Life comes out of Action, and Action with the Clarity of Mind


You manifest in the physical reality out of action, but the right action can only come out of the clarity of the mind. Your mind has to be absolutely clear with what you want with life. Once the mind is clear, the mind itself draws the path for you, to turn your desires into reality.

The clarity of the mind not only create the path, but it also clears the obstacles from the path. The obstacles on the path are nothing but the confusion in the mind. Once the mind receives the clarity, even the outside trouble don’t even seem like a trouble, rather you sail with life effortlessly.

The physical manifestation comes out of the process. You have to go through the process before you manifest your dreams and desires into a physical reality. Your dreams are the effect. The cause of the effect lies in the process. The mind needs to be clear with the process, before you work with the process, and experience its effect is the external reality.

The life happens inside first and then it reflects outside.

The outside situation comes out of many probability. If your life depends on what you see outside, your life will be more out of probability.

The mind thinks keeping track of the outside situations, and experiences of the past, but when it comes to the real experience, your life always differs from the thinking of the mind.

The mind always thinks from the past, while life happens in the moment following the natural process. To understand the natural process of life, rather thinking in the mind, you have to connect with the life, that is flowing at the moment.

The quality of your actions depends on the clarity of mind. You can choose the right thing, right people, and right path, only with a clear mind. The life forms a chain of a circle with your choice. If you make right choice and decisions with your life, no sooner you attract the similar kind of people, situations, and events in your life.

Everyone is more than eager to fulfill his dreams or accomplish his desire’s, but nobody is really interested in understanding the process of life. The process of life connects you with the eternal flow of life. Unless you understand the very process of life, your life very much flows with an upward and downward arc. If success happens to you, you have no clue about it, and at the same time, if you fail, never realize the reason behind your failure.

The life only remains the luck or chance for the people, who are more eager to establish themselves in the external world, without taking the concern to know their inner reality.

People don’t consider themselves powerful enough to break their own invisible chain of resistance, with which they have tied themselves from inside and free themselves to live the life out of the highest order.

You only value yourself, when you know your innate qualities and try to work on them, to bring it into a reality. The process of life happens inside, and as you clear your mind and heart from within, you can improve your perspective to view the world.

Life happens step by step. At any moment of time, you can take one step ahead. If you try to rush with life, you mess up your inner world and lose the clarity with life. The person who understands life and its process, never try to rush, but flow with life-like a river and allows the process of life to take through him.

The path of life already exists inside. The one who knows, how to connect inside, look at his path and follows his inner steps. The life happens on its own. When you connect from inside, your role remains to hold your inner position, and the outside life gets adjusted to your inner life.

When you can hold onto your inner world, the action happens by itself and you see the outside situation, people and experiences get adjusted to your inner world.

You don’t see the whole life in a day, but as you walk on the path, further path is revealed with the time. The more you walk on the path, the better clarity you receive of the path.

The outside situation or the response of people is merely the projection of what you carry inside. When you connect with the inner world, the first thing you realize that, the outside world is the projection of your inner reality. The physical reality is plain simple. It’s always the individual perception that colors the external reality from its own perception.

When you create life out of understand and for some reason if you lose, you still don’t feel sorry for it, as you know you can build it anytime you want. You only feel the pain of losing something, if you have possessed it without understanding. If you don’t know, how you have achieved something, when you lose it, you don’t know how to get it back. At the same time, if you create life out of understanding even if you lose it, you can get it back out of your understanding.

Understanding helps you to detach from things, and it’s only the attachment that leads to suffering. When you stay detached with your life’s path, you can go a long way with life, without getting tired. Detachment keeps you light and allows you to float with life.

When you are attached with the karma and its result, the mind and heart become heavy and the same path, that could have been crossed just like a leaf floating on the river, makes you experience a hell in the moment.

Its good to create a life of your dreams, but most important thing is, whatever you create has to come out of your own understanding. Unless you are clear in your mind with your life, even the fulfillment of your dreams in the future will not bring you the desired joy and happiness in those moments.

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