Meditation is the Way


You have heard about spiritual path, religious path, the path of mindfulness, zen way of living, the path of present moment awareness, amongst all of these path’s, Meditation too is a path.

Meditation is not just another practice, but meditation is a way of life. You can create your whole new life, by practicing meditation. Your choice and decisions will change, once you start practicing meditation. (more…)

How to Develop a Positive State of Mind?


The positive state of mind develops over the time. It requires time and effort. Just to achieve anything you need a road map, in a similar way to attain a positive state of mind, you have to develop a daily path and add positivity to it on a daily basis.

The positive state of mind is a state of mind that needs to be developed out of the daily experiences and impressions of life. Whatever you choose on a daily basis becomes part of your experience. (more…)

Embrace your Pain and Suffering, so that It can be transcended


Life is such that we all go through the state of pain and suffering. Many run away from it, rather very few accept it wholeheartedly and transcend their pain and suffering into bliss.

Pain is unavoidable. It’s a part of life. The only way to overcome the pain is to transcend the pain. Nothing works best to overcome the pain, then the acceptance. Once you accept what is present in the moment, you move in the direction of transcendence. (more…)

Why is Rest and Relaxation Important in Life?


When you see life as a whole, you observe that the process of life is already happening without your presence. You exist to participate in the existing process of life. Your presence is required as an addition, and not as a sole driver of life. The life can happen without you.

When you consider yourself the sole driver of life, it becomes impossible for you to take time out for rest and relax, from your daily schedule of life.

Every individual carries an idea for life, and if your idea of life doesn’t allow you to slow down for rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself, you happen to be the driver of a car, that doesn’t have a break. Once you start the car, it just doesn’t stop.

Resting and relaxing is just like a break in the car. Wherever its require you put on the break. You know that break is equally important in the car, but you never give due importance to the necessary breaks required for the body and mind. You keep going on and on, without applying break in your life.

You need to slow down your pace of life so that you can see more with life. You can have altogether different perspective towards life that you are experiencing at the moment.

When you rest and relax, you not only rejuvenate your body and mind but you also prepare yourself for the new experiences of life. The daily process of life is such that it simply repeats itself. When you take time out for yourself to unwind, you open yourself to the different possibilities of life.

The life that exists in you needs time to unwind itself. It cannot go on and on without having time to relax and let loose itself.

There is magic in resting and relaxing your body and mind. Things start to take a shift inside. The key is your awareness. When you are aware of the changes you notice, while you are at ease, you connect with the life that unfolds inside.

When you continuously keep on moving, you don’t give time to yourself to slow down and unwind yourself from inside. The weeks and months and years pass by, and you go on repeating the same process of life.

Many times I wonder, what if, I am unable to fulfill my obligations towards life?

Then I realize whatever I create, will be replaced by another. So any action I take should be for personal gratitude and to take life forward. I should not worry about the sheer burden created by the mind, nor should be bound by the daily action or work, rather feel the personal freedom, even while going through the daily course of life.

When I choose to rest and relax, I gather enough energy to carry on with life. The life itself is not a problem, but when you go on with life without a break is a problem.

From time to time, our body and mind need some time to unwind itself. When your body and mind is absolutely relaxed, you can see more in the moment. The window of your mind to see life in the moment opens up. Your perspective expands to view life. The happening of present events of your life becomes clearer to you.

When you take time out for yourself, you allow your body and mind to grow within. The life is not all about work, but you have to have my time, whereby you can refresh and unwind yourself.

We believe we know life, but when you consciously get out of life and then introspect your own life with a fresh mind, you will see the truth of life, which is otherwise not visible, while going through the hectic schedule of daily life.

You grow and evolve with action and the actions come by directly seeing into life. The majority of us, don’t see life rather live into our thinking and imagination. When you take time out for yourself, you don’t live life with your thinking or imagination; rather you develop a special ability to see through life.

It’s only by seeing in the moment, you see the path ahead in life.

