How to Stop Introspecting and Start Observing Life?


No matter what happens to you in your life, there is only one person responsible and i.e. you.

To realize the truth of the above statement, you don’t need introspection rather you need to learn how to observe life.

What is the difference between introspection and observing life? (more…)

The Magic of the Present Moment


What is the present Moment?

The present moment is the moment that is ever present all the time. It’s eternal.

When your mind is free from all your thinking and imagination, you experience the present moment. The present moment can only experience with the pure state of mind.

When your mind is already filled with your own past and future, you cannot experience the magic of this moment. (more…)

How to Develop an Observer in you?


To become an observer of life is to experience life direct from the mind. The mind is an observer. When you become the observer of life, you don’t remain, but what remains is mind and life.

The life that is unfolding outside and the life that is unfolding inside. With the observer, you have no-filter view of life. When you exists, you only experience life with the filter.

What is the filter? (more…)

How to become an Observer of Life?


To become an observer is an act. If you want to experience it for yourself, you can experience it, in this moment and then you can expand the experience to your whole life.

You are present in the moment. You read this blog. Now, you can just become the observer of the external world. The external world is limited to your senses. You read through your senses, but the eyes that read the blog is not the one who understands, what it sees.

The understanding of the external world comes with the mind. The understanding does not lie in the seeing, but the understanding comes from the mind. All the sensory organs are merely an instrument for the mind to experience the external world. (more…)

Only by Observing, you Create Balance with Life



Each day you experience life. Sometimes you feel good, and sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes you are in stress and sometimes you are overwhelmed. You never find a balance with life.

Sometimes you work too much and sometimes you eat too much. Sometimes you take care, all of your relationships, and sometimes, it’s hard to find time, for your loved ones.

Life needs a balance, and balance comes from wisdom. Wisdom is not something that you receive in a day but you develop an understanding towards life, by experimenting and observing your life. (more…)

The Natural Flow of Life takes you towards the Knowing


Knowing is to know, out of the experience. To become one with an experience. No difference remains, between the knower and the known. That is the path of knowing.

When it comes to life, lots of queries arise, in relation to life. At no moment of time, we can completely grasp the life. The understanding with the mind remains so narrow, while the experience of life is so huge, that it seems impossible to comprehend life, as a whole.

Whatever you experience life, in the outside world, is human’s creation with his mind, by making the use of the elements of nature. Whatever that comes out of mind, can be understood by the mind. Be it the craft, science, technology, situation, events, creativity, innovation, anything that you wish to understand, can be understood, by your mind, if you put the necessary attention to it. (more…)

Be the Seer to Untie the Knot of Life.

The seer experience life, simply as an observer. You participate with your body; heart and mind into different situations, events and experiences of life, but within, you only remains a seer of both the inside as well as outside life.

The humans are tied with both the physical as well as subtle knots. When you are not conscious of, what’s going on, in your subtle world, your mind dwells on, into a physical level, thinking about the past and future into the present moment.

If by any chance, if you are directed inward, and you can experience the subtle reality of life, that manifest in your physical world, you go on thinking, and feeling in your subtle world.

Your attention moves inward, but now even with your inner attention, you remain lost in the subtle world of thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions.

You can see everything that goes in your inner world, but as your attention gets on and off, sometimes you get lost into the subtle reality of life.

When you see your subtle reality of life, and when you hold the power to turn it into your physical reality, you get lost in the manifestation of it.

When you create your physical reality from your subtle reality, your spirit again ties to the body and you lose your consciousness by entangling yourself into the physical world.

The seer or observer not only observes different situations or events of your life, but it also becomes the seer to your inner thoughts and imagination.

The process of seer begins when you observe your daily situations of life. When you can see your daily situations and events of your life, slowly your attention shifts inward to the subtle world, where you experience all of your physical reality, into your subtle world.

When you see your subtle reality, you only feel the sensation for your feelings and emotions, and for your thoughts, you sense the flow of waves into your brain, while for the picture, you see the images into your mind.

The process of untying the knot of spirit from the body begins when you can simply observe the entire process, without interference.

When things are going on, in your subtle world, you are compelled to act on them. When you act, you again get tied to the body.

To simply remain a seer to both your inner as well as outside world, asks for the deep concentration. If even for a moment, your attention slips away, you fall back into the trap of both the subtle as well as physical reality of life.

Even without your interference life is happening. Mind thinks something else, and life reacts in an absolutely different way.

