Spirit and Soul

Am I the Body, Mind or Spirit?


There are many who relates themselves, with how they appear, which is fine in terms of presentation, but if your physical body becomes your identity than you simply disconnect from the truth of life and creates your life around the illusions.

Am I the physical body?

What if somebody takes down one of my hand, do I still remain?

What if somebody takes down both of my legs, do I still remain?

That means the physical body is part of me, but I exist more than this physical body. The physical body that you have is an addition to your personality and not your limited identity. (more…)

How Body, Mind, and Spirit works together?


You understand the nature of the body with the mind. You understand mind with the mind, and you realize spirit with the mind.

Body, mind, and spirit are the three separate subtle as well as physical bodies that work together, so that process of life can happen in you. (more…)

How the Spirit of the Universe Works?


These may not seem to be the pertinent question for the people, those who are deeply engrossed at the level of mind, but the question is relevant for those, who are ready to explore life beyond the realm of the mind.

Yes, first thing first, the universe has its spirit that allows the different functions of the universe.

If you see the earth revolving around the sun, the moon that is taking his own rounds, stars near and far-shining in the sky, the sun shining bright, and every other activity of the wind, earth, water, or fire is possible because of the spirit of the universe.

Everything that expands and grows individually carries the spirit in it. Be it the universe, humans, animals or plants, if it can grow and expand it has its own spirit. The things that are stagnant for e.g., mountains doesn’t have a spirit and exists from the time of the creation.

The thing that carries the spirit grows, while the things that don’t carry the spirit, simply perish with the time, as it doesn’t have anything inside to flourish.

These doesn’t mean that the things that carry the spirit don’t perish. It does perish but it has to go through its process of growth and once the process of growth and development reach to its limit, the things begin to move in the direction of deterioration.

Every cell of your body multiplies grows, and perish due to the nourishment of the spirit.

The realization of spirit opens a new door of possibilities for you. You perceive life not with the limitations of the mind, but you see things the way it unfolds out of its natural process.

Is it any way you can know how the spirit of the universe works?

Yes, the way is to realize your own spirit that works beneath your mind. The word spirit has been used by saints since ages and revealed that the spirit is the door for the life’s wisdom, but nobody tries to look for the truth behind it.

The whole universe can be observed in one’s own mind, provided you can see your whole mind in you. If you are habituated to perceive only outside life and have no clue what’s going on, in your inner world than to even know the activities of your mind will seem like a far-fetched thing.

Your mind is capable enough to unfold the whole universe in you, but for that, you have to realize your mind as a whole.

When you don’t know your mind, you only perceive things that are shown by your mind and not actually what they are. This simply adds illusion to life. The life as a whole is not an illusion but the way you understand life in your mind is an illusion.

It’s your individual story about the life is an illusion, while the truth always differs from the story of your mind.

With the life that grows and expands is the spirit. It’s only the spirit that knows how to grow and expand and the expansion of the spirit takes place within. The life from the perspective of the spirit begins to reveal the minute details of life.

When the hand is part of the body, it receives nourishment every moment from the spirit, but when the hand is separated from the body, it stops receiving the necessary nourishment and the process of decaying starts in the hand.

Till the things are part of the spirit, it gets necessary nourishment to grow and flourish but the time the things get disconnected from the spirit, it becomes stagnant and the process of die and decay starts within the things.

The spirit is the life of the universe and within the universe.

It’s the mind that directs the spirit of your body. No matter in which part of your life, you direct your attention of the mind, your spirit begins to arrange itself accordingly in you.

You can consciously direct your spirit in the outside world to manifest your desires, or you can direct the same spirit towards the source or god, by taking your attention of the mind inward.

The spirit of the universe and the spirit of the human is one and thus every human holds every possibility that holds by the universe itself. The time you realize your spirit, you also realize the spirit of the universe.

Your spirit reveals the natural way of life. You don’t strive for the individual aspiration with the spirit, but you follows the ways of the spirit. You live with the natural way of life. You follow the path of spirit. Your guidance comes not from the mind but with the inner movement of spirit.

