What is the Purpose of Life and Why do we all Exist?


Sooner or later, the phase comes in our lives, where we try to look for the purpose of our lives, or look for the reasons behind our existence. This question is common to all and pinches in everyone’s life when you come face to face with the absurdity of life.

The point is, does this question has any relevance or does any answer exist for this question, or it’s again a thing of the mind? (more…)

How Life Evolved Spiritually and Scientifically in Humans?


As per Charles Darwin, “Life has evolved and the evolution took place, from animals to humans. When you study the life of a human scientifically, you have only one benchmark to test the progress of evolution, and i.e. the outside world.

The progress in science and technology in the outside world proves the growth and evolution that took place in humans.

The development in science and technology shows the development in the understanding of humans in relation to life on earth. So when it comes to science, the evolution of humans took place in the form of understanding of the outside world.

The more understanding the humans had about the outside life, the more it expanded in the outside world in the field of science and technology.

So the scientific evolution of a human can be seen by measuring the progress of science and technology in the outside world. An individual’s progress of evolution can be noted, with how well he understands the science and technology in the outside world and how easier for him to get along with it.

When it comes to spirituality, the definition of evolution changes altogether.

With the science, the man expands with his mind, while on the path of spirituality, the person moves beyond the nature of the mind.

The path of spirituality not only reveals the truth of science but also reveals the truth of life.

The growth or evolution on the path of science is limited to the mind and also keeps you separate from the whole process of life.

On the path of spirituality, you not only realize your own nature of your mind, but you also realize the life energy that works with the mind and body to carry out the process of life.

Life is not limited to the mind and body, and thus true evaluation of life can never be possible at the level of mind. You have to slip back beneath the mind to understand the actual process of life.

It’s the life energy in you that carries on your daily process of life and the same process of life follows in the universe. You have to move at the level of life energy, or spirit or soul whatever you name it, to understand the actual process of evolution on earth.

The truth behind the life on earth can be realized on the path of spirituality. Life at the physical level grows and evolves on earth out of the understanding of the mind, but the understanding of the mind can help you to sustain yourself with the life on earth, but cannot serve you to realize the truth of life.

You cannot move in the direction of science, as it’s not the absolute truth of life, although it’s very important for the survival of the humans to follow the path of science and technology to develop the life on earth.

But when it comes to the absolute truth of life, every individual has to move inward and search for the deeper truth of life in them, so that the life that comes out of the mind on earth, i.e. science and technology become absolutely clear to you.

It’s good to grow and develop with the science and technology, but one thing has to be absolutely clear to every person, that for the absolute truth they have to move inward.

Whatever exists outside is only for the utility purpose and the real love and wisdom of life will only come from within,

On the path of spirituality, your attention shifts from the outside world to the individual self, and as your attention shifts to the individual self you begin the search for the ultimate truth inside of you.

The search of the ultimate truth helps you to take a shift from body consciousness to the mind consciousness and from mind consciousness to the life consciousness and from the life consciousness to the source, from which the life flows into the body.

The life is divided in you in four parts. The physical body that is visible, the mind that can be experienced inside, but very few are consciously connected to the mind. The life energy or spirit or soul of which you can only be aware, if you look within you and allow yourself to shift from body and mind consciousness. The last one is the source.

The manifestation of the physical body is possible because of the life energy that exists in you. The mind and life energy come from the source that too exists in you and works within the body to allow the process of life to take place through you.

The source of life from where the life of the universe comes, the same source of life exists in you. With the mind, you will never be able to grasp the source of the universe, but if you consciously get on the path of knowing yourself, you will certainly be able to reach to the source of life in you.

When you realize the source of life in you, you also realize the source of life of the universe. The source of life of the universe cannot be different from the source of life that exists in you.

The life of all the scientific exploration remains the half truth unless you discover the true source of life in you. The process of life itself begins with the source in you. From the source come the life energy, and along with the life energy comes the mind and later the same life energy along with the mind forms the physical appearance i.e. physical body.

If you try to understand any part of the universe than the instrument that you have to understand the things of the universe is the mind. No matter what you understand with the mind only remains the half truth, because life begins with the source.

The mind only remains in the middle, while the process of life flows from much deeper self beneath the mind.

Thus to grow and evolve with life in a true sense, it’s important to seek life inside and get on the journey of seeking the absolute truth within. The scientific discovery is good to enhance the outside experience of life, but the number one priority of life should always remain the source of life that exists inside.