With the seer, you don’t carry any idea for life. You don’t make any choice, but you stay aware of the moment, of both, of your physical as well as subtle life.

With the seer, you observe that outside situations and events of life, is constantly changing. The mind creates some idea for the day, but the day shapes in a different way. If you hold onto your idea of life, you create judgement, and with judgement towards life, you always fail.

Sometimes you get a profitable idea, into your subtle world, and you tend to jump onto an idea, by losing your awareness. Once you lose the seer, it again asks you to go through the process, to get to the same space.

When you act, the spirit begins to tie itself to the body, and create such a complex web, that it gets hard for anyone to escape.

The nature of the seer is to observe. It’s an empty space with higher vibrations. It doesn’t indulge, but simply remain into the body, as a witness. It’s a space within your mind, where you can get absolutely detaches from the physical as well as subtle impressions and rejuvenates yourself.

In general, when you wake up, your mind already carries the thoughts for the day. If you are unconscious, you begin to take actions towards life. If you are conscious of, your subtle world, you make a choice with it, and only choose the best one for yourself.

If you have realized the seer, you simply observe the mind, and look into the past. Today’s life situation will be based on your past.

Whatever you experience today comes out of your past life’s situation, and the way you respond to them in the present moment, you create your future out of it.

More importantly, if you wish to bring something fresh to your life or you wish to change your past, than you can alter your response in the present moment, and create a fresh path in the present moment, to have a different future than your past.

The life with the seer is to look into the past, present and future. Nothing is hidden from the seer. Whenever you experience anything in the present moment, it’s only because you have acted in the past, and in the present moment, you experience the situation that is the extended version of the past.

Life extends in the present moment, out of your past, and your future comes out of, your response in the present moment.

The seer or observer not only allow you to create the future, of your choice, but it also keeps you detached from the past, present and future life. With the seer, you are always present in the moment.

No matter what the situation suggests, you stay present in the moment, with a seer, having a thorough understanding of the situation.

The subtle or physical life cannot deceive you with the seer. You don’t get caught up, in the outside situation or events of life, but you simply adjust yourself, in the moment, to serve the present moment, as you always know, that whatever may be the situation might like in the moment, you always hold the power to change the future, with your actions.

With the seer, you always ride above the different situations, events and experiences of life. You allow both the physical as well as subtle life to take place, on its own, and wherever you find the opportunity in the present moment; you simply change the path of the situation, in the direction of your choice.

The seer is a simple presence in the moment. When you try to observe life, at the level of mind, it seems impossible to get a glimpse of the seer. It’s just because you have too much accumulated stuff, within the body, that it becomes impossible to see your true self.

When you look inside, you sense the breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires. Accumulation of all of these, creates the subtle body inside, that strongly attach to the physical body. Your reaction to any situation is simply a result of your strong attachment of the subtle body to the physical.

We can observe our breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, dreams, desires, imagination within ourselves, and rise above it. When you reach to the state of no-mind state, you experience yourself in the form of subtle thread, i.e. spirit. The spirit is a moving energy within the body that carries the sensation and passes through the brain, heart and body, for you to experience life.

When you realize your spirit, you experience that, the subtle thread of the spirit can expand into the mind, heart and body, and when you simply move inward to observe your spirit, the same subtle thread, seclude itself, to rise higher to experience the observer.

The subtle thread of the spirit creates a web, around the physical body, that unless you untie the knot of the spirit, you cannot experience observer.

The first experience of an observer happens by itself, and later when the mind captures the experience, it practices with itself, to get back to the same experience.

Slowly with the practice, the personality of the mind establishes itself into an observer, and experiences both the physical as well as subtle world.

The wisdom with life comes with an experience beyond mind, and when the spirit moves into an observer, it experiences the bliss within the body.

It’s not possible to directly experience an observer within the body, and thus you can practice meditation, after an hour or half an hour of physical exercise.

Meditation too is a practice, where you simply direct your attention inward. But, mind, senses and body is so much dipped into an experiences and impressions of life, that even direct moving inward in the meditation, seems like a big thing.

The best way to move inward is to sit with yourself after physical exercise. Any form of physical exercise, can make you light from inside, and you can utilize those time, to observe your inner self, and move deep within.

Slowly once your mind is prepared to move inward, you can extend the attention, even while going through daily situations and events of your life.

