When you want something, the whole Universe Conspires to make it Happen


When you want something the whole universe conspires to make it happen. It appears to be a hocus-pocus thing, but it’s not. You have to go through the whole process before you understand the practical application of it in your life.

When we see the idea, we couldn’t see the whole journey that the idea has to go through before its manifestation. The idea is not complete in itself, but the idea has to go through its process before you see the physical manifestation of it. Everyone may see the idea, but not everyone has the courage to walk with the idea, till the end. (more…)

Your Energy (Aura) Affects the People Around You


When you experience people, situations, or events in your life, knowingly or unknowingly you have attracted them in your life. Some times the person remains the same, but the quality of person you come across depends on your inner moving energy. You attract the life around you, according to your inner moving energy. (more…)

Life lessons: That Nobody Ever Taught You


Where do you get these life lessons?

From your day-to-day life. All you need to do is stay aware of everything that happens around you, and remain an observer of life.

When you become an observer of life, you see the chain of events that follow one after another. If you can observe this chain of life, you can pick how the things happen, and then adjust your daily life accordingly. (more…)

What is the Difference between Ego, Respect and Self-Respect?


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Ego is part of your individual identity. Ego just means you are on a higher side of life. Nobody can take your place. Every other person should play down to you. At times you are ready to forego your ego. When you come across people, whom you genuinely respect.

To a point, you are ready to lose your ego and put the other person in a higher position. The masters, Guru, teachers, parents, and elders. This too happens to a certain point. After a point, if somebody crosses the line, you are back to your ego. (more…)

Mind over matter and Spirit over Mind


“Never cut what can be untied” by Paulo Coelho.

Yesterday I have read this quote from Paulo Coelho, and few things strike my mind. First, no matter what the differences you have in your personal or professional life, there is always a way to untie the knot, rather simply cut the things forever.

Usually, we follow the other way. It’s easier for us to cut the knot as it seems easier, and we assume all our problems with it will get resolved. To untie the knot asks for a huge effort. (more…)

A Boy’s Encounter with a Sage


He was thinking all day long. Although the thoughts of freedom captured his mind, but he could never gather the courage to take that steps. Finally, the day has arrived. Everyone was asleep. It was a full moon night. He gathered all his courage and escape the orphanage.

He was walking the street of the town for the first time all alone. He was familiar with the street but he has not experienced the same street with the absolute freedom. He was relishing the scenic beauty on both the ways of the street. For the first time, he has a sigh of relief. By wandering down the street, he came across the side of the river. (more…)

How to become one with the Natural Process of Life?


The life is simultaneously happening both in the external as well as the internal world. To become one with the natural process of life, one has to observe both the internal as well as the external world.

Whether you exercise, follow your diet, work, meet people, go through different experiences of life, face different situations, or events of life, everything you do on a daily basis, influence your internal world. At the same time, if you consciously make the changes in your inner world, you influence the outside situations and events that you are about to face in the external world.We never try to understand the process of life or at-least what goes within the self, and thus remain far away from the true reality of life.

We never try to understand the process of life or at least what goes within the self, and thus remain far away from the true reality of life.

Life is a process, and everything whether it’s our inner or external world, is continuously going through a process. We spend our whole life thinking or imagining things, cursing life, or expecting the life to behave in way or the other, but never try to understand the ways of life.

It’s important that we drop our own individual ways and try to understand how life works?

When you understand the process of life, first thing you realize that the mere information about life will not serve the purpose of life, but you have to become one with the natural process of life. Your body and mind has to participate along with the process of life. Your body and mind has to transcend each day along with the natural process, if you wish to see the necessary changes within your life.

There are seekers who seek enlightenment. They are in search for the truth. Any master they encounter tells them that the truth exists inside, and asks them to seek the truth within, but they don’t know, how to seek the truth. Nobody tells them to go through the process of transformation with their body and mind, so that the absolute truth can be experienced from within.

