Live your Highest Thoughts Each Day


The source of life gives you life energy and the movement of life energy serves the mind. The mind makes a choice with the experiences and impressions of life and the same experiences and impressions of life turn into thoughts.

Live your highest thoughts each day to take a leap with your life. Life moves forward by living higher thoughts. Each day many thoughts cross your mind, but not all the thoughts serve the purpose in life.

The only thoughts are important which fulfill the purpose of the moment. Each day process of life brings you closer to the self. As you move forward with life, your grip on the physical reality begin to get lose, and you begin to search for deeper meaning in life.

Living the higher thoughts connects you with your innermost self. When your life flows from within, it becomes easier to figure out the truth of life. The purpose or meaning to life comes, as you come closer to the natural process of life.

With life, everything is important and with life nothing is important and it all depends on individual perception. If you really look for the truth in life, everything serves the purpose on the path, but if you are there to simply stroll around, then you may not receive anything even with the most important experiences of life.

The one who progresses with life carries an idea for life. You cannot hold one idea for the entire life. As you grow & evolve, you get higher thoughts to live and once you live those thoughts and bring it in your experience, you grow higher with life.

Each day, as soon as you get up, you get the thought or the idea of the day, to live for the entire day, and to lift your day and your life. If you can hold onto that thought, and live that thought even half of your day, you can take your life to another level.

When your interest remains in simply passing your day, then you follow your daily routine but never bother to notice how the natural process of life takes place.

A Year of Living Consciously

When you hold onto your highest thought for life, you give the mind something to focus upon. When the mind is already focused on something, you can see the situation or people in the present moment as they are, and not the experiences and impressions you carry for the situation and people in your mind.

This helps you to tackle the present situation of life more affirmatively and effectively, while inside, you grow with the higher thought for life.

The mind needs something to think for, and if you consciously practice each day to give something to the mind to hold onto, it can follow its usual nature of thinking and you can carry on with your daily acts of life. This way at least you can put your mind in order.

The mind expands when it’s pushed to its limit, and the right way to push the mind is, to give the mind the higher thought or the idea to ponder over so that it moves into his deeper level to produce the higher quality of thoughts.

Your perception is always from your past experiences and impressions of life. As soon as you get into the situation, you already carry an experience of it, from the past and thus your reaction out of every situation or with the people is from the past.

When you live your highest thought, throughout the day, you don’t look at the situations or people from your past experiences, but you get to the daily situations of life from the higher perception.

To hold onto your highest thought is to push your mind, body, and emotions. As the day progresses ahead, the natural process allows the inner energy to slip down. The more you can hold onto the higher thoughts, the more your old beliefs get shattered from within.

Your daily actions are part of the thought process. Once you know your actions, you can know your thought process. You can check your daily actions, and see the quality of thoughts you think throughout the day.

The awareness towards your actions and thought process helps you to transcend your life to a higher level. The outside life is all about actions, while the inner life is the contemplation of those actions.

Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have

An open mind is always open for life and look for the things that take him higher with life. The sages train themselves to live moment by moment and don’t perceive life beyond the moment. This is the state of enlightenment. Enlightenment is to have an understanding that, this moment is everything.

To put the awareness in the present moment is a state of mind, and can only come out of deeper understanding. The process of life is to get you closer to this understanding, where all the illusions of past and future get dropped out and you live completely in this moment, as the next moment comes out of this moment.

You can always develop control over your mind, body, and emotions but when it comes to the external life, the best way to live is in a state of surrender.

The life can be understood only by inner transcendence. When your body, heart, and mind transcends from within, the natural process of life flows from within. The effort is not required to understand life, but the effort is required to transcend the body, heart, and mind.

You need to leave all the rigidity of the body, heart, and mind behind. Any form of physical exercise or meditation is the best way to transcend your body, heart, and mind.

When you meditate or do any form of physical exercise, your mind jumps to the present moment, and in those moments, the mind thinks the quality of thoughts. If you can hold onto those thoughts throughout the day and act on it, it becomes the part of your life.

Meditation and physical exercise help you to create more energy inside, that lifts your thoughts and emotions. You can choose, or create your own method to transcend your inner world.

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