What is Awareness, Consciousness or Divine Mind?


Awareness, wakefulness, nothingness, voidness, consciousness, divine mind seems like big words for many, but when it comes to the realization of all of these terms, it comes to one experience, i.e. pure state of mind.

The mind is one. You have the whole mind that is not divided at any point. When your mind is absolutely empty, without any thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires, experiences, impressions, holding no idea for the past or future, you experience the mind in its purest form.

See, when you experience life with the mind, the things that seem important to you is what you think, what you imagine, your personal thoughts, your ideas, your experiences, your past, and future, but when you move towards the pure state of mind, all the above things seems irrelevant. (more…)

How Mind Perceive Reality?


You perceive the external and internal reality with the mind. The body and its senses are an instrument for the mind to experience life. The mind is separate from the brain, heart and body and that can be realized with the inward attention.

With the inward attention, you can move deeper into the space of the mind, whereby, you can realize the separation between the mind and the body. The physical body here includes your whole physical appearance.

You perceive yourself, the way you look from outside, but that’s not your true reality. The truth needs to search inside. (more…)

How your Perspective towards Life Changes Every Moment?


Have you ever wondered, in this moment you think or feel about the situation, people or experience of life in a certain way, and very next moment, all your thoughts and feelings simply switch into an opposite direction?

How does this happen and where does it happen and is there any way to rise above all the internal and external shifts of life?

Yes, there is a way. The way is to understand the whole process of life. Life expands and contracts in you. Usually, when you are unaware of what is happening in your internal and external world, you simply rotate in a circle, which is created out of your external experiences and internally expanded impressions of external experiences of life. (more…)

Everything happens out of Nature


Everything in the Universe happens out of nature. Nature is a way. The way the things manifold. No part of life can be claimed in any other way, except its nature.

Enlightenment or realization of the self is to know the process. Knowing the process is to know the nature of things. You don’t add or subtract in life, but you simply align yourself with the nature of things, out of your understanding towards the process.

Images come to the mind, out of the process. The source of the image is your external reality. Your perception accumulates the images from the external reality and the process of images in your mind begins. (more…)

It’s the Energy that creates Life, and not the Mind


The whole world is struggling with the thoughts and imagination of the mind and it’s an eternal struggle. Till you live at the level of your mind and considers the mind, to be the creator of your life, the struggle remains with life.

You just can never come over, of your mind, because the mind is just an instrument and unless you understand the back-end process, you remain stuck in the mind.

Thoughts and imagination is a by-product of the inner flowing energy. Your perception naturally comes out of the by-product, but if you consider by-product as everything, there are fair chances for you, to get caught up, in the illusions of your mind. (more…)

Create Life out of Pure Consciousness


Pure consciousness is life within you beyond mind. You, as a mind, come out pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is part of God within you.

The nature of mind is to think thoughts, create ideas, imagination, evaluate, divide, analyze and so on, while the nature of consciousness is pure nothingness. It’s a mirror. Life reflects itself in pure consciousness. Pure consciousness, is an experience, out of which, you come to life, and get back to it, in the end. (more…)

Your Intensity with Life brings the Change around you


Everyone is looking for change with life. Some they stand for the change, while others want somebody else to stand up for them, to bring the change into their lives.

The point is, if I wish to change the life around me, is it possible for me, or it’s just the probability of life?

The answer is, every individual holds the power to bring the change around him. It’s all about the intensity you carry with your efforts. Life remains standstill, if you don’t stand up for yourselves, or what you believe in with your life.

It’s not some super power, that brings the change around your life, but you have to work your way out, be it your personal, professional or spiritual life.

“Life is open for all, and the one who asks the right question, is surely guided in the right direction.”

We all are made up of five elements. Air, fire, earth, space and water. The most intense and powerful element is fire. Fire is energy. All the other elements of life, comes out of energy. Energy is the source of all the other elements of life.

Life is possible because of energy. If you can bring the fire within you, you can change any part of your life. To bring the change with life is to change the lower energy into higher one.

The life around you changes, when you transcend yourself from inside. We all are made up of same elements and the time we release the positive energy and vibrations in the environment, we attract the similar energy into our environment.