To experience an observer is an ultimate experience of life. The observer is part of a creator, and gives you a glimpse of, how creator looks like, and how he formed this existence. With an observer the natural principles of life, gets clear to you.

How to Experience an Observer within the Body?



Experience and expressions are two aspects of life. Whatever you experience, turns into your experience, be it the spiritual, personal or professional experience.

You either experience life or express it, in one or the other form. To express, you have to have an experience, and more experience you have, of the natural process of life, your expression too reflects the same.

Life is an every day process. Anything that you experience, is registered in the deeper self, while when the same experience becomes your expression, it comes through the mind.

Although experience happens with your day-to-day life, but blueprint of it, gets registered, in the deeper part of the self, beyond mind, although when you choose to express your experience, you have to again come back at the level of mind.

You have observer within you, that can not only observe your experience, but also can observe, how you express your experience into this world. Observer is separate from the mind.

Whenever you experience life, without any personal interference, you experience life through an observer.

“When the mind reach to the no thought state, the one who notice the no thought mind, is an observer.”

Your physical structure is not only consist of body, heart and brain, but you experience subtle breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imagination, that take place in a subtle form, within you.

When you put your attention to the subtle world, you realize the subtle body other than the physical body, i.e. termed as spirit, and that allows the functions of body, heart and mind to take  place. The spirit too is a subtle thread, that can be observed with an observer.

“The subtle thread of the spirit is just like a web, that can be expanded, and secluded into an observer. Expansion and seclusion of a spirit, is a technique, that is learnt through meditation.”

Meditation is not a practice to do something, but to silent your mind, to an extent, where it can simply observe everything that goes within the body.

With the mind, to understand an observer is a difficult thing, because an observer is the one, who  observes the mind, when the mind is absolutely thoughtless.

The mind carries a personal identity, that pick the thoughts and images from the past each day, and begins his everyday process of life. The experience remains from the past, and thus most of the time, it repeats itself in different forms.

The observer is experienced, when you allow the personal identity along with the physical body to sit aside for sometime.

When you simply be with yourself, your inner movements of thoughts, feelings, emotions, breathe and sensation tends to aggravate and your personal identity, simply likes to run from the situation and feels normal, only when you again engage yourself into some activity.

Its hard for the personal identity to control his thoughts, feelings, emotions or sensation. When the mind think thoughts, sensation force the body to take immediate action, and the body becomes restless, if it doesn’t act to the sensation or thoughts, feelings or emotions.

It needs practice to control your sensation. Mediation, Yoga, Breathing techniques, and any form of physical exercise can become the tool to control the sensation. You have to understand the equation between the physical body and sensation, as mind and heart works only through sensation, and control your entire life.

At the level of mind, day-to-day life takes place, through thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, dreams and desires. The thoughts and imagination of the mind, comes from your past experience. You develop a personal identity within your mind, out of the experiences and impressions from the past, along with the physical appearance, as well as your thoughts, feelings and emotions that takes place within you, in the moment.

Your experience revolves around your personal identity. You serve the personal identity that has been developed over the time, by your mind, and anything that goes against the personal identity, you resist or reject those situations, or experience from your life, and something that serves the personal identity, you simply accept.

To experience an observer, you have to understand the movement of your breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts and imagination.

Life is not at all complex, and when you begin the inward journey, and put your attention on your breathe, the process is such, that naturally, from the breathe, you will be guided to the next step, i.e. sensation. Your entire body covers the sensation. Anything at the level of brain, heart and body is experience through sensation.

When your attention shifts towards breathe and later into the sensation, slowly, you will be guided higher to the point, where you feel your sexual energy, and different lower desires of life. Your role is to hold your attention, and be with the sensation, and slowly the process itself, will take you upward.

Remember in the process, the one who fails, is only you, and the only way to fail, is to shift your attention from the sensation, to anything else. To shift the attention means, begin to think, because that’s the nature of mind. The nature of mind is to think, and either jump into the past or the future and if you try to put it, at one place, than it becomes impossible for the mind, to put it at one place.

Remember, when your attention is inward towards sensation, you feel every sensation within the body, and the sensation aggravates, to a higher level. When your attention is divided you don’t feel much pain or sorrow within the body, but when your attention is, on yourself, you experience everything within you, through sensation.

There is no way to escape life, except to experience it within yourself. You can escape from the situation, people and different experiences of life, but you can never escape from the things, that’s happening within you.

