How’s your Relationship with your Body?

When it comes to life, one thing that is most precious to you is your body. Not even your mind, but your body. It’s with the physical body you experience life. Life itself is not possible without the body. It’s only because of the physical body, the life as a whole holds a meaning.

Thus it’s very essential to have a close bonding with your body. You need to know your body, at every situation, event or experience of life. You experience life through sensation and this sensation is possible only because of the body. (more…)

Live with your Definite Destination but Indefinite Path


With life, one thing has to be clear to you and i.e. destination. You have to be sure of, where you are heading with life. If the path is unclear to you, that’s alright, but you have to be at-least sure of the destination.

It’s the destination that makes the path for you. Once the destination is clear, the path comes up on its own. Any path is good if you are sure of the destination. (more…)

Everyday Connect with your Immortal Self


Everyday take time out to connect with your mortal as well as immortal self. Your body and mind are mortal and you have something else in you that is immortal.

Life is so fragile, that when it comes up with some unexpected event, it becomes impossible to handle those situations and sometimes it breaks the person completely. You cannot wait for the life to make its move and then take necessary action. You have to work in advance.

When you see everything is fine around you, just be aware, there is a problem in your seeing. Life is continuously happening and no moment of life can be taken for granted.

You can’t rely on the things of the mind when it comes to life. The things of the mind are limited to the mortality, while the life as a whole is an eternal process of life. The eternal life can only be known when you consciously take time out to know your eternal self.

Every day all you have to do is, take some time to connect with the self that exists beyond your body and mind. When you close your eyes, you come across the things of the mind. The life doesn’t end there. You never bothered to look beyond the identity of the mind.

To connect with the immortal self, you have to look beyond the identity of the mind and search for the self that gives you an assurance of being part of the eternity.

Both the mortal as well as immortal self-exists in you. When you live only at the level of body and mind, you only live the half truth. The other half-truth always remains hidden from you.

To experience the eternal process of life, you have to connect with the immortal self. Only then you can experience the life as a whole. The process of life gets clear to you.

Along with life comes death. When we miss acknowledging the death, somehow we miss acknowledging the life too. The life and death are two sides of the same coin. One follows the other. If you run away from one, you also run away from other. The only way to make most out of both is by understanding the whole truth, i.e. life and death.

We keep looking for solutions with our personal or professional life, but when you spend some time each day to know the self, you understand what exactly requires in different situations or circumstances of your life. You don’t have to look here and there for information, rather all the understanding comes from inside.

The life can be experienced at a broader length if we are ready to lose ourselves. The life beyond the personal identity can only be experienced, if we consciously direct our energy into that direction.

Most of our lives are spent in petty issues, and when you consciously see your mind, you will realize that, it remains occupied with the things that have no relevance to your life. Most of the time, the mind is lost in others thoughts, which has less or no relevance to your life.

The mind has to be consciously directed in a right direction so that you can experience the truth of life, which exists beyond the present self. It requires everyday effort. With life nothing can be known in a moment, rather you have to go through the inner process, before you come to the realization of the truth.

With life, there is only one thing which is important and that is the truth. You create your life, out of the ideas that you hold for the life. If your ideologies have no relevance with the truth of life, no matter what you create, at the end of the day, you feel left empty handed.

Imagine you start your day, having no clue of what life is all about?

You serve the need of your daily life and when the time comes you to depart; you simply leave the space of this earth. You struggle and suffer and go through all the pains of life, without knowing, why the hell you have been put through all these conditions. You never try to question your existence, but go on living life.

This way of living leads you nowhere.

If the life was such a mystery that it cannot be known ever, then it’s alright to live with one’s own ideologies, but that’s not the truth. When you start living life consciously, you observe that the life that works as a whole has nothing to do with your individual or collective ideologies.

Life has its own process and it follows its process. If you want to become one with life, you have to spend time each day to know life, beyond the personal self.

The truth is possible and you don’t have to look anywhere else besides you. All it requires is a daily conscious effort from your end.

Till the time you perceive life out of your individual perception, your life will remain limited to the mortality. You will remain attached to the mortal part of body and mind and will go through all those pain and suffering, which could have been consciously avoided.

