With Expectations from Life, you Already decide the Future


Expecting in life, is already deciding the result for the future. Expectations, is happening of the event in a certain way. Planning is good, & everyone should plan their life, but how can we expect the things to be turned out, on which, we have no control?

We only have a control on our self, & still we fail many times, to deliver something that we have expected from us, than how can we expect the situation or circumstances, or the people, or sometimes, even life, turn out to be the way, we want.

Before any invention or creation, nobody has a clear plan, how the things going to come out. Each one holds his action plan, & tries to deliver, with the best of his abilities, but when it comes to result, we don’t have any clue, where the things may go.

Many times, we have to try over & over & over to get the result. Things may not click, at first time.

When we expect from life, we lose our focus from the action, & put all our attention to the result, that turns out to be a root cause of our suffering.

Even in the relationship, too many expectations, spoils the love, into the relationship.

When something, we have worked upon, with our honest intention, should deliver his result.

It’s all about our mind. Where we put our focus upon. If the focus is on the right side, all the thoughts will flow in that direction, & if we start expecting too much, from our actions, & we don’t see the result, we not only feel disappointed, but it kills the enthusiasm, to take further actions towards life.

When we don’t expect from life, & if something happens, we accept & feel gratitude towards life, & if nothing happens, we didn’t expected in the first place, so taking delight on the path, we keep moving on, with our life.

We all understand that action does bear its fruits for himself. But if we have preconceived notion about the result, we restrict our mind, to see beyond the point.

Any situation holds many possibilities in life. But if we closed our self, to what we have always experienced till now, we rule out the possibilities, of anything new in our life.

New possibilities can come to our life, if we are open to it. If we are alert & aware towards life.

A person with an open mind will be open to life. If we accept what it is, we can at least act, on what we desire.

Expectations take away energy & enthusiasm from life.

Dive deep into the action, & get yourself fulfilled with your action plan, rather than the desired result.

Always in relationship, look what you can do for the other person, rather than what you can receive, forget, what you have offered, & move on. This creates deep peace with in our heart, & helps us to understand life better.

When I move to work, to make my day, better than yesterday, than i can fulfil myself, at the end of the day, with my action plan. The mind in a right direction, doesn’t hold unnecessary expectations from life, & creates contentment in the heart, at the end of the day.

When we expect from life, we ask the existence to make the things happen our way, which may not be possible, all the time. There are always many paths to reach towards the same goal. The existence is always fresh, & always takes a new path to take us to the next level in life.  The existence is always in support of us, but it demands patience & openness towards life, for the things to happen.

We all are here to support the process of evolution, for the existence. We all have a collective growth, as well as personal growth in the process of evolution.

The people who follows the outside trend, & grow, grows collectively outside, & the people, who follows their heart, & listens to the voice of inside, no matter what happens in the outside world, evolves on a personal level.

The personal growth is more beneficial than the collective growth, as we grow from inside, we always remain fresh, & innovative with our life.

“People follow fashion from the fashion industry, but the one’s, who creates fashion, are the people, who are creative in their life, &, who follow their inner calling. These are the people, who develop themselves on a personal level, & then the world follows them.”

Life is all about understanding, & experience. When we understand life, we create better experience with life. With better experience, we create better understanding towards life, & this way we grow & evolve with our life.

The process of evolution applies equally for the entire person. The nature doesn’t differentiate, between human beings. Some people are better with something, & some are with another.

“Meditation, Exercise & knowledge, serves as a great tool to develop understanding & awareness towards life.”

It’s a key to life. The person who knows, this rule, & applies in his life, each day, he grows & evolves with life, with a better understanding. With meditation, we can reach towards the deeper level of consciousness.

The outside world is hard to understand, when we look from outside. All the creation, of the outside world, first takes place in the inside world. So to understand the outside world, it’s better to understand the inside world.

We all have a body of mind & emotions that develops thought, either out of love or out of fear, & we move to take actions towards those thoughts.

The mind has been designed to direct all our thoughts in one direction. In the direction of our focus. Where we focus, our life will be diverted into that direction. Thing big, & you will grow big, think small, & you will grow little, in your life.

This mechanism of mind is very important to understand, as our outside world, depends upon this flow of thoughts. When this flow of thoughts rise higher in terms of its quality, backed by feelings & emotions, then the life starts moving in an upward direction.

Time serves an individual. In the morning time, without any efforts, our thoughts vibrates at a higher level, & in the day time, if we trust our self, & show courage to walk on those thoughts, than this thoughts serves us, to take our life, onto the next level. Note down your morning thoughts, & walk upon them, throughout the day, & you will change your life, without getting noticed by yourself.

Always choose higher thoughts, to raise higher side of life. Each day life, gives us the opportunity to grow higher. It’s upon us to choose, & grow, or to stay wherever we are.

Fear comes out of past, & courage happens, when we dive into the future. When we make a choice, we show courage to walk on the path, but if we live out of fear, we go on repeating the same life, over & over again.

Walking on the path creates strength in life. Our vision towards life gets clearer, as we move on towards path.

We all live, & we all move out to create life. The point is to have the consciousness, towards growth of life. When we are conscious towards our growth, & our personal development, we take active steps towards life.

“People want to Change everything, and at the same time, want it all to remain the same. Paulo Coelho”

Expectations create an emotional blockage. It stops us to take an action plan, for life.

To grow in life, the person has to be strong emotionally. We can purify emotionally, by taking actions towards our goal. When we act bravely towards our goal, we transcend our emotions on a higher side.

Nobody has perfect emotions, & everybody has to work towards it. With every decision we take, our emotion gets affected. When we make a choice, choose your heart, over everything, because nothing on this earth can serve you better than your heart.

“The heart is the closest guide, for any person, on this earth. Our heart looks into Eternity, before it makes a choice.”

To live out of heart, we should know how to surrender. When we surrender, we choose, what is right for that moment. The moment holds all the answers of life, & follows the eternity. The more we follow our past, the more we restrict our growth in life.

Surrender & trust in the existence is very important. Our mind knows how to think for our self, but the heart knows, what is needed in the future, & acts so. The heart needs trust.

All the sages, choose the path of surrender. They surrender themselves to the existence. They know what is important for eternity. The mind cannot look beyond itself. So, the sages drop their mind, & live into the present moment.

Gautama Buddha knew, his teachings will continue, for the eternity to come. Jesus Christ & Prophet Muhammad gave the path that leads to God. They surrender themselves to the existence, to create the path of life.

They allowed the things to happen. The nature can’t force somebody to act to do well, unless the person shows his willingness on the path. You only get support from nature, if you give support.

All the sages serve the existence. When we serve others, we serve the existence. It’s not necessary, that we all have the same understanding, but it’s always possible for each person, to move out & find out one person, whom he can serve, in his own way.

When we serve others, we serve the existence. When we serve the existence, the existence shows us the right path, towards life.

As we rise higher, in life, we live by the law of existence. The law of existence governs the human life, & the process of evolution. It never fails.

Lesson for the Day: “Live without Expectations. Play your part well, & trust the existence. You will be taken care of.”

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