Wherever you are placed right now, your environment carries certain energy. This energy comes out of the energy released by every individual in that circle, through his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

“Every city, state or country carries the energy of its people. People into the city, state or country have the power to change the life around them for the good. It’s not about the city, state or country, but it’s all about the energy of the people.”

If you begin to radiate positive energy and vibrations around you, slowly you attract the similar energy from the people around you, and the things begin to change around you. You may not think of the city, state or country, but certainly you can stand up, for your surroundings.

We all have some part in our personal or professional life, that needs a change, and we wait for the life to happen on its own. These may sound harsh, but if your personal life, professional life or say spiritual life is not where you expect it to be, than there is nobody else to blame for, but it’s you.

Sometimes there are situations, or events in our life, of which we are part of, along with many others and we feel that because of others, we are let down, or thrown back with our life, but these is not true, when you look at life, from the perspective of life itself.

Life has given absolute control to each individual that not only he can transform and transcend his life, with his inner energy and power but he can also uplift the life of people around him. It’s not about how many agree or disagree what you think or feel, but it’s all about the right energy. If you can radiate the higher energy, all the negative and positive minds, along with all the negative and positive feelings and emotions, begins to resonate with your energy.

You don’t have to wait for others to change, before you bring the necessary change within your environment, but you simply have to change yourself from within, and all types of life around you, will begin to respond.

“Either you get pull down by the lower energy level of your environment and people around you, or lift them up, by spreading positive energy and vibrations towards everyone in your circle.”

Be it the personal or professional life, any shift you wish to bring with it, solely depends on you. If you are clear with what you want out of life, nothing can push you around, but if you can put your mind, straight to, what you are looking with life, you can bring the necessary change with it, and you can have a desired success.

The change with life happens first within you and then you work on it, to bring it into life. You have to be absolutely clear inside, what you are looking with life. Once you are clear inside, you can direct all your energy for its manifestation, in the outside world.

Everything with life is law of relativity. You attract what you release, in the form of energy and vibrations. You have to figure out the way, how you can raise and sustain your inner energy level.

You have to believe yourself, before you expect the life around you, to get into your belief. You have to stand alone for the change, with all the might and everything around you will respond with time.

All the situation, people and environment begin to respond, if you stay with it. If you stand up, for life, everything is possible for you, but if somebody who gives up with life, its nobody else but you.

Every individual carries the part of god in him, and thus holds the power to change anything he desires on earth.

What is change?

Change means to take life, in the direction where it gets better for everyone. You want life to be on a higher side. You want life to be better. If you want something, and if you can hold yourself with it, life responds to your desire. The only thing is, can you stay with it, till the end.

You have to prepare yourself to stand in the odd times. With life things are possible, when you stay little longer. Future is not pre-written, and what already exists around you, comes from the past action. If you can put your mind, heart and body for the change, you certainly can turn it, into your reality.

You cannot bring change or rise high, by repeating the same process of life. You have to look for something different. You have to try something different. You have to be open for experimenting with your life. You have to be creative. Only then, life shows up, the way you want, or else you always have your old path, that will simply rotate you in the circle, and leads you nowhere.

Life comes alive with the change. When you believe in something and make it alive, you open the path for many. No change is small or big, but the idea to make the things better, even on a small scale, makes a huge difference too many lives.

There is only one thing that brings the change with life, and that is the fire that you hold inside. You have to unlock your energy and vibrate your positive energy to an extent, whereby, everything around you, begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

“The energy that you hold inside is like a storm, which can wash off, all the old things, and create a new reality for you. This is the idea of Jesus about heaven. There is no other heaven, than what you create here for yourself. You can choose to be in heaven or you can create your own hell. It all depends on you.”


The Source for Eternal Life.


Life is an ever-going process. Each individual has a choice to connect with the eternal process of life, and rise above the mundane life, to experience the bliss and wisdom. Experiment, experience, learning & knowledge, sharing and service is the source, through which you can experience the eternal life, when you are present in the body.

Simply going about with life, without understanding it, doesn’t help you to get clear with life, but when you plan and schedule your life, it creates division, and it becomes easier to understand different aspects of life. You come closer to the eternal process of life, only through understanding.

To experiment is the fundamental principles to understand any aspect of life. The only way to understand physical or subtle aspect of life, is to experiment. To experiment is to dive into the unknown. To stay open for life. To try to experiment new things on a daily basis. You grow and expand both inside as well as outside, if you develop a habit to experiment with your life.