Life follows a life-cycle. When you simply rotate the daily process of life, you paddle the same life-cycle over and over again. You need some time for yourself, so that you stop paddling the same life-cycle, and see where you are heading towards life.

To change the direction, you have to take a pause in the moment.

There is a beautiful quote from Lao Tzu, “If you do not change the direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

So, before you change the direction, it’s important you take a pause and look at life. You have to see, where you are heading. It’s only by seeing, you can change your path of life.

People don’t see opportunities in the moment. For me, life is full of opportunities. You don’t need anything else other than the connection with your inner world, to move forward with life. Life is available to you all the time, provided you wait and see the life that is happening in the moment.

All the signs and omens are available at the moment. The next step is always available at the moment. The new path is created not only by walking but by seeing. You can only walk the path if you can see the path into your mind. Seeing comes first, the action comes later.

Resting and relaxing helps you to prepare for the toughest roads of life. Life is not about aggression, but life is all about understanding and when you let go your present life completely, the understanding of life comes to you.

The key is to allow the space for the life to flow from within. If you are already occupied with the outside stuff all the time, nothing new can ever happen to you, but you go on repeating the same memories, over and over again.

To allow yourself for the new experiences, you have to open up from inside, and there is no better way to open up, other than to separate yourself from the daily chaos of life and give some time to develop an eye, that can see through life.

The way to God (Truth)


If you are looking for something on the north side, I can direct you in the north direction, and if you are looking in the south, I can direct you in the south direction, but what if you are looking for God?

Then, can I direct you in the north, south, east, west or up in the sky or beneath the earth? (more…)

The Natural Flow of Life takes you towards the Knowing


Knowing is to know, out of the experience. To become one with an experience. No difference remains, between the knower and the known. That is the path of knowing.

When it comes to life, lots of queries arise, in relation to life. At no moment of time, we can completely grasp the life. The understanding with the mind remains so narrow, while the experience of life is so huge, that it seems impossible to comprehend life, as a whole. (more…)

The Path of Spirit towards the Soul.


Once the realization happens of the spirit and soul in the body, all the efforts lies of the spirit, in being one with the soul. This is the state, which is called the state of samadhi in the east. Samadhi is a state, where the spirit is free from all the experiences and impressions of life, and only experience the bliss with the soul.

To experience the bliss, is to vibrate at a higher level. Unless the mind realize the spirit and soul, in the body, or something which is beyond the mind, it is natural for the mind, to get caught up in the activities of the world, and form all the different dreams and desires to keep up with life.

The time it realize, something bigger or higher than itself, all the attention and energy of the mind, gets involved in knowing the truth of it. The mind is all about an individual personality. Your personal identity is nothing but the mind. When you recognize something within you, that is more important than your personal identity, you are more interested to know it.

The experience of spirit and soul, is the experience beyond mind, and once the realization happens, all the attention and energy gets diverted in knowing the spirit and soul.

The realization of spirit and soul happens together. The mind has a longing of the physical world, as the mind is directly connected with the sense organs of the body, that pulls him outward, while the longing of the spirit is to free itself, from the mind and sense organ, and experience the bliss, by being one with the soul.

The process with the brain, heart and body is possible with the energy of the spirit and vibrations of the soul, and when you meet the higher energy and vibrations in the form of spirit and soul, life at the level of brain, heart and body seems meager.

The part of the mind creates imagination, dreams and desires. Later the same imagination turns into thoughts, feelings and emotions and you go out in the world, for its physical manifestation. Even to manifest your imagination in the physical form, you need energy. When you directly get in touch with the energy, you are less interested in the physical manifestation, but you use the energy to experience the bliss.

“To experience the bliss, is to experience the vibrational space into the body, i.e. soul. The path of realization of the spirit and soul moves vertical and not horizontal. Mind likes to expand and explore outside, while the spirit likes to travel inside vertically, to become one with the soul.”