With the mind, you are more intended to drive your spirit, of course, staying unconscious about the life that allows you to experience outside life, but when you realize the spirit, you surrender yourself to the ways of the spirit and follows the ways of the spirit in your life.

” I Loved what Einstein Said, ” You cannot change the patterns of the universe. All you can do is, understand them and become one with them.”

How to Realize the Forgotten Self?


People ask me, I want to know life, how can I know Life, and sometimes I too have that repetitive answer for everyone, know yourself and you will know life.

The point again comes to the same query, how to know oneself?

This is the biggest puzzle, that doesn’t allow any individual to settle down on this earth. You may achieve everything on this earth, but unless you figure out, the source of your own existence, or what is life or how you are formed, life always seems puzzled for you. (more…)

Your Spirit is the Source of Perception and not the Mind


Perception is the way you perceive life. Perception is of two types, internal and external perception. Both the perception forms within, but one perception you hold for the external reality and the other one, is of your internal reality.

When you perceive anything with the sensory organs, that’s your external perception, be it the situations, people, events or outside experiences of life. There are few, who are connected with their internal reality, and for them exists the internal perception. Internal perception is the thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions of the subtle world, breathe and sensation.

Now, we all are familiar that, sometimes the thoughts in the mind are positive and sometimes it’s negative. Most of us, rely on our thoughts and images and consider it being the source of life. (more…)

How does Spirit works?


As a human, beyond our human desires, we have a deep longing to know life. The desire to know the truth is something that we all are born with. Sooner or later, the query arises, to search for the purpose of our existence.

Do we all are, the wandering creatures just like animals, with little higher intelligence, or there is something else, that is hidden, for us to know?

Our very build up is such that, everything exists inside of us. It’s not that, something is hidden within us, but it’s the very nature of creation. (more…)

The Nature of Soul is to Observe


If I think with the mind, there are several questions, which I come across with life.

Does soul exist?

How does God look like?

If God and soul do exist, why I cannot experience within?

How can I figure out the soul, within? (more…)

Expand Your Spirit, into the Universe.


You are not just the personal identity, created by the experiences and impressions of your mind, but you are the spirit into the body, that grows and evolves with the body, heart and mind. You have the soul too, into the body as an observer, that helps you to observe the activities of the spirit, mind, heart and body.

The mind, can be completely understood, only when you rise above the mind. The mind, heart and body is an instrument for the spirit to experience life, and to express itself to life. Whatever moves out of you, is your expression, either in the form of actions, or when you express your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Your expression comes out of your experience. Unless you have an experience of something, you cannot express yourself, in the form of thoughts, feelings or action. You have to have within you, before it comes out in the expression.

On the top of that, mind too needs some experience to expand it, in the physical form. A single experience turns out into a multiple experiences with mind. Mind needs an experience or impression, to analyze, evaluate, for reasoning or even imagining the future, out of the past experience.

“The job of the mind, is to stretch a dot, and turn it into a line. The dot is an experience out of experiment, and line is your life.”

When you realize the spirit beyond mind, into the body you come to the source of life. The spirit expands and the physical body is a fine example of it. Physical body doesn’t comes out of, by multiplying cells of the body and by intake of food, but it takes more for the child body to turn into a full-fledged body of a man or woman.

The process happens at the level of spirit. The spirit expands and it can expand itself, to the point, where it can includes the entire universe.

With the mind, you like to hold on to things. The experience of spirit, is when you let loose yourself. The mind doesn’t allow you to let lose yourself or leave a grip on any part of life.

Mind is always scared, that if it lose the grip, the things will slip away, be it in personal life or professional life. In reality, if you can look into the activities of mind, you realize that nothing happens according to the mind, and all the security and safety at the level of mind, is no more than to console the mind.

Unless mind experience the spirit, it cannot let lose itself. Life is limited at the level of body, heart and mind. The identification with the body, can never give you freedom, and neither at the level of feelings and emotions. The source of your feelings and emotions, is the thoughts and images of your mind. Heart doesn’t stand on its own, but absolutely dependent on the mind.

So you cannot relate yourself with the feelings and emotions, as it too, cannot give you the freedom, which you are looking for life.

