How to Stay calm During a Crisis?


Either an upside down swing of an Indian economy or the political chaos of the United States of America, it’s very important to keep your head straight in the moment of crisis. Looking at the outside scenario, it’s easier to assume things, out of our understanding and this assumption, adds fear and anxiety in our lives, and force us to act out of fear.

If you really wanted to understand, what’s going on in your country, the first thing you need to focus, is to keep yourself absolutely calm and peaceful during a crisis. You cannot allow outside situations to over-power you, otherwise, it will be impossible for you to judge the present situations of your life. (more…)

What do you Experience on the Spiritual Path?


If you begin to search for life, there are two queries that burn in you all the time. The first query is, where do you come from, and the second query is, what happens after death.

The first query is all about the path. When you do not know, where you come from, you also do not know your path of life. If you do not know your path of life, you simply wander, without knowing anything, simply assuming and interpreting life with the mind.

The second query, what happens after the death, gives you clarity with the destination. Once your mind is clear with, where do you come from, and where you end up after death, the mid-way path too becomes clear with it. (more…)

The Relationship between Source, Spirit, Mind and Body


The source is the seed in you that becomes the tree. The spirit is the roots of the tree. The life energy or the spirit nourishes the mind and body. The spirit is the spiritual web in the body that can be arranged and rearranged itself in as many ways possible.

Each person’s spirit is arranged in him, according to his nature. The spiritual web or spirit in the body comes from the source. The sensation in the body is part of the spirit. The spirit carries the mind with it. The mind too is part of the source and comes from the source.

All the karmic impressions of life get stored in the mind, and thus the physical structure of a body has formed accordingly. Your physical appearance depends on the past impressions of life, and the time you work on yourself, you can definitively improve your physical appearance. (more…)

How to Realize your True Self?


By dropping everything.

If I have to realize my true self, than what I am carrying on within, in this moment, and why it gives me an idea of truth?


Unless you look for something that is beyond your very identity you can never realize the truth for yourself. Each individual savors the idea of God, Nature, life, or something that is higher than him.

It can be a father figure, role model, inspiration or anyone he looks up-to. It’s not necessary that you believe in God, but even if you can imagine, anyone on this earth, bigger than your personal identity than you are looking for nothing but the true self. (more…)

Spiritual and Physical Side of Life.


Spiritual side of life is refer to the supreme soul, soul, spirit, sensation, breathe, heaven, hell, higher world, spiritual world, and the physical side of life refers to the body, brain, heart, physical world. Only physical world and the human existence in it, doesn’t give clear idea about the process of life, while only with the spirituality the physical life, is not possible.

Spiritual life has its own rules, while physical life has its own rules. The truth is, existence of physical life is possible only because of the spiritual life and these truth can only be understood, when you realize the truth behind your own existence within, the body.

Spirit and soul resides in the physical body and experience life in different forms. The physical life including the brain, heart and body is made up of five elements. Brain may create different perception for you, through the senses, out of the five elements, but when you observe life directly through consciousness, you see everything out of its true nature. Nothing deceives you with life, and everything appears out of its true nature.

“Breathe and sensation is part of the spirit. The spirit experience life through brain, heart and body through sensation.”

 The natural process of life takes place from inside out. Soul creates spirit and spirit forms brain, heart and body. When the spirit expands within the physical body, physical body too expands with the spirit. Its the spirit that creates the process within the physical body, for it too expand and so that spirit can express and experience life through the body.

The spirit carries the past experience and impressions, and thus the quality of physical body, brain and heart depends upon the quality of experience’s and impressions of the spirit from the past.

The soul in the body is an empty space of higher vibrations, that allows the process of creation, sustenance and destruction. Creation, sustenance and destruction happens only of the physical form, when the physical body die and perish and the subtle experiences and impressions of the spirit, when the spirit creates an intention to become one with the soul.

The spirit is a moving subtle thread that carries the sensation along with the spiritual or kundalini energy in the form of a subtle shape of tiny little ball. The spiritual energy is directed by the direction of your attention.If your attention moves outside, the movement of spirit, sensation, mind, heart and body moves outward, and the spiritual energy allows the process of life to take place. When the same attention of the mind, moves inward, you move on the path of self-realization.

At the  level of mind, when your desires asks you to move into the physical world, all the spiritual energy is directed outside to fulfill your desire.

When the same attention is directed inward towards breathe, sensation, thoughts, feelings and emotions, the spiritual energy that has been used to fulfill the desires of life, now serves you to understand the subtle along with the physical reality of life.

The spiritual life begins when your attention shifts inward. The attention on breathe is the gateway, that can take you till the end, in realizing the spiritual energy inside.