The path of spirit towards the soul, is all about attention. The only purpose in the moment remains for the spirit, is to keep all the attention on the soul, and not allow anything in between as a hindrance.

The journey of the spirit towards the soul, includes many upside down, vertically. The soul resides at a higher vibrations, while the spirit is made up of energy. When the attention of the spirit lies on the soul, the energy of the spirit increases, and it moves towards the soul, but the time, the attention move away from the soul, the mind comes in between, and the energy begins to slips away. The mind consumes more energy than the physical action.

It takes a whole life time, for the spirit to become one with the soul. Any action with the mind, heart and body consumes energy. To move towards the soul, the spirit needs a huge amount of energy to rise higher. The journey towards the soul is vertical. Its like climbing the mountain.

The only problem, is when the level of energy gets reduced or the attention slips away from the soul, the spirit again falls back and move back into the physical world. The journey towards the soul, has to travel all over again.

“The personal and professional life is possible after the realization of spirit and soul, as the journey of spirit and soul, is an inner journey and even going through the daily tasks of life, you can keep up, with your inner path.”

All the unwanted things that doesn’t serve you, on your path gets drop after the realization, and all the moments of life are utilized, in the presence of spirit and soul.

With the self-realization, you receive the third eye, that can look into the natural principles of life and can see the past, present and future of any situation, things or people and your every action comes out of highest wisdom, that makes your life smooth and easier, after self-realization. Only understanding is a key to all the problems of the world.

Its not necessary that, holding onto the things is a wisdom, but sometimes you have to let go, the things for which you don’t find any solution in the moment, and to let go, too comes out of wisdom.

The action that comes out of mind, always have personal interest and the mind never considers longevity while making choice or taking decisions with life. The third eye can look far away both into the past and the future before making any choice or decision and if something goes wrong, the understanding towards the natural principles of life, allows to rectify the mistake, and guide the situation, in a right direction, keeping in mind the natural principles of life.

The path of spirit and soul is a path of wisdom and bliss, and you experience life every moment, savoring the beauty of life. It may take the hard effort to realize the spirit and soul, in the body, but once its is realized, you experience god and its light in everything. The life is complete, only after self-realization. You cannot live something to its fullest, unless you know the rules of it.

Only after the self-realization, the natural principles of life is revealed to you, that means the game of life, is revealed to you, and unless you know the game of life, you cannot play the game of life, by giving everything to life.

The life is Happening Here and Now


If you are busy with the past or say creating your future, then you are far away from experiencing life. Every individual considers him so smart, that he thinks that, everything in his life, that is happening, is because of him.

When you spend some time with yourself and look into some crucial moments of your life, you will realize that life happens to you, and you only choose to participate in it, either willingly or unwillingly. Your willingness or unwillingness is your choice.

If you are lost in your past, and consider it, the most beautiful face of your life, than one day, the present moment you are living just now, will also become the past, and than this moment will also become beautiful in comparison of the misery, you will be experiencing in the future. Everyone considers themselves miserable in the present moment.

The present moment always remains scary in comparison of past, because past has already been lived and now, there is no way for the past to scare you, while future is still scary, because again it gives you an idea of unknown. (more…)

Follow Your Nature.


Nature is a way of living. Everyone has its nature developed over the time. It includes the daily habits, environment, circle, experience, impressions and the perception, that allows the person to create and experience his life.

To follow your nature, means to follow everything that takes place inside of you. From your breath to sensation, feelings, or emotions, thoughts, or energy. Follow means to follow. Follow means you are following. No command or order to your mind, heart and body.

If you have asked to follow a person. Do you use your mind and heart or simply follow his foot steps. In a similar way, you have to follow your nature. It’s an experiment. To experience life with absolutely different perspective. Live experiment with life.

It feels good, when things happens to others, both success and failure, but if anything that happens to others, doesn’t bring any change within you. The things should happen to you, and that too from within, to bring the real change with your life.

In daily coarse of life, you become the driver, and you drive your life. When you simply follow your nature, you may be drive the car, but you don’t know the destination. So you ask. You ask your mind, heart and body. You are new to the city and to your system. All you can do, is just follow.

