Shambhavi MahaMudra : A powerful technique of Meditation


Shamabhavi is a feminine look. You see with a soft gesture. You gaze in a mild manner. You observe without any effort. Shambhavi is an effortless look. It’s just like mother gazing at his child. There is love and tenderness in her looks.  (more…)

How Chanting Mantras Works in Meditation?


“Holy Spirit leave the space of the mind and body empty. – Mantra Meditation”

The humans have the physical body including the brain, along with the mind. The mind is an empty space where all the subtle activities take place. Holy spirit or life energy is the one, that works through the mind and body.

Meditation is a tool to experience life beyond the physical reality and experience life at its subtlest level. Meditation is an act to observe. The word observe sounds simple, but when put to practice, it holds the power to shake the subtlest strings of the body.

Holy spirit moves in the body in two ways. It can either move outside, to manifest the subtle and physical reality or it can move inward to realize the absolute truth of life. It all depends on how you direct the holy spirit with the mind.

With the mind, you hold the power to direct the holy spirit. (more…)

How do you experience “I” in the Body?


The sense of “I” is a mixture of a physical and metaphysical world. The spirit and the body when comes together, it gives rise to the sense of “I”. You experience individuality or the sense of “I” till the time; you sense the sensation in the body. When you cannot sense the sensation, you cannot sense the “I” too in your body.

You have noticed many times, that part of the body gets numb. In those moments, you don’t sense anything in those parts of your body. You cannot claim that part of your body as yours. That part of the body doesn’t belong to you in those moments. Only the space in the body, where you sense the sensation, you can recognize it, as yours.

The sensation in the body gives you the recognition of “I”. You claim something to be yours, only out of sensation. (more…)

Absolutely Relax Yourself, before you Show up Each Day



Each day you accumulate lots of experiences and impressions with life. Each situation, events or people you encounter in the moment, drops some blueprint within you, that triggers, your thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and sensation within the body.

If you simply wake up and jump into life, you repeat the process, with the accumulated stuff, of your past. Now, this is the story of one day, imagine you are already on this earth, since twenty, thirty, forty years or more, how much you might have accumulated inside of you?

Unless you empty yourself from within, you cannot experience the true reality of life. When you wake up, your body, mind, heart and sensation is already in pain, and doesn’t want to move forward with life, but still, you drag yourself, to fulfill your daily obligations of life. (more…)

Meditation is to Observe.


To observe means to see. When you observe, it doesn’t asks for your involvement, but your role is to simply allow the things to happen. Meditation is to observe life, both internally as well as externally. You don’t participate, but you observe.

Natural tendency of the personal identity, is to participate in everything that goes in the outside as well as inner life and gets himself merge in it, without understanding the real importance of it. To observe one’s own life, allows you to rise above the mundane process of life, and simply observe life, so that you can understand whats going on, both in your physical as well as subtle world, and with proper understanding of it, you can rise above it.

You can observe your life, not only in meditation, but also while you are part of it. Usually life is divided in two parts, personal life and life at work. You can bring the power to observe, in both the respective life, to understand them, for the better.

How to Observe life?

To observe means to see. Only see without any real participation. Let me tell you, the mind is capable of participating with life, simultaneously observing both your physical as well as subtle world at the same time.

In meditation, you disconnect yourself from the physical reality and connect with your subtle world. You can observe even your physical life, the way you observe your subtle world, of thoughts, emotions, breathe and sensation in meditation.

The day you live today, is what life is all about. Whatever you live today, is the accumulated impressions and experience from the past. Nothing happens to you or come into your life, that you haven’t acted upon in the past. It may be in this life or may be the previous lives, but you only receive what you have offered to life, in one or the other form.

You create the future, out of the experiences and impressions from the past, and thus your future can never show you, anything other than what you have already lived in the past or the extended version of your past.

When you begin to observe your daily life, you see the people, and things around you with your senses.

Before you have initiate the process to observe, the same people and the things around you, have created certain feelings and emotions within you, that have gone unnoticed, as the mind was lost in creating the future out of the past, or may be fulfilling the needs and desires of life.

When you initiate the process of observing with your daily life, you begin to see the people and the things around you, through your senses. More you observe them, more you connect with the breath and sensations within your body. You not only observe the people and things around you, but you also begin to observe the subtle movements, that take place inside of you, at the same time.