“The attention on the breathe and sensation allows you to experience the self within the body, separate from your physical identity.”

The process of inflow and outflow of breathe is possible because of the spirit in the body. Spiritual energy is locked at the bottom of the spine, and the subtle thread of spirit is so attached to the physical body, that it gets hard to realize the spirit, when you try to understand with the mind.

“Only when the sensation gets separated from the physical body, you tend to realize the spiritual energy, spirit and soul into the body.”

Breathe and sensation is a confirmation of spirit in the body. All the functions of the body, heart and brain is possible because of the spirit. At the level of brain, it seems like life is happening because of the brain, but when you realize the detachment of spirit from the physical body, you unlock the spiritual energy, and you experience the pure space of consciousness within the body.

The subtle thread of the spirit can expand and contracts. When it expands, it functions through the body, heart and brain and when it contracts it moves back to its source, i.e. pure consciousness.

Mind is the one, that acts as a bridge between spiritual and physical life. When the attention of the mind is outside, in fulfilling the desires of life, its not the brain, but its the spirit, that fulfills its desires through the body, heart and brain, and when the same spirit, finds no meaning or purpose out of its mundane desire, it begins to move inward, to look for more meaning with life.

Its the spirit only, that looks for the purpose of his own existence and life as a whole.

When the spirit begins to unveil everything of the subtle world, it comes closer to his personal self. More and more the attention moves inward, more and more it comes closer to unlock his own spiritual energy that can help the spirit to detach itself, from the body and experience the truth of his own existence, and the life as a whole.

The brain thinks, imagine things, create logic out of things, analyze and evaluate life, because of the subtle thread of the spirit, passing through the brain. Brain cannot functions on its own, unless the subtle thread of the spirit, works through it.

The role of the brain is to  make alive the experiences and impressions recorded in the past, into the spirit as well as the fresh experiences and impressions accumulated through senses. The process of brain, heart and body initiates from the brain and ends with the body. The life initiates with the brain. Everything of the heart too comes from the brain.

Its not the brain, that stores the data, but the spirit that holds everything into it, in the form of experiences and impressions. Once the experience or impressions gets registered into the spirit, and it stays into the spirit. The experiences and impressions, doesn’t have an image, while it is present into the spirit, but only when the impression or experience comes in contact with the brain through the subtle thread, the experience or impressions from the past, gets alive. You always have a choice, to either bring past experience and impressions, back into your life experience, or completely wash off the experience.

With life either on the spiritual or physical level, once you have the higher experience, you never tend to move back to the lesser experience. With the mind, it may be possible that you repeat or expand the same experience, but with the spirit, if you have experienced something higher, you never tend to get to the lower experience, but you make the higher experience as an integral part of your life, and always look for the higher experience.

After the realization, to merge with the consciousness or be with it, all the time, is the only purpose remains for the spirit, while the life on the physical level, goes on, out of higher wisdom and bliss. Necessary action too is possible, if required on the physical level, with the consciousness, depending on the individual.

With spirituality, truth is added to life, and with truth you never go wrong with life. The path of self-realization, only takes you higher and higher, closing the gap between the illusion and reality of life.

How to Realize the Spirit in the Body?


The physical body that you have, is not only limited to your physical appearance, but there is more to it. The functions of brain, heart, breath and body is not possible, by themselves, but there is something more in the body, that allows the function to take place.

It’s the spirit that allows the life’s functions possible in you. When you experience the spirit in the body, you realize that, in reality, it’s the spirit, that works through the physical body and make life possible. The smooth flow of breath too, is possible because of spirit.

You have a source, spirit, mind, and physical body. When you realize the spirit within, you open yourself for the realization of source, and the nature of mind and body becomes clear to you.

With the inward attention, you realize a different dimension to view life. You cannot see the world in its natural form, unless you realize the dimension beyond the perception of your mind. The mind limits your perception, only to the limited thoughts, imagination, experiences, and impressions stored by the mind.

When you realize spirit, which lies beyond the nothingness of the mind, you also realize fresh dimension to view life. This dimension gives you absolute clarity of life. You experience the truth of life. The mind remains the same, but you receive altogether a different dimension to see the world with the same mind.

Everything under the sun and in the universe follows a natural principles of life. Nothing happens without a reason, but everything takes place, out of that natural principles. Life on existence never can go out of the order. It knows, how to balance itself. Its only the humans, who don’t know, how to create balance out of their life, as their mind is always stuck, into the objective or subjective reality of life.