You don’t have to spend your whole life for the truth, but spend some time each day in knowing the self. Spend each day to know who you are and what lies beyond your personal identity. If there is something that exists beyond the present self, then there has to be a curiosity in you to know the truth. You cannot allow yourself to keep away from the truth.

Mortal self is part of the outside life, which is essential for the living in the physical world. But at the same time, it’s also important to realize the immortal self, which not only connects you with the eternal process of life but also helps you to realize the source of life, that exists in you.

Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self

Blame Game from the Eyes of Spirituality


This happens with everyone. No one’s world is perfect and everyone feels somebody else is responsible for his or her problems of life.

Does the spirituality look the blame game the same way or it holds some different perspective for the same? (more…)

How to Stay calm During a Crisis?


Either an upside down swing of an Indian economy or the political chaos of the United States of America, it’s very important to keep your head straight in the moment of crisis. Looking at the outside scenario, it’s easier to assume things, out of our understanding and this assumption, adds fear and anxiety in our lives, and force us to act out of fear.

If you really wanted to understand, what’s going on in your country, the first thing you need to focus, is to keep yourself absolutely calm and peaceful during a crisis. You cannot allow outside situations to over-power you, otherwise, it will be impossible for you to judge the present situations of your life. (more…)

What do you Experience on the Spiritual Path?


If you begin to search for life, there are two queries that burn in you all the time. The first query is, where do you come from, and the second query is, what happens after death.

The first query is all about the path. When you do not know, where you come from, you also do not know your path of life. If you do not know your path of life, you simply wander, without knowing anything, simply assuming and interpreting life with the mind.

The second query, what happens after the death, gives you clarity with the destination. Once your mind is clear with, where do you come from, and where you end up after death, the midway path too becomes clear with it. (more…)

The Relationship between Source, Spirit, Mind, and Body


The source is the seed in you that becomes the tree. The spirit is the roots of the tree. The life energy or the spirit nourishes the mind and body. The spirit is the spiritual web in the body that can be arranged and rearranged itself in as many ways possible.

Each person’s spirit is arranged in him, according to his nature. The spiritual web or spirit in the body comes from the source. The sensation in the body is part of the spirit. The spirit carries the mind with it. The mind too is part of the source and comes from the source. (more…)

How to Realize your True Self?


By dropping everything.

If I have to realize my true self, than what I am carrying on within, in this moment, and why it gives me an idea of truth?


Unless you look for something that is beyond your very identity you can never realize the truth for yourself. Each individual savors the idea of God, Nature, life, or something that is higher than him.

It can be a father figure, role model, inspiration or anyone he looks up-to. It’s not necessary that you believe in God, but even if you can imagine, anyone on this earth, bigger than your personal identity than you are looking for nothing but the true self. (more…)

Spiritual and Physical Side of Life.


The spiritual side of life is referred to the supreme soul, soul, spirit, sensation, breath, heaven, hell, higher world, and the spiritual world, while the physical side of life refers to the body, brain, heart, physical world.

The only physical world and the human existence in it don’t give a clear idea about the process of life, while only with the spirituality the physical life, is not possible. (more…)

How to Realize the Spirit in the Body?


The physical body that you have, is not only limited to your physical appearance, but there is more to it. The functions of brain, heart, breath, and body are not possible, by themselves, but there is something more in the body, that allows the function to take place.

It’s the spirit that allows the life’s functions possible in you. When you experience the spirit in the body, you realize that, in reality, it’s the spirit, that works through the physical body and makes life possible. The smooth flow of breath too is possible because of spirit.

You have a source, spirit, mind, and physical body. When you realize the spirit within, you open yourself for the realization of a source, and the nature of mind and body becomes clear to you.

With the inward attention, you realize a different dimension to view life. You cannot see the world in its natural form unless you realize the dimension beyond the perception of your mind. The mind limits your perception, only to the limited thoughts, imagination, experiences, and impressions stored by the mind.

When you realize spirit, which lies beyond the nothingness of the mind, you also realize fresh dimension to view life. This dimension gives you absolute clarity of life. You experience the truth of life. The mind remains the same, but you receive altogether a different dimension to see the world with the same mind.