The subtle process of life begins with the image of the mind, that later turns into a thought process. Feelings and emotions comes out of the thought process and you experience it, into the body through sensation.

When you are not connected with the subtle reality of life, you are simply driven by your mind, to fulfill the needs and desires of the outside life, without understanding the real importance of it, within your life.

These life takes you no where, and you go on repeating the same circle. With the power of observing your physical world, you connect with the subtle world of thoughts, feelings and sensation.

Every situation, people and things around you creates thoughts, feelings and emotions within the subtle body and you experience it through sensation.

Slowly as your awareness grows while observing your physical world, you also begin to observe the different movements at different times, in your subtle world.

When you become more and more conscious with the sensation, you will simply detach yourself from the things, situation, people, events or experiences of life, that creates pain and suffering to you. When you directly observe your sensation, all your pain and suffering will be aggravated to their highest degree, in the moment.

When the attention of the mind is divided, you don’t feel much pain in the moment, but when all your attention, is into the sensation, all your joy and suffering is amplified, and than you are not bothered to experience the joy or suffering, but you look for the way, to rise above, both the feelings.

“To connect with the sensation of one’s own body, is to get in touch with the fire. You cannot hold fire for too long, and thus you begin to drop the things, situations, people, events, experiences and impressions from your life, that doesn’t make you feel good or neutral, in the moment.”

With the power to observe, you don’t gain much, but drop many things, from your life, that simply aggravates your pain and suffering in the moment.

The situation or experience that seems more joyful to the mind, but lead to the disastrous consequences at a later stage, you begin to sense, such experience in your subtle world through sensation, and detach yourself from such experience’s, to avoid the consequences at a later stage.

You observe your life, both at the physical and professional front, and you don’t try to accumulate, but you drop the things that doesn’t give you neutral feelings through sensation.

When you think negative about someone, or not so good about someone, you begin to create negative feelings and emotions inside of you. Through sensation, before you express your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to others, you experience it for yourself.

By getting in touch with the sensation, you make sure, not to keep anything even in your subtle world, that can cause further suffering to you. You don’t have to work towards detachment, but once you experience the burning inside through sensation, it simply gets drop from your life.

More and more you de-clutter your daily life with the power to observe, more life’s energy you accumulate on a daily basis, to hold higher awareness in the moment, and take you higher in the subtle world.

The process of life is such that, as the life moves forward, more wisdom and bliss enters into your life, and you come closer to the natural process of life. If your life seems far away from the natural process of life, that means, you are moving far away life.

The source of life is not the brain, heart and body, but you have the life’s energy and pure empty space of higher vibrations, that allows you to experience life, in a human form.

When you observe your sensations, both in your personal and professional life, and rise above the situation, events, people and experiences of life, that bothers you, you begin to have more time, to observe your deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions in meditation.

Meditation enhance your power to observe with your daily life. In meditation you observe only subtle world, but with your daily life, you observe both your physical as well as subtle world.

“To observe is to connect with pure consciousness. With the power to observe, when you become successful in neutralizing your sensations, with all the different situations of your daily life, you begin to experience the no-mind state.”

You reach to the state, whereby, while experiencing your daily life, no situation, events, people or experience hold enough power to create sensation within your body, that means no situation of your daily life can overpower you, in the moment.

You move deeper and deeper into the no-mind state, to experience the life’s energy, which is the source of brain, heart and body. When you connect with the life’s energy within the body, the same life energy gives you an experience, of pure consciousness.

In general, you relate yourself with the personal identity of your mind, that has come out of, the daily experiences and impressions of life. Once you experience the consciousness within the body, you stop relating yourself with the personal identity or day-to-day experiences of life, but all your energy gets diverted, towards pure consciousness.

Meditation can help you to connect with the subtle world, but then it depends upon you, how to enhance the meditative experience and stretch into your daily life, and turn the entire life, into a meditative experience.

Life is very much possible with pure consciousness. With pure consciousness, you don’t observe life, to understand, but you become the observer, and be one, with the natural process of life. Your each act, comes out of the natural process, and every moment of life, becomes full of bliss and wisdom. You live eternal life, in this very moment, above the mundane process of life, rising above the fear of birth and death .