Life will bring you again and again to the same sensation into the future. The experiences of life is no more than the sensation, and unless you understand yourself, thoroughly from within, you will never be able to rise above it.

Remember its not the people, situations or experience that bothers you, but what takes place within you, when you get into those situations, is the real cause of your suffering.

When you can hold your attention inward, slowly with the sensation, your attention moves upward going through all the feelings and emotions, and you come to the space, where all your thought patterns takes place. When you rise above the thought patterns, you experience the space where the mind creates images and thought patterns form, from these images.

Your attention comes above the thought patterns and images of the mind, and when you rise above the thought patterns and images of your mind, you come to the point of attention, from where you have initiated the process of moving inward with the breathe. The subtle thread of the spirit carries the function through the brain, heart and body.

When the sensation reaches to the point of attention, you experience the no-mind state. The realization of spirit, and an observer is experienced, when your attention moves into the no-mind state.

When your attention reach to the point of attention itself, no thought remain for you to experience, and all your energy gathers at the point of attention. If you can stay at that point for long, your attention and energy slips down to the bottom of the spine, and you experience the sensation at the bottom of the spine.

At this point, the subtle thread of the spirit gets detached from the physical body, and rise high to become one with an observer.

In these moments, first time you experience an observer within the body. An observer within the body, is part of the creator and holds exactly the same nature of the creator. The source of spirit, mind, heart and body is an observer.

To experience an observer, you have to put your attention inward, by going through different experiences of outside life.

You don’t have any control over the outside experiences of life. The only thing you can control, is your response to it.

Even the enlightened beings, get into the situations that cannot be avoided, and the only thing they have, is their response, with the highest wisdom of life.

The natural process of life gets clear to you, with the realization of an observer. An observer and spirit and sensation is the same. The spirit and sensation is part of an observer.

Mind and anything related to mind, is a separate identity, other than the spirit and an observer.

Till you are caught up within the mind, you carry personal identity out of your past experience, and with it, you experience different dreams, thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires.

Once you realize an observer, mind becomes the spectator for the expressions of everything that goes within the body, with the spirit and an observer and the way, life is seen with an observer.

Your personal identity gets drop, after the realization of an observer, and you become one with an observer.

The observer is a constant phenomenon within the body, that vibrates at a higher level, and can see through life, without the interference of mind. The experience of bliss and wisdom happens, when the spirit becomes one with an observer.

Once the observer is realized, you experience life without the interference of the mind. You have to understand that, with an observer, you understand the natural process of life, and you have to follow the law, to make anything happen, or to get anything done, on the existence.

Its just that, with an observer, you don’t live in an illusion, but you become one with the natural process of life. Out of the process, you simply know the existential truth of life.

The Observer Effect in life.


With the mind, to understand the act of an observer is to, observe one’s breath or sensation. With mind to observe one’s breath and sensation is possible, but with the observer, you can observe the movement of spiritual energy or the spirit in the body.

The spirit is the one, that makes the use of the body, heart and mind to experience life. With the mind, it’s not possible to understand the spirit within the body, because mind is the one, which is being used by the spirit. The spirit can know the mind, heart and body, but the spirit can only be experienced within, if you can transcend your identity beyond the identity of mind.

Within the body, or say at the back of the mind lies an observer, that can look into the process of mind. Mind means the thought process, images of the mind and various activities that goes into the mind. The feelings and emotions can also be observed with the observer.

Observer can observes the movement of the spirit in the body, and how different process takes place within the body. Observer transcends the movement of spirit and makes it one like him.

The hardest job of the world is to observe the self. With the mind, the process begins with the breath, and sensation and later moves to the feelings, emotions and further the attention of the mind moves in itself. The attention comes from the mind, but when you bring the attention of the mind, back to itself, you enter into the no-mind state.

“Attention of the mind comes from a pure empty space, below which forms the images, thoughts and different functions of the mind, and when you move back to the place of attention, you rise above all the functions of the mind, and become one with the attention.”

You identify yourself with the point of attention. Your identity in the moment, depends upon, the point of your attention. If you are within the body, and wherever your point of attention falls, you begin to identify with it. If your attention falls, in the stomach and you feel fear, you identify yourself with fear and it falls at the level of heart, and you feel different feelings and emotions, you identify yourself with it.

Moving forward, when you move to the mind, you identify yourself with all the thoughts, and images of the mind, unless you rise above it, to the point from where the attention comes from.