The natural principle is simple. It initiates with the vibrations (Source), from vibrations comes the life energy(Spirit) and consciousness (mind), and both the life energy and mind forms the physical structure.

When the mind and spirit is part of the body, the mind accumulates things from outside and forms different desires of life out of it. The spirit, mind and body works together to fulfill the desires of the mind.

“Everything that exists in the universe, have one of these three things. Vibrations, energy and matter. You too are made up of, energy, vibrations and matter. The life begins with vibration, turns into an energy and the energy takes different physical form, out of the quality and quantity of energy and vibrations, on the existence.”

The vibrations (Source) always exists in its purest form. The source doesn’t have any source, and that can be confirmed out of the experience of the source.

The life energy (Spirit) too exists in a subtle form as a subtle thread that governs the mind and body from within. The spirit arrange and rearrange itself according to the needs and desires of the body and mind.

If your understanding only remains, at the level of fulfilling your desire’s of life, you never get to the truth of life. The physical manifestation of life, is just an exterior part, and the cause of it lies inside.

Every person carries the subtle body or spirit within himself and the physical body is just an instrument, to experience the physical reality of the world. The mind remains filled with the impressions of the physical as well as subtle world. This keeps us separate from realizing the truth of life, that lies beyond the physical as well as subtle impressions of the mind.

All your actions, experiences, impressions that you face in your day to day life comes from the subtle world. You attract, similar energy, experiences and impressions that you carry in the subtle body. All the experiences, situations, events and impressions you attract in your life, depends on what kind of impressions you have gathered in your mind, over the time. Law of attraction works at the level of mind and spirit. You attract what you carry inside.

Life is hugely misunderstood, with the mind. With the mind, you cannot understand life, because life doesn’t take place, at the level of mind, but it happens from much deeper space, in you, that needs to be realized.

There is something more that, triggers the part of the brain, that creates logic, reasoning, analysis, evaluation, contemplation, imagination, forms thoughts.

The biggest hindrance, in the experience of the spirit, is one’s own mind. The mind is always directed outside, chasing the desires of the outside world, but never try to realize its own truth.

The outside reality exists, out of the life, we have already lived in the past.

The mind creates further desire’s, out of that, which already exists, and move forward in creating future reality out of it.

With the mind directed outside, you can create thoughts for the future, imagine things, create, innovate, feel, show emotions and take actions to manifest future reality, but you can never know the source of life, by that means. To know the source of life, you have to take the attention of the mind inward.

“Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Running or even any form of physical exercise, with the inward attention, can serve you to experience the spirit and soul in the body.”

The mind when is directed inward, it comes face to face with the inner reality. Most of the time of day-to-day life is wasted in chasing unnecessary things. Its just like catching once own tail.

With the inward attention, we start understanding the reality of life. We learn to differentiate between what is real and what is illusion. More we connect with the reality of the inner world, more we drop the illusion out of our life.

When you spend time with yourself, and observe your mind, you realize that your mind is filled with all the things, that you no longer requires in this moment. Slowly you start to detach yourself with the things, that you no longer required in your life.

You start emptying your mind. More and more you get familiar with the nature of your mind, more you empty your mind. You realize that your mind is filled with so much of garbage, that forget about the truth, but its impossible to achieve anything in the outside life, with such mind.

You take your mind to the stage, where nothing remains in the mind. You experience the nothingness of your mind, and makes conscious choice and decisions with every aspect of your life.

More you move deeper into the nothingness of your mind, more you come closer in realizing the spirit in the body. The spirit or life energy is locked at various different place in the body. Its the attention of the mind that moves inward, helps you to unlock the spirit within the body, and you go through a life changing experience within.

It takes a while for the mind to understand the nature of the spirit. The spirit is the life force that continuously work within the body and mind. All the major functions of the body and mind is done by the spirit.

Its only with the realization of the spirit, the natural process of life is realized to you. With the realization of the spirit, you realize the true purpose of your life. The truth behind the mind and body too is known, with the realization of the spirit.

Establish in Your Dharma (Religion).


Dharma is your daily karma or action, that creates your destiny. Each one creates his or her own dharma or religion. Christianity is a dharma (Religion) of Jesus Christ, Hinduism is a dharma (Religion) of Krishna, Buddhism is a dharma (Religion) of Gautama Buddha, Jainism is a dharma (Religion) of Mahavira, and Islam is a dharma (Religion) of Muhammad.

Whats your dharma (Religion)?

Dharma is your daily karma or action, out of your understanding. Each day you take different choices and decisions, out of understanding. You have daily activities to follow, different situations to face, different experiences and impressions that you accumulate throughout the day. Everything that you accumulate, experience and later express yourself to the world, out of understanding, everything comes to your karma or action.