Get in Tune with the Sensation, to get in tune with Life

Eve Display Rose

Sensation gives you a sense of your identity. Your very identity depends upon sensation. If the sensation moves out of your body, you cannot experience life. The process of body, heart and mind is possible because of sensation. Sensation allows you to experience life. The sensation is wrapped around your physical body, heart and brain from inside, and any part of body you touch, you experience that part of the body, only because of sensation.

The life in human form is possible, because of sensation. You get an idea, you feel something, you develop cravings for life, or even if you are hungry, you realize only because of the sensation.

Sensation allows the process of body, heart and brain, but the most important thing, that needs to be understand that, sensation is not part of the body, heart and brain. Sensation belongs to the other world. Sensation is part of the spirit, or you can say that spirit and sensation is one.

It may seem hard to digest, but its the internal truth of every human form and no scientific experiment is required, as each one is free, to experiment within himself, as its present in each one of us.

If you look for the solution outside of you, you can never reach to the truth, because the truth exists in you. Sensation is part of life, because spirit is part of life.

Sensation is well in tune with life, and thus, it knows what goods for you, and whats not. You can over ride the sensation, but then you dig your own pitfall.

Intuition, imagination, dreams, desires everything is possible because of sensation. It will be surprise to know, that it’s the spirit that works through the brain, heart and body to get its work done.

Spirit only holds impressions and experiences from the past life and these impressions and experiences when transmit to the brain, it creates images, thoughts, dreams, desires, out of it. The job of the rational mind is to arrange all the experiences and impressions of life, in such a way where it can be understood, by it.

The rational mind wants to include everything under his parameters, while life is beyond the parameters of rational mind. You cannot put imagination or dreams or desires under the parameters of rational mind.

Imagination, intuition, or dreams is not something that happened, but that is about to happen, out of which, that you have already experienced in the past.

The part of the imaginative mind is to stretch an experience or impression from the past, and create further path out of it. Imagination, dreams, desires are no more than an experiment with life. An experiment can go either way, but it certainly take you farther, than where you already exists. It takes you from point A to point B, C or D. The result may not be guaranteed, but certainly something comes out, while following your dreams or desires.

“With dreams or desires, you stretch the past experiences of life, but life is beautiful because of that, if you don’t get lost, into your own dreams.”

Your personal identity gets enlarge by fulfilling your dreams and desires, but truth of life, resides, only when you are able to lose your personal identity, either big or small. The truth of life, cannot be understood, by holding your personal identity of your mind. Personal identity too, is part of the imaginative mind, and unless you drop all the images of the mind, including the personal identity developed, you cannot experience the truth.

The sensation of the body knows the straight path of life. It knows whats right and what’s beneficial for you in the moment. You can trust your sensation all the time. if you don’t feel good, into the situation, the sensation will tell you, and still if you override the sensation, you pay the price for it, through pain and suffering.

If sensation cause you discomfort in the moment, than first thing you should do, is correct yourself from inside, before you move out, to face life. Remember life is not happening outside, but your life is happening inside of you. Life is all about how you carry yourself into life.

All the situations, events, experiences of life are dead thing, and when you enter into it, you make them alive, with your thoughts, ideas, perceptions, feelings or emotions, and if there is something wrong inside of you, you cannot expect anything good, out of the outside situation, event or experience. The sensation within the body, knows whats best for you. You can avoid anything with life, except your sensation, because it’s very much part of you.

It’s very important to understand the sensation, because the mind always carries its own ideas for life, which is far away from the present truth, and thus it likes to run, in all the direction to achieve them, while the sensation in the body, is of this moment, and gives you whats needed and whats appropriate for this moment. If you forge this moment of truth, for the imagination of your mind, you may or may not receive what you want, on the contrary, you create more mess with your life.

If you are in tune with the sensation all the time, it allows you to know the blockages that you hold in different parts of the body, heart and mind. It will let you know, what situation, events, people or experiences of life can serve you and bring more joy and happiness to you, and what are the things that you need to drop from your life.

Sensation brings you closer to the truth of life. You don’t live in illusion, but you stay closer to the truth of the moment.

“The future is not something, that already exists, but each moment you write your future, by making different choices and decisions with your life.”

If you are fully present in the moment, you don’t have to repeat the process of life, by creating the future out of the past, but life will happen through you, and all things that’s needed for the moment, will be accomplished on its own.

