Your Life’s situations are the result of your Past


Your present life situations are the result of your past. Either you love it or hate it, you are the one who have created your present life.

No matter what you experience today comes out of the past. What happens when we understand this fact of life?

When we understand this fact of life, we can take the power back in our hands, and move towards the change. If your present life comes out of the past, then certainly working in the present moment, can wash off your past and give you an absolutely fresh reality.

No matter what you experience today, if you look back at your past, you will simply bring your past into the future, but at the same time, if you can hold yourself in the moment, and look for the different possibilities for the future, you can certainly bring the necessary change with your life.

Either it’s your relationship or work life, everyone has its past. No one can create perfect life from the day of initiation. Every individual has to go through the path of trial and error before it tastes the fruit of success.

The life follows its process and unless you get in tune with the process of life, you are bound to experience the failure. The failure is part of the process. You have to go with every process of life before you understand the process and become one with it.

The present comes out of the past and the future comes out of the present. You can go on mourning for the past, or find someone to blame for your present circumstances, but that will not help you in any way to create the better future.

You have to wipe out the past from your mind and hold onto the future until and unless it becomes your reality. The future will only come out of your present action.

The process of life is such that, every person goes through the phase of transformation. We all learn from the ways of life. As the life moves forward, few of the folks choose to move forward with life, while others like to stick to their past.

You have to choose which category you belong to and act for the future accordingly. If you would like to stick to your past nobody will stop you and if you want to transcend yourself for the better, still its a matter of your choice.

Your outside experiences of life may appear to be unpleasant but you always have the power to disconnect from your present perception and move towards the better one.

Life follows slow and steady process. It asks for the patience. Life doesn’t understand the way of the mind, but the mind has to learn the ways of life.

All the outside situations or inner perception are no more than the individual’s perception of the moment and doesn’t hold as an absolute truth. The life transcends every moment. You too can flow with life, and allow yourself to transcend with life. When you allow yourself to flow with life, you can observe the natural flow of life.

Its never the outside situation, person or event of your life, that can make you stuck in the moment, but its always you, who choose to get stuck in the moment.

The mind likes to get attached with everything either good or bad. No matter what goes in the mind, the mind considers it to be its personal thing. It’s hard to believe for the mind is, that everything it accumulated only comes from outside and nothing it carries from the womb.

All its ideas, beliefs, and impressions and experiences it gathers from the outside life. With the process of life, the mind always has the opportunities to create a life of its own, discarding everything that doesn’t go well with its intrinsic nature.

Well, every individual is caught up in his or her own thinking process and doesn’t know the way to get out of it. Unless we understand our own nature of the mind, we cannot perceive the truth of the moment.

The whole life we live with the outside attention and thus we miss the inner truth of life. Either it’s the past, present or future, can very well be observed inside of us. The life doesn’t need to be found outside, but you can find everything when it comes to life, inside.

All the life’s situations or experiences of life that we experience outside comes out of a well defined process, that we never tried to figure out. The natural flow of life can be realized inside. Once we understand our own past, present, and future, we can also understand how the life unfolds in the outside world. All the effort is required from our side is to look in a right direction and i.e. inside.

If you ever think to work for your future, there is only one way to move into your future and i.e. taking one step at a time. All you accomplish with your life is in the present moment and that too taking one step at a time. You can wipe out your past, with the present actions, and can create an absolute fresh reality for yourself.

Life is never in a hurry, but its only the human mind that wants to accomplish everything in the moment.

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