Your karma or action is your dharma. Karma or action doesn’t only mean physical, but every moment, you create karma, either in the physical body, or in the subtle body. Physical karma is something everyone is familiar with, but there is also subtle karma, that you create with your imagination, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The karma doesn’t initiate with the subtle karma, but the subtle karma too needs energy and vibrations, to complete its process. The subtle karma gets alive in the physical form, if you give enough energy to it, in the subtle world.

The subtle karma extracts energy and vibrations from the higher world, that exists within, so that subtle karma can be materialized in the physical form.

Thus if you spend sometimes, on a daily basis, to look within, you can not only experience, your subtle karma, but you can also realize the spot, of energy and vibrations, within.

The established religion is the path, for the individuals, who are not capable to create their own dharma or has lesser understanding towards life, but the individuals, those who are open to life, and can use the power to make choice and decisions, can also create their own dharma or religion.

Once you create your own dharma or religion, out of your own understanding, you can explore both the inner as well as outside world, and get better with it. Once you reach, at the peak of your own dharma, you will realize the establishment of the truth, behind all the dharma (Religion), that exists on the existence.

Your daily life, that you live, is your dharma. All the life lesson’s, wisdom, bliss, life’s purpose, natural principles, self-realization, truth, god can be found, by living your dharma.

Yes, you can learn from the teachings of the sages, who were successful, in creating their own dharma, but that teachings has to be applied in one’s own life, to create ones own dharma, and not to get lost in the teachings of others. The teachings of the sages, religions, scriptures, or the spiritual organization is a finger, pointing to the moon. You cannot get stuck to the finger, but you have to travel the path, by yourself.

The path can be walked outside or inside, but the realization of truth, happens only within. Even the outside path, through karma and experiences of life, later connects inside.

The understanding of others, cannot go too far, and you have to develop your life, out of your own understanding. The dharma can be developed by making different choices and decisions, on a daily basis. You have to see, what works for you, and what doesn’t work, by experimenting with your life.

Life repeats every twenty-four hours, and seven days. After seven days, you experience the same life. If you are clear with your everyday life and the life of seven days, you can make the necessary amendments with it, out of your daily requirements, when required.

“There is no bigger purpose, than creating one’s own dharma, and walking on it, till the end. The dharma, that comes out of, ones own understanding, can take you far beyond your physical as well as subtle world.”

There is no limit with life. You can go on expanding and exploring both the inner as well as outside world, but there has to be something, with your life, that stays constant, so that you don’t get lost with life.

Your own dharma or religion, becomes the centre, while you explore and expand with your life. With the dharma, you never get lost, because your mind always remains on the dharma, and you tend to move, once you create or innovate with your life. You never get attached to anything, if you walk on your dharma.

“Everything changes around your dharma, but your dharma remains constant all the time. Only the constant phenomenon of life, can help you to understand the changing nature of mind and the nature of life on the existence.”

The life cycle on earth begins with God. The life-cycle on earth, is possible through karma. There is no life without karma or action. God initiate life with energy and vibrations on earth. The energy and vibrations allowed the process of subtle as well as physical world.

The human’s comes on the existence, and create their karma to form a life-cycle. The destiny is nothing but the karma or action that you have created in the past. Whatever you experience in the present moment, are the karma or action, that you have created in the past, and the karma or action, you create in the present moment, will be your future. There is no pre-defined future, already exists for the human.

Yes, life follows the process of evolution, where the human’s mind, heart and body evolves to experience better life on earth. Life as whole evolves with the time, but humans, have a conscious choice, to grow and evolve on an individual basis, with his will-power.

You cannot grow and evolve, unless you know, the process of life. When the person identifies his  dharma, and follow his dharma and get better with the time, it consciously grow and evolves on an individual level.

Nothing happens to the person, in his life-time, that he has not created in the past. You only receive, what you have given to life, and this law applies, just as the law of gravity. Life on the existence, follows the natural principles and anything and everything that exists on this earth, is bound by those principles.

If you create your own dharma, than it gets easier to establish in ones own dharma. Once you get establish in your dharma, than you don’t get caught up in the physical realities of life, but you begin to unveil the natural principles of life.

Understanding develops when your mind, heart and body grow and evolves with life. Proper analysis, evaluation, and contemplation into different situations, events and experiences of life, happens on its own, when you recognize and follow your dharma. With the dharma, you don’t have to worry about the world, but the only concern remains, for you, is to follow your dharma.