By getting in tune with the sensation, you don’t rise above the pain and suffering of life, but you become more conscious with life. You go through pain and suffering that exists within you, of the past, but consciously. You cannot be free from the pain and suffering, unless you empty yourself completely.

Pain and suffering is not something that comes from outside, but it’s simply brings what you hold inside, on the surface. Generally, people hold pain and sufferings into their impressions and experiences almost in all of the situations, events and with people, of their daily life, and thus, anything that comes in-front of them, brings the same old memory to the surface.

If you begin to drop pain and sufferings from inside, and make more choices, where you can experience joy and happiness with your life, than the same situation, events or people, will not bother you, but they will bring the joy and happiness to you in the moment. Even in those times, the joy and happiness will not belong to those people, events or situation but again its only there, because of your own choices and decisions to keep yourself happy with life.

The choice to add more joy and happiness to life, is an internal thing and has nothing to do with the outside life. It begins and ends inside. Life is not limited to pain and suffering or joy or happiness, but there is much more to life, beyond that.

The sensation is a way, not only to realize your dreams and desires of life, or to free yourself from pain and sufferings, but its also the way, to penetrate into the other world of energy and vibrations, that too lies within you. The spirit is the world of energy in the movement.

The sleep is a time, where your body, heart and brain, that was completely hooked up with the daily experiences and impressions of life, throughout the day, and it needs time to transfer the data to the subtle body, so that it feels fresh and rejuvenated again.

Whenever you wake up, you feel fresh because you transfer all the accumulated data, to your subtle body in the form of impressions, but sleep is not the best form of rejuvenation method, according to the old wisdom, as it only gives you a momentary freedom and doesn’t help you to rise above the circle of impressions and experiences of the subtle world.

Your level of awareness in the moment, allows you to fetch the data, from the past impressions or subtle body, and thus, as you grow older, your memory gets weak, as your awareness gets dim into the present moment, because of over loaded data, and it gets hard, for you to pull out the information, from your stored data.

Life is very much possible, without the memory of the past experiences and impressions, as the consciousness that you hold inside, is self-sufficient enough to respond to any situation, event or experience of life, without the information from the past.

Any moment of time, whatever you have acquired from the past, in the form of impressions always remain stored in the subtle body and thus it’s not possible to completely wash off, the old data, but it’s always possible to look at the world or experience the world without mind.

With the realization of consciousness, you can experience life without the interference of the mind, and you make the use of the mind, only when its the utmost necessity of the moment, otherwise, you simply flow with the life in the moment, with consciousness.

The natural process of mind, is to continuously create images into the mind, create thoughts out of it, and constantly pass on the judgement, out of individual perspective, which too has been developed over the time, out of the past experience and impressions. The process of the mind goes on and on, for the life time, and your life comes out of it, according to the personal needs, wants, dreams and desires of an individual.

“With the realization of the consciousness, you can put aside, both the rational and imaginative mind and even the continuous process of thoughts out of it, and look straight into life, through senses with the consciousness, without the interference of the mind.”

To get in tune with the sensation is a way, where you can connect with the body, heart and mind and can jump beyond the usual nature of the body, heart and mind to realize the truth within.

You are the Sensation in the Body


Who Am I?

This is the most pertinent query, that everyone goes through in his life, when he begins to asks himself, who am I? You go on asking, and you don’t receive anything from inside, and till the time you receive any answer from within, it remains far from the truth.

You are the sensation, in the body. The experiences of life, is possible through sensation. Without sensation, you cannot experience anything with life. Only with the sensation, you hold your own idea about yourself, and the sensation itself, connects you, with the mind, heart and body.

All your different pleasures, fear, anxiety, feelings, emotions, different thoughts, and imagination of mind, is experienced through sensation. Sensation is the bridge between the life that exists inside, and the life that is happening outside.

The only thing that give you an experience of yourself in the body is sensation. You relate with anything and everything in the moment through sensation. Sensation allows you to experience life, and only with the sensation you decide, either you like to have certain type of experiences with your life or not. Sensation is the bridge or doorway that can take you towards the understanding towards life. Your life stays limited to your sensation. Your existence is only possible because of sensation.

