the level of mind, the life remains limited to different situation, events and experiences of life, of the outside world, and unless you ask yourself, the purpose of existence or source of life, you only move into the circle of life.

Life-cycle is a continuous process. With the mind, you go on moving into the circle, to fulfill your obligations with life. You fulfill one, and other appears. You go on moving into the circle, unless you make a conscious choice to rise above it.

There is no way to move anywhere else, with life. The kingdom of heaven and hell is on this very earth and there is no other life, than what you are experiencing right now. You find the angels, and devils on this very earth, but still it’s important to know the purpose of your existence. You cannot go on living, without knowing why do you exist, or what’s the truth behind life?

Once you realize your own truth, out of experience and not in any form of information, all your queries related to God, Soul, spirit, process of life, nature of mind, birth, death, life on existence, everything gets resolved.

Before you rise above the life-cycle or break the life-cycle, you have to observe and understand your life-cycle. Each one has his or her own life-cycle, and life-cycle is nothing but your daily situation, events and experiences of life.

This is a life-cycle where you are simply moving into a circle. One situation or event leads to another and you again run the next day to catch those events or situations of life.

“The wisdom of life is to understand the life-cycle, that is going on within you, and not outside. It goes within your mind and makes you move into the circle through sensation.”

The process to understand the life cycle begins when you observe your daily life. You observe your sensation into different situations and events of life. You have to be prepared to go through all the pain and pleasures of life, in the present moment.

With the mind, you are either living your past or creating your future. Even you experience pain, it’s because of the past, and if you feel good, it may be, because of the future, but you never experience life, as it is, in the present moment.

“If you are really present in the moment, you don’t experience pain or pleasure, but you only experience sensation.”

You want to run into the future. Your movement is, for the future. You want to either get rid away from the past, or you want to create the better future, but anyways, you are not experiencing life in the moment, within your mind.

Life-cycle is happening within your mind, and it works through the body through sensation. If the mind shows the past or the future, you still get the sensation, according to the imagination, that your mind creates, of the past or the future.

The present is present. It has no relevance, with the past or the future. With the present, life is happening without the interference of mind. Your expectations break only because of your mind. Your mind looks into the present situation, either in comparison of the past, or your expectation of the future. It never looks the situation, in its natural form, and this the cause of all the suffering.

If you are really present in the moment, you do whatever is possible, to serve the moment, and leave the rest to life.

The present moment is all about sensation. No thought, or feelings or emotions, but the sensation. The sensation allows you to experience the present moment, and with the sensation, when you rise above the mind, and move deep into your being, you experience the source.

You not only experience life through sensation, but because of the sensation, you are tied up with the life-cycle. To understand the life-cycle, it’s necessary to understand your daily life situation and to understand the situation, it’s necessary to understand the different movements that take place within you, through sensation.

By observing your daily life, you connect with the sensation within you and once you connect with the sensation, you experience all the different situations and events of life that takes place within you, in the subtle world.

Whenever you get into the pleasant or unpleasant situation, the mind goes on thinking about the same situation again and again. Now that’s your subtle world, where all the process of mind takes place.

More you move inward, into the subtle world of thoughts and imagination consciously, slowly your sensation begins to move into the deeper realm, beyond the subtle world of your mind.

You have to experience within you, the source of life. Later you transcend yourself to the same source, and experience the entire process of subtle world, i.e. your thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations within the body.

The nature of the source within you is exactly the same as the nature of the creator of an existence. The source within you is part of the creator. From this space, you can experience the entire life of within, and outside as a mere spectator. You get an insight into your own life and the life that is happening around you, by being with the source.

When you come back to life from the source, you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Once you experience the source within you, it takes time for the mind to understand everything that take place inside, and slowly the wisdom of life, is revealed to the mind. It takes time for the mind, to have absolute clarity with the inner process.

The bliss and wisdom is possible only with the source of life, and at the level of mind, life can only be lived well, with the proper understanding of one’s true self and the creator. Otherwise it’s easier to get caught up in the life-cycle and simply taking the circle with life.

Life from the Creators Perspective.


Creator, and his Universe. You and the universe through you. Here is the creation, and you are part of that creation and now you perceive the creation through your perspective.

Creator, you ( part of his creation ) and the creation that you perceive, as per your perception. Everything that you perceive, including you, is part of his creation. Its the individuals mind, that bifurcates life out of his perception.