When it comes to mind, it’s the most volatile thing, and thus unless you consciously make use of your mind, heart and body, after having an understanding of it, you cannot make the best use of it, with your life.

If you are unconscious of, whats going on, into your mind, you can never realize, how unconsciously, your life gets driven by the mind, heart and body.

You have a spirit in the body, for which the mind, heart and body is an instrument and if you attach yourself with anything other than the spirit, that resides within the body, you simply live in the illusion of your past.

“Spirit is attached to the body, heart and mind through sensation. Spirit experiences life and gathers impressions through sensation. Its only the sensation that allows the spirit to express itself, through the body, heart and mind, but this truth can be known, once you realize the spirit in the body.”

If your idea about yourself, is limited to the personal identity, that you hold into the mind, your life remains limited to the thoughts and images of the mind. First thing, with the mind, is your personal identity, that you have created over the time, out of the experiences. This personal identity is an individual identity, and separates a person from the world.

The sensation confirms the experiences of personal identity through sensation, and thus the experience of oneself, into the mind seems real.

Your personal identity, along with the images, thoughts and all the functions of rational mind, along with the feelings and emotions at the heart region and fear and insecurity at the stomach region and all the little pleasures of life along with the sexual experience seems real, because of the sensation.

“If you are attached with your sensation, every part of life seems real, but if you detach yourself, with your own sensation, slowly you create the space between the spirit and the body, heart and mind.”

Realization of Soul & Spirit, is Necessary to Understand the Karmic Cycle.


“Only getting indulge in Actions or karma not necessarily give you the clear idea, of whats happening around you, unless you put the attention on the subtle karmic cycle, that takes place inside the body.”

Again and again, I try to emphasize on spirit and soul. The karmic cycle of life can only be understood, with the realization of spirit and soul. The mind, which is caught up, in the manifestation part of life, cannot understand the process of life, only by living, for the sake of manifestation.

The things can only be understood, from its source, and the source of your life, that you are experiencing outside, lies in the self-realization, i.e. realizing your spirit and soul. People tend to run away from life, or if they don’t, at-least each person, craves deeply to leave everything behind, and move to the place, where he can become free from all the hassles of life.

The mind creates so many confusion’s, out of life, that everyone wants to get rid of life. There are very few on this earth, who readily accept life whole heartedly and live their heart out. You just cannot accept life, unless you understand from its source. Certainly, life serves the process of evolution and as you grow and evolve with life, you come in better terms with life.

People you follow or admire in your life, are the one’s who are in better terms with life. The problem with the mediocre mind is, he likes good part of life, but he is not willing to strive like those, who creates their life, out of understanding and being very much becoming the part of life. Success knowingly or unknowingly happens, when you come closer to the natural principles of life and failure is simply to get away from the natural principles of life. You attract what you are, and nothing more or nothing less.

If you are self-sufficient, you can understand any aspect of life, and you always have the best solution for any situation in the moment. Self-realization makes you self-sufficient from within. With the self-realization, you try to put each step, according to the natural principles of life.

What are the Natural Principles?

The natural principles of life, initiates from vibrations, i.e. soul, latter turns into an energy, i.e. spirit. The spirit takes the spiritual energy from the soul. The soul is the space within the body, that vibrates at a higher level, and the spirit gets refresh and refuel itself, by connecting with the soul.

When the spirit moves in the direction of soul it detach itself, with the brain, heart and body. When your mind is interested in creative part of life, it uses the inner energy to build outside life or fulfill the needs of life. The natural principles of life, flows inside out. From vibrations comes energy and energy is the source for the functions of brain, heart and body.

The quality of your thoughts and imagination depends upon the quality of spiritual energy that flows into your body. The process of feelings, emotions and actions later follows, out of the quality of your thoughts and imagination, and whatever you give out, comes back to you, in one or the other form.

Now, this is the simple natural principle of karmic cycle, whereby, the life moves inside out, and whatever you give out, exactly in the same proportion, you receive back. When you realize the spirit and soul, in the body, you not only understand the karmic cycle, but you also can notice your own karmic cycle, and direct it, in the direction of your choice.