Everything under the sun and in the universe follows natural principles of life. Nothing happens without a reason, but everything takes place, out of that natural principles. Life on existence never can go out of the order. It knows, how to balance itself. It’s only the humans, who don’t know, how to create balance out of their life, as their mind is always stuck, into the objective or subjective reality of life.

The natural principle is simple. It initiates with the vibrations (Source), from vibrations comes the life energy(Spirit) and consciousness (mind), and both the life energy and mind forms the physical structure.

When the mind and spirit are part of the body, the mind accumulates things from outside and forms different desires of life out of it. The spirit, mind, and body work together to fulfill the desires of the mind.

“Everything that exists in the universe, have one of these three things. Vibrations, energy and matter. You too are made up of, energy, vibrations and matter. The life begins with the vibration, turning into an energy and the energy into different physical form.”

How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation

The vibrations (Source) always exists in its purest form. The source doesn’t have any source, and that can be confirmed out of the experience of the source.

The life energy (Spirit) too exists in a subtle form as a subtle thread that governs the mind and body from within. The spirit arranges and rearranges itself according to the needs and desires of the body and mind.

If your understanding only remains, at the level of fulfilling your desire’s of life, you never get to the truth of life. The physical manifestation of life is just an exterior part, and the cause of it lies inside.

Every person carries the subtle body or spirit within himself and the physical body is just an instrument, to experience the physical reality of the world. The mind remains filled with the impressions of the physical as well as the subtle world. This keeps us separate from realizing the truth of life, that lies beyond the physical as well as subtle impressions of the mind.

All your actions, experiences, impressions that you face in your day to day life comes from the subtle world. You attract, similar energy, experiences, and impressions that you carry in the subtle body. All the experiences, situations, events and impressions you attract in your life, depends on what kind of impressions you have gathered in your mind, over the time. Law of attraction works at the level of mind and spirit. You attract what you carry inside.

Life is hugely misunderstood, with the mind. With the mind, you cannot understand life, because life doesn’t take place, at the level of mind, but it happens from much deeper space, in you, that needs to be realized.

There is something more that, triggers the part of the brain, that creates logic, reasoning, analysis, evaluation, contemplation, imagination, forms thoughts.

The biggest hindrance, in the experience of the spirit, is one’s own mind. The mind is always directed outside, chasing the desires of the outside world, but never try to realize its own truth.

The outside reality exists, out of the life, we have already lived in the past.

The mind creates further desire’s, out of that, which already exists, and move forward in creating future reality out of it.

With the mind directed outside, you can create thoughts for the future, imagine things, create, innovate, feel, show emotions and take actions to manifest future reality, but you can never know the source of life, by that means. To know the source of life, you have to take the attention of the mind inward.

“Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Running or even any form of physical exercise, with the inward attention, can serve you to experience the spirit and soul in the body.”

The Essence of Self-Realization: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

The mind when is directed inward, it comes face to face with the inner reality. Most of the time of day-to-day life is wasted in chasing unnecessary things. It’s just like catching once own tail.

With the inward attention, we start understanding the reality of life. We learn to differentiate between what is real and what is an illusion. More we connect with the reality of the inner world, more we drop the illusion out of our life.

When you spend time with yourself and observe your mind, you realize that your mind is filled with all the things, that you no longer requires in this moment. Slowly you start to detach yourself with the things, that you no longer required in your life.

You start emptying your mind. More and more you get familiar with the nature of your mind, more you empty your mind. You realize that your mind is filled with so much of garbage, that forget about the truth, but its impossible to achieve anything in the outside life, with such mind.

You take your mind to the stage, where nothing remains in the mind. You experience the nothingness of your mind and makes conscious choice and decisions with every aspect of your life.

More you move deeper into the nothingness of your mind, more you come closer to realize the spirit in the body. The spirit or life energy is locked at a various different place in the body. Its the attention of the mind that moves inward, helps you to unlock the spirit within the body, and you go through a life-changing experience within.

It takes a while for the mind to understand the nature of the spirit. The spirit is the life force that continuously works within the body and mind. All the major functions of the body and mind are done by the spirit.

It’s only with the realization of the spirit, the natural process of life is realized to you. With the realization of the spirit, you realize the true purpose of life. The truth behind the mind and body too is known, with the realization of the spirit.