The experience of self-realization is complete detachment with all the sensation for a moment. Even the experience of a moment is enough, for you to realize the true authentic self, which is beyond the sensation. Your individual identity exists only because of sensation. The life can be understood, only by understanding the sensational part of the body.

If you are familiar with the word spirituality, and if you are reading this blog, than let me assume that you are familiar with the word, spirit, soul or astral body. Sensation is part of the spirit, and to understand the body, heart and mind from inside, you have to detach the spirit or sensational body from the physical body, so that the natural process of life gets clear to you.

Imagine we go on living our life, without realizing what we are made up of, or whats goes inside of us, or what actually life is all about. Life doesn’t get over with the realization, but you simply understands the rules of the game, so that you can play better. You don’t get caught up, in the nonsensical part of life, simply flow with the flow of life.

Life knows, what to pull out of you, rather you thinking with the mind, to pull something out of life itself. Mind is to shallow, if it uses you, because when mind makes use of you, its like car is moving on an automated mode. Its only when you take a control of your mind and life, you direct the mind in a direction, where you recognize and realize the truth of life, and become one with it.

The life on the existence takes place out of specific laws, and more and more you realize yourself, more you come closer to this natural process of life. The very nature of mind is that, more and more it develops understanding towards life, more it imbibes into its daily living, and no sooner it becomes a part of your life.

You resist something, only when you don’t understand or something bothers you, within. When you understand the natural laws of life, and realize the movement of everything under the sun, according to this law, than no point remains for the mind, to resist, but it make sure to put all the steps, closer to the natural principles of life.

“Whatever happens at the level of mind, is the projection of the future from the past in the present moment. The reality is neither in the past, nor in the future, but it’s happening here and now, within you.”

To have control over the mind, heart and body, its necessary to understand different sensations of the body, into different situations of life. The realization of spirit or soul in the body is possible only through sensation. The inner mechanism of mind, heart and body is also can be known by understanding the sensation. The mind and heart works through the body through sensation.

It’s not necessary that all thoughts, feelings, emotions, or desire’s are useful for life, but if you are not aware about your sensation, or you don’t have control over your sensation, it may be possible that you may act on certain thoughts, feelings or emotions, the consequence of which, you may not like in the future.

The process of self-realization begins by understanding one’s own sensation at different levels and in different experiences of life. All the focus, concentration or awareness leads to one’s own sensation. When you remain aware in the moment, you only stay aware about the sensation that goes inside of you.

“Awareness in the moment, is to stay control of your sensation, so that no situation, event or experience of life, in the moment can disturb you.”

Sensation is a second skin to the body. All the spiritual path or religion is a journey to help the person, to detach the sensational body from the physical body to experience the heightened consciousness. It’s good to take care of one’s physical life with the mind, heart and body, but it’s equally important to initiate the journey towards oneself, so that as the time moves forward, you come closer to the truth of life.

Allot time to Meditation, in your Schedule.


When you allot time, to anything in your daily schedule, you add commitment to it. If I will ask you to sit at one place for 10 minutes, your mind and senses will turn your body upside down.

Your inner system will not allow you to hold yourself at one place, but when you add meditation to your daily schedule, and give specific time to it, you train your mind and senses to be in the present moments, rather always in hurrying to look to catch something.

The mind is highly volatile and there is no direct way to either access the mind or to control the mind. If you choose to make anything out of your mind, the process has to begin earlier. You have to tell your mind in advance, what to expect out of him and only than you expect a proper response in the moment.

The mind is like an untrained animal, that needs inner training and needs to be prepared, for everything in advance

When you make meditation your daily habit, you bring back your mind again and again to the present moment. The experience in meditation is, of a coming back home. The outside world with the mind is a ride and when you bring mind back on breathe, you come back home. You are the home for the mind.

When the attention of the mind is shifted outside, it runs to manifest his dreams and desire’s of life, and when the same attention is shifted inside, the speed of the thought process gets reduced, and you understand different movements of the inner world.

The life initiates with one thought of the mind. One thought give rise to many, and the chain of thoughts gets created to form the process of life. All the dreams and desire’s originates out of one thought.

In meditation, when you take time out, you can reflect back at your life, and observe the way mind has guided you towards your dreams and desire’s.

“Any correction that’s needed on the path is possible in meditation, and any error that has been committed can be rectified and improved, when you sit and observe your life silently on everyday basis.”