Following one’s dharma sheds all the illusions of life, and you connect with the natural principles of life. The one who follows his dharma, always remains protected. Life never ditch to the person, who follows his dharma. The past, present and future belongs to the dharma. Dharma that comes out of one’s own understanding, leads to one’s own salvation, from the life-cycle of physical as well as subtle world and you move to the world of pure energy and vibrations.

Obsession is a Barrier, towards free flow of Life’s Energy, Inside.


All the creative flow of ideas, thoughts, imagination and all the beautiful feelings, emotions, intuition and insights towards life, is possible through free flow of life’s energy inside. When the life’s energy get stuck with anything, the life too gets stuck with it.

Obsession towards anything, blocks your mind, heart and body and your life’s energy get stuck, to disintegrate the free flow of ideas, feelings and emotions, in the moment. Obsession acts as a hindrance, towards the free flow of life’s energy, inside.

Many times, we are caught up in a situation with life, where we want the world to move faster, so that we can allow our things to take place, our way.

With life, there are certain part of things, which is in our hand, and there are certain things, on which we have no control. When we understand this truth of life, we can handle our life’s situation better and proceed with it, with better understanding.

Sometimes, we are so obsessed with the things, or sometime the situation puts us, into a position, where we want the entire world to move, the way we want, but this never gets possible, for any person, on this earth, because life takes place in its own way, and it has nothing to do with our situation or needs.

Life does provide you, what you want, but the time is decided by life, and its not specifically based on our needs. Our obsession does more damage to the possible work from our side, rather simply wanting to get the things done, by hook or crook method.

Obsession simply puts break to life, and doesn’t allow you to overcome, even out of a single event.

When you are obsessed or stressed or may be going through emotional turbulence, at such moment, your entire body, heart and mind gets squeezed, and you wish to move out of your inner turmoil, as soon as possible.

You are not bothered with what’s going outside, but the things happening inside of you, bothers you more. When you simply detach yourself with the situations of life, you can see, you were less bothered with the situations, that’s happening outside and more concerned with the inner turmoil.

When you silent yourself from inside or create peace within, outside world becomes easier to understand.

Even in the most critical situations or events of life, if you can hold yourself back and try to see things, the best solution to the situation, appears by itself. If you let lose yourself, into different situations and events of life, and can hold some patience in the moments, you can handle the most difficult situations of your life.

You are the creator, and the life should flow out of you. If there is a chaos going on inside, you can never do justice to the situation, but you create more chaos outside.

At times, when you feel, you don’t have control over the situation, than the best way, is to move forward with life. You always have enough time, to come back to the same situation and figure out the solution for it, but its not necessary to get stuck in the moment, for life-time. You have to learn to keep moving forward with life.

Majority of people carry this belief that, life comes out of stress, pain and suffering, but on the contrary, if you are not aware in the moment of stress, pain or suffering, the same thing can take you backward with life. You cannot grow out of pain or stress, unless you are aware of it. Only the awareness, allows you to rise above, all the inner turmoil.

You have to be aware in the moment. If you are aware with what’s going on around you, you will never be obsessed with anything with your life. Obsession is nothing but a blockage, whereby, your entire mind, heart and body gets blocked in the moment, for the situation, thing or people.

All the anger, frustration, negative thought patterns, pain, suffering is due to the block of life’s energy inside.

Whatever you experience in the moment, be it in the form of situation, event or impression, it’s because you wanted that experience deep down inside, or your inner flow of energy, have attracted those experiences into your life.

Say for e.g., If you are happy and feeling joyful in the moment, you are not bothered to notice the event, which is full of chaos on the road side, and you simply pass by, but if there is a chaos going on inside of you, you will easily relate to those situation, and that situation may attract you, to stand alongside, and watch the entire scenario.

All the life’s situation, events and experience of life, is just as it is, and whatever you carry within yourself in the moment, be it the idea, thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions and energy, you add all of them to the situation, events or experience’s of the moment.

When you don’t feel good inside, you create chaos out of small situation, and if you feel great within, even the biggest problems of life, seems like a small thing. To feel good or stay happy all the time, is an art and that needs to be learnt and developed over the time, with practice.

No situation of life is too big or too small to handle, but it all depends upon, what kind of perspective you carry with your life, and what kind of method and ways you use, to tackle different situation’s and events of your life.

Every situation, events and experience of life, is there for learning. You are separate from the situation, events and experiences of life. They are not part of you. You choose to make it a part of yourself, and that’s where attachment comes in.

When you can see your life, as a detached observer, you see the situation, events and experiences of your daily life, and see what you are supposed to add on to it, to make them better.

