Meditation and Physical Exercise serves you to Experience Pure Consciousness


Pure consciousness is the space in the mind, where you don’t experience the duality of the mind. Your mind reflects what exists. With pure consciousness, you don’t think, but you see.

Perception is part of the mind, that is developed from the past impressions or your idea of the future, while the state of pure consciousness is to see life, from the pure state of mind. Any form of Physical exercise and meditation directed in an intended direction can serve you to experience the pure state of mind, i.e. pure consciousness.

Perception is formed from the collective data you hold in your mind from the past. The awareness in the moment allows you to pick the best out of it, at the moment. Physical exercise and meditation allow you to clear the not so useful data from your system, and this allows you to have a higher awareness in the moment.

Awareness and perception go hand in hand. If your awareness improves, your perception to view life gets better. You pick the right things from outside and make it a part of your life.

Your perception of the world is very much about the data you carry inside and the same data decides your level of awareness.

If you see the football player playing the game of badminton. He has the stored data of football in him. His awareness will be high at the moment, as he doesn’t have anything in his mind other than football.

To have a focused mind, means to have no irrelevant data in your mind.

Finding the Still Point: A Beginner’s Guide to Zen Meditation

So when he plays badminton, with the level of awareness it will be easier for him to pick the game, unlike the average man who has never worked on his awareness.

Whatever you wish to have in your life. First of all, you have to remove what exists, and then fill yourself with the experiences of your wish-list and it will become the part of your experience.

It’s easier to switch the role, with the better awareness. The data you hold inside doesn’t allow you to have clear perspective as well as better awareness in the moment.

With the better awareness, you can pick the best things out of the situation, but if your mind only dwells in the past data and give you the similar perception related to life, you miss to pick the fresh perspective out of the situation.

Physical exercise and meditation work in two ways. It improves your awareness in the present moment and allows you to be in this moment for the longer period of time so that you make the right choices with your life and replace the old data with the right ones.

You can experience it for yourself. Go for meditation or physical exercise for sixty minutes, and try to be more present in the moment. You will notice that effortlessly you will be present in the moment. You may not know the reason why, but you have to hold onto the experience of the present moment and expand it into your life.

Keep your attention in the moment, as long as possible and you will notice the gradual expansion of your awareness.

The Attention Revolution

It’s not possible for the mind to jump directly into the present moment. You have to figure out the way, and the meditation and physical exercise is the simplest way to remove the dust from inside, to have the better awareness towards life.

Your awareness improves only with the experiences and impressions that you carry within yourself. It has nothing to do with others. If you utilize your mind to think about others, you are simply wasting time for yourself and accumulating further waste into your system.

When your awareness improves, you see your world clearly and make better choices with life and take the decisions that serve you to lift your life.

There are two ways to evolve with life. Either you make a conscious choice and decisions with your life or you allow the nature to drag you by throwing into the different experiences, where you don’t have any control neither you have a clue what’s going on in your life, and you simply complain about the situations, circumstances and people in your life.

Your life is not a chance, and neither your inner world happens by chance. You create your life, either you believe it or not. No matter how much you blame the world or the people around you, you are responsible for everything that comes to your life.

With every choices and decision with your life, you have the power to give your fresh response and change the future of your life.

The awareness you hold inside is confined to no other person but you. You can improve your awareness, and not only that but you can also transcend your awareness into pure consciousness.

It’s only at the state of pure consciousness, you realize the source of life. You experience the absolute bliss and wisdom of life.

Once you experience the satori or pure consciousness, your awareness in the moment expands by itself. Then no effort is required from your side but it happens by itself. But to experience the satori or pure consciousness requires a great amount of dedication and commitment with your life. You have to practice meditation or physical exercise in an intended direction for at least ten thousand hours.

If you spend one hour daily on yourself, it takes about 30 years for you to experience the pure consciousness. If you make it two, then 15 and if you can spend four hours daily then you can achieve the feat in the lesser time.

Remember, every day you accumulate the experiences and impressions of your life. With daily practice of meditation or physical exercise, you start to drop the accumulated past experiences and impressions from your life.

You have to decide for yourself, how much you hold inside, and you have to take all the responsibility of removing the garbage inside of yourself. You cannot blame the world if the world throws more garbage at you because you are the only one who sees the garbage as garbage, as you only see the world through what exists inside of you.

The person who is full of love within himself, don’t need to fight with the anger outside, but with his inner presence, he has the power to change the outside environment of his life.

You have the power to change your world, and the way is not outside but within you. The more you slide inside, the better vision you create for the outside life. When you bring the change from outside, it always remains temporary, as the real change happens inside, from where you don’t manipulate with life, but everything that comes through you appears from the source of your being.

Pure consciousness is your being, where all the bifurcations of life end and what remains is bliss and wisdom. The being is not interested in the past or the future but savors the joy of the present moment.

The presence of your inner being changes the environment around you, and you experience the bliss flowing in the air. All the time you release the vibrations, as per your state of mind, it creates your environment out of it.

Pure consciousness is an observer of life. Anything that comes out of pure consciousness is aligned with the natural laws of life.

Consciousness Speaks

Pure consciousness is complete and whole in the moment, and you don’t lack anything in this moment. Whatever you need appears in your life, with the pure consciousness and if something you don’t need will drop out of your life.

The awareness of the mind with the outside, as well as the inner world, exists till you exist. If you cease to exist, i.e. the “I” or the “Ego” tends to remain in your mind, then you remain with your awareness.

The last stage of awareness is to recognize oneself with the mind. The “I” into the mind resides at the top, and when your awareness rises higher, you reach the final stage, i.e. “I”.

When you transcend “I” you enter into the transcendent space, where neither your awareness remains nor you experience the pure consciousness. Many people come back to the awareness, and miss to transcend this space where nothing exists.

The time you can transcend the space, which is the transcendent phase between the awareness and pure consciousness, you enter into the realm of the higher world. When you come from the higher world to the world of the mind, all the aspects of the life gets clear to you and you share your experience with the world, to lift the awareness on this earth.

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