The life is a process of evolution. The mind expands in the process of evolution and meditation is a wonderful tool, for the expansion of mind. Your daily quality of thoughts depends upon the stage of your evolution process. Meditation serves as a wonderful tool to accelerate the process of evolution.

“The life situation is neither good nor bad. It all depends upon your perspective, and the level of understanding in those moments. The highly developed mind, never see anything as a problem, but always consider every situation of his life, as a prospect for the better future.”

Every individual when connect with his inner self, develops his or her own power to face his life situations more positively and efficiently, but the time you deny the learning as well as growing process from your life, your mind, body and heart gets stagnant, and you find yourself in getting caught up in one or the other situation of life.

“The karma or action certainly creates life, but when you come out of non-action or meditation, the mind expands and produce high quality of thoughts and images for the action. In meditation the rational mind gets sharp and the imaginative mind expands to foresee the future actions.”

It becomes easier to act, when the path is clear to the mind.

In the morning when you get up, your thoughts are fresh and alive, as if the mind, heart and body is rejuvenated with the fresh energy. As the day precedes further, the energy tends to get down, and your awareness gets deem to perceive life.

In the evening, again you notice the improvement in quality of your thoughts, but not in a similar proportion, the way you have experienced in the morning. If you allot yourself some time to meditate both in the morning and evening, you can consciously elevate your energy level and the quality of your thoughts.

The life is never understood when you simply roll out in the physical world with your mind. You have to take time out to understand the mechanism of mind. Only than you can make the most out of it.

Meditation helps you to connect with your innermost being. In meditation when you observe your life, you realize how mind and senses directs you in different direction, without your notice and all sorts of different fears and agitation towards life, arise due to ignorance of one’s own function of mind and senses.

The mind and senses controls a person’s life, unless he becomes aware about it. You can never realize, how the mind and sensation can direct you in his own way, unless you learn the mechanism of it.

Your identification and attachment with the body, makes you vulnerable with your mind and sensation. In meditation, when you move inside, slowly you observe the sensation and different parts of the mind. The mind and sensation works within the body, but you as an individual identity, are separate from the body, mind and sensation.

Meditation helps you to understand the inner mechanism of your body. When you don’t know your mind, it gets easier for you to attach with the body, and anything that happens to the body through thinking, feeling and sensation.

The mind, heart and sensation holds a separate subtle body, while the physical body is the one, that is visible. The subtle body gets adjoined with the physical body, at the time of birth and can be separated consciously, through various different techniques, developed by the sages.

All the religion or spirituality, have one or the other technique, to experience the subtle body and detach oneself with it. Meditation is a wonderful tool, to experience the subtle world and realize the subtle body.

Life is only understood with the mind, but before we understand the nuances of life, its very important to understand ourself from within and the very mechanism of it. Only than and than we can experience the real beauty of life, and develop the wisdom and bliss out of it.

Drop Everything that you See and Feel through Sensation


With life at every step you accumulate experiences and impressions. Life is all about experiment and experience. You cannot understand anything unless it becomes the part of your personal experience and for the experience, you have to experiment with life.

Try a simple experiment for a day, and experience breakthrough changes with your life. Keep on dropping all the accumulated experiences and impressions, just for the day. Don’t cling to anything, but let lose yourself with anything and everything that happens to you for the day.

The nature of the mind is to cling to everything and take you on a ride, but you simply tell your mind to drop everything and keep moving forward, and as you move on, it becomes easier to drop the past and experience life in its natural form.

No feelings or emotions in the moment is true or false, but the truth of the experience only lies in the moment, and rest what remains the impressions of it. When it comes to the truth of life, the experiences and impressions remains the truth, till you experience it, and as you move forward, it turns into a memory.

Life doesn’t repeat itself even for the moment, but you have a choice to slip back into the past or create the future into your mind, out of your past experience. When you simply choose to remain present with the experiences and impressions of life, you don’t cling to it, but you experience it deeply to leave them behind.

The life in the present moment is always full of bliss and wisdom. The truth of life is not hidden in the experiences and impressions of life, but the one who experiences it. This is the deepest secret of life and biggest mystery to be unveiled by the human within himself.

Let me pose few queries about your personal identity:

If I ask you, who experiences life?

And your reply, will be, ” I am the one, who experience life.”