When you become one with the creator, you too accept the world, as his creation by losing your personal identity, and thus, experience life, just like the creator experience his creation, including you.

Its a wonderful saying by the sage Lao Tzu” Tao, doesn’t do anything, but doesn’t leave anything undone. Tao is the creator of cosmic universe and the Tao is present in you.”

Albert Einstein, was very much curious to know, the thought of God. At-least, he didn’t said that if God exist, I would like to know his thoughts, but he was sure, that there is some process going on through us, of which, we don’t know or cannot be known at the level of mind, and he was right.

To know the thoughts of creator or to perceive life, through the perspective of creator, you have to rise above your personal identity, and embrace life as a whole. You don’t do things, but life happens through you, if you can understand this truth of life, and begin to observe and live and relive your life, this way, you come closer to the natural process of life.

Life within you, exists in the same way, the way life has been created in the universe. You too have creator within you, that allows the life to happen within, and outside without interference out of the natural process.

Everything that exists in the universe has its nature.

What is Nature?

Nature is a function, the way things work and the things can be anything either moving or stagnant, living or an object. The only difference with the living thing, is that it grows and evolves, that too out of the natural process.

Each individual holds its nature, and along with it, free-will. Free-will allows you to either associate or detach yourself from the natural principles of life, that takes place within you.

Life is absolutely clear in everyone, and each one knows, whats required of him in the moment. If every individual simply gets in-tune, with whats going on, into him in the moment, he always can stay true to its nature.

Life doesn’t ask you to move beyond your nature, but all life asks you, is to accept your nature, the way you are, and not otherwise. Simply accepting who you are in the moment, helps you to grow and evolve with life.

To grow and evolve with life, means to come closer to the natural process of life. You have different faculties, through which life takes place, i.e. your brain, heart and body. Your spirit in the body experience life through sensation and brain, heart and body becomes the instrument for the spirit to go through different experience of life on earth.

Life with the mind always remain limited, as you cannot perceive life beyond your own thought process or what you want out of life.

Life with the creator is looking at life, not only for the moment, but life that exists for eternity.

You too have the creator inside of you, and you too can view life, from his perspective, provided, you are ready to leave your personal identity behind, and create a right intention to move towards the path of self-realization.

The self-realized sage view life from the creators perspective. He can look into the natural process of life, and how the life unfold or evolve on the existence.

Life in the universe, works out of the natural process. The creator himself is the higher vibrational force, and the same space of higher vibrations exists within you, that is termed as soul or part of god within you.

The space of higher vibrational force, out of which the cosmic universe exists, the same space of vibrational force exists within you, and is the source of life.

The creator is the higher vibrational force, out of which comes the energy or life force. The energy is the movement in life. The nature of higher vibrational force is constant, while the energy or life force keeps on moving, that results into the formation of different size and forms of different living and non-living identities in the universe.

Everything that take place in the cosmic universe carries the life’s energy of the creator, and its nature that supports the life on earth, be it the moving or non-moving entity.

The physical form of any object is possible because of the life’s energy. The moving energy even in the stagnant object allows the object to hold its shape and form. No part of the universe is absolutely dead, but everything carries life’s energy in higher or lesser form.

The energy is the spirit or life’s energy of everything that exists in the universe. Every object goes through a process, before it gets its individual shape and form, be it the sun, earth, animal or human-being.

Everything goes through a process, before it appears in a physical form and a new born child is the fine example of it. Nothing come out the blue and everything has its own process. More and more we come closer to our true authentic self, more the inner as well as outside nature reveals to us, in different forms.

Our physical structure in the form of brain, heart and body too goes through the process, before it gets proper, shape, size and form. Later the growth and development of it, is known as the process of evolution.

There is always a hidden energy or spirit that works through everything that exists in the universe and the energy or spirit in everything is directly connected to the higher vibrational force or the creator.

The creator creates the process and allows the process to unfold in its own way, without interference.

“Human-beings is the highly evolved species, in the universe and holds the power to experience the creator within himself.”

The life’s energy or spirit of the creator exists in everything in the universe but the soul or part of creator is only present in human-beings, and when any individual look for his source of life, either outside or within, realize the soul or part of the creator within himself.

With the realization of soul and by being with the soul, all the beliefs of the mind and individual personality sheds away and all the life’s energy that’s been used to fulfill the desires of the mind, is utilized either to be one with the soul or to serve others to get closer to the state of self-realization.