Every day is a Chance to Start Over


No matter what happened yesterday, today you have the chance to start over. This is the magic of life. It views every day and every moment of life as fresh. Life itself doesn’t carry your past in the moment, but it’s always you who likes to take over your past into the present moment.

Life always flows fresh in the moment. It’s you who has to decide either be with the ways of life or follow the ways of your mind.

If you could see the light of this day, you will realize that every day is different and each day holds its own possibilities of life. Whether you see the possibilities of life in the moment or stay caught up into the problems of yesterday, depends entirely on you.

Everyday brings new light into your life. You have to show courage to see the bright side of life and take your life forward. When opportunity knocks at your door, show courage to pick the opportunity and walk a mile with it.

Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life

The fear of the past cannot be denied and its part and parcel of life, but every day you have an opportunity to rise above your fears, and experience life with different colors. It’s all about your perspective in the moment. If you can see life with utmost clarity, yesterdays fear cannot over power you in the moment, rather you can over ride the fear of the past, and make most out of the life that is available at the moment. You always hold the power to write a new script of your life.

With life what counts the most is today’s effort. What you do today, takes your life forward. Every day whats possible for you is today’s effort. The result, the situation, the events of your life are not in your hands, but you can certainly work on the things that are in your hand.

Life can only pinch you if you don’t play your part well. Life has its own way to function, and thus few things go your way, while others won’t but your intention should always be moving forward in your life. If you get stuck with the unpleasant events of life, you miss the chance to bring the change to your life, that can happen only by making an effort in the moment.

Your inner life reflects in the outside world. More you develop your inner strength, better you can handle the outside life, but if you don’t take care of your inner self, you pay the price via different means in the outside world.

The outside life is not at all a problem, but the real problem lies in how you handle the inner life. It’s the inner chaos, that doesn’t allow you to view the outside situation with absolute clarity. The real confusion exists in the inner world, and thus it keeps you engaged with the confusion and chaos of the outside world.

Your mind is a plain white clothing, which gets filled with the memories of life. When you see your present life with the memories of the mind, you cannot see the absolute truth of the moment, rather your perception comes out of the memories of your mind.

This doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist in the outside world, but when there is already confusion going on in our inner world, we cannot see the outside problem with utmost clarity and thus finds difficult to reach to its solution.

The more we work on our internal strength, the better we face the outside situations and people in our life.

Every day we come across the situation, that becomes hard to handle. Sometimes the life puts us on a back seat, but if we can hold ourselves in the moment, we always find a way for ourselves. Life certainly gives you the way, if you know how to hold yourself in the moment. It’s all about how you handle the pressure of the moment.

Life proceeds with an intention. If you hold an intention to make your today better than yesterday, no way you can fall short of life. Every day do something to take your life forward and make your today better than yesterday, and in a short span of time, you will notice the complete shift in your life.

You don’t change your entire life in a day, but when you work in every day’s life and make little shift every day, you bring a real shift to your life for the better.

Life has its rules and those rules of life will be revealed to you, if you know how to show patience with life. Life wants you to show patience in the moment, and stay open to the ways of life.

Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

When things are not going our way, it’s easier to hold bitterness in our heart, but that bitterness again becomes the hindrance for our growth. With life, it’s not the bitterness but it’s the love that finds its way to the destination.

When you carry love in your heart, in a way you remain surrender to life. You don’t resist life rather you amend your way according to the ways of life, and this allows you to have a break-through in the moment.

If you closely observe life, you will notice that life is not only about efforts, rather you have to know the way of surrender to life. Sometimes effort doesn’t take you forward and you feel stuck in the moment. At those time, what works is a way of surrender at the moment.

Life has its own way to unfold. You play your part well, and then leave the rest on life and life has its own ways to take care of your needs. Life resonates with the energy that you carry inside. More cool, calm and compose you are from within, more you can experience the natural unfoldment of life outside.

Small Daily Changes can take your Life to Another Level


Very few believe in the process of small daily changes in life. Unless you try it for yourself and walk a mile with it, you will never understand the importance of it.

Small daily changes can take your life to another level. You don’t have to do something different, or you don’t have to strike a miracle; all you need to do is bring small changes to your daily life, and swiftly you will move with your life to another level. (more…)

Why Goals are Important in Life?


Seeing has to be the Goal of life.

Following the daily schedule has to be the goal of life.

To grow and improve upon the daily schedule has to be the goal of life.

With life, what matters is the daily path and the goals. The mind needs both path and goal to move forward in life. Everyone goes through the process of life, but nobody understands, where do the paths or goals come into life. (more…)

It’s the Energy that creates Life, and not the Mind


The whole world is struggling with the thoughts and imagination of the mind and it’s an eternal struggle. Till you live at the level of your mind and considers the mind, to be the creator of your life, the struggle remains with life.

You just can never come over, of your mind, because the mind is just an instrument and unless you understand the back-end process, you remain stuck in the mind.