You don’t have to pull out the truth from somewhere, but the truth already exists inside. All you have to do is, transcend your body and mind to the level, where the truth can reflect within.

Now, to go through the process of transcendence with the body and mind, you have to engage your body and mind with the daily life on an everyday basis.

Life is a process and you cannot achieve anything without being part of the process. You have to become one with the process of life before you experience the truth. Just the information or knowledge will not serve the purpose of life.

When you become one with the natural process of life, you receive the clarity with life. You see the past, present, and future of any situation or event in the moment. You see the creation of life, from its beginning to the end.

With the natural process of life, you don’t have to strive to make the things happen, but as you go through the process, things tend to happen on its own. All you have to do is initiate the process and follow the process till the end, and you see the desired result out of the process.

To become one with the natural process of life, you have to observe both the world internal as well as external. You have to observe the changes that the internal world goes through, due to the influence of the external world and observe how the internal changes influence the external world.

Life is not limited to the external as well as internal reality, and you have much more to explore with life at a subtle level. You can explore the subtle level, only if you become familiar with the changes of both the external as well as internal world.

The way science goes on exploring the atoms and every time comes up with a different truth, in a similar way, when you explore the subtle reality, beyond the surface of the mind, you too come up with something fresh every day, that can give you a deeper understanding of both the external as well as internal world.

The natural process of life follows its own course and has nothing to do with the life that you manifest in the outside world. When you consciously connect with the natural process of life, you create your daily life according to the natural ways of life.

You don’t follow the ways of your mind; rather you follow the natural process of life. With the mind, life remains limited to the desires, but when you live with the natural ways of life, you live to serve the moment, without worrying about the past or the future.

To connect with the natural ways of life, you have to create your daily schedule, if you don’t follow one. Once you have your daily schedule, you have to follow your daily schedule on an everyday basis, and observe it closely.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your schedule and stay open for the necessary changes required to your daily schedule. It’s only by observing your daily schedule of life and understanding different changes with it; you can understand the natural ways of life.

Just by observing and understanding your daily schedule will not do, but you have to participate in life with your body and mind. Each day you have to have something in your daily schedule where your actions trigger your body and mind.

Unless you consciously keep your body and mind active on a daily basis, you cannot become one with the natural process of life. The natural process of life works with the body and mind, and the body and mind have to be prepared for the natural ways of life.

Everyone wants to remain happy all the time but nobody wants to work on the cause of their suffering. When we experience the external reality, it appears that the cause of the suffering exists outside, but that’s not the case.

The cause of all the suffering exists inside, and unless we consciously work on the cause of our pain and suffering, we can never get rid of the pain and suffering.

Happiness is the absence of pain and suffering, but the people go other way round. They search for the happiness but don’t look for the ways to remove the pain and suffering from their lives.

Life is a joyous ride if you become one with it. If you separate yourself from the actual reality and live by your own ideas and beliefs, you call for your own suffering.

All the efforts have to be made in understanding the ways of life and become one with it, and for that, you don’t have to move far away, but start observing your daily life. It’s your daily life that contains the seed of the truth, provided you consciously connect with it, and improve upon it on a daily basis.

Don’t remain caught up with the outside reality but spend some time to understand your inner reality as well.

It’s only when you get familiar with both the external as well as the internal world, you understand the life that works as a whole, with its cause and effect. Here the effect lies in the outside world, while the cause exists in each of us.

Tao Te Ching (Daodejing)

Everyday Connect with your Immortal Self


Everyday take time out to connect with your mortal as well as immortal self. Your body and mind are mortal and you have something else in you that is immortal.

Life is so fragile, that when it comes up with some unexpected event, it becomes impossible to handle those situations and sometimes it breaks the person completely. You cannot wait for the life to make its move and then take necessary action. You have to work in advance.

When you see everything is fine around you, just be aware, there is a problem in your seeing. Life is continuously happening and no moment of life can be taken for granted.

