Enlightenment is the First step to Nirvana


What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is opening of a third eye.

Does life ends there?

No, it actually is the first step towards Nirvana. Life is only a repetitive process, unless you realize the state, beyond mind, which is third-eye.

How does the experience of opening of a third eye, feels like?

In meditation, our kundalini energy rises from Muladhara to Ajna chakra, we experience, the awakening of a third eye. The experience doesn’t ends there, but when the subtle body rise higher to the Sahasrara chakra, all the sensory perception shrugs itself to the size of a dot, and rise higher to experience the bliss of life.

The time we come back to the body, we leave all our past behind, our future drops way before, when we reach to the level of Ajna chakra, & the turning of wheel, or the journey towards Nirvana starts.

The life is all about surrender, & this point we realize, when we reach at the Ajna chakra, because we can put all our attention to the Ajna chakra, & the kundalini energy rises to the level of Ajna chakra, but after that, no technique or device can serve us to move pass the sahasrara chakra.

From this space, some unknown force, comes into the practice, & take us beyond the level of existence.

Ajna chakra, or the place where the soul resides, lays exactly a tip above our mind. The mind & all its activities are observed, at the level of soul. From this space, we can read our mind & emotions, & connection between them.

When the emotional body compact itself with the senses, & leaves the body through sahasrara chakra, its then when the emotional body turns itself into a spirit, & travels on a higher plane.

The real purpose of life & why we are born on this earth gets clear, after this spiritual experience.

After the spiritual experience, a path is created, who choose to move out & serve the world. The path is also called Niyama (patanjali).

Some people choose the role of Bodhisattva, or to serve the world, & some people become arhata. It depends upon your nature. Arhata are many, Bodhisattva’s are few. Bodhisattva’s want the world to be beautiful, because they were here. They choose to change the world around them, & spread the fragrance of supreme around them. Arhata are more like a consciousness. People feel their silence, they share their experience, if asked, and otherwise, they merge themselves into the consciousness.

The spiritual experience grows & gets deeper in meditation after Enlightenment. The person grows with the wisdom, without any efforts.

The whole existence reveals to oneself. Bliss follows the heart all the time.

The world around gets benefited, by the enlightened being. The whole energy & environment becomes pure & vibrant.

After enlightenment, a person is more inclined to settle his past accounts, if there is something left, & starts a new journey altogether, to share his wisdom with the world.

The one purpose remains for the Bodhisattva is to share his love & bliss with the world.

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