Who are you?

And you make up with your name, Tony or Mike.

Now is the name really, who experience life or its much deeper, as the name of a person is always acquired from outside.

If not the name, than who?

You may come up with the reply, “It’s me with my body.”

Now with the physical body your experience remains limited to the physical touch, while with the other sense organs, the experiences are registered in the mind and experience through different sense organs.

The senses are the connection between the mind and the outside world, and the sensation in the body allows you to have the different experiences of life, through senses and mind. You are neither the sensation nor the senses, than who are you?

If you are neither the name nor the body, nor the senses and sensation of the body, than who are you?

This question can never be resolved in the logical way, and purely based on personal experience.

When you observe your mind, and move deeper into it, step by step moving with the breath, and later following your sensation, feelings and emotions, you experience thoughts, in the form of waves, passing through the mind.

Beyond the waves, you experience the subtle imaginary part into your mind, that you experience in the form of sensation. All the imagination of physical reality comes alive, from this part of the mind.

Remember to observe your own thoughts and images of your mind, needs focused attention on oneself, and as you move deeper into your mind, your personal identity developed over time, through different experiences and impressions of life, tend to shed away.

In reality your personal identity in the moment, depends upon the attention, you put into. As your attention gets shifted, your personality gets change with the attention. When you expand your self-projection inside, into your subtle imaginary mind, your actions in the physical world reflects the same, and you create larger than life, outside.

When the same attention is bring back to oneself, you tend to drop all the subtle imaginary part of the mind, that you have carried all the way through, in the form of different experiences and impressions of life.

Your personality can never be different from the experiences and impressions you have gone through, with your life.

When the attention of the mind, is bring back to oneself, where all the experiences and impressions of life, gets stored, you simply drop all the experiences and impressions of life, to realize your original self, i.e. of pure emptiness or nothingness, out of which all the thoughts and images of your mind arise.

When you dive deep into your mind, you move beyond the thoughts and images, and with it, you leave all the experiences and impressions of the mind behind.

“This is the magic of life. The mind identifies itself with different experiences and impressions of life, and creates a personality out of it, which is hard to break, unless you rise above the thoughts and images of mind, that’s been involved in creating it.”

The self-realization or self-actualization is dropping the false identity, that you have acquired over the time, and the day you learn to drop the same experiences and impressions behind, you tend to come closer to the truth of life, both outside and inside.

The physical body is not the primary body but the secondary body, while the subtle body is the primary body that allows the transmission of thoughts, emotions and energy to the physical body.

The subtle body remains locked with the physical body at the spine, at different points.

When the mind attains no thought state, in deep meditation, you develop the possibility to awaken the inner pull of energy or vital force, that detaches the physical body from the subtle one and allows you to experience the subtle body.

The sensation is part of the subtle body, and thus in near death experience or out-of-body experience, with the subtle body the sensation too travels outside the body, and the physical body remains movement-less in those period.

The brain and heart are part of the physical body, but the function of the brain and heart is possible, if the subtle body releases the energy to it. The subtle body holds the past experiences and impressions of life, in a subtle form.

When you move deeper in your realization, you can also observe the movement of the subtle body and in those moments, you realize that you are not even the subtle body, but an observer who can see the movement of the subtle body.

The observer simply observes the movement of both the subtle as well as physical body, and notice its movement both inside as well as outside.

With the experience of the observer you notice that, there is nothing to go beyond the observer, and all the deepest experience of realization ends into an observer.

“Observer or pure consciousness is an empty space with a higher vibrations, while the subtle body holds the life energy or life force. The higher vibrations pulls the moving energy or the subtle body upward to get stabilize in itself.”

The attention of the mind is the one, that takes you outside through senses, to manifest physical life and the same attention of the mind, when diverted inside, explore the higher consciousness or the source of life.

If you go on filling yourself with different experiences and impressions of life, without emptying yourself, you can never realize the truth from inside.

When you drop everything that you see and feel through sensation, with the time, you start emptying yourself from inside, and pure energy flows from within, to connect you with the natural process of life.

When the same energy is pulled upward to the pineal gland, by the sheer force of higher vibrations, you realize the observer or pure consciousness, which is the source of life.