Thoughts and imagination is a by-product of the inner flowing energy. Your perception naturally comes out of the by-product, but if you consider by-product as everything, there are fair chances for you, to get caught up, in the illusions of your mind. (more…)

Expand Your Spirit, into the Universe.


You are not just the personal identity, created by the experiences and impressions of your mind, but you are the spirit into the body, that grows and evolves with the body, heart and mind. You have the soul too, into the body as an observer, that helps you to observe the activities of the spirit, mind, heart and body.

The mind, can be completely understood, only when you rise above the mind. The mind, heart and body is an instrument for the spirit to experience life, and to express itself to life. Whatever moves out of you, is your expression, either in the form of actions, or when you express your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Your expression comes out of your experience. Unless you have an experience of something, you cannot express yourself, in the form of thoughts, feelings or action. You have to have within you, before it comes out in the expression.

On the top of that, mind too needs some experience to expand it, in the physical form. A single experience turns out into a multiple experiences with mind. Mind needs an experience or impression, to analyze, evaluate, for reasoning or even imagining the future, out of the past experience.

“The job of the mind, is to stretch a dot, and turn it into a line. The dot is an experience out of experiment, and line is your life.”

When you realize the spirit beyond mind, into the body you come to the source of life. The spirit expands and the physical body is a fine example of it. Physical body doesn’t comes out of, by multiplying cells of the body and by intake of food, but it takes more for the child body to turn into a full-fledged body of a man or woman.

The process happens at the level of spirit. The spirit expands and it can expand itself, to the point, where it can includes the entire universe.

With the mind, you like to hold on to things. The experience of spirit, is when you let loose yourself. The mind doesn’t allow you to let lose yourself or leave a grip on any part of life.

Mind is always scared, that if it lose the grip, the things will slip away, be it in personal life or professional life. In reality, if you can look into the activities of mind, you realize that nothing happens according to the mind, and all the security and safety at the level of mind, is no more than to console the mind.

Unless mind experience the spirit, it cannot let lose itself. Life is limited at the level of body, heart and mind. The identification with the body, can never give you freedom, and neither at the level of feelings and emotions. The source of your feelings and emotions, is the thoughts and images of your mind. Heart doesn’t stand on its own, but absolutely dependent on the mind.

So you cannot relate yourself with the feelings and emotions, as it too, cannot give you the freedom, which you are looking for life.

When it comes to mind, it’s the most volatile thing, and thus unless you consciously make use of your mind, heart and body, after having an understanding of it, you cannot make the best use of it, with your life.

If you are unconscious of, whats going on, into your mind, you can never realize, how unconsciously, your life gets driven by the mind, heart and body.

You have a spirit in the body, for which the mind, heart and body is an instrument and if you attach yourself with anything other than the spirit, that resides within the body, you simply live in the illusion of your past.

“Spirit is attached to the body, heart and mind through sensation. Spirit experiences life and gathers impressions through sensation. Its only the sensation that allows the spirit to express itself, through the body, heart and mind, but this truth can be known, once you realize the spirit in the body.”

If your idea about yourself, is limited to the personal identity, that you hold into the mind, your life remains limited to the thoughts and images of the mind. First thing, with the mind, is your personal identity, that you have created over the time, out of the experiences. This personal identity is an individual identity, and separates a person from the world.

The sensation confirms the experiences of personal identity through sensation, and thus the experience of oneself, into the mind seems real.

Your personal identity, along with the images, thoughts and all the functions of rational mind, along with the feelings and emotions at the heart region and fear and insecurity at the stomach region and all the little pleasures of life along with the sexual experience seems real, because of the sensation.

“If you are attached with your sensation, every part of life seems real, but if you detach yourself, with your own sensation, slowly you create the space between the spirit and the body, heart and mind.”

Not Necessity, but Curiosity is the Mother of Invention


Necessity may be the mother of invention, at the time of stone age, but with science and technology, only curiosity can be the mother of invention. What do you think to give rise to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, the Internet, or the things that you experience, in the recent times?

It’s only the curiosity of different individuals that allowed them to explore the different resources available to them. In the recent times of science and technology, the majority of us are above the basic needs of life and have the liberty to explore different aspects of life.

It’s not only the opportunities but our understanding too has reached new heights. It’s easier to avail the resources, from any corner of the world, that’s needed for the experiment or to avail the information requires to proceed with life. All that’s required is a willingness of a person, which is the only thing that is missing from the life of people. (more…)

Life Evolves Every Week.


The process of  evolution is where the mind expands its capacity to understand life. Whatever you think, create, innovate, imagine, produce or raise query in life comes through the mind.

When you intend to grow and evolve with life and direct your mind in a right direction and make a conscious choice with life every moment, you grow and evolve with life. The intention to grow makes you look into your life, and when your intent is to grow and evolve with life, whatever you see, you think to make it better.

With life intent comes first, and the rest of the process of the mind follows. When you look into your life, you bring awareness to it. With awareness in the moment, you not only get better with the outside life, but your awareness too expands with life.

The more and more you remain aware in the moment, and more your awareness expands. The awareness of the mind expand and contrast, depending of its use.

