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Opening of a Third-Eye


You have an eternal identity. Your identity is not limited to the identity of your mind, but when you realize yourself, beyond the identity of the mind, you experience yourself, as part of eternity. In general, you perceive life with your senses, but you have one more way, to perceive the same life, i.e. from the third-eye. The location of third-eye is on the forehead, just above your eyebrow.

The opening of third-eye is possible when your mind completely ceases to exist. When you perceive the world through the senses, you don’t see, what you perceive, but you see, what’s already going on, into your mind, whether you see the situation, people or any events of life.

Any experience with the mind and senses, either creates the perception from the past and if the experience is absolutely fresh, your mind, simply registered the fresh experience and it gets stored, in the data of your mind. (more…)