With the mind, you make choices and decisions, that brings more fulfillment to your life, or it may satisfy your life’s needs, while after the realization of spirit and soul, you are less concerned with the personal involvement with the things, and thus, you don’t have to make special efforts for selfless action, but when you simply flow from within, your natural act becomes of giving.

Just imagine today, when you go out for work, or do any act, you only do, because your personal interest lies in it. When you go through your daily schedule, you cannot find anything, that you do, without any personal interest.

Your whole attention remains, on what you get out of life, either in the moment or say after a period of time. It’s not necessary that, for the self-realization, you have to forge your personal needs and move towards the selfless action, but one’s life should be such that, he grows and evolves with life, on a daily basis, so that with his understanding, he can fulfill all his obligations and responsibilities towards life, and along with it, continue to grow and evolve on the spiritual path.

The process of evolution takes you toward the self-realization. For the self-realization, you don’t have to move away from your personal and professional life, but your each act of your daily life, has to serve you, to come closer to the higher self. The intent is required to move inward. You don’t need to see the entire spiritual path, to proceed with the path, but that one step with a right intent is enough, to bring you closer to life.

Life is beautiful and overflowing with bliss and wisdom, not only outside but also within. The experience of self-realization can give you the glimpse of natural beauty of life, that exists everywhere. No part of life, can ever disturb you, but everything that happens in your life, both within and outside, can beautifully move in a synchronization, once you begin to move towards your true authentic self.

You only experiment on the things, where you feel that, there is a possibility of finding some higher truth, out of it. Scientists experiments on different objects of life, in a similar way. Your inflow and outflow of breath, and the sensation in your body, is itself a proof, and a possibility that, something else can be known, within the body.

The mind thinks thoughts, and imagine things. The heart creates different feelings and emotions, and the physical body experience sensation in the body, that compels you to act. Its fine, for you to follow, your actions, but the wise man, always like to see, what compels him to do, what he does. Many carries the notion that they think thoughts, or imagine things, and they create or manifest life out of it.

“When you realize the spirit & soul in the body, first time, you see that the image is thrown into your mind, from experience, and further mind itself creates thoughts, and heart creates feelings and emotions, for you to act, out of bodily sensation.”

The spirit and soul are separate from your brain, heart and body and can be detached, through certain process, if performed on a daily basis. You only understand things, if you can detach yourself from it. By being part of it, you can never understand, how the things are taking place, and life becomes very much alive and reality, for you.

Only with the self-realization, you see the scenes and pictures of life, as a moving picture, and you attain the power to change the course of life, and make a choice or decide, what are the situations or events that you wish to experience, and what are the things that you wish to drop permanently from your life.

You cannot leave or drop anything, from outside, because the things takes place inside of you. Even if you try to drop anything from your life, without understanding it, sooner or later it may again come back to your life. Only with the true understanding, you can drop something that doesn’t serve with your life, and that too from inside.

Nobody can give you anything from outside, because everything exists within you. The other person too has achieved something by working on himself, and searching for the answers of life, in a right direction. All he can do for you, is to ask you to look at, in a right direction, so that you too can have all the answers for your life.

The realization of spirit and soul, gives you a clear path for life. You just know, whats right for the moment, and you act. If some act, gets out-of-order, you know, how to amend the act, so that no repercussion has to face in the future.

With the mind, you go on expanding the world, without having a real understanding of it. Later the same expansion, turns into a chaos, as you get too much attach, with your part of expansion. Only when you come out of spirit and soul, you stay detached with the mind, heart and body and any part of its creation. You still expand and explore life out of curiosity, but you don’t get attached with it.

The karmic cycle is something, that every soul, who walks down on this earth, has to go through, and the only way to make the most out of it, is with the self-realization.

The problem with life only occurs, when something bothers you, or it gets difficult for you, to understand any aspect of life. If life becomes clear to you, than there is no problem, either you are in the body or out of the body. Either its Monday or Sunday, you simply follows the natural principles of life, living each moment, experiencing bliss and wisdom.

The Path of Spirit towards the Soul.