To remain detached with life situations, events and experiences of life needs practice. You have to go through the internal process of life, where you remain aware all the time, 24 hour of the day, with everything that goes inside of you, and notice the changes that different situation, events and experiences of life, brings to you.

Unless you notice the changes that outside situation brings to you, you cannot make the necessary changes required into those situation. The life will go on repeat itself, unless you take some active steps towards your life. If you pass on a certain situation or event, you may seem it has left behind. This is not the way of life, and unless and until you learn the lessons from it, it will again back to you, in some form or the other.

The mind, heart and body is so conditioned with the repetitive patterns of life, that its to easy to get caught up in different situations of life. It may see like different, because of your unawareness, but more likely its the same.

Once you are aware in the moment, you realize which situation, people, events or experiences of life, have power to bring different types of thoughts, feelings and emotions from within. This requires alertness and attention in the moment. You cannot take any moment of your life, lightly. Every moment of life, something or the other takes place. If you are unaware, you go on missing with your life.

People are afraid of giving, helping others, or trusting others, because they think they have limited resources, and if they share, it will get over. They create beliefs that sabotage them, for their entire life.

Even if they are asked to make a choice with their life, they pick things, that simply suggest their limitations, that they have set around themselves. Life carries no limitations and this can be experienced by every individuals, by practicing with the different aspects of life.

Once you begin to expand yourself with every different aspects of life, you break your boundaries with life. You tend to drop all the frustrations, obsessions, anger, jealousy that comes with the limited perspective towards life.

Every person is born with the potential to expand, but very few, choose to execute their highest possibility with life and rest of them simply get lost, into their own prison, that they have set themselves with repetitive experiences and impressions of life.

Your experiences and impressions are not simply present to you, but you choose them, and not only that, you also have a choice to react or response to different situations, or events of your life. It may seem like, that you have no control over the situations or experiences of life, but you always have a control, of what kind of response you give, to different situations and events in your life.

You are free to choose the life of your dreams. You don’t have to imagine the entire life, all in advance. See what you want with your life, and what are the steps, that is possible in this moment, and begin to take those steps.

Always and always remember one thing, when you really wish to make big with your life, you never thing to stop at any moment, but you simply savor the idea to go along forever and ever. Yes, you can have a pause with life, but those pause in the moment, too makes you stronger and serves you to take you forward with life.

“You don’t need money, strength, feelings or emotions, ideas, but all you need is a will-power to go till the end, and all other things, you acquire over the time, along the path.”

Death & Retreat is, One and the same.


Retreat is an experience, where you move out of your daily routine, to reflect back on your life, and come back to life more stronger. The same thing happens, at the time of death, whereby, you move out of your old body, to come back again, more evolved to experience life.

Not all the retreats are of the same types, and so does the experience of death. But the purpose remains the same, either for the retreats or death experience, to come back to life, stronger than before.

What you see in a person, from outside, is not the complete picture of whats happening inside of him, and it might not give you a clue, about all the chaos that exists inside. Its only, when you look deep inside, your own chaos, you begin to see, how the things takes place inside of everyone.

Life initiates from the deep subtle level, and at the physical level, its impossible to understand, whats happening inside, or why certain incidents takes place, in the life of people, be it in the form of fatal disease, or unforeseen accident’s.

One thing is for sure with life is that, anything that happens with you, either it appears to be good or worse, the cause always perpetuate within. No matter what happens with you, it all depends upon the inner energy and vibrations, that you send out into the universe.

Life follows a natural laws, and it cannot happen otherwise. You tend to attract, what you are and who you are. No outside situation, experiences or events of life, holds the direct power to write your life, unless you surrender yourself from inside.

If you can really hold yourself, with what you want out of life, from inside, no thing of this life, can bend you to make anything else, other than what you have desired, with your life.

The power of an individual lies, in firmly executing what he desires, and holding onto it, with his strong will.

The beauty of life is happening inside and the beauty of death too. The one who begins to understand the natural principles of life, also unveils the beauty of death.

Death remains mystery only to those, who are yet to discover life, within . Once you discover life in you, the mystery of death too gets revealed. Life and death are the only two mysteries that needs to be discovered, and all the mysteries of life, gets revealed by itself.

Both Death and retreat serves to unblock the inner flow of energy, in its own way.

When you follow the same patterns of life, over and over, after a certain point of time, it blocks the inner flow of energy.

Thats the only reason, we need sleep after a days work, because different impressions and experiences of life, good or not so good, blocks the inner flow of energy, after a certain point of time, and if you don’t follow a method or ways to unblock the free flow of energy, it results into a fatal disease.

This is only, one of the many reasons why death occurs and sometimes, mind and heart too gets blocked in a moment, and cannot figure out a response, for the situation or an event ( Accidents or unforeseen situations ), that again results into an untimely death.

There are many incidents in everyone’s life, where they might have seen passing of their loved one’s, without any real cause or the cause that wasn’t appeared to be an obvious one. This happens because, life and death is a subtle process and can only be understood, when you experience your own subtle world.

Impressions and experiences, are carried forward with life, if its deeply rooted inside. In the present life, you always have a power of choice and decisions and along with it the will, to choose what kind of impressions and experiences, you would like to experience and alter the past experiences or impressions of life.

The nature of life, both on the existence and inside of us, has its own way to work. It doesn’t depend upon, what you think or feel but it simply follows its natural process. The natural process of life, depends upon the quality of inner energy and vibrations for its functions.

When you don’t feel good or feel tensed or stressed, its only due to the blockage of inner flow of energy, and the time you laugh your heart out, its only because of the free flow of energy inside, in the moment.

“The mood swings or the tension & stress, is only the result of the blockages of the inner flow of energy, in the moment.”

Timely retreat allows you to unlock your inner flow of spiritual energy. Never take your  inner life for granted. If you feel unease at any point of time, make sure you relax yourself in the moment, rather to develop a habit to simply stretch with the dis-ease.

No pain or sorrow in your life can serve you, unless you resolve yourself to turn them into a happy and joyful one. Everyone receives the same amount of happiness and sorrows in life, and it all depends upon an individuals, what they do, to turn their pain and sorrows into the best experiences of their life.

Remember, you cannot create anything, with feeling uneasiness or stressed in your life. Drop the notion to stretch yourself in pain, sorrow, stress or sadness. Take time out for yourself, towards your well-being. You cannot claim anyone other than yourself for your pain and sorrow. Its always remain your choice to carry your sadness with life.

If you really choose to make the best out of your life, you have to have the relaxed body, mind and heart and only than you can create the most out of your thoughts, feelings and imagination. Life only happens, with the inner flow of energy, and the source for the functions of the mind, heart and body too depends upon the inner flow of energy.

If you don’t take care of your inner life, it will sooner or later show up in your outside life, and at that time no medication from outside, will really help.

Normal mindset allows the people to believe that, without them their world is impossible, and they are only responsible for everything that takes place around them. This is the only reason, people are hesitant to take time out for themselves, as they feel that, if they move out, their world will collapse.

The life is all about different experience and experiment and the time you begin to experiment more with your life, you gain more experience, to explore life. You don’t need to change the things that is happening outside, but you simply have to change the perspective that you carry for your life, from within.

Life can very well run without you, if you can take  time out for yourself, and allow life to happen on its own. Sometimes our too much indulgence with life, spoils the natural flow of life. Its better to work on oneself and create a fine balance from within, rather to indulge with the very nature of things, situation or people, to get them into a balance. If you can create a fine balance from within, outside life certainly respond to it.

Running can Serve you, to Unlock the Spiritual Energy


Everyone is familiar with the word energy, but spiritual energy that exists within us, and in the locked form, and needs to be unlock, may seem like a hocus-pocus thing for many.

When you give a thought around your breath, sensation, feelings, or emotions, you don’t have any idea about it, and moving further with the thinking or imagination, although it’s a part of your inner system, still you might not have any clue, what’s going on inside of you. You simply go on living life.

There are very few, who might have sit down with themselves in their entire life, and really experienced the movement of breathe. Your own sensation, feelings, emotions or thoughts and imaginations, might have remained far-fetched things.

You don’t have to read the thoughts of others, or feel others feelings or emotions, but when it comes to you, you at-least have a responsibility to look into yourself, and figure out whats going on, inside of you.

For this, no one can take you inside, and help you to observe your breath, sensation, or many other things, that exists inside, and can only be revealed, out of your very own effort.

“This is the inner journey that the sages talks about.”

When your mind is constantly hovering into your future, which becomes the reality of your life, by your prolonged thinking, feeling and acting, there is no time left, for the mind to direct the attention on oneself, and know its source.

Why its important to know oneself, when with the mind, heart and body, its possible to achieve everything of the world.

The question is, as relevant as its relevant for the person, who born on this earth, but have no clue about his parents. The person who has everything of this world. The best education as anyone can have, and achieved everything he desired from his life, but still the longing remains in him, to know, his mother and father.

If you simply indulge yourself into the activities of your mind, heart and body, you can certainly create the life of your dreams and go on chasing your desires, one after the another, but you will never realize the true authentic self, that exists in you, and which can only be recognized, when you intend to know yourself from within.

“The biggest regret of life, is not that you cannot manifest or achieve what you desire, but once you achieve everything, still you miss the real purpose of life, which can only be fulfilled, once you realize the life, beyond your mind, heart and body.”

The nature of mind is such that, a single thought has a power to expand and become a reality into the existence.

Whatever your mind can conceive in the form of imagination, that part of life is possible to manifest into the existence, as anything that you perceive through your senses, in recent times, was just an idea or belief of our ancestors, and today it has become the reality for us to experience.

All the physical reality gets developed into the subtle world, and this can be experimented and experienced by every individual, for himself. You don’t have to move somewhere else, but simple interrogation in your daily life, and making different choices and decisions with the simplest of thing, will give you a proof of it.

The point here is, unless you are aware about the inner mechanism of mind, heart and body, it’s not possible to have a direct control over your life. Majority of the people, are struggling with their life, only because they don’t know, where to stop.

Beyond your physical body, there is another subtle body that exists in you. The physical body is the secondary body, while the subtle body is the primary one, where all the imagination, thoughts and emotions grows and later turns into a physical reality out of actions.

“It’s very important to know your subtle body, made up of, breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts,  imaginations, experiences, impressions, energy and everything that goes inside of you, in the subtle form, which is not visible through the senses, but can only be experienced through sensation.”

Many times it happens, that you come across a person, who already have something going on, into his subtle world, and his reaction or response in the moment, is not understood by you.

When you initiate the process to connect with your inner world, slowly you begin to understand the reaction or response of different people, into different situation. We all are the same from inside, and the same process goes through each one of us. When you understand the inner mechanism of your body, heart and mind, you will understand the process, that goes through every human being, who walked down this earth.

When you connect with your subtle body, you drop many illusions of your life, and your attention shifts to yourself. Attention on the breath is the easiest way to connect with the present moment and with your inner world.

The functions of the mind, heart and body is possible through spiritual energy, that gets released on everyday basis, according to the daily need of your mind, heart and body.

The subtle body of every person is not only made of good experiences, but there are also unwanted experiences and impressions, that you don’t want to experience, gets stored in the subtle body. Some impressions and experiences in the subtle body are so old and so strong that, it needs strong efforts, with the right attention and the right direction, to get rid of them.

Life moves step by step. When you start the inner journey and move from breath to sensation, life takes you through step by step process, that needs to be understood and rise above it.

Remember, when you move inside, your attention is the key, and with the attention on the sensation and breathe, you move upward. The physical appearance may seems small, but when you begin the inner journey of attention on your sensation, it takes a life time, to cover the inner journey of the subtle body.

You can experiment for yourself for 5 minutes. Try to keep your attention on the movement of your breath, and wait for the attention to shift to your sensation.

Your attention, should only be on your breath, and no extra efforts has to be placed from your side, to move towards the sensation, but out of the natural process, once you get familiar with the movement of the breath, the attention will automatically shift to the sensation of the body.

You can experience the spiritual energy from within, which is the source of mind, heart and body and the life on earth, but before that you have to understand the movement of your breath, sensation, the process of feelings and emotions, and remove the emotional debris, that you have acquired over the time.

You also have to get familiar with the continuous thought process, experiences, daily impressions, logical as well as the imaginative part of the mind, and after understanding all the different functions of your breath, sensation, heart and mind, your attention shifts to the place of attention itself.

When the breathe, sensation and the attention become one, the time comes, for you to experience the spiritual energy, that allows the process of life, to take place.

Running can act as an active method to help you to get into the present moment, by leaving all the past experiences and impressions of life behind.

You may not remain in the present moment for the longer time, but if you can utilize that little time, to bring your awareness to yourself, you can certainly excel your spiritual process, in knowing and connecting with your subtle world.

It’s not easy to stay with the breathe for the longer period of time, and even to grow with the passive method, i.e. in meditation, you need to have an active method, so that it becomes easier for the attention of the mind, to sink deep within, to know your inner world.

As you move deeper, you come across life long blockages, that you have savored for yourself and its hard to get rid of them, but running will serve a useful tool to break the old habits or old patterns of life, and grow on your path.

The more you remove the physical, emotional as well as mental blockages from inside, more you allow the free flow of spiritual energy inside. As you grow or rise higher on the spiritual path, more it will be easier for you to understand the inner as well as outside process of life and connect with it.

Life follows the process from inside out, and everything or any act that takes place on the existence, only comes out of that natural process of life.

When you make an intent to connect with your inner world, slowly you come closer to the natural process of life, and you understand the fundamental principles, out of which the life on the existence takes place.