When you reach to the no-mind state, from where the attention comes from and you have nothing to identify with, you simply remain present into the nothingness of the mind.

Remember your identity and the sensation always follows your point of attention. You can experiment with yourself in this moment. Put your attention on the breath and you will feel the sensation coming in and moving out within the body. You cannot see the breath, but you can only experience through sensation, and you also identify with the breath, as my breathe. Its happening to me.

You can experiment with many other things, by putting your attention, and you will notice that, you will experience the sensation and you will identify with it, in one or the other way.

The sensation cannot travel outside the body, and thus, wherever you put your attention of the mind, you will experience the sensation in that part of the body. If you think about your feet in your mind, you will begin to experience the sensation into your feet. Attention, sensation and your personal identity remains together all the time.

Even if you dream yourself somewhere in the future, you are not present in the body, but while your attention is in the future, you will feel the sensation in this moment, according to the future image, in the body and you will also identify yourself with the future of your imagination.

“Attention, sensation and identification with the point of attention always stays together in the moment. Your present identity is nothing but the attention you hold in this moment, and you are already feeling it in the body, in the form of sensation and your identity always remains with the point of your attention.”

In the no-mind state, your attention, identity and sensation comes together at one point. When you can hold your attention in the no-mind state, slowly you will begin to experience the sensation at the bottom of the backbone of your body.

The sensation is experienced by you, and you know that you have attention, that you can shift time to time or with the unconscious mind, it shifts by itself time to time, as per the different experiences and impressions of a person.

At the same time, if I ask you to get hold your personal identity, into the body, you will never be able to come across the personal identity, or ego within the body. Its the only illusion that makes you to believe many other illusions that you experience with life and with your own mind.

When you realize the spiritual energy or spirit within the body, you relate yourself with the spirit and the time you realize the observer and it become possible for you to observe life, through an observer, you relate yourself with an observer.

You are just the piece of body, heart, mind, spirit and soul, and your personal identity with any of those is an illusion. With an observer, actually no identity remains, as you become part of the whole. The illusion of the personal identity remains only at the level of spirit, because there you experience the sensation, as the spirit is attached with the body, and unless the spirit becomes one with an observer or you drop your identification with the spirit, you cannot completely drop the illusion of the personal identity.

Once the observer is experienced in the body, all the attention of the mind, remains with an observer, until the experience of life shifts from the attention of the mind to an observer, and you simply begin to view life, directly from the eyes of an observer.

Once you begin to live life with an observer, than you don’t need the mind to perceive life, but you straight away look into life, from an observer. The body, heart and mind along with the spirit and sensation remains in control of you, and the life becomes one with the natural principles of life.

The life from the eyes of an observer is a direct view without an interference of the mind. The past and future and the personal identity only remains at the level of spirit, mind, heart and body. The observer simply remains present in the moment, by being one with the existence.

The mind is worried for the future and likes to achieve everything and accumulate all, he can out of ignorance, while the observer knows the past, present and future and thus remain fully present in the moment.

Observer is present within all of us. Unless you absolutely identify yourself with an observer inside of you, your identity revolves around the body, heart and mind and even with the spirit. Only by identifying yourself with an observer and by being one with it, and living and experiencing life with an observer, in true sense you rise on the path of spirituality, and you become one with life.

Life from An Individual Personality to an Observer.

clarity (1)

Life with an individual identity, is of a doership. If your individual personality is absolutely enhanced, you take responsibility of yourself and everything around you, and if you are in the process of discovering yourself, you go through the up’s and down’s of life, before your personal identity, gets revealed to you.

Personal identity is to realize, your outside role with life. This doesn’t mean, you have realized the truth of life, but you know, at-least what you have to do, with your life, and you don’t simply waste time, on simply repeating the circle of life.

There is a greater truth of life exists, beyond the personal identity. The state of awakening. The experience of an observer, seer or soul in the body. To have an experience, of being one with the source of life.

Observer is the seer, within you, who constantly observes all the movement of your inner as well as outside world. Observer is an experience of self-realization or God within. The observer works through life, with higher energy and vibrations. The source of the spiritual energy, within the body, is the observer. Observer is also named as pure consciousness, soul, present moment awareness and with various names by different religions and spiritual organizations.

As an individual personality, you are part of the mind, who likes to creates dreams, desires, ambitions and all different goals for life. The individual personality, likes to get the things done, all on its own.