Once the realization happens of the spirit and soul in the body, all the efforts lies of the spirit, in being one with the soul. This is the state, which is called the state of samadhi in the east. Samadhi is a state, where the spirit is free from all the experiences and impressions of life, and only experience the bliss with the soul.

To experience the bliss, is to vibrate at a higher level. Unless the mind realize the spirit and soul, in the body, or something which is beyond the mind, it is natural for the mind, to get caught up in the activities of the world, and form all the different dreams and desires to keep up with life.

The time it realize, something bigger or higher than itself, all the attention and energy of the mind, gets involved in knowing the truth of it. The mind is all about an individual personality. Your personal identity is nothing but the mind. When you recognize something within you, that is more important than your personal identity, you are more interested to know it.

The experience of spirit and soul, is the experience beyond mind, and once the realization happens, all the attention and energy gets diverted in knowing the spirit and soul.

The realization of spirit and soul happens together. The mind has a longing of the physical world, as the mind is directly connected with the sense organs of the body, that pulls him outward, while the longing of the spirit is to free itself, from the mind and sense organ, and experience the bliss, by being one with the soul.

The process with the brain, heart and body is possible with the energy of the spirit and vibrations of the soul, and when you meet the higher energy and vibrations in the form of spirit and soul, life at the level of brain, heart and body seems meager.

The part of the mind creates imagination, dreams and desires. Later the same imagination turns into thoughts, feelings and emotions and you go out in the world, for its physical manifestation. Even to manifest your imagination in the physical form, you need energy. When you directly get in touch with the energy, you are less interested in the physical manifestation, but you use the energy to experience the bliss.

“To experience the bliss, is to experience the vibrational space into the body, i.e. soul. The path of realization of the spirit and soul moves vertical and not horizontal. Mind likes to expand and explore outside, while the spirit likes to travel inside vertically, to become one with the soul.”

The path of spirit towards the soul, is all about attention. The only purpose in the moment remains for the spirit, is to keep all the attention on the soul, and not allow anything in between as a hindrance.

The journey of the spirit towards the soul, includes many upside down, vertically. The soul resides at a higher vibrations, while the spirit is made up of energy. When the attention of the spirit lies on the soul, the energy of the spirit increases, and it moves towards the soul, but the time, the attention move away from the soul, the mind comes in between, and the energy begins to slips away. The mind consumes more energy than the physical action.

It takes a whole life time, for the spirit to become one with the soul. Any action with the mind, heart and body consumes energy. To move towards the soul, the spirit needs a huge amount of energy to rise higher. The journey towards the soul is vertical. Its like climbing the mountain.

The only problem, is when the level of energy gets reduced or the attention slips away from the soul, the spirit again falls back and move back into the physical world. The journey towards the soul, has to travel all over again.

“The personal and professional life is possible after the realization of spirit and soul, as the journey of spirit and soul, is an inner journey and even going through the daily tasks of life, you can keep up, with your inner path.”

All the unwanted things that doesn’t serve you, on your path gets drop after the realization, and all the moments of life are utilized, in the presence of spirit and soul.

With the self-realization, you receive the third eye, that can look into the natural principles of life and can see the past, present and future of any situation, things or people and your every action comes out of highest wisdom, that makes your life smooth and easier, after self-realization. Only understanding is a key to all the problems of the world.

Its not necessary that, holding onto the things is a wisdom, but sometimes you have to let go, the things for which you don’t find any solution in the moment, and to let go, too comes out of wisdom.

The action that comes out of mind, always have personal interest and the mind never considers longevity while making choice or taking decisions with life. The third eye can look far away both into the past and the future before making any choice or decision and if something goes wrong, the understanding towards the natural principles of life, allows to rectify the mistake, and guide the situation, in a right direction, keeping in mind the natural principles of life.

The path of spirit and soul is a path of wisdom and bliss, and you experience life every moment, savoring the beauty of life. It may take the hard effort to realize the spirit and soul, in the body, but once its is realized, you experience god and its light in everything. The life is complete, only after self-realization. You cannot live something to its fullest, unless you know the rules of it.

Only after the self-realization, the natural principles of life is revealed to you, that means the game of life, is revealed to you, and unless you know the game of life, you cannot play the game of life, by giving everything to life.