You follow your breath, sensation, feelings, emotions and thought process. You always like to dominate every part of your life. You want to control, but you forget that, you are limited, in this limitless existence. You want to control your breathe too. When you don’t feel the flow of breathe, you do everything to get the rhythm going, but do you really think, its because of you, that life is taking place within you.

“Experiment with your life, and become the spectator of everything that goes inside of you. Try to follow everything. From breathe to sensation, and from feelings to your thoughts.”

Carry your daily task, but simultaneously remember to follow everything. Don’t try to take charge of anything, but simply follow. When the energy shifts the direction, don’t try to use force, to turn it in your way, but simply follow the flow of energy.

When you simply drive the car, as a driver, you hardly have your own destination, and you follow the direction of your passenger. Try to be a driver in your body, and follow the direction of your mind, heart and body.

The driver of a car, knows the thoughts and moods of his passenger, because his job is to follow the instructions of his passenger. His mind is empty. His job is to follow, the instructions of his passenger. He doesn’t have the mind of his own.

When you are utterly empty, of your own ideas of life, it becomes easier to understand life, i.e. happening both around and within you.

When you follow your nature, you observe from where does all the actions, feelings, emotions, or the thought process takes place.

Initially when the process is new, it becomes hard to follow. If you try to follow your breath, your mind will be diverted after few seconds, and you will forget about the entire process. If you recollect again, and try to get into the process, again you have to initiate the process. The process gets on and of again, as you are habituated to drive your life, out of old ways .

When you follow your life, and begin to observe your life minutely, you realize that, in reality you are not the one, who drives life, but your life is always on an automation mode. The mind and heart simply creates thoughts and feelings out of experiences and impressions from the past, and your life is driven by it.

All your dreams and desire’s are nothing, but part of the experiences and impressions, you have accumulated sometimes in the past. Life is a continuous process, and you are part of the process. When you follow your nature, you can observe the same process, which is happening through you, as a detached observer.

The body follows the instructions of your mind and heart. The mind and heart works from the accumulated experiences and impressions. You have to see, either you choose each experience and impressions of your life, or life simply happens to you.

If life simply happens to you, your response or reaction to the situation, also comes out from the past. It may seem like, new things are happening each day, but in reality, you simply repeat the same process of life.

You live with the same old mind and heart, that doesn’t know, how to pick the fresh experiences from life, or to think new thoughts or expand his imagination to add freshness to life. The feelings and emotions too depends upon what’s going on, into your mind, and thus nothing new comes out, even at the level of heart.

When you follow your nature, you bring awareness to life. You simply follow your mind, heart and body and observe where and how it leads to you into different direction. You don’t interfere, but you simply follow. If you interfere, you don’t understand the mechanism of it.

It’s very important to understand, how mind, heart and body drives you through sensation and force you to do things, that may have never took place, if you would have had little awareness in those moment.

Following your nature not only allows you to understand the inner mechanism, but you also understand many illusory stories, created by your mind.

When you are into life, you are carried away by the thoughts and emotions from the past. You are never actually present in the moment, but always dreaming yourself into the illusory world created by your mind.

When you follow your nature, you take a back seat and allow the life to happen. You don’t push yourself around, but you simply follow the energy. There is no resistance to life. There is no judgement, but to flow with the pull of energy.

If the mind and heart wants you to do something, you don’t resist, but you follow them. You are alright with everything. When you follow, you understand how the things takes place.

You follow the process of your breath, moving in and out. You don’t breathe, but you follow. No attention but awareness. No force, but simple presence, as a witness. When you follow, you don’t want the world to happen your way, but you see what’s needed in the moment, and with the awareness, you complete the process.

You follow your nature of the mind, heart and body to learn, to know the process of both the inside as well as outside life. Everything has a process. You too have a process. When you simply go on living the process, you don’t develop understanding towards it. You have to develop the technique, that separates you, from your repetitive patterns of life, so that you can understand, what is really happening within you and outside life.