You can’t rely on the things of the mind when it comes to life. The things of the mind are limited to the mortality, while the life as a whole is an eternal process of life. The eternal life can only be known when you consciously take time out to know your eternal self.

Every day all you have to do is, take some time to connect with the self that exists beyond your body and mind. When you close your eyes, you come across the things of the mind. The life doesn’t end there. You never bothered to look beyond the identity of the mind.

To connect with the immortal self, you have to look beyond the identity of the mind and search for the self that gives you an assurance of being part of the eternity.

Both the mortal as well as immortal self-exists in you. When you live only at the level of body and mind, you only live the half truth. The other half-truth always remains hidden from you.

To experience the eternal process of life, you have to connect with the immortal self. Only then you can experience the life as a whole. The process of life gets clear to you.

Along with life comes death. When we miss acknowledging the death, somehow we miss acknowledging the life too. The life and death are two sides of the same coin. One follows the other. If you run away from one, you also run away from other. The only way to make most out of both is by understanding the whole truth, i.e. life and death.

We keep looking for solutions with our personal or professional life, but when you spend some time each day to know the self, you understand what exactly requires in different situations or circumstances of your life. You don’t have to look here and there for information, rather all the understanding comes from inside.

The life can be experienced at a broader length if we are ready to lose ourselves. The life beyond the personal identity can only be experienced, if we consciously direct our energy into that direction.

Most of our lives are spent in petty issues, and when you consciously see your mind, you will realize that, it remains occupied with the things that have no relevance to your life. Most of the time, the mind is lost in others thoughts, which has less or no relevance to your life.

The mind has to be consciously directed in a right direction so that you can experience the truth of life, which exists beyond the present self. It requires everyday effort. With life nothing can be known in a moment, rather you have to go through the inner process, before you come to the realization of the truth.

With life, there is only one thing which is important and that is the truth. You create your life, out of the ideas that you hold for the life. If your ideologies have no relevance with the truth of life, no matter what you create, at the end of the day, you feel left empty handed.

Imagine you start your day, having no clue of what life is all about?

You serve the need of your daily life and when the time comes you to depart; you simply leave the space of this earth. You struggle and suffer and go through all the pains of life, without knowing, why the hell you have been put through all these conditions. You never try to question your existence, but go on living life.

This way of living leads you nowhere.

If the life was such a mystery that it cannot be known ever, then it’s alright to live with one’s own ideologies, but that’s not the truth. When you start living life consciously, you observe that the life that works as a whole has nothing to do with your individual or collective ideologies.

Life has its own process and it follows its process. If you want to become one with life, you have to spend time each day to know life, beyond the personal self.

The truth is possible and you don’t have to look anywhere else besides you. All it requires is a daily conscious effort from your end.

Till the time you perceive life out of your individual perception, your life will remain limited to the mortality. You will remain attached to the mortal part of body and mind and will go through all those pain and suffering, which could have been consciously avoided.

You don’t have to spend your whole life for the truth, but spend some time each day in knowing the self. Spend each day to know who you are and what lies beyond your personal identity. If there is something that exists beyond the present self, then there has to be a curiosity in you to know the truth. You cannot allow yourself to keep away from the truth.

Mortal self is part of the outside life, which is essential for the living in the physical world. But at the same time, it’s also important to realize the immortal self, which not only connects you with the eternal process of life but also helps you to realize the source of life, that exists in you.

Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self

How Karma-Philosophy or Cause and effect actually works?


Life doesn’t work at the level of mind, and thus whatever philosophy or beliefs we create at the level of mind, stands untrue. Life works at the level of spirit or life energy.

Now, before we move further to understand the process of karma or cause and effect, it’s important to understand the role of life energy in the body. (more…)

Is it God’s Perspective Possible for the Humans?


Life is understood by the humans only through the perspective. Every person has his or her individual perspective to experiYence life. Well while the saying the above statement, the most important part of life is, that the individual perspective of a person can be transcended to the perspective of a whole.

What is the whole perspective? (more…)