How Do I connect with the Natural ways of Life?


We all go through the process of life, but never try to understand life or make any effort to connect with life.

The life that we experience outside is huge, and if some way you can understand, how the process of life takes place, it makes the path easier for you, to go through these process of life without any pain or suffering. (more…)

What do you Experience on the Spiritual Path?


If you begin to search for life, there are two queries that burn in you all the time. The first query is, where do you come from, and the second query is, what happens after death.

The first query is all about the path. When you do not know, where you come from, you also do not know your path of life. If you do not know your path of life, you simply wander, without knowing anything, simply assuming and interpreting life with the mind.

The second query, what happens after the death, gives you clarity with the destination. Once your mind is clear with, where do you come from, and where you end up after death, the midway path too becomes clear with it. (more…)

How Spiritual Energy can be Utilized to make your Life Better?


Spiritual energy is just a name, to differentiate with other forms of energy. Spiritual energy is the one, which helps you to get your daily life going.

Whatever you think, feel or act depends on upon the inner flow of energy. Everything comes out of energy. Anything that you experience in the outside world appears to be like, because of the perception that you create, from your inner energy, and sometimes outside situation, events, experience or place too carry the energy of its own. (more…)

How to Experience God-Consciousness?


Life begins with the daily situations of life. Your life revolves around what you experience with your day to day life.

What you see and experience in the physical form, is your physical reality, in which certain physical things are the humans creation and rest of them are Gods creation or natures creation.

Sky, Earth, Mountains, Sea, animals are god’s creation, and cars, buses, houses, buildings are the human creation.

We don’t have any control over Gods creation and thus, we can simply enjoy his creation and utilize it, for our utility purpose. Man-made creation is in our hands, and we can create, innovate, modify, adjust and readjust with the creation, according to our dreams and desires. All the physical creation too needs the material from the god’s creation to create or form its things.

Subtle world is the world of thoughts, idea, imagination, feelings, and emotions. The subtle world at the level of mind is formed, when the mind gets in touch with the nature, i.e. physical reality. (more…)

The Journey towards the Source


Who takes the journey towards the source?

Your mind takes the journey towards the source.

What connects you with the path of the source?

Your intentions connect you with the path of the source.

How’s the path like and the ultimate experience of the source?

The path towards the source is carried out by your mind. Your mind becomes the silent observer of inner life. The inner life unfolds within and the mind becomes the witness to the whole process. (more…)

One Step at a time to cover the Thousand Miles


A thousand miles can be applied to your personal life, professional life or spiritual life. Either you wish to improve your personal life, grow with your professional life or move deeper into your spiritual life.

All that life asks of you is one step at a time. If you can consciously take one step at a time, you can do anything with your life. You can expand your limits to eternity. No-thing of this world remains impossible for you.

Remember one step at a time, doesn’t ask for efforts, but all it asks for is perseverance and patience. You have to hold yourself with life. You have to stay with life little longer. You just don’t give up with life.

One step at a time and you are there. You don’t have to leave anything, but all you have to do is keep moving consciously. (more…)

Action and Nonaction are the ways to Transcend the Mind


Action and Nonaction are ways to transcend the mind. The action is when you act and Non-Action is the time, when you allow yourself to relax and evaluate your past act and contemplate your future act.

Action and Non-Action are the roots for the spiritual growth. The life happens out of expansion and contraction. It’s the natural process of life. With action, you create, you manifest, you allow your subtle world to give the physical form, and with Non-Action, you reflect back to your life.

This way you grow both in the material as well as spiritual world. The spiritual and material world is inter-connected. The material world is a physical reality of life, while the world of thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and energy are part of the spiritual world. (more…)

Take a Journey towards the Source


Before you start reading this blog, I will request you to look for the quiet place, so that you can experience with me, the journey towards the soul. It will be a small ride for you, towards your soul.

If you are a meditator, the experience will be enthralling and if you are not, the new door of life will be opened for you.

I don’t want you to read this blog in a break-up. Go along with the blog, till the end. The blog is in continuation, till the last word.

If you think, you don’t have time now, come back later. The soul ain’t fun. It’s a serious affair. It’s only fun when you experience it for yourself. Let start a ride. (more…)