There are two ways, to evolve with life. Either you allow the life to put you into different experiences of life and then with the experiences you grow and evolve with life.

In this case, if you don’t develop the understanding out of the experiences, the time comes where with each experience of life, you suffer, as you don’t understand different situations of life or what’s happening around you, in the moment.

Life brings back to back situations or experiences in your life, from the past, that you have never intended to understand, at the time of the experience. When you have the same experience’s in a bulk, it seems like a chaos.

All the pain and suffering of life comes, when you live life without understanding it and simply go on with life, moving into different situations experiences of life.

When you choose to evolve with life, you don’t wait for the life to put you into different situations, but you take life in your hand, and try to analyze and evaluate your daily as well as weekly life, to learn the necessary lesson’s out of it, and to improve upon it.

The process of evolution happens at the level of mind and the functions of the mind is possible through inner energy. The process of evolution depends upon your intention. if you wish to grow and expand with life, you can pull the extra energy from the inner reservoir  to make the good use of it, for your growth.

The bigger setback with the process of evolution is, that if you don’t move forward, certainly you have to make some use of the inner pull of energy, and that energy will be used to pull you down with life.

You cannot remain stagnant, with the constant flow of energy inside. Either you move forward or you slip backward with the intentions, thoughts and actions with your life.

The fear with life is not into the situation or any experiences of life, but its in you and the time you commit yourself to face any fear of your life, you simply rise above it.

Life evolves every week. The process of evolution takes place every week, where majority of the individuals evolve’s and with them, the life on the planet evolves. Remember the life on the existence evolves because of human-beings.

“The existence doesn’t have to go through the process of evolution, as its already complete in itself. Its only the human’s mind, heart and body has to grow and evolve with the different experiences of life, on the existence.”

The functions of the mind is run by the energy, and the amount in which you utilize your mind, in equal proportion the mind will extract energy from within. The energy is the source behind the functions of the mind, and you can direct your energy in either ways, considering the consequences of your action, out of it.

To see your past, present and future, the best way is to observe your weekly life. It will describe your past, present and future.

“Allow your imagination to expand into eternity, but when it comes to planning and scheduling the events of your life, don’t move beyond the week.”

If you allow yourself to look into your life on a weekly basis, you can figure out the better prospect for the different experiences of life, that you have already experienced in the past. When you have a better way to go about your life, you certainly choose the higher path and thus grow and evolve with it. You grow and evolve by making higher choices with life.

The process of evolution is an open path and a higher path. The subtle reality of life expands with the process of evolution. If you think too much for the future, its not going to penned out, the way you have imagined into your mind, and midway, you have to make a different choices with your life.

If you keep yourself more in the moment, you can always pick the higher thoughts and grow and get better with life, rather following the old  repetitive past in the present. Life comes with all its colors, if one knows how to recognize it and remain open to live it.

The life on the existence depends upon collective process of evolution and for some reason, if you don’t understand any aspect of life, doesn’t mean there is no solution for it, but in the moment, your mind is unable to grasp the situation or hitches of your life.

Every individual goes through the same process of evolution from inside, and everyone is more than willing to share his or her way to others, so that others can too have the solution for their problems of life.

“The process of evolution is all about understanding yourself and with it understanding life and it has nothing to do with the material aspect of life. Yes material aspects of life, certainly can help you to reveal, your own thoughts and feelings that you carry inside in the moment.”

Life-Cycle is an Ever-Going Process


Life is an ever-going process. I can opt. to participate in it, grow and evolve with it, or live life on the mercy of nature. When I make a choice to grow and evolve, I develop an understanding towards life and create a space within, for further expansion with life.

Life is not only about the process of growth and evolution, but you too have a liberty to move out of the process and attain the salvation or liberation from the process of life.

You have a choice, to not to make any choice and allow the life to drag you, with different experiences of life, and you also have a choice to take life in your own hands, and grow and evolve with life, and move beyond the process of life. (more…)

The Relationship between the Source & Life (Mind)


The life on earth is an ever-going process. The mind too is an ever-going process. With the mind, you keep on expanding with life, but there is something else beyond mind, which is the source. Everything has a source in life, and mind too has a source.

The source is the beginning and end of the process of this life, the world, and mind. Life never ends with the mind, but when you connect with the source of mind, you get the way, to drop the mind and merge into the source.

It’s just like when the person dies, life continues, but it ends for the person, the same happens when you realize the source within, while you are alive. You figure out the way, to move out of life and get back in, out of choice. (more…)

To Create or Express, yourself is Equally Important for Life


The highest experience for the human is self-realization. The self-realization is a state, where you experience yourself beyond the mind, body & heart, and experience yourself, as pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is a state, where you simply realize yourself as pure energy and vibrations. This pure energy and vibration are, what gives you blissful experience, to each cell of your body.

Does life end with the self-realization or something still remains for the sage to offer?

What remains after self-realization, is an expression. To express one’s experience. All the spiritual and religious path are part of an expression, of enlightened beings, or the one’s who have realized their higher self. (more…)