Attention on Breath is the Way to Pure Consciousness


Attention on breathe is the way to pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the source of life, and the highest human state, that the human can ever experience in his life. There is no experience beyond pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the space, where you experience bliss.

When the world is perceived through pure consciousness, wisdom flows. The life wisdom is to know the natural process of life, both within and outside. The time you recognize the inner function of life, the natural process of existence too, gets revealed. At the higher state, you realize that everything in the universe, follows the same process of life.

The functions of mind, heart and body is possible through the vital force, that remains locked in the human body, at the base of the spine. The process of in and out of breath, takes place through vital force. The quality of mind, heart and body decides by the quality of breath.

If the process of breath is regular and smooth, you experience abundant flow of energy from within, and feel rejuvenated all the time. If the flow of breath is regular and constant, you carry more oxygen inside, and remove the inner toxicants outside, on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, majority of people are unaware about their process of the breath and it remains imbalance in them. The balance of mind, heart and body can be measured, by the inflow and outflow of breath. The level of stress and emotional imbalance, is due to lack of oxygen and accumulation of toxic waste inside.

“Take two minutes for yourself. Watch the movement of your breath. The natural process of breath takes 3 seconds to inhale, and 2 seconds to exhale. It’s a natural cycle of breathe. ”

When the mind is not  directed in a specific direction, it shifts either in the past or dive into the future, but never remains steady in the present moment. When your attention is on the breath, you give something to your mind to stick to, and this helps the mind to develop its focus and concentration.

You can continue with your daily task, by directing the mind on your breath. The attention from the breath will shift many times, but if you still remember to pull it back to your breath, no sooner you will attain the proper balance with the process of breath, and with it to your mind, heart and body.

When you initiate the day, you know what to expect from the day, and you keep yourself on the task. At the same time, if you direct your mind on breathe, you develop better focus on the task ( mind you, your mind can focus in two direction simultaneously and very efficiently), and you also remain fresh and rejuvenated, with the proper and continuous flow of breathe.

You lose energy by thinking all the time and by spending it on the work on hand. Directing the mind on breathe, serve you to save energy through lesser thought process, and with the proper flow of breathe, you continuously create energy from within.

The magic of attention on breathe is that, the mind continuously remain in the present moment and you create and innovate more with the present state of mind, rather simply repeat the circle of life.

The breath is part of the inner vital force, and the focus and attention of mind is the source through which you learn, understand, comprehend and analyze life.

When your attention grows with the breath, you become more aware about the sensation of your body. The breathe from the vital force, passes through the entire body, to complete the circle of inhalation and exhalation.

“When the mind follows the breath, it’s directed inside, and through sensation you experience different parts of your body, that you may never had realized before, with the attention of the mind, outside.”

The attention on the breath allows you to move inward. In the inner world you realize different space, where you experience different fears and insecurities towards life. You feel different desires, cravings and different pleasures of life. As you rise higher from within, you experience different feelings and emotions, and your own thought process of the mind.

“To know the functions of the mind, heart and body, you have to shift your attention inside, by following your breath and sensation. It’s not possible by studying the theories. Its the key for the self-realization.”

The attention of the mind, allows you to understand every pattern of the mind. The attention of the mind can look beyond the mind and capture the experiences for itself.

The attention on the breath, not only serve you to understand the functions of body, heart and mind, but also connects you with the source of breathe as well as the source of mind, heart and body, i.e. vital force.

When the attention and the breath becomes one, there is nothing remain for the mind to follow, and in the mean time, the attention smoothly shifts to the base of the spine, to experience the source of life, i.e. vital force.

When the vital force gets unlocked, it purifies the inner system and rise higher to the space of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the state of pure bliss. The experience of bliss is like a vibration in the body, and the experience of vital force, is like an energy flowing upward clearing every cells of the body.

Once you come back from the experience of pure consciousness, the vital force gets back to its original place and the process of breathe becomes normal. But from now onwards, you don’t perceive life through the same senses, but the new dimension is added to your awareness, that allows you to perceive life, out of its natural order.

You can look into the nature of things, people and situation. Your personal identity with the body, heart and mind shifts to pure consciousness. You no longer use force, or will-power to manifest things with life, but simply align yourself with the natural process of life, to allow the life to take place.

With the pure consciousness, all that can be known for the human is known. All the illusions of the mind gets dropped and your life become’s one with the natural process of life.