Your attachment with yourself, creates the illusory world for you, and you nourish it, by further developing the same, into your reality.

Say for e.g. someone’s father is a barber. Now their tradition says, that his son too has to be a barber. Now, if the son has something else to follow, but the pressure around him, is so much, that its difficult for him to get away from the set tradition around him. What he does, he give up, into his tradition.

The same thing happens, when you don’t understand life and go on living it. You simply follows the tradition. Sometimes people don’t know, what they have to do with their life, and thus they are forced to do things, what’s happening into their surroundings.

“When you don’t know what to do with your life, doesn’t suggest that, you do things, that are not at all meant for you. You have to give yourself sometime, and figure out what you really need to do with your life, but for that you need deeper understanding of yourself.”

You have to understand, how your inner system has been developed, by now and how the real changes, is possible with it.

The inner nature can be known, not out of query, but by living it. To follow the nature of your body, heart and mind, puts you into a practical mode. The life on the existence, which is happening, is very much alive. You become part of an experiment and get a live experience out of it. No theory, but you live practical life.

You get one with life. You observe your breath, you stay aware of your sensation, and you follow your feelings and emotions. You don’t judge your thoughts or imagination, but you simply follow them, till the end.

It’s not necessary that you act, on each of your thoughts or emotions, but when you follow them, you observe the unnecessary part of thoughts and emotions, that gets dropped, simply with the power of observing.

Even with your daily life, you don’t act on each of your thoughts, or show every feelings or emotions, but you act, only on those, that you think useful, and take action upon it.

To follow your nature allows you to create a pause between the actions. With a pause, you can see the past, present and future of the action. When you follow your life, that little pause, allows you to see, the direction of your life.

You only understand something, if you see the past, present and future of it, and you cannot see the life, in its natural form, unless you get detached with it.

To understand something, you have to be, very much become the part of it, be it your mind, heart and body. You cannot stand against something to know it, but you have to befriend with it. When you follow your nature, you connect with the deeper intrinsic nature, that reveals the hidden secrets of life, to you.

The Path is Life.


The path is life. No matter how hard you try to reach somewhere, but at the end you reach no-where. Do you think Obama has reached to the right position, or will-smith has achieved what he want. You cannot carry an illusion, that tom-cruise is fully satisfied with his life, and is not going to move an inch.

The life is a path and on the path, we go through the process. Any idea about life, that allows the mind, heart and body to get stuck, creates the stagnation. The life should simply flow through you, and creation happens, the dreams and desire’s do gets fulfilled, solution’s appears and you fulfill all the little and big needs of your life.

The only lesson and the simplest lesson of life, that needs to remember all the time, is to keep walking. Don’t ever think to stop at any point with your life.

To keep walking doesn’t mean, you go on working or doing things all the time. It simply means to carry an attitude, that allows you to explore and discover life. You always look for something new. You keep moving, not with the anticipation to reach somewhere, but simply as the life’s process and life’s path and life’s wisdom tells you to do so.

The more you walk on the path of life, the more you come closer to the truth of life. With the life, it seems like an old road routine, but when your mind, heart and body is fresh, you remain seeker, with all the different aspects of life.

You change the way you see every relationships, that you savor in this moment of your life and the one’s that you experience in the future.

“The path and people on the path remains the same, but your perspective on the path and towards people change. As you grow and evolve with life, you simply become better.”

The path is life, simply means keep moving and the life will happen. If something holds you back, puts you down, accept those situation and people for the moment, and simply sit with yourself and ask for the solution from life, with gratitude and keep moving on the path.

It may not be as easier, as it’s said, but then once you learn to keep moving on the path, not simply with your actions, but into your mind and heart, you learn the biggest lessons of life.

“Seek and you shall Find. Ask and you shall Receive.”

If you wish to experience magic into your life, embrace this truth into your life. Seek and you shall find. I promise you, from the personal experience, that there is no thing on this earth, hidden from you, and not even god.

The time you choose to search for the thing, you can even find god, and the day you realize the god within, you understand the real importance of this statement.

The seeker can never remain empty-handed, unless he choose to give up. God doesn’t change his path, or shift his way, its you who choose to give up on life, or change the direction, if you don’t receive something in the moment.

The seeker has to hold onto his patience. The seeker has to have an art to look into the unknown. The mystery that can be revealed out of life, can only be seen through the third eye and the feelings of the heart. With the mind and senses, you only experience what you carry into your mind.

The life never seems fresh, because you are boring. You only carry the same impressions and same experiences into your life, and not willing to shed them away, out of your own fear.

The path becomes the life, when you are ready to drop your past behind and keep marching forward with life. Its an open gateway, and you don’t reach somewhere, but you realize the eternal life, in this moment.

The god and heaven is in you and in your experience and in the realization. All the seekers in the end, turns inside. The outside life is simply the signs and omens that we learn to read and connect with what’s going on inside of us.

“The outside life is just a symbolic impressions, that happens inside of you, in the form of thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy.”

When you choose to reach to one destination, first thing that comes to your mind, is not the destination, but the tools that can take you to the destination, be it by Air, rail, or bus. The same applies to life. If you seek anything with life, it doesn’t offer, what you ask, but it gives you the tools to reach to your desire’s.

You have to make the efficient use of your tool, so that you can reach to your destination.

Ask and you shall receive. You receive the tools that you can make use of it, to get what you want out of life.

When people ask or pray they wait for the actual result or effect, but life doesn’t work that way. The life will show you the path, the way to reach towards your destination, and if you wait for the destination to arrive to you, it’s easier for you to get stuck, with the simplest situations of life.

When you realize that the path itself is life, you move to fulfill the needs of the moment. You don’t wait for the magic and miracle to happen, but you remain aware and attentive on the path, and pick the signs of life, that leads you towards your needs or desires.

Magic and miracle with life, is on walking. When you walk, you experience the magic with life. The body, mind and heart always remain fresh. The life happens. It’s all about synchronization.

You don’t bring anything from the other world. You pick the things from this world and synchronize and synthesize what you have, to create life out of it. You don’t have to go anywhere, but simply keep on moving and the life will show you.

If you think or feel, you cannot lift your feet to move forward, sit aside and empty yourself, with the burden that you carry within yourself. When you carry too much impressions and experiences of life, and forget to empty yourself, it becomes hard, for you to move forward with life.

On the path, you read the signs from inside, but when the mind and heart is already filled above limit, you cannot pick the fresh signs from life, that serves you to move forward with life.

Learning and understanding at every step is a part of life. You don’t have to force yourself, to learn or understand life, but the very nature of life and mind is such, that it learns and understands out of different situations, events and experiences of life.

The point is are you aware with the present moment on your path of life, or simply dragging your life, with the illusion of the past. When you are aware, you pick the right things, when you live with an illusion, you simply repeat the process, out of your past.

The change is not hard, the change is simple. Learn to drop your past consciously. Don’t allow any part of your life, to get into the mechanical mode, but remain more conscious with different aspects of life.

The life flourish slowly, from within. It takes time, because you hold too much of the past inside. If you cannot drop by yourself, take help of others. Figure out different techniques, that can help you to pull out from the mind, heart and body and allow you to experience life.

What you hold onto your mind, heart and body is not life. Its an accumulated stuff from the past. The life is the present moment, which is happening, and when you try to get one with life, you realize the resistance you come across, from your own body, heart and mind.

It’s hard to put the body, heart and mind in the moment or with life. The patterns becomes so strong that it seems impossible to break the old patterns of life.

All the troubles and problems of life you hold inside, and the solution too remains inside of you. The trouble is yours and the problem is yours, and the solution too resides in you. The only change requires is, in your perception. When the direction is right, you receive all the solutions from within.