The Act of Observing Gives you Clarity of life


The act of observing life is to see. Very few people know this truth that with the mind you can see life. The mind is not limited to the thinking or imagination, but mind can also have an ability to see through life.

You receive the clarity when you develop an art of observing life. To observe life is an art. You can try it in this moment.

Just take five minutes for yourself. Stop doing everything only for five minutes, and for this five minutes, bring all your attention to this moment. (more…)

How to make the most of every opportunity?


Opportunity doesn’t come to you, you create one for yourself. You look into the situation, analyze the situation and figure out the sources available to you at the moment. You make use of the available resources to take the things forward.

Life doesn’t offer you everything; rather you have to create ways out of things that are available to you at the moment.

Life is not the magic but you create magic out of life the way you dealt with life. (more…)

Patience is a key to all the problems of Life


At times you caught up into the situations, where neither you can move forward, nor can you go backward. The only place remains for you is at the moment. You feel stuck at the moment. You have no clue whatsoever what to do in such situation.

Is there a way out of such situations?

Yes, there is a way. You embrace the moment and show patience at the moment. You know now, life is not moving forward, and thus you don’t have too many options. All you can do is embrace the moment and show little patience in the moment. (more…)

You Achieve when you Focus and make Effort in the right Direction

GB Shaw.jpg

When you feel yourself caught up in the problems of life or don’t find the way to move forward, the cause is always your focus and direction. It’s always your focus and efforts in the right direction breeds result.

Whenever you encounter the problem, do you focus on the problem or you look for the solution instead. If you stay remain engaged with the problem for the longer period of time, your mind will get hooked to it, and then you will not find the ways to move forward. (more…)

Put your Mind to God and Hands to Work


Life is all about balance. When it comes to balance you have to consider both the world, physical world as well as the subtle world. The physical world is the world where we exist. Subtle world is the world of God, where the blueprint of the physical reality is formed.

When you learn to put your mind to God, and hands to work, you strike a balance between both the world. You walk on the bridge, where both the world co-exists together. (more…)

Live with your Definite Destination but Indefinite Path


With life, one thing has to be clear to you and i.e. destination. You have to be sure of, where you are heading with life. If the path is unclear to you, that’s alright, but you have to be at-least sure of the destination.

It’s the destination that makes the path for you. Once the destination is clear, the path comes up on its own. Any path is good if you are sure of the destination. (more…)

How to Search for Meaning in Life?


The meaning in life exists in everything. It all depends on how closely we view life. At any moment of time, we already have lot many things already running in our mind. This doesn’t allow us to see the actual meaning out of the moment, and we only see what already exists in our mind.

When you listen to someone, do you really listen, what he or she is trying to say, or you remain busy comprehending the things of your mind? (more…)

Small Daily Changes can take your Life to Another Level


Very few believe in the process of small daily changes in life. Unless you try it for yourself and walk a mile with it, you will never understand the importance of it.

Small daily changes can take your life to another level. You don’t have to do something different, or you don’t have to strike a miracle; all you need to do is bring small changes to your daily life, and swiftly you will move with your life to another level. (more…)

Mindfulness: Bringing Attention to Life


Every day you go through different experiences, collect impressions, face situations, events, people in your life. Whatever you experience, everything gathers inside your mind in the form of memories.

The memories of your mind come from outside, gets stored inside and out of the choices from those memories, you create fresh experiences in your life.

You definitely live your life outside, but you create your life inside, knowingly or unknowingly. When you follow the path of mindfulness, you bring attention to life. You start understanding the accumulation of memories that you have gathered over the time, as well as the memories that you go on accumulating with each passing day. (more…)

A Boy’s Encounter with a Sage


He was thinking all day long. Although the thoughts of freedom captured his mind, but he could never gather the courage to take that steps. Finally, the day has arrived. Everyone was asleep. It was a full moon night. He gathered all his courage and escape the orphanage.

He was walking the street of the town for the first time all alone. He was familiar with the street but he has not experienced the same street with the absolute freedom. He was relishing the scenic beauty on both the ways of the street. For the first time, he has a sigh of relief. By wandering down the street, he came across the side of the river. (more…)