The life with an observer, is an experience, where you don’t have the sense of doership, as you realize the ultimate truth, behind every action, that occurs through mind, heart and body. As an individual personality, you simply act, that is present, by your mind, heart and sensation.

The observer is the source, within you, from where the process of life, initiates. The observer is the beginning and end to life.

When you see the incoming and outgoing of your breathe, do you make any effort, or it takes place, out of natural process?

Certainly its a natural process. What you do, nothing. Than what gives you an idea, that you are the one, who drives your life. You get the thoughts, feelings and sensation and the reaction comes through you. With the reaction, you create further impressions and experiences, in your mind, and with it, you get the understanding towards life. The process of evolution goes inside of you, in the subtle world, and your personal identity to grows with it, out of natural process.

If I ask to describe the process of breathe, what you do, you simply describe whats going on, inside of you, right. If you try to take ownership of your breathe, and begin to take each breathe, how long, you shall continue?

Not, too far. So, when it comes to life, why you want to do everything on your own, and not simply follow the natural process of life, that takes place within you, always there to show the way, for anything and everything you desire.

You are more than your individual identity, including all the activities of mind and heart. There is something higher, that exists in you, that allows the functions of mind and heart or you can call it a source of life, of both inner as well as outside world. The physical part of life, is a reflection of the subtle life, that exists in you.

With the sense of personal identity, you cannot go too far. You are always in the middle, of the process of life. Its like the process begins with the observer, but you are stuck with the personal identity. You cannot get to the core of life, with anything. You will always remain puzzled with any aspect of life, as the clarity to any aspect of life, can only happen, if you can see the clear picture.

Thats what the condition of every human. Every human-being at different level, got stuck in his mind. No matter what the position he attains, or accomplishment he has outside, he is always hanging in the middle of the process of life.

“The personal identity is not a source of life, but a means, to get the things done, through the mind, heart and body, on the existence.”

When you look inside, and begin to remove different layers of fear, insecurity, feelings, emotions, thoughts and imagination, you won’t find any personal identity, that you savor in your mind, about yourself. Personal identity, is a subtle identity that you fill with it different experiences and impressions of life. You can make anything out of it. Its an empty subtle space within you.

With the mind,when you think about yourself in the moment, the physical appearance comes to the mind. This physical appearance tends to get weak or strong, either by the inner changes through outside experience, or if you are not connected from inside, than anything that occurs outside, directly impacts your personality savored by the mind.

When you are too much attached to the self image of your mind, you can never have the realization of true self. When you shed all the different personality in the physical, emotional and mental form, you come across the realization of the  self.

The observer in you, is separate from the acquired individual personality. The natural process of life, happens with the observer. The individual identity, carries the sense of doership, and feels that, the world is not possible without him.

In reality, the role of the individual personality is to react, looking into the situation or events, out of his limited understanding, of the mind. When the person, begins to practice awareness with his daily life, slowly he begins to realize, his true purpose with life, and he begins to consciously direct his life, in that direction.

“When you bring little awareness to the things happening in your inner world, you realize the mechanism out of which, your daily life takes place, and it can only be broken, by being an observer to both your inner as well as outside life.”

The life of an observer is not to create different desires for life, but utilize the energy, to fulfill the need of the present moment. The process of life, doesn’t begins with the mind, but it begins with the energy and vibrations. The observer is very well tune with the energy and vibrations, and doesn’t act on thoughts or feelings, unless the body, heart and mind is perfectly tune with the necessary energy, required for the effort.

The individual personality or ego, simply likes to jump on things without observing the necessary energy, requires for work. The life has a natural process for everything. Things gets manifested, out of the natural process and anywhere the things go wrong, its only because when you move away from the natural process.

The journey from the personal identity to an observer begins, when you shed away all the different layers of the subtle world, and come face to face with personal identity, which simply hangs in the air, inside. The personal identity, when realize the observer, it start to adopt the life of an observer, which is to, simply remain present in the moment, and allow the life to happen, out of natural process.

When the effort requires, the observer holds enough energy and vibrations in the moment, to get any task done through the body. When no action is required, the observer experience the bliss of life, every moment. The bliss and wisdom of life, belongs to the observer.

The journey of life ends with an observer, and this is an experience and existential truth for every human, and not just a philosophy. To realize the truth, each one has to initiate the journey of his own, and get into the experience for himself.