Whatever you wish to know with life, first of all you have to be open to try different ways to understand that aspect of life. To experiment means to involve. To get into things, and try different ways to  understand.

All the understanding comes with the mind. The creativity and innovation flow from within, if you can hold your mind, onto the unknown aspect of life, for little longer. To experiment with life, means to walk into the unknown territory on a daily basis.

It’s not that you are a swimmer, and you have to learn the game of football. You need to know your craft, and you have to be open to experiment with your craft. With swimming, you have to have knowledge of the subtlest nuances of it.

When it comes to your daily life, same rule applies. You don’t have to move beyond your daily life, to experiment with life, but wherever you are placed now, simply remain open to experiment with your life.

If you initiate the process of experiment with your daily life, you begin to discover and explore different possibilities around the corner, that you have never imagined could be possible with the daily road routine.

The next thing which is the source for eternal life, is to experience life. Life is all about experience. All the events and situations of your life, are simply an experience and the feelings and emotions in the moment, gives life to all those daily experiences of life.

It may be possible that few experiences may bring joy, while others make you go through pain and suffering, but when you accept all the different experiences of life, without any biased attitude, and with an intention to learn and grow with it, you allow yourself to flow with different feelings and emotions that you experience with different experiences of life.

With the awareness in the moment, you develop higher understanding with the daily experience, that allows you to see the same experiences of life, with clarity, if it comes back again into your life.

There is a difference between remaining open to the experiences of life with the awareness in the moment, and simply passing through different situations and events of life. The awareness in the moment serves you to grow and evolve with different experiences of life, and it doesn’t matter, either it brings joy or sorrows, until it adds wisdom and higher bliss to life.

Facing different events and situations of life with awareness, allows you to grow through them, while simply allowing the repetitive process of life pass through you, is a call for the future trouble, where life simply drags the person, with back to back experience, to which the person hasn’t developed the capacity to face them.

Life follows the process of evolution, whereby each person has to grow and evolve with different experiences of life. You cannot avoid the process of growth and evolution, as when you don’t grow, doesn’t mean that the entire world will get standstill.

The life on earth is more than willing to grow and evolve and billions of souls are into the natural process of life. If you are left behind, life has to take you forward, in his own way.

“Life on the existence has come a long way, and many souls on earth, has already completed their life-cycle and have realized the highest experience of life. You can always learn or gain knowledge from the enlightened beings, who has cleared the path of life, and have the wisdom, for your path.”

Learning is essential part of life. In the initial stage, when the life begins, many individuals has to struggled with different aspects of life, and has to go through an individual experiment and experiences to understand the process of life. We are in the stage of life, where we can learn and have knowledge on different aspects of life, simply by gaining information from the right source and applying into our life.

It’s just like, the scientist is looking to build a website, where he doesn’t have to go through the whole mechanism of it by himself, but he can easily have access to the right information, from the right source, to fulfill its requirement.

The same applies to the learning part of life, where all you have to do, is remain open to the learning process of life, and the life’s wisdom will flow to you, from the source you have never expected.

“The existence is no short of wisdom and bliss, if you are open to life and not afraid to learn and apply those teachings into your life.”

The source of eternal life doesn’t ends with the experiment, experience, or learning part of life, but you add to life when you share what you have gained out of your experiment and experiences of life.

When you need knowledge or learning from the outside source, you too come across the sage or individuals, who have shared their life lessons, with an open heart to others. If you reach to the same stage, life expects you to share with an open heart, so that you get more closer to the eternal process of life.

“Life takes place at different levels. At physical level, it happens through actions. At subtle level, it takes place in the form of thoughts and emotions, and at the deeper level it happens in the form of energy and vibrations.”

The life at all these three levels, exists inside of you, and more you open and look into the inner layers, the more you experience the subtle life.

To experience the eternal life with your day-to-day life, you don’t have to move anywhere else, other than where you are placed right now, as all the changes you go through happens within, and when you explore the inner possibilities, slowly with the time, it becomes your nature and comes into your daily habits.

Once your daily habits comes out of eternal nature of life, your very actions will reflect the eternity in the moment.

You will experience the eternal life, at your very place and with the same personal and professional life, you are in now, and more and more you will connect with the eternal process of life, you